The Biggest Surprises of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing 2019 – 소리 질러!!!



With the release of this fancam by Rock Music two things are now official: Seihee and Bomi are rivals & Hyeri is no longer the maknae of Laysha!

According to former Dimepiece star & our industry insider, Sally, Laysha is an amazing group that can not be duplicated or replaced. But she added that the team is getting old.  So the news that they have brought on a young Seihee from Girl Crush is a shock but makes sense.  

So far they have tried Hadam (old), Hayeon (unskilled) & now Seihee.  She was GC’s best dancer & is a lust-for body.  So maybe she will give Laysha that face-lift its management thinks it needs. 

But then Seihee was replaced AGAIN with Hayeon who had an amazing few nights.  She may be the “keeper” & Seihee was used to piss off Girl Crush!  Who knows??

After a few tries, Hayeon started to go off this week!  Laysha will easily return to #1 if she becomes a star – Laysha style.

Whatever, there are so many surprises going down in Cover we can’t keep up! 

Here are a few more:




이 댄스그룹은 2019년도에 대인기팀이 될겄입니다. Bodhicat이 이들에 관한 기사를 쓸겄입니다.

Ya’ll, you just never know when it comes to Cover dancers. They just appear!

Helloooooo thcckkkiee!!! Is this Lady 아라(Ara) a future Cover Queen??

Look at her

With water dousing & festival season cuming faster than a Trump lie this might be the best season for pure sexy Cover dancing by thcck women who can really stun us.  And the new crop is  popping up everywhere & is confident from the get go.

Here is Ara of Lady Girl who performed at Bomi’s show!  We hear Bomi might be managing her subgroup.  She has a lot of the Queen of Cover’s style & sexy choreo.  

It isn’t often that a hot new KPOP Sexy Cover dancer shows up wearing glasses like my old Journalism prof at UCLA – but looking hot AF.   She wears glasses because contacts bothered her eyes.  For real.  BodhiCat Talk thinks it’s a great “look” for her.

“Professor Ara” is reallllllllly amazing.

The “Professor” is teaching us an early lesson: this is the year of the powerful Nugu class.


Does Bomi kind of get owned by this hot, thccck confident Nugu??

No doubt Bomi is the Queen of Sexy Cover.  But this new group of nugus has no fear of the greater, famous ones.  Check out this battle video and tell us who you think “won” this “Hip & Lip” cover contest?


Easter is over but things are hopping high with this team. And we’d like to hop their most popular dancer.

No surprise.  Our choice for hottest bunny is a lock. Black Bunny’s Hana like we predicted last year has become a star.>>>

After getting her first viral fancam she did Brown Eyed Girls bop in a new outfit.  Let’s face it, while people say BB is “Fly with Me Lite,” Hana is just too hot, too cute & as Bomi thinks, too ambitious not to be about ready to have a BIG BIG festival season.

She is taking over the rabbit world ya’ll.  The only question is what will Black Bunny’s ranking be this year?  And how far can they go?



Speed & heat: Fly with Me has no rivals when it comes to hare AF fire-off, sexy cover dancing.


Yeri of Black Bunny has absolute killer legs.  As hot as any member of Diana – a group whose members she reminds us of – Yeri is teamed with Hana & may give the Dark Bunnies a killer combination that will drive fans over the edge during the Festival season.

Best legs in Cover? Yep. Yeri of Black Bunny.


She is the KPOP dancer we would most luv to have a hot affair with in Paris.  Why? Because her name has a kind of French porn ring to it: Zia!

“You could sit with her in a cafe & she would get every eye on the street,” says our statistician Spence Auburn.

She just keeps growing on us & we don’t know why!!

Related image

Oh sure we do!


Suddenly Cover groups are taking BodhiCat Talk’s advice & showing the world how bad ass they are against I-Dulls.

Shasa vs Lisa of Black Pink!!  We were shook.

She took on Black Pink’s superstar with this cover.


Our newest surprise, Lady Girl’s “sexy professor” Ara is on her way to Cover fame.  We have high expectations.  She has improved since February when she looked delicious & went through a standard cover of “Expectation.” 

How did we miss her? 

It reminded us of a surprise from long ago, when Stellar’s amazing Minhee, along  with Jiso of Tahiti rocked a cover of the song like never before.  It was the night I-Dulls became two of the best Sexy Cover Dancers in KPOP.

Minhee of Stellar (whose group really was a “Cover” group hiding as I-Dulls) surprised everybody by stealing this show.  No one could stop looking at her.

48 thoughts on “The Biggest Surprises of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing 2019 – 소리 질러!!!

  1. So…just checked Seihee’s insta and it says “Laysha seihee”
    Also, Som changed her insta description from the whole spiel with A1 Entertainment and laysha into just “Laysha som.”

    …….is Som actually out?

    And then there’s the whole thing with Laysha’s Youtube channel not existing, and all their videos being unavailable, and how now it’s just A1 Ent with like, 5 videos.

    What’s going on? I only found out about them like 4 days ago, what’s happening???

    1. I’ve been wondering since 2019 began 🤷‍♂️

      Been interesting seeing who’s subbing though 🔮

    2. No one knows. Totally wacked situation there. Som had a nervous breakdown maybe or got sick. says she coming back but it looks like the girls dumped her. So they are trying new girls out. Hadam really was not good at all. But Bodhicat has a lot of blogs about this you can read. But we all don’t know much I guess.

  2. Hey Man

    Hope everything is going well. You always make my day. Did you see the Instagram post from Hadam re:Laysha’s new post with Seihee (sic)? It translates to “What a mess”.??Did you ever let Eunsol know about million view tribute to her? Seen her workout vids? IMHO, Girl Crush with the new girl is #1. But the Fly chicks are the most fun.
    Later, Life is Good… Dodgers lookin good man. Oh, Bodhi, I do have to differ with on the legs. I think the Captain has the best legs in the business.

    1. Dude, all is well. No I didn’t see what The Greatest of Them All Hadam said. Was it in English. Send me a link & we’ll get it translated. You are #1 in BodhiWorld boss.

      1. !@#$%^… Can’t find it. It was translated. I think it was after the Instagram/video with the old MayQueen girl in it (can they take down a comment?). Hey, that “interview” of Eunsol on the Tropical site is at 960,000+. Maybe her friggin interview will hit 1mill. And I see the good lookin one in Tropical (can’t remember names!!) is hangin with Bo Young. I think I’m gonna try out for Laysha, why not, everyone else is, HA!!
        Ultra Pussy!!! The Bam book!!! Is XOX still in business??
        Later Man, Life is Good

  3. Even with Laysha being messed up they can still take Girl Crush. If they added Roh that would be the best. The video with Bomi and Pangye (she is not with any group yet) proves Girl Crush is ripe to fall. Fly is a consistent group.

    1. Now that’s the Laysha we know & luv!! Yeah. Using Hayeon perfectly. She’s not a great dancer but she can pound out a sexy riff. Foot on an amp to start tells the audience “I have confidence.” Good to see this. I much prefer a sexy Hayeon than a beautiful body Seihee in this lineup.

  4. All the May Queen girls were hot. Good choice to go with Laysha. And my man Bodhi is liking those thick thighs! 🙂👍

    1. As you probably know, she’s now a ring girl (who enjoys the sun) so yeah, really doubt she’s coming back.

      Liking this Diana, though – interested to see them again – hopefully in a group vid.

      1. I do like her Pole Dancing :):)..Do you think Pederson is on the roids:):)WTF got into him!..

        I’m happy with the old Diana vids. Bomyi is one fine lookin lady.

        Lifes Good

        1. LOL. I have been watching “Renefuzz” climb that pole lately but Pederson’s homers are also soaring. Hitting that one off Chris Paddack is like Jenny of Diana becoming the next Eunsol! Possible but not likely. Move him to cleanup but don’t check his pee, plz……

          1. Guess I could add heresy here for a quad H 😀
            Was a bit on the fence between Hadam & Som – Som won 😻

            For those missing her, YouTube Insta repository came up in recommended yesterday:


            Though before whatever happened happened, so no insight there, just Som being Som.

          2. Yeah. You’ve always been the conductor of the Som train. Not a bad high-speed machine. But we all know Hadam changed the game forever…..

            Above all else, I hope Som is just on sabbatical with a mild case of burnout & that Hadam is just, well, being her usual hapless self not knowing how amazing she is – and was.

            But I think there’s more to it. Everyone does.

  5. Just occurred, Bodhicat, maybe an inquiry/article regarding the persistent idea that kpop agencies force their female (and male?) stars to oversexualize vs what just comes naturally to some?

  6. Looks like Hayeon is having a positive influence on Laysha:

    Were few in cover have gone before, and I believe a 1st for Laysha – no boobie holders – MayQueen was one of the few. Tell me that doesn’t add to a performance, specially a well endowed Laysha performance 😉

    Also, good energy by everyone.

    1. For sure. BodhiCat readers should take particular pride in accomplishment here since we were all pushing for this move. I’m likin’ it but damn she really needs to learn the spacing in the choreo steps & maybe lose a few pounds to gain some foot speed. I hope GoEun doesn’t get impatient with her because Laysha, let’s face it, is a tight, tight dance group on top of being hot AF. Forget Seihee. I see her maybe joining Soly & Jenny (Seulgi) as a freelancer. She ain’t get that whatever Hayeon has!

  7. Hey man, your girl Hayeon was at it again a few hours ago. Up on an amp and really tearing it up. She’s getting it together. Yeah she’s chunky but whaaaa!!

    1. LOL. She looked like she’s getting comfortable with them. Said Hyeri helped her with her hair. Made her look thinner. We took Hayeon under our wing (we needed a big wingspan.) She’s our star project. We’ll get her hot thccck fat ass in shape after a few more blogs! No worries.

      Anybody surfing out on the Island yet, dude?

    1. They look so much tighter & relaxed when she’s with them. I think they trust her quality & that JS Entertainment history. Hayeon is just not in synch & GoEun looks like she’s freaking sometimes worrying that she’ll screw it up. Or am I reading too much into this?

      1. Um, yeah:

        Bambino & Laysha members may have practiced with each other, wouldn’t be too surprising. Hadam looks to be the best fit so far though we seldom see group vids and the individual ones mostly concentrate on Goeun & Hyeri. May be Hadam is only available some times or Laysha wants to mix it up. Seihee’d need to gain some weight 😆 she looks toothpicky dancing with the Laysha women. I’m guessing they’re subing waiting for Som.

        I’d like to see Sieun give it a go, her dancing was actually ok at the end of MayQueen, she’s got the sex factor in abundance and I think, the prettiest of the lot.

        In unrelated news, more scandalable South Korean news (like Burning Sun wasn’t enough), though haven’t seen this story on AllKpop yet, BBC here:

        I’m fine with choices, but doesn’t seem to be much of that involved with these “workers”. The worker’s paradise 🙄 not too surprising, really 💰

        Seems there’s an imbedded social problem in Korea regarding the general attitude toward women that’s just getting exposed in such a global way. Expect it’ll require a political solution.

        1. Good point. Two actually: Sieun should also get a team. Maybe a Laysha subgroup?

          The best way to end this is to respect sexy women for being powerful & not be so threatened that you think u need to dominate them. The more powerful they feel the better their performances are. It’s what makes Hyuna go hard. She doesn’t give a shit.

          1. Really glad/relieved Burning Sun hasn’t led to some sort of pause/backtracking/rethinking of sexy cover – seems quite the opposite, like YES WE CAN 😀

            My thinking on the whole repressing women thing is it’s something from a past time when society was not happy dealing with unfathered children – the need for that sort of rationale has passed. Women should not have to live in bags ’cause men can’t control themselves.

            And yeah, speaking of feeling some power, looks like Hyuna ain’t regretting too much:


          2. Guys don’t realize that the more power we share the hotter women get.

            And Hyuna I can take or leave (although I get a kick out of her because she’s a natural), but I am trying to get that backup dancer’s mobile phone number……I wonder if she surfs!!

  8. >Guys don’t realize that the more power we share the hotter women get.

    Nothing adds like real enthusiasm 😏

    “And Hyuna I can take or leave (although I get a kick out of her because she’s a natural), but I am trying to get that backup dancer’s mobile phone number……I wonder if she surfs!!”

    Current buzz word is influencer, Hyuna’s done a lot that way (much to the chagrin of some 😀) Check the cheers here:

    8 years ago’d probably be dead silence and comments full of hate. Time & persistence 😋

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