Who Is Calling The Shots at Laysha Now?

The Miracle in March Week Continues


But Hadam is going to exert her influence over the new & explosive Laysha including jumping stages to deliver Bamino-quality fan service again!!

KPOP Sexy Cover Dance is rising to a new high & giving BodhiCat Talk a lift again!!

The amazing backstage docucam video released last night gives the feeling of the excitement of Hadam’s first night back! 

It starts by cuming up tight on the leader of the group, GoEun. And she is regal. She has a  body none can match.  And she just looks ready to rough up a crowd with a secret weapon up her slit.

The magical moment returns at 1:45. Hadam jumps the stage & heads into the crowd for fan service!  Good days are back!!!!!!!

But how long will that crown be worn exclusively by the 2nd greatest dancer in KPOP Cover history (but for sure its sexiest)?!?!

But before we start creating trouble I have to shout out the A1 Agency on behalf of my BodhiCat Talk loyal surfers. 

Laysha’s new agency not only pulled them out of JS Entertainment where they were being totally disrespected, they pulled off the Cover Coup of the Century by hiring Hadam. 

Brilliant move!!! 

A word to KPOP fans: we definitely had a hand in it through the influence of our readers & our blogs.

We know for a fact B-Cat Talk is read in Korea because the stats say Korea is our 2nd biggest readership.

We told you something was up in the February 23 post on our other blog.  And we told you that someday she would come back because she only luuvs two things in life: dancing & BodhiCat.

(OK: three. But  who TF cares about The Lucky Bastard this week….?)

You begged her to come back through me – and she did.

Take the “Vic” lap A1.  This is the A-fucking-ONE-ass-grabbing-busting barrel ride on a tsunami wave of all time.   

You got BodhiCat Talk World’s biggest prize. 


Righteous. You returned to us loyal subjects our Queen. Checkmate.

Now the real fun begins.  Whoosh, can it be 2015 all over again?  Groundhog fucking KPOP Cover Day???


While the world just stopped at Cheongju Polytechnic college, it tried to keep turning elsewhere:

Even with Hadam getting all the attention, Girl Crush was still at it & with their new member VERY hot.  They still own the best opening in Cover.  But will they start to look kind of predictable if Laysha really comes on strong? 

While Girl Crush has been replacing a major dancer with a nugu who is decent looking & prepared to be on a #1 team, its agency DAM is panicked.

It has completely blown up Switch, even changing its iconic name to “Label Up” & giving little hot Hana of “Bikini Body” cover fame her walking papers.  Dumb.

They kept Rose and Jimin.  Duyoo is still under contract. (They aren’t going to let A1 poach her too!)

This is big news but “The Miracle in March” is underway & has pushed it off the headlines.


So there was kick-ass Hadam in nearly full Bambino pose & form at Cheongju Polytechnic college. This was her second appearance.

We  heard her on the microphone whipping up the crowd as GoEun did her solo. (GoEun still got the loudest cheers at the end.)

“Co-Leaders?” Can’t see this queen going for it. Laysha built its fan base without Hadam’s help.

People are already asking, “How soon before Hadam calls the shots at Laysha?”

If Hadam was “auditioning” for the job at Laysha, it is hers.  She showed us that she is not only back, she still has dynamic charisma in big doses.

Those of us who know her inside & out see her starting to snap.  She is not all the way there yet.

Like GoEun, Hadam is a live fap reel. When she snaps, stand back.

Usually the close of a Girl Crush or Fly with Me solo is met with nice applause.  But this one got that applause we ONLY hear with Laysha &  heard with Bambino which is still ringing in our ears.

.For the first time Hadam looked comfortable & ready to get it on.  She smiled.  When she smiles she is saying to herself, “NOW get ready for the real Hadam!!  I’m back.”

Hadam Returns With Laysha!!! A BodhiCat Talk Exclusive – 하담 (Hadam)은 새로운 걸그룹을 만들고 완전 대박의 즉각적인 성공을 거두었습니다.


The return of Hadam has us so itzy we forget to write our regular feature question:

“Is This Cover?

There are a few I-Dull groups that have the Sexy Cover inside 1 or more of their hot members & in their concept.  They are the most exciting Idols by far. 

Hello Venus, like Dal Shabet & Stellar (when they were around) are among our I-Dulls with Cover potential faves.

Hello Venus has so much explosive Cover inside them. Sometimes it cannot contain itself & just leaps out & snaps. Especially when Alice is bringing it.

This is an ultimate Cover song for Cover teams. Including Laysha.

So is it “Cover?” 

Hell yeah. It lifts us right off our feet!

And nobody busted a better Wiggle than a Cover queen who you know well!!

Who Busted the Best “Wiggle?”

#bodhispeakscover #repectlaysha #stopsucking @oceana


16 thoughts on “Who Is Calling The Shots at Laysha Now?

  1. Agh good work Bodhi! I wonder if Hadam isn’t the big diva here and when Som said she got #betrayed if this was what she means? I am saying that Hadam may poison this group maybe. What do you think?

    1. In reality I have the same thoughts. The journalist in me observes it as possible. There’s also the changing chemistry of the team. So important.

      But this is all fantasy this week. And because it’s Hadam & she is my “fatal femme”, I see it as an Italian Opera. So if at the end of the performance all the Laysha girls are lying dead on the stage with Som getting whacked first because she was the biggest challenge & GoEun last after a final twerk) & Hadam is standing alone triumphant, I am on my feet cheering “encore!!”

  2. You fuckin crack me up. Thanks for makin my day, while my friends are watching Price is Right, ha! But like I said before, never got the Som worship and maybe she got pissed about not being included in Crazy Giant pics. But if it was a trade between Hadam and Som, that’s a steal.
    Crazy man, even in those ugly black pants I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
    Oh, and Waveya is just, well, Waveya. nobody quite like them. But if Hadam and Goeun (Goeun is used to doing bedroom stuff on her own) wanted to sex it up and go head to head, my money is on them. Remember that twosome she did with her Hush friend.
    Later, life is good
    And UCLA has gotta learn how to play “tackle” football. just kidding, Chipper will get them there.

    1. She just has “IT.” And she still doesn’t really know it.

      Yeah bring back the HUSH concept! Good memory.

      Chipper has to at least beat UCLA & Stanford in the same season. I’m cool then.

  3. I can’t breathe…believe what is happening. Hadam with Laysha…are you f…ing kidding me.
    And Hadam doing her Jennie (Blackpink) impression. This is too good. When Hadam left, you know I submerged myself into Blackpink. Predicted in 2017 they would come to the US in a big way, on your blog. And now Hadam is with Laysha covering Blackpink…I am going to go have a couple of shots of tequila and chill in the ecstacy. Keep the faith Bodhi, you too Robert.

    1. Dude! You did predict the Blackpink explosion. And were always a loyal Hadamist. What a week, huh? Good to hear from you.

      Have a blast for me and our bud from Windy City.

  4. Just got this:

    Hello, this is JS ENTERTAINMENT, the Star Creator of Laysha. We hope all is doing well for you.

    First of all, we are very appreciated to all of you for sending your love and passion for Making Laysha Mania Project.

    Today, we regret to inform very important and disappointing news to all Starmakers all over the world.
    Due to various situations and problems that have recently occurred to us, so our team is unable to proceed with the Makestar project anymore.

    We fully understand how much you feel sad and disappoint but we kindly ask you to understand that it was also a very difficult decision for us.
    The most important priority was to minimize the risk and damage of all Starmakers.

    We’re going to make sure with our best so that offer better service in the future.

    Once again, we sincerely apologize to Laysha fans all over the world.

    Thank you.

    All the best,

    1. Now what do you make of this “statement?” Yeah,”various situations & problems.” Like peeping & exploiting 4 women who are vulnerable AF because of their concept already. Please tell me how JS Entertainment which built the 2 greatest groups (by far) in KSC history can be so “obtuse!”

      1. Something else really odd, while running & when the project closed I saw dollar numbers that were half (or a quarter!) what I’m seeing on this cancelled page.

      2. What I really don’t understand is why JSent created the MakeStar Laysha project if Laysha’d left JSent for a new agency, even if Laysha left JSent after the project was started (I think, started in mid December, 2018) ’cause in 2019 Laysha was/is represented by another agency anyway (A1 Entertainment) – so how’d Laysha be bound by any terms created by JSent?

        And, on JSent and the peep cam controversy, just read this:


  5. I read all this stuff and it gets me excited and I don’t always know why! I blame you BodhiCat. My day is spent going crazy trying to decide if Shasa is #1 or Bomi or Laysha. I go on nugus patrol with you guys. I was a perv minding my own business before this almost watching price is Right every day. You bastard! Ha ha.

    1. I think that’s a compliment, right? LOL.

      Give my buds in Sheepshead Bay a Bodhi hug, man! Perv out. Hadam is back & the B-Cat is on a roll….and seeing a Japanese princess.

      1. Yua?? FWM, do those girls dance every fuckin place they go!! Was cruising through some old Hush vids . The most Fun group in Kpop, IMHO.Life’s good except my Sox are gonna suck again. Happy St Pats Day Lastone.

    1. Oh yeah. Star Fruit is one of our top Nugu troll candidates for 2019. Could be first pure busker group to make the rankings. Got some May Queen thccck in them.

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