Post-Victory Analysis: Hadam Gives Hyuna A Dance Lesson and….

……a pretty wicked one at that!  

The lights come up on the girl on the right. She is bouncy in her striped shirt and races toward her army, gets close to them and then returns upstage. Not bad.

Slowly the lights rise next on the girl to her left, and suddenly from the mist and to the exotic soundtrack this vision out of the east appears: a warrior goddess stripped for “battle.”

By :51 the “battle of the champions” is over and the opponent on the right seems finished, even though she keeps moving and tries to claim our attention.  But she is not even watched  There are only lustful eyes for the girl – no, the woman – on the left.

Hyuna’s famous group 4Minute got its name because they claimed that was all the time they needed to seduce a man.  Last week in front of millions of fans on YouTube, former Bambino leader Hadam needed four minutes to seduce Hyuna’s men (8 out of 10 of them said she was better than the queen) and to prove that she was the #1 sexy performance attraction in all of KPOP.

Now that’s a big time seduction.

“Samsara” is a relentlessly mesmerizing, sensual, explosively erotic dance that no Korean KPOP group had ever performed live until Bambino rolled it out in Spring 2016 and made it yet another instant smash hit on the festival tour.  It was another Hadam signature song and its inventiveness as a cover blew fans away. 

It did it again this past week. “Samsara,” like Hadam, is the gift that keeps on giving

Cocky Hyuna ran smack into it and into Hadam’s dancing karma as a result.  Seems as if Hyuna could not keep step with her as Hadam actually gave the great legend of “Roll Deep” and “Red” fame an old-fashioned beat-down and humiliating loss in a public setting on YouTube this week.  You may be the “Best,” girl, but not when our Hadam decides to amp it up all the way.

Hadam had many “weapons” to choose from in her choreo.  She used her cover of “Samsara” as her weapon of choice to bring Hyuna to her knees.

Hyuna didn’t even get 10 votes in one week after fans saw this. 

We still need soju and saki to calm ourselves down from this incredible rush and thrilling “upset” victory!  Serious. We cannot sleep over this.

So WTF happened? 

How did Hyuna lose to anyone, much less a lowly cover dancer with a seedy incident in her career that would have disqualified anyone else from even being mentioned in the same breath?

In a word: Talent. 

Hadam has more of it as a sexy KPOP stage performer than anyone.  The fans just cannot get enough of her style, which I call “visual cocaine.”  Hadam is not a performer, she’s an addiction.  (My sister says that she hits every single one of my “worship issue buttons.”  Hadam also manages to hit about 2 million zippers per day and opens them probably too.)

If Hadam needs an incentive to learn more English, the comments by her fans would make her a literature professor at UCLA in about 2 weeks.

Among the comments were ones like this:  “Hadam practically invented dancing.”  Even we admit that might be a stretch. 

When KPOP Sexy Cover decided, upon my recommendation, to show her performing “Samsara,” it was lights out.  It looked on screen like what it was: an incredibly prepared, riveting sexual dance performance against some juvenile shit with a few booty shakes.  Hyuna is getting lazy.

BodhiCat Talk Readers: This is YOUR win.  

BodhiCats, this is YOUR win.  Yours alone.  Yours as a reader of this blog and yours as people who “got” Hadam from Day One.  

Yours even before I arrived on the scene.

Yours to gloat over.  I will gloat soon but this is really about what you did (and can keep doing) on YouTube to help the world take down a myth about Hadam as being “just a…….

Just a…..” has become, “Just THE best performer by fan acclamation in KPOP.”

I love the sound of those words baby!!  THE BEST…..

Unfortunately for her fans, we had to have her knock Hyuna all over the ring, woman-to-woman, and turn it into a fun “battle.” It was a chance for Hyuna to show her stuff and flatten yet another “nobody.”  She looked good, as she always does, but as one comment said, “This is not a close competition, really.”  Hadam took it to another level as soon as she appeared. One guy said it took him 20 seconds to decide!

It was fun, but it was a battle for respect.  Hyuna, like a lot of these idols (including Hwasa, Hyomin, Sistar’s Soyou and especially Dalshabet’s Woohee and Serri, who were  ones I would have preferred to have her go against) are pretty arrogant.  

Dal Shabet snubbed Hadam at a festival where they both performed, and where Bambino had just rocked the crowd before Dal Shabet went onstage.  Bambino bowed respectfully to them while exiting the backstage, but I am guessing in their van going to the next gig there were a few choice words for Dal Shabet if this is at all true:

Dal Shabet is a sexy, sexy idol group that gets the noise.  But Hadam needed to use Hyuna to make her case first.  (Maybe she’ll get a match-up against a worthy Dal Shabet girl in a future match?)

They now have their “revenge.”  I am sorry it was Hyuna, but we thought that Hadam had to use her and no one else to make her point.  The first step was to show-off her incredible body next to Hyuna’s attractive one.  That contrast alone was enough to sway the results.  It was so dramatic that, as people said, they just couldn’t take their eyes off Hadam.

The obligatory genuflection to Hyuna

OK. OK.  Hyuna was the biggest star of all.  She is a major pioneer and A TRUE KPOP legend.  She had no rival and no one was better.  So when I suggested the idea to KPOP Sexy Cover, we agreed that it was all or nothing.  “Bring on the Queen of the Ring,” we said.  Hadam would for sure be up for it because she “owns something special.”  The hottest dancing booty in the known universe.  And there was no question she would do well……… 

Hyuna, who “gets jealous easy” according to a 9 Muses Twitter post, got whipped by the perfect body and dancer

…………But THIS well??  Oh my my.  

With an 80% to 9% margin of votes, and a wave of comments about her being better than Hyuna (by far), this was like a knockout; and one where the undefeated superstar champ was knocked out flat!

The Triumph of Sexy Cover Dancing  over the Big Idols, courtesy of Bambino’s Ex-Leader Hadam!

We now declare victory for Hadam and for Sexy KPOP Dance Cover as a legitimate category of KPOP.

After one week, 9,300 views and comments that are obvious as to what has taken place on the KPOP battlefield, enough voters have said that Hyuna not only lost the head-to-head competition, she lost to a much hotter and stronger performer.  And she lost fairly, and by the largest margin ever in the short history of the “Left or Right” battle series. 

With all due respect to Hyuna and her army, the numbers do not lie and after 2 years I can finally say what I’ve dreamed of saying:

“Hyuna, you just got owned.”

A woman who took more slut-shaming shit than even you did, but who knows how to get closest to the fans, off the stage and on, and who delivers up-close fan service like no one ever before, dominated you from start to finish.  

Hyuna, we all thought you could not be topped.  But you were topped on this one, and with a lot of cream.  

There are three words I never thought we would write when we started telling the story of this slut-shamed beauty shortly after her Summer 2015 controversy.  Those words of course are: Hadam is the best ever.” (Actually those are five words.) 

Here are four more:

Hadam is just rare

As special as Hyuna is (a final obligatory acknowledgement of the ex-champ), we knew there was something very rare about this sparkling, always visually perfect, perfectionist new thang girl with the Arab-sounding name, Hadam.  

Always in movement, like a great river, she has a work ethic that puts others to shame.  She is as strong as an Arabian horse and as graceful. She is not really classic “star” material,  because she is very much street and has a type of elusive, introverted  presence off-stage that I cannot (yet) define.  But she is a superstar, whether she wants it or not.  She crushed Hyuna for fuck’s sake! That puts her in the realm of the greatest by default.

She took our breath away from the start, but we didn’t know why.  We thought it was the Stones t-shirt and that dark, fleshy, sweet and meaty pussy.  (She knew it would get our attention for greater things to cum……)

When we first started doing our research all we ran into was:

“She’s just a cheap imitation of Hyuna with no talent.”

“This is not KPOP.” 

“She is just a stripper who didn’t wear her panties at a high school gig to get attention.  Hadam is basically porno.”

Blah blah blah.

Time went on, blahs became bleating and bleating became thunderous roars in larger and larger venues.  Bambino did not go away. They blew up like no group ever before them.  Hani’s knees shook as Eunsol challenged her dominance before Eunsol, sadly, began fading away in Bambino 2.0 tedium.  

But Hadam’s star was so bright it blinded us and keeps shining.  

This blog was designed to stan Bambino, and to figure out why they were so damn hot, innovative and made us crazy 24 hours a minute.  Turns out the reason was Sung Hadam.  The bridges she burned lit the way for others.

And that fire has now flamed the best of them all.  Hyuna: you were undefeated against Uji and everyone before you ran into Hadam.  You are 0-1 against her.

PS: Please keep voting at Sexy KPOP Cover and make sure this rout continues.


25 thoughts on “Post-Victory Analysis: Hadam Gives Hyuna A Dance Lesson and….

  1. BodhiCat you are a brilliant blogger. Best writing in KPOP. So lifting up and smooth. (The Hadam of blogs!) Thank youand Hadam!!! Fighting!

    1. Oh pleeze. Stop sucking up to this guy. You only encourage him to write more bullshit. 9000 views and 35 votes & a private dancer who probably got fired or couldn’t handle success is today the “new” Hyuna bae?

  2. Yeah, kinda hard to believe isn’t? But, you know what what Bodhi says about opinions and facts .

    Hadam reminds of Cinderella and the “looking down their noses” step sisters, otherwise known as idols. Why would you want a why would you want a foot shuffling pinup girl, when you can have a warrior princess? Not saying Hyuna is a pin-up….far from it. She was a worthy opponent indeed. But to the victor go the spoils…silver slippers and all.

  3. Hadam the Warrior Princess of KPOP. Fierce babe #1 . Hey how about a series, Bodhi? Dance Warrior Princess vs The Hot Idols??

  4. Someone help Hyuna to her feet. She was just runoveer by the smokingest chick I’ve ever seen on a live stage in KPOP <3333

  5. OK. So you can write great. But Rematch please. With some decent Hyuna videos that show her sexier than this!

  6. Hadam congratulations. Maybe YOU are “The Best” and not Hyuna anymore. Good one ya. “Fantastic baby” my hot dancer.

  7. Note to JS Entertainment, your future is in your past. Hire her back and you will win again on Bambino

        1. lastonestanding: not sure. don’t think so. at this point hadam has me so off-balance on her next moves she’s made a chess game out of it. love that girl!

  8. So a bunch of his old buds are hanging out in Central Park today grooving on Bodhi J’s Hadam crush and how he pulled this off. That’s what he does. Even in LA. She’s hot Bodhi J. You going for it?

  9. Hi BodhiCat. I am back in home now. That other girl is right. You write so brilliantly about your love Hadam! So lucky girl! OK. I’m now jealous a little. Lol

  10. I have been a fan of Hadam for a long time & of this blog. So Congratulations Hadam. I knew you could do this and doing it to Hyuna means you took out the best with your great (incredible body and skill.) So Who’s next in the ring? LOL

    1. Dovewhite: hey you are stealing signals from our third base coaching again. we r working on some ideas. (who would you like the champion to take on?)

      1. I know that there was very serious “battle” video maybe 4 yrs ago with Hyuna and Hyori who were the 2 queen. Hyuna challenged her title like Hadam did here. There was over 600 votes and Hyuna won but not by a lot like here. Later on Hyori publicly said Hyuna was”the new queen” and she retired to marry a rich guy and have a good life. So now Hadam is the new queen but I don’t bet on Hyuna to say so publicly! Does anybody?? I also think maybe Hadam or even Hyuna should battle GoEun next because GoEun is the one that websites and most fans would say is “sexier than Hyuna.” Not Hadam. She is becoming old news and “yesterday’s singer” as they say in Asia

  11. Good analysis. So exciting for dull KPOP. Would love to see Hyuna’s face after she reads this! Ha. Go Hadam. You won.

  12. omg! My jaw dropped when I saw Hadam make such sexy moves! I never saw anything like that! Such power. BodhiCat, do you think Hadam is better in bed as Hyuna too?! XD

  13. I am stunned by the outcome but get it. Hadam is hotter than hell. I also am amazed at how fancams of Bambino are always such good quality. They must have made these guys a lot of money, especially Eunsol and Hadam.

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