Which Sexy Dancers Can Cool Bomi’s Heat Wave? 멋진 댄스가 물하고 같이 공연될때 관객분들은 환호합니다.

보미가 자신이 현제로선 최고의 댄서라고 적었네요.

이것이 사실인가요?




At least not right now.

They are all catching their own waves & Sexy Cover is dope AF. 

But most are ankle deep wave riders while Bomi is trying THIS!

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It is shocking that she is so shockingly blatant about trying to shape Cover into her own style.  We luuuv it!!

Bomi has let everybody know that when it comes to KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing she is – IN HER OWN WORDS – “the best.”

And BodhiCat Talk luvs it when girls trash talk – and back it up.

Last week when she performed there were spontaneous chants of “Bomi! Bomi!” throughout her performance.  She is doing Cover different & she is taking it to a new level.

After a month of amazing performances – and one with a water pour that still has me in heat & should be marketed as “better than Viagara,” Bomi made me kneel totally down to her. 

She just blew GoEun & Chaejin away.  Shasa too.

I will say that when it comes to fan attraction Bomi is now in Bambino’s league.

Bomi Says “I Am The Best” & Then Backs it Up (걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠)

이것 놓치면 안됩니다. 꼭 보세요.

Her competitive fires are as fierce as Hani or Hyuna or pole dancing Solar of Mamamoo – we swear.

And she likes surprises.

This week the woman who did a 23andMe test that proved she was descended from a lost tribe of Ice Cubes decided it was time to thaw.

Burn bitches.  Burn!

Out of nowhere Bomi retooled & showed us a – huh – smiling style.  She is actually smiling, working crowds over with charm & dazzling BodhiCat Talk fanboys in a very un-Bomi like way.  (Is she now trying to takeover the role of Som, at one time Cover’s happiest dancer?)

With Bomi we always have to ask: “What is she trying to prove now? And which rival is she trying to take out or show us she is better than?”

I-Dulls beware.

We’re thinking SHE set off the California earthquakes.  The earth moved every time she danced in June & July!
Bomi has changed her personality before.  Here she is in the days before they were #1 & Laysha was still totally on top.

Bomi is a great example why fans say Cover is so much better than the the girls whose bops they cover.  Their bodies are designed to be fit, toned, athletic & they can dance more styles & perform more splits, spreads & booty twerks of unknown origin than Idols. 

Bomi is doing all of that & taking charge of even the most slutty club/DJ style performances & proving she is a star.

These JJAS fancams are iconic.  Watch Bomi take charge of the crowd, Yoona & you!


For Fancam Nation, Cover Dance 2019 is the best it’s ever been.

But every time Bomi comes out with what looks like the finishing move for the Laysha team, GoEun goes comes out & shows us how hot she is & reminds BodhiCat Talk readers why she has stayed on top longer than anyone.

Her old self again appeared last week.

Goddess.  We give the BodhiBody of the Year Award to different girls every year but that’s only because GoEun would win every year if we didn’t.  She still the undisputed BODY of KPOP, but is she still the Queen of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing? 보미가 자신이 현제로선 최고의 댄서라고 적었네요.

멋진 댄스가 물하고 같이 공연될때 관객분들은 환호합니다.

With Chaejin leading the way they proved at the Water Festival that they are still the queens of the water pouring & that they read BodhiCat Talk’s advice to them. 

Like they should!!

They took BodhiCat Talk’s advice.  They went back to the bottle & poured!

So while Bomi is slaying like the best of the Cover Queens, with her dance quality higher than ever, new ideas & groups keep popping up just as hot new thangs like Black Bunny are getting huge numbers of fans & thinkin’ they have a shot at #1.

Hana & Black Bunny look like a confident, top tier group that has been around a long time.  They got it together fast & they are total tongue-draggers.

And there are lots of new ideas & talent out there from Nugu groups like B.Glam & Star Fruit.  Even Little Love Seoah of Bambino 2.0 fame is out with another new group that looks as hot as SS – which disappeared after doing “Samsara” the Bambino way.  Her new one is “Like the First Time” & has a hottie named Yeoul you have to see & two former ICIA stars, Yomin & Nayoon.

Star Fruit is also making a move again.

They are rocking hard ya’ll.

Star Fruit keeps at it.  They may break into the BodhiCat Talk Top 10 in Cover this year.

With all of the wild activity it is a crowded field of hot Sexy Cover Dancers looking for your attention…..

This is NOT my surfing class in California, ya’ll!!

……Bomi’s claims that she is “The Best” is bold but true.

But Bomi & GoEun have gone camel toe-to-toe forever & are still trying to outdo each other. 

So fans need to decide in 2019 whether Bomi has really put Laysha in the rear-view mirror & whether Girl Crush has another competitor or two to take on.

This is Bomi’s time but GoEun will entertain hard to keep that from happening & Fly with Me & Black Bunny are for sure going to keep hitting hard.

(Speaking of Laysha, we wish Seihee would cut her hair & get rid of that Morticia Addams Goth-look.)

Related image

Who TF is Seihee’s hair stylist??


If you haven’t caught FWM lately because of the Bomi tsunami, they keep been putting out the usual little nuggets of fappable & wonderful, vulgar gems. 

FWM was leading the cheers for Shasa & the crowd started chanting her name.

When we put out our call for water pouring FWM came up with this.

What is that big thang pointed at Shasa’s booty! ? It’s gonna go off or be the daddy of Shasa’s ass.

I don’t know what to say about Fly with Me.  The are so good in every way & everything they do is soooo right. 

They get ripped off too much by Girl Crush, which is good at it.

This Summer let’s keep our eyes on Ati & Way (who dances with the main group and Flora.) They are both powerful but Shasa keeps them sort of in the background.

FWM has to make their move this year.  If they don’t take #1 it may be too late.  

A rare close up fancam of the amazing, underrated Ati.


The Great Eunsol – who hasn’t performed successfully on a stage since mid-2017 – continues to be one of the most popular women in KPOP. 

She is Cover’s first & most popular Superstar.  And her legendary performances continue to be the Gold Standard for Bomi, Shasa & Yeri.  BodhiCat Talk’s Institute for the Deep Penetration of Bambino continues to find new thangs to say about her.

Two more fancams went over 1 million views this week, including this Bambino 2.0 performance. 

A smoking Eunsol tried to carry a sagging group that without Hadam just couldn’t make it with fans. “Horns” was amazing but the rest of their set was too weak without her.



One thing that Bomi & Eunsol share is their ability to totally dominate a stage with their charismatic sexual style & concepts. 

Neither looks like anyone else.

That is one of the reasons Eunsol has stayed so successful.  Her unique look & smile is her style – and when she unleashes herself  (which she hasn’t done in a long time on the stage) she has Idol style qualities. 

Bomi is the opposite.  She unleashes her non-smile & you wan her to slap the shit out of you – which she is happy to do with kick ass covers like “Anaconda” & the Stellar sets.

In her now world-famous cover of the EXID classic, Eunsol enters the million views club AGAIN this week!!

Two new entries into the “Eunsol’s Millions” club.  Not even Hani did that in one week.

As for Hyuna, fangirls & boys got very excited when she does stuff like this:

Big fucking deal…..

 Here’s the real thang at :32

Another 1.3 million views to add to Pharkil’s pile of Eunsol fap classics.

She’s Bomi’s goal.

Meanwhile Bomi keeps show us she is starving to become a Sexy Cover legend & five million views are the chips she plays with. 

She made Pharkil’s top 10 list of most watched fancams.

For the record: 5 of the top 10 are Bambino fancams. Bomistry has a way to go!


Next in “the ring” for Bomi?  Yeri is coming on hard. Her solos are devastating slays & her legs are breathtaking. She is admittedly looking for some of Girl Crush’s fame, attention & action.

Bringing up the rear…..

Yeri did her first Crazy Giant shoot this week.

She is now looking like a super bias.

She is going out every performance & giving fans high go-hard quality & a personality that is great for Summer performances.  She realizes that she has to do it to get the job done for an excellent Black Bunny team that has a major wall to climb: Girl Crush.

The group has a cool original song, does strong, classic Sexy Cover style choreo (although with way less skill than FWM) but is spending a lot of time moving, jumping & doing cheerleader-style fan service.

Our advice? Do the hard, sexy dancing instead & work on a stronger routine.  You have soooo many fancammers chasing you that a Black Bunny concert could be a spectacular combo of hot dancing, fan service, water pouring & covering classic.  Black Bunny does AOA better than any group & we would like them to take on “New Thang.”

BodhiCat Talk says that it’s just a matter of time before they start going viral.

Crowds are luving it because the Yeri-led girls are a hot package of Bambino-like bodies & confidence. It’s never the same show twice.  Yeri’s legs make our eyes water but that bottle of water in her hand at 2:02 is not yet being put to proper use!!

 Black Bunny’s flow in their stage routine needs a little work but their bounce & personalities are high.

Yeri’s legs make me cry ya’ll. They are even better than the girls in BESTie’s were.  Even Dayhe!!


She failed her test with Laysha but one of our fave thckkies, boob bouncing, hot AF Hayeon is returning to May Queen – the worst dancing group that BodhiCat Talk readers can never get enough of. 

She confirmed for us this week on her Instagram post that she is going back to May Queen. @h.a_yeon_2

They ARE back! We are still predicting big thangs for May Queen. Will Sieun also be in May Queen II? 

Artistically her performances are all over the place & her consistency is not at a level where GoEun & Co.could fit her in to that elite team. She couldn’t really hang with Chaejin or Hadam, two amazing dancers.

While it revealed how excellent a dance team Laysha was, Laysha is a wreck these days & Hadam was only showing up for a paycheck.

So Hayeon can take all that experience & improvement she got working with the greatest dance queens & make our predictions come true. 

Future Faps: Getting A.Feel (에이필) For 2019 – 새해는 여러분의 최고의 해가 되시길 바랍니다.



Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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  1. Thought this was new Laysha, dated today, but no it’s a Chinese YouTube poacher:


    Whaaaaa 😭 Som where are you? Lotta Stellar on that channel too.



    Wonder how many fancams went ☔

    Well, much to my surprise, looks like Nymph did (weird combo of Nymph’s typical canned audio & live here 😐) though diff Hana outfit:


    But hey, my current fav Bunny 😃

  2. Clearly Hyuna has been watching sexy cover (I’m guessing most do – need to stay current, you know):


    Oh, and YouTube has disappeared their share video “start at” feature (though right click – copy URL at current time – works).

    At least they haven’t banned my comments (yet) like Instagram has 🙄 (probably for posting YouTube links 🔗 Google, please buy Instagram 🙏

  3. Twice trying out some girl crush:


    And yeah, Bomi & Yoona doing real Girl Crush:


    Seihee says she’s spending a lot of time in the practice room (I still read Insta 🤐 – took it off my phone, though 🗑) so next week we should see where Laysha is with the new member lineup 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

    Hey, I like Seihee’s hairstyle – ‘cept wish she’d add those silver extensions again. Though yeah, one never knows what works ’till one’s tried something new – and Som tried just about everything 🌈

    Any links for Seoah’s new group? Curious to see. She did sexy well when she finally got to it.

    StarFruit (as least Dami) appear to be very much into CosPlay and use dance performances more as advertising for that than as an end itself, so their performances may be rather spotty and stay at the street level.

    1. Shit! They are gone way too soon. BodhiCat will be bummed because he loves Yubin/yubeen. Bomi is amazing but she’ll probably leave too and that will be horrible. We have to keep them “going” like we do with Bambino in this blog.

      1. 😱 YIKES, you know how life works (things manifesting on a whim) – careful thinking about Bomi 😱

        Looks like her contract with DAMent allows for solo events. I expect DAMent (and the GC members) would like some $$$ for their performances so we’re seeing fewer of those than of solo Bomi. Dunno if she’s paid for those MC gigs.

        I’ve seen several BB Hana Insta posts where she’s obviously dressed for the stage – yet no fancams, so I think they do quite a few gigs where there aren’t any fancams – ‘cept maybe from the group’s management. GC recently did a nightclub gig, with just a Zia (I think) Insta post as evidence it happened (other than the Insta ads).

        Oh, and as a bit of fun (and evidence some mainstream-ish people) are taking them seriously (like this is quite a bit of work – and very well done, too), pictorial refs to who’s singing what on BB’s “Oh My God”:


    1. Dude, thanks for the updates. Invaluable to the BodhiCats. (BTW: our readership this Summer has skyrocketed from Singapore. Go figure.)

      Laysha as the “house band?” Hmmm. There’s a concept.

      Notice how Chaejin is getting a lot of the attention in their promo?

  4. BodhiCat I have always been interested into know if the rumor that Dal Shabet dissed Bambino after they performed and as usual slayed a big crowd is true. I think that what i read happened was Dal Shabet was upset at Bambino’s very sexy style and came out and also slayed after complaining or saying something to Bambino. I think this video is of that night and it looks like they spontaneously to get the crowd back did some sexy stuff to show they were still hotter. https://youtu.be/V4rKo5FrOwY (You would say that basically Hadam intimidated them!! LOL)

    1. This story has been floating around ever since we invented it….LOL.

      In fact, there was one performance where they did appear on the same program. The rumors from readers were intriguing & we think this one may have happened & sparked the already sexy Dal Shabet (battling with Stellar for similar fans) tried to take it up to “Cover” level.

      You may have discovered some evidence. We have sent it to the Sexy Cover Forensic Lab in Ventura Beach for more analysis this weekend.

  5. As I’d hoped bouncy Ahin performs in Korea too (tied black top – which admittedly doesn’t show particularly well 🔎):


    Even Jooe (who hasn’t much to bounce) is giving it a bit of a try:


    I am curious to see the adoption in regular kpop (and yes, even in sexy cover kpop).

    Also, the YouTube vid share – “Start at” box has returned 👏

    BB Hana keeps posting Insta stage outfit photos, so I think they’re doing a lot of gigs we’re not seeing – which is good ’cause 💰 for BB

    1. Way is sooo thcck & yummy. Reminds me of Hayeon when she went to Laysha. Not quite strong enough but on her own a treat.

      What is on her back? Looks like pain relief pad!! Or a bad sunburn from surfing…..

    1. Hayeon told me they were coming back & that Hayoung was also going to join them. This is the BIG news for us this Summer.

      Can they win you back from the BBs? Tough call. Yeri & Hana are way better performers & on their way into at least the top 5 ranked teams.

      Hang in there. Let your madness be your guide…..

  6. I think Chaejin can “cool” Bo mi heat wave and start her own? You compared Way of Flora to chaejin but said Chaejin is “Armani” and Way Walmart. LOL I know you like Way too though so no serious toss under the bus.

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