Safety Shorts: Som Shows Her Cunt


Oh yes!  We see it.

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And if that pointy-head pop-up doll in the second row had kept his head down for juuust a four more seconds……wow!  We would have had us a Cover Dance KPOP industry scandal.  And that is just what Som & JS want.

A BodhiTruth:

I am not an over-the-top fan of “wardrobe malfunctions.”  I don’t think groups need them as much as they think they do.  It subjects the women to miserable, wicked slut-shaming & blowback from Idols – many of them who then go out & do carefully do modified versions the next week. (Hypocrites that they are.)

But if you look at this as part of a game being played & actually one of the more savory parts of the “routine” of KPOP Sexy Cover Dance, then this is hot & horny & fun.  And some good groups have blown up  & broken through (like Bambino) – which is the point.

Hadam & Bambino set the standard.  Eunsol was for sure  GETTING popular in 2015, but Hadam made Bambino go all the way viral by flashing her beauty.  That’s the Truth.  She took a hit & Eunsol took it into the endzone to score – big.  Hadam’s reputation recovered (sort of) because she was so damn good & we defended her tooth & high-heel.

(BodhiCat Talk Note: since the time of this writing Hadam has returned & with glory & her reputation higher than ever!)

If wardrobe malfunctions were banned or  ended tonight, we’d be fine. 

Because there is always a way – and there is always Waveya.

 The Wave sisters are proof that you don’t need a malfunction when you can really function…..They know how to make your balls harder than concrete just by dancing Cover in a little studio with their pussy(cat)….Lol

Waveya originalized Cover art – (but that MF cat is a nuisance!)

And if malfunctions were banned, we could spend the next million years just watching Switch babe Jenny’s beautiful tits bouncing as she bops; or when she decides to show her cleavage in her posts – or when she pours water on herself. Oh my my.

  Jenny owns the best sexy breasts in Cover & there is something nieve & happy about her style that drives me wild.  She can bring it even though, so far, she has kept her camel toe in the garage.  But her #8 Switch is sagging.

So let’s get real.  Som is powerful.  Som knows Laysha is #1 & she dares to show her pussy & dares YOU to not go under her spell – or intimidated – as she keeps Laysha on top.

Som = Cover dancer + girl power.  Som is a classic JS Entertainment product.  Where do they find these stars?

We love the wardrobe tease when it’s done like foreplay before fucking.  It adds to the explosion.  It’s Life, man.  Hadam made us cum by the millions & then we woke up the next day & realized that she had rolled us.  

And keeps rolling us.  Every one of us wants Hadam back because she DID IT raw.  We fell in love & then she went “bye bye bitches.” 

She’s the one who made B-Cat Talk readers ask, “Serious, is there anything better than Cover??”

Everyone else imitated her. Most of them mechanically.  Dimepiece is history & forgotten.  Sohyun had no follow-up punch after her BIG MOMENT.  The rest of the groups rode the fence too – except #4 Fly with Me.  They completely changed course & Yoobin is now doing great because Shasa took over the attention. 

And Idols? Most of them have red marks on their asses from riding the fence while trying to create a scandal. 

But when you show your pussy – you are off the fence!

Judging Pussy Flashing

My grandfather “Zoots the Buddha” told us when we were young never to call anyone a “cunt.”  If we ever referred to a girl as one, he said, it should be because she was great, not bad.  He’d get a lot of weird looks when he’d say to a woman, “You are a fantastic ‘cunt.'”

In other words, slut-shaming is the worst.  We like that Bomi has the word “Respect” in her Instagram post because she demands it.

As Shakespeare said, “A real cunt is warm and deep/allows pleasure/It is the ultimate gift/The BIG TEASE – the prize – that makes life & flirting & fantasies like surfing/Women are as wet as a wave when they are wanting you.”  (Actually, BodhiCat said that.  Sounded like Shakespeare though, huh?)

Image result for Shakespeare humorous photos

And you assholes who judge, remember this: 75% of women say they have experienced “discomfort” during sex.  A lot of the reason is because our foreplay sucks.  It’s not Som’s problem.  She’s going out of her way to tee you up so you can figure out how to give her foreplay & attention. The problem is yours if you can’t finish the dance.  She’s doing her part.  

(Is she ever…..!)

So don’t play into her agency’s hands & start slut-shaming & firing up the Net.  They love that shit.  Let Som teach you how to ride the Wave smoothly.

And don’t ask over & over, “Does she have on safety shorts?”

“Safety shorts? Gee, I had them on when I started dancing!”



Great-looking, strong alignment as dancers, boob-pops & confidence.

Is it us or do u see flashes of Bambino here?  You know, that sharp, extended sexual choreo that Bambino had!  Is this nugu group Blah-Blah onto something?  Hmmmm.  


Even though she had not performed in two years, we kept hoping & writing about Hadam, Bambino & their iconic legacy at our History of Bambino daily blog post.

In March 2019 she returned! Now see what the new history is:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


22 thoughts on “Safety Shorts: Som Shows Her Cunt

  1. I dare to say Som in your face was a little more than Hadam’s tease. Nice to see cover doing Exid’s latest.
    Opening Olympic ceremonies in PyeongChang were terrific. Kpop will probably gain a few more fans.

  2. First, Hadam’s tease wasn’t a tease and it polluted KPOP to get attention. The agency put them up to it but she and Som like the attention too. You may not like Rose Queen but they never go low like this.

    1. I’m pretty sure Kpop will survive.
      And I do like Rose Queen…there is not a lot of daylight between Jini & Hadam.

  3. I’m thinking if this was Eunsol doing the same thing there would be a blackout in South Korea:):)..

    Where’s Ultra Pussy !!!!

    The snow boarders and lugers are Nuts!!!

    1. Yeah, BodhiCat. Where is the Ultra Pussy 119 stories? The Olympics are in Korea! LOL. Always great and you support women with an open mind!

  4. Som makes me wonder again about Laysha. Really like the video of the Top ten. ICIA for sure looks great and can I admit that I had never check Pocket Girls before. Wow!

  5. “We love the wardrobe tease when it’s done like foreplay before fucking. It adds to the explosion. It’s Life, man. Hadam made us cum by the millions & then we woke up the next day & realized that she had rolled us. ”

    …LOL, instant classic.
    I’m still shaking my head and wondering, is it better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all?

  6. Hadam’s dance was like Hadam. Spectacular! 15 million views. Enough said. Hadam is “the greatest Cover dancer in history.!”

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