She Is Official & It Has Happened Before – 현재 모든 그룹들이 딱 어느 한 그룹에 신경쓰 고 있나요? –




This morning Som posted to say “she is back.” She even said “hello.”  The good news is that she is feeling better. 

But if she thinks she’s back with Laysha she hasn’t read this official post from A1:

현재 모든 그룹들이 딱 어느 한 그룹에 신경쓰 고 있나요? 

It was translated by BodhiCat Talk’s Angie Lee & it says “Hadam is in” & “Som is out.”

There is more.  It talks about both Bambino & Laysha once being managed by the same agency. How Hadam did a very sexy style of dance at Bambino but that there was no explanation of why the group broke up. It talks about how GoEun studied dance but then dropped out of college.

Som looked like she has been through a rough time. By contrast Hadam posted herself dancing in Laysha’s studio today, getting herself in shape like a boxer for a hot Festival season where she just might turn Cover into something even more amazing than she did in 20151

But she is going to have to prove that she can take Som’s place this time.  She never had that challenge at Bambino.

Som is really luuved. So is Hadam. 

Som’s style of hot sexualized dancing versus Hadam’s more precise, brilliant dancing, which we saw this week will be compared.

Will it work with Laysha on the stage?  People for sure are expecting Fly with Me with a lot more of a rush.

Dancing styles involve using different muscles in the body.  BTS talks about this; how Jimin who trained classically had a hard time retraining for Bop Pop.

Not to get too technical (because BodhiCat Talk is about riding the perfect girl group Cover fap like a wave) but Hadam always had her eye on that classical, hip-hop, artistic style of Cover. GoEun is not that.  She is the perfect in-your-face, here-I-am drool-now Cover queen.

Even though she was a pure genius at Sexy Cover & most people thought SHE (not GoEun) was the real queen of Sexy Dance concept Hadam got tired of doing the really hot stuff.  

Som on the other hand kept doing it for the team & won the fanboys & girls unrestrained luv.  She is an Iconic Cover Queen.

Kpop GIF

Som’s fans are legion & loyal. She knew how to get our attention.

So Hadam better get un-tired ya’ll & do something really, really creative. I bet you a zillion dollars she will.  Give Hadam the right stage & management & you will see her  take on her “nemsis” (Hyuna) & all other female sexy performance geniuses.

Groundbreakers: Hyuna & Hadam share many traits.  They parade their men in public (usually a taboo in KPOP), perform sexy dances & dare you not to fap anyway!  Chalk one up for 2 strong women on Women’s Day 2019!!

Seeing Som reminded me that Bambino & Laysha have appeared on the same stage together before. In fact Hadam introduced Laysha one night.  (We are trying to find that early group video.)

And of course during Bambino’s Showcase at the K-Hotel in 2016  Laysha opened for them.  A pissed Laysha (they had got pushed into a #2 position by a sizzling Eunsol & Hadam) went out & tore the room apart. 

It was like the best revenge sex!!

They stuck it to the I-Dull leaning Bambino & fans just gasped.

Laysha went out of their way in Summer 2016 at the Bino’s Showcase to show anyone who thought Bambino had gone way beyond them what THEY could still do with the Sexy Cover Dancing concept!

Bambino was dominating in 2016 too but because of their success & Hadam’s amazing “raw dog” stunt in 2015 (which got 5 million views in one week!) there were a lot of new imitators trying to go where Hadam went. 

Dimepiece was probably the best imitator but they got ruined by a shitball management agency, did nothing original with their sudden attention & folded.

We wrote then:

Unless Hadam returns to KPOP Cover with a group & it completely blows away the entire industry, there will always be the question about why the greatest dancer in KPOP Cover Dance history, whose group was so far ahead of the competition that for 2 years there was no real competition fell back to earth like hot, bright but cheap festival fireworks.

After Bambino disappeared with no explanation Laysha went back to the #1 spot in 2017.

KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

But NOW with Hadam back as their new member Laysha can get used to that number 1 again. 

Let the fireworks start.  Girl Crush is waiting.


Just blow your whistle.

Bambino made the “Sailor” look with an amazing performance at Chunbok National U in early 2015. For sure this WAS Cover.

Dahee’s goes off with her Cover of “Good Boy.” It is still the hottest thang, I swear.



Was everythang Eunsol did “Cover?”

What do you think???

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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14 thoughts on “She Is Official & It Has Happened Before – 현재 모든 그룹들이 딱 어느 한 그룹에 신경쓰 고 있나요? –

  1. Yuh yo can’t see Laysha with no Som. Why didn’t Hadam get together a new group together with Eunsol?! Or better Gayoung. The real sexy style dancer.

  2. Hey Bodhi what do you know about Switch!? Hear they split up and changed their names and doing stuff like FWM in Japan. True?

  3. Label Up is the new Switch. Duyoo who has had a few weird names is now Coca. Bodhi’s babe Hana is out. They have an Instagram page.

    1. Her contract may not include doing the promotional group stuff & I am not sure that Laysha won’t turn to another member at some point.

      Working on a new one (about Hadam…) now.

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