KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Special Report: Laysha Adds A (May) Queen!!!!! 메이퀸

BodhiCat Talk Special Post:



In an otherwise average, low-energy outdoor “comeback,” Laysha pulled down Bodhi’s zipper & pulled out another BIG THCCK AF surprise.  

They got rid of Hadam & Som (at least temporarily.) 

And they added a May Queen member!!

Two things we know for sure here…..

The dancer on the stage wasn’t Som & sure AF wasn’t Hadam (unless Hadam has put on 20 pounds & forgotten how to dance & Som went into a coma while she was doing whatever the fuck the poor queen has been doing.)

Even so who they HAD on stage & in their groups is a huge shock.

She is one of the hottest, sluttiest KPOP queens ever.  She is not known for her fierce dancing or fan service but she has a beautiful face & a body built for the horny fan in the Age of the Chunky Cover dancer.

Most important of all she has amazing boobs, strong legs & ooooozes charisma.

So it turns out that one of Bodhicat Talk readers’ picks for stardom in 2019 is now in Laysha!!!  Or the Revolving Doorsha, once known as Laysha.

Hayeon of May Queen danced with Laysha.  That’s right. The thcckest thcckie of them all.  Boob bouncing thriller Hayeon danced all the Laysha classics with GoEun & the team!! 

My chocolate did cream. She got us off more than Hadam in her short deal with #2 Laysha.  (But not for her dancing….)

We thought Hayeon had bailed on us when May Queen went poop.  But now she showed up here. 

What is going on this year?? Miracle after miracle keeps happening.

OK. If this is her first performance it was a little – uggh – bumpy as both me and video editor Versacejxy agree.  (See @kpopcoverdance on Instagram for her comment.)

But this is a shocking surprise move by Laysha to get back their #1 ranking from Girl Crush!!  We luuuv it. It’s the long pass for a winning touchdown.  It may be a little desperate, but so are we!!  We want Laysha to roar back at GC & Hayeon to have a long, hot festival season. 

If Hayeon starts doing water dousing, oh my my.  She’s all mine.  

Image result for May Queen Hayeon dancing gif

Hayeon needs to show better fan service beyond wearing the uniform of “serving” if she is going to be a true Laysha member.  She can do it we think.

Right now Hayeon looked really unsure of herself & her foot speed for the challenging Laysha choreo was slow.  She is not light on her feet.  Lets say Hayeon luvs gravity & it luvs her back. 

Don’t think she’s a surfer. 

Not her best performances.  But that is OK.  It was her first ride on a new board.  This is not what Hayeon is all about anyway. She can dance some Cover.  We want her big & hot & she was.  

Her boobs bounced & her body puts us in heat no matter what she does. She needs a lot of training though.

We like the matchup with Hyeri.  Same styles. Slow-footed but plumpy pleasure.  The fuckable factor & Hyeri knows the tease. 

But she needs to clean up, get with the Laysha program & toss that fucking wig away – and start blowing ours off like she has done before.

She never fails. She has IT. 

She had IT with May Queen too and if A1 Agency keeps reading BodhiCat Talk & taking our advice (as we are told today by our Angie Lee they are) LOL!

For real A1 you made a good choice here.  Let’s see how it plays out.  IF you decide to bring Hadam in full-time, though, no problem there.

She will get better as a dancer, fan service entertainer & may fit with this great team. 

Don’t worry ya’ll, Hayeon can get the job done when she gets over her nervous being with an iconic team. 

Good luck to Hayeon!  홧팅 .


The performance itself was mediocre but let’s face it IF Hadam is not going to work for Laysha – which could have made them #1 overnight –  Hayeon can give them a little of that sloppy, slutty, very sexy flavor that might work nicely given Laysha’s style.

One thing we noticed in Hayeon’s costume was the “fallen strap” on one side look.

Is this Hadam’s influence on her?

Remember this from Bambino’s “Moonlight Shower” time?

Did Hayeon borrow her look last night from this Hadam performance? (We hope she someday dances like The Greatest Cover Dancer of All Time does too!)

We’ll have more on Hayeon’s launch with Laysha on our other post too.  Very soon.  For now watch Hayeon, Hyuna & Hyeon Ah boob bounce & see more Eunsol “millions” like never before.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

Don’t forget we are still inside Bomi’s head.  We may ask her what she thinks of this new challenge to her supremacy! (And whether she thinks that she’s THAT good!!)

Bomi Sizes Up Her Competition – 보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

#stopsucking @h.a_yeon_2 

Bomi Sizes Up Her Competition – 보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.



As Girl Crush launched their big cumback MV this week with a new lineup & amazingly hot “Cover” look Bomi was doing a lot of thinking about herself.

She has been thinking:  “how can Girl Crush can STAY on top of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing?” 

“How can I help my team get the most attention?”

How do we know?  We are INSIDE Bomi’s head with our new BodhiCat Listening device. (With her permission of course.)

Related image

It’s that thang on the upper left.  Note to surfer buds: It’s solar & made of bamboo.

We scanned her brain in real time while she was at a hotel cafe sucking on her coffee, dreaming about me & reading all the comments about her new MV.

Everything you read from here on is from  inside the head of the Sexy Sphinx: Bomi.

How often do I think about sex? Not as much as I think about getting happy, rich & famous. 

I reveal very little about myself.  I am not shy at all.  I just think you have to be serious to be successful & you cannot lose your concentration ever.  Bo Mi means “root” in Korean.  That is me.  I go under the ground & people can never see the real me.

I envied Eunsol. She was so pleasant & always happy.  But they ruined her career.  She was not strong enough. Too soft.

People say to me, “보미가 “새로운 은솔” 이라고 사람들이 말하는게 맞는지요?” (Is Bomi next Eunsol?)

Well maybe Eunsol wants to be the “new Bomi.”  I hope she’s happy but I would not be if I had all those fans & then did nothing much.

We took a lot of Bambino’s sexy moves & outfits for ideas.  But our bodies are better.  They were pure dancers but Diana made more money.  So we use their tricks more.  Like the outfits & our underwear.

Hadam came back, yes, but she found out that Sexy Cover is MY turf now!  She left for too long.  I have her old fans & she doesn’t even care.  I would go crazy.

. I don’t think she will dance a daring way again.  It wouldn’t even matter anyway. 

I am the one people know as the sexy dancer now.

No, Hadam will not save them.  I liked her pant leg rolled up. That was cool. I would use that but I will not wear pants.  My fans would be unhappy. LOL

Hadam was a fool to leave Bambino & crazy to not touch her fans for 2 years.  So she wanted to have a normal life & now she tries to be a success in KPOP at her age!!??   No.

She was like Hyuna they said. Daring & fearless. Yes. 

But Hyuna would never, ever stop promoting herself or stop performing.

Bomi is different!!

I will not be happy until we are stars & people say “This Bomi is good like APink’s Bomi.”

Image result for Yona girl crush sexy dancer fancam gif

I have my own style & everyone knows I am built better than any girl.  I do a better version of “Vibratto” than Stellar did even.  (The DJ at Club Syndrome who is Minhee’s ex-boyfriend told me that.)

I am watching Pharkil now.  Hmmm. 

Is this girl Hana of Black Bunny a concern for me?

She looks very ambitious to be famous.  I can see her team steals Fly with Me & Bomi’s style.  Her dances not very fierce or interesting.  Was she a cheerleader?

She is inexperienced but she is cute & I can see that she will have lots of fans soon. 

Oh! Versacejxy did a video of her which makes me jealous. 

I have many done by Versacejxy.  I am her favorite subject, but Bomi is greedy.

Pharkil has discovered this girl & she gets lots good views when she is performing.

I will try to make sure Pharkil doesn’t go too far with her. 

I must always win him back.  Bomi has many fancams with over 2 million views. I want more of them. Like Eunsol.

여기 콘테스트에 나온 경쟁자분들이 울고 있는이유가 당신이 너무 잘해서 인가요?! (우린 웃고 있지만 이게 사실인지도 모르죠

When he sees me perform next he will take his camera eyes off this girl Hana!  LOL.

He knows Bomi will still make the best money for him.

Hmmm. I wonder if I should start doing hard boob pops?  I can call Hyeon Ah (The former ICIA member & now a DJ.  She was known for her fierce boob popping.) I can get her to teach me how she did it so well.

I would rather do that than pour water on myself. I really don’t like that much but my fans go crazeeee.

 I know that some people were upset when I decided we should choreograph Iggy Azela like Fly with Me did.  But ours is much different. 

Ours is the “Girl Crush Way.”  

Ati of Fly with Me told someone that Girl Crush should change its name to ‘Fly with Me the Second’ but Ati almost left that group to come to Girl Crush. I wonder who knows that?

FWM is predictable & we just steal their material & make it sexier. 

That is all that can be said. Look at their popularity & rankings & look at Girl Crush.

Fly with Me is not powerful enough to compete.

They are not good enough to be models & have to work & do private things all the time. 

We make money modeling & they do not.


Laysha is finding out that there are a lot of competitors now who are younger like we are.

Girl Crush’s Bomi has become the next Eunsol. 

When Bambino left & Eunsol tried to come back the sexy concept style had been totally taken.

Bomi’s fans will never leave her.  

I will do what I have to do until I get more. More Chanel bags. More money. More attention.  More, more & more.  Like a gun going off, I want to keep shooting high.  I am my own rich Daddy!  That is what my tattoos mean.

Ohh! I have a headache.  I feel like something is crawling inside my brain!!

Related image

Related image

Get out of here!


KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위


A tribute to the great Iconic Queen Duyoo.  She danced the one dance, one time that shook the world.  We will tell you all about this legendary night & queen who did it to us all!!


ICIA’s fierce dancer Hyeon Ah (now a DJ) was one of the best at the “bounce!” Is it making a comeback? Please……..!!!!

We’ll be writing about the decline of boob bouncing choreo moves.  Is Hyuna the ONLY dancer left doing it? Why? With water dousing festival season coming up, we need GoEun, Jini & Queens Bomi & Shasa to step up & bounce the fans dizzy.

Also: has GoEun lost her edge?   Old fancams of her show a queen dancing with a sexy fury unmatched in Cover history.  Now? GoEun is still amazing but has she lost a little fierce??

And a girl group from Vietnam who is truly fighting!

Look for this, a new cut of “Eunsol’s Millions” & our feature “Is THIS ‘Cover’?”  Here.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Fan Service Friday: Cover’s Best Blow Job? – 오늘은 팬 서비스의 금요일입니다.


Sorry Bodhicats.

Our site went down for almost two days & pissed a lot you off.  Imagine how we felt not being able to show you our thoughts (and yours) about our Queens of KPOP Sexy Cover Dance. 

But with a little help from Dahee, who always gets us way UP!!!! we are back. 

New posts cuming here about Bomi & at the “Hadam Dismissed from Bambino” post later today we ask where the fuck Hadam is now that she is supposed to be a member of Laysha. 

And more. 

But first, gotta surf & save the world….

On second thought…..

#stopsucking #surferslife @lonelywhale 


  오늘은 팬 서비스의 금요일입니다.

What a week.  We’re so shook. Oh my my my……So much going on!

Item #1:

We know uou share our lust for “KPOP battle videos.”

BodhiCat Talk gets irrationally hot when we see two amazing, trained, competitive talents go against one another to dance the same song & cut loose in front of a big crowd trying to outdo each other!

We luuv this so much that we produced our own battle videos a few years ago.


Two “big girls” of sexy KPOP: thcck (no ass) Hwasa & great booty genius GoEun went at it.  GoEun danced rings around her.  

We have been BEGGING Cover Dance agencies to have real competitions, live during festivals to make some real money for the artists. 

We said they could use the Cover girls’ victories over the I-Dulls in our videos as inspiration.

Agencies are fucking dumb & so we didn’t expect much.

So we were shook when one took our suggestion. It was the one we figured would.  The one with the most creative team.

So yes god, there is a BodhiCat.  This week Fly with Me, which we know reads BodhiCat Talk (Shasa said so) took our advice & produced a “battle video!”


Forget the “Momoland Nancy vs  Blackpink Lisa” fake feud. 

This one is for the right to be called the best Sexy Concept Dance queen of 2019.

It’s Shasa the sex bomb of Cover’s #3 team FWM vs the Queen of KPOP, the super talented Lisa of mighty Black Pink! 

As usual, Lisa wanted to show her talent, roll over the lesser rival & claim every title available.

Shasa vs Lisa. They have the same fierceness. OMG.  What a battle!  

Yeah, Shasa & Lisa went at it in this post by Fly with Me’s agency! 

Shasa made jam with little Lisa at the Strawberry Festival, where Fly with Me was performing!

Another example of Cover conquering I-Dull? 


BP’s Lisa has total game. Her dance skills are sharp AF & she brings all her mojo all the time.  But Shasa always brings her “A Game” & gave us a lift to show her fans who’s boss.

Shasa lifted us off our feet.



This photo got our fantasies going & kept a rumor going. 

This is the amazing Iconic Cover Queen Bo Young & Joo Eun – who was supposed to be Eunsol’s new “Hadam” at Tropical – the group that couldn’t fail. 

(But did.)

Tropical 2.0?

Are they a new team? 

Will I-REN, long rumored to come back, cum back?  Bo Young is a total BodhiCat sex fantasy & her cover of “New Thang” is the best after Bambino’s.

Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Bo Young – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 2



Related image

Bomi is the most popular dancer on Cover’s #1 team. But can she “hum?”

Who goes down as #1 in Cover?  

According to a BodhiCat Talk reader, Bomi laughed uncontrolled during a performance last month. 

Laughing is unusual for Bomi – whose mother was the Sphinx.

Related image

“Hi Mom. It’s me, Bomi.”

But Zia made a reference to a Japanese word the group learned in Tokyo: “shakuhachi!”

The word has two meanings.  It is a wind instrument you blow into to make flute music, but it’s ALSO a reference to giving a BJ.

Coincidentally, our readers had started asking who gives the best “shakuhachi” in Cover.  We don’t know – and are 100% sure we will never be invited to do the research to actually find out!  

But BodhiCat is duty-bound to guess

We DO know that the agencies are the ones who SUCK!  In fact, they have abused a lot of their performers and forced them to have sex.  One was convicted in 2012.

They are all about one thang.  

Image result for jessi kpop sexy dance gif

Do not respect agencies at all.  Jessi either.

Respect the queens.  The artists.

Cover dancing is produced by the hardest-working dancers in the world.  Our queens run a fantasy factory & it’s natural to wonder which can dance best & “pleasure” even better.

See here is our opinion

We start by disqualifying one who technically probably is the best.


Yua Mikami has not blown us away on stage yet.  The Japanese wanna be KPOP star has controlled her own destiny professionally though & is confidently doing her thang as a Cover dancer.

She’s got the “Cover” bop down.

But her double edge in the “shakuhachi” battle is not fair because she is Japanese & a porn star. 

Sorry Yua.  No ringers allowed – but call us after hours.



Dahee & Eunsol together gave a public shakuhachi during a performance.

For real.

Their total seduction of Pharkil at Chunbuk U, in front of a wild crowd, was a thang of beauty that only the wild Dahee could pull off. 

During this amazing performance she literally walked over to the stunned Phark twice (once during “I Swear” & then again during “Good Boy”) & made him go off

She didn’t need to “blow” his shakuhachi.  She blew his mind!  And ours!

Once they saw him in the audience Dahee & Eunsol decided to give Pharkil a private dance he’d never forget & do for themselves what Hani’s video did for EXID.
Eunsol became the “new Hani.”


View this post on Instagram

내가 알아서 할게 신경 쓰지마 제발

A post shared by YONA (@____yonayona) on

‘Dem lips. Never seen any like these in Cover before.  Wrap around the flute & the music flows.


Like everything else she does you just know that GoEun makes “chocolate cream.”  OK. Sitting reclined, GoEun says, “Lie back…..”
This one, I cannot even…..
“Up & Down?” the best? Totally. GoEun is the best at anything she wants to be great at.
It would be better than the Dodgers hitting 8 home runs on Opening Day!!
(And just as impossible…..)


Hum – there’s May Queen, those flash flops of Cover.  When these three said they were not committed to being the next thccckk Cover queens anymore &  left their challenge for #1 in the top rankings wes wondered whether Sieun & team could really get down on it?

The way they pulled out of Cover makes us think they probably blow as bad as that lame choreographer & photographer they hired.

Are we mad at May Queen? Yeahhhhh


(BodhiCat’s #1 choice actually.)

If the way a water dousing is performed is tied to how good a performer gives “head,” Jenny is the queen of all shakuhachi.

And there are so many more.  We can’t stop fantasizing. 

What could possibly make us stop?


Bomi had another amazing week. Her new performances – including a solo – just plain smoked & reminded us of why GC is #1.

Her BodhiCat Talk masterpiece dance cover of “Anaconda” also rolled up almost 2 million views!

Congrats Bomi.

Bomi’s Masterpiece

#respectlaysha #stopsucking (straws that is!) @oceana #surferslife @lonelywhale @bomistrys

Is THIS “Cover?” Damn right.

Peace Ya’ll.

소리 질러!!!

BodhiCat Talk Breaking News:



Read about one of the nugus we predicted would breakthrough & lead her team into the rankings.  She totally crushed a performance last night!

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Is Hadam A KPOP Game-Changer – AGAIN??



In case you were wondering it’s not a real question.

YES.  This is a game changing dancer. 

(And Happy Birthday to Girl Crush’s super sexy leggy queen Tae on 29 March!!)

Girl Crush’s Taeri rocks Stellar’s hottest songs way sexier than Stellar did.  (And Stellar was bust ass AF!)  Taeri found her sexy doing Stellar.  Her long, slinky toned body; round tits, black erotic stockings & tattoo big enough to cover Asia & California; her moves to “Marionette,” smooth with plenty of fan service from her beautiful, smiling, sexy face – blonde hair flowing – is all the POP in KPOP you need.  

Instant fap. Taeri shows people that  Girl Crush is better than they thought.

So there are TONS of sexy chicks in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance. BodhiCat Talk writes about them all.

Yo, a “Game Changer” is a whole other deal though.  Like finding that pearl in an oyster snot.

 Girl groups are replaceable parts. 

Stars like Hyuna stand alone. They make their groups famous & hot because they know how to change the game.  They do it with spontaneous sexual moves that dazzle us with a secret power & charisma only they know.

Hadam was the ultimate game-changer in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance history. The first & best.  She is our “Hyuna.” And when she went up against Hyuna…..well, you know the rest of the story. She smoked Hyuna’s flabby ass with her dance muscle mojo.

Her return reminded us of all that.  Her sex energy drove Bambino high & when she left that group broke into little pieces.

Hadam created iconic magic moments like this!

“Is Bambino your celebrity?” Hadam asks the crowd before reinventing pole dancing. 

So like Bambino Girl Crush was not ready for #1 status with the group they had before they found their Game Changer. Taeri.

If a group doesn’t have an  iconic performer who can control a crowd & the fan service moments totally…..

Hadam at Myongji.

…..they never get to superstar status.

Girl Crush found out that they needed a lineup change to make it happen.

The move that made the Sleazy Concept group a top-ranked one was when (BodhiCat Talk bias) Jenny got the boot & slinky, sexy, tattoo horny Taeri stepped on to the stage. 

Jenny is solid & we luuuv her.  A whole lot.  But her style wasn’t a fit for the concept.

Tae was totally electric. She jolted the group. Fanboys & fangirls watched her cover Stellar & then do this…..

Taeri’s choreo didn’t include a pole.  But like Hadam she found one & went hard to get fans wet & wild AF in the rain.

In an outfit once worn by Jenny & Switch, Taeri went nuts on a pole in a rainstorm.  She waved that she and GC were “Number One.”  This was a statement dance by the group’s game changing hottie. 

She’s a perfect partner to Bomi.

Like Hadam her spontaneous performances gave the group a lift & the confidence to cut loose & they became stars & their every move was lapped up like sweet sauce.  Fangirls like video editor genius versacejxy have put Bomi into iconic fashion sexy worship.

Hadam is still a powerful woman but Bomi has the ambition & thick skin it takes to go to another level.  She has really done it since Tae started.

Girl Crush is glad that Taeri & her wild girl style are there because Hadam is with Laysha & might be coming for their, nasty, hot, seriously slutty #1 asses with more game changing moves. 


Waveya started as the ORIGINAL game changers in Sexy Cover. But at 1:27 you can see Bambino’s influence.

Waveya led the pack & really went after it hard with quality, sexy dancing.  They are great but they weren’t beautiful or muscular like Bambino.  After awhile they started imitating Bambino.  Here Ari & her sis give Dahee a salute with a leg-raise in this video. 

Dahee’s leg-raise move was a REAL game changer. Audiences would wait breathlessly for her to do it every concert.  

Image result for Dahee Bambino leg gif

My breath just left me.  The way she held it up & just kept it there. No other performer in KPOP has ever been able to do it like Dahee. Would it have worked without high heels & the looonnnng hold up in the air? She changed everythang here.

When Bambino started getting hot people said, “They are like Waveya.”   After only one year & Dahee’s move & power body started to roll over all other groups everybody said, “Waveya reminds us of Bambino now.” 



Dahee’s leg raising whipped up fanboys so bad.  It was just totally hot. GoEun went one step beyond & used a perfect body to go all the way primal. 

Her dancing is like the backbeat of a drum skin being pounded in a jungle. It just makes you savage.

Safety Shorts: GoEun Gets Primal & Wins Festival Dancer of the Year

No question about it: GoEun changed the game too.  BodhiCat Talk says that GoEun showed the world how go low primal sex can be made into Cover Dance style & become amazing beyond amazing.


The big question is can Hadam still be a game changer?? She has been because she is not afraid to show she has a boyfriend. 

Only her and Hyuna go where no one went before here.  But is it enough?

Near the close of Bambino 1.0 she had nights where she started to look pretty average.  With a bomb ass like Bomi around – and willing to steal everything good she sees & make it hers –  Hadam might become just another hot dancer.  

And Bomi is crazy enough to try to steal her boyfriend away from here too!

BTW, we can’t wait to see Bomi & Taeri in last night’s “Birthday With Bomi” performance!

But game changers can come from any place ya’ll.

We KNOW – WE CAN FEEL out there in Nugu Nation groups like Star Fruit, Blah Blah, Happiness & others have a game changer waiting to explode on us. 

Related image

She is just waiting for that right moment to be the next game changer.


Japanese Cyber Dancers are the buzz in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Maybe it’s the land of The Rising Fap.

But is it “Cover?”

Hmmm. Very sexy  But we’re going to say, “No.”


Well, the outfits are amazing & so are the bodies.  Very sweet.  But the choreo looks like undertakers did it.  But what really makes it NOT “Cover” is the exit from the stage of the last dancer…..

There was zero fan service in this performance.  And at 14:30 a “Cover” dancer in high heels asks for help to leave the stage?  That’s a no-no for “Cover.”


Now watch THIS dancer at 1:22 in full high heels “exiting” the stage at the Cheolwon-ri industrial event.

At 철원화강다슬기축제  Hadam explodes on & off the stage. This IS “Cover.”
#stopsucking @oceanholic_life #bodhispeakscover


The other blog has Hyolin doing “Cover.” And you know what we think about I-Dulls who steal shit from our Cover Queens…..

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

She Is Official & It Has Happened Before – 현재 모든 그룹들이 딱 어느 한 그룹에 신경쓰 고 있나요? –




This morning Som posted to say “she is back.” She even said “hello.”  The good news is that she is feeling better. 

But if she thinks she’s back with Laysha she hasn’t read this official post from A1:

현재 모든 그룹들이 딱 어느 한 그룹에 신경쓰 고 있나요? 

It was translated by BodhiCat Talk’s Angie Lee & it says “Hadam is in” & “Som is out.”

There is more.  It talks about both Bambino & Laysha once being managed by the same agency. How Hadam did a very sexy style of dance at Bambino but that there was no explanation of why the group broke up. It talks about how GoEun studied dance but then dropped out of college.

Som looked like she has been through a rough time. By contrast Hadam posted herself dancing in Laysha’s studio today, getting herself in shape like a boxer for a hot Festival season where she just might turn Cover into something even more amazing than she did in 20151

But she is going to have to prove that she can take Som’s place this time.  She never had that challenge at Bambino.

Som is really luuved. So is Hadam. 

Som’s style of hot sexualized dancing versus Hadam’s more precise, brilliant dancing, which we saw this week will be compared.

Will it work with Laysha on the stage?  People for sure are expecting Fly with Me with a lot more of a rush.

Dancing styles involve using different muscles in the body.  BTS talks about this; how Jimin who trained classically had a hard time retraining for Bop Pop.

Not to get too technical (because BodhiCat Talk is about riding the perfect girl group Cover fap like a wave) but Hadam always had her eye on that classical, hip-hop, artistic style of Cover. GoEun is not that.  She is the perfect in-your-face, here-I-am drool-now Cover queen.

Even though she was a pure genius at Sexy Cover & most people thought SHE (not GoEun) was the real queen of Sexy Dance concept Hadam got tired of doing the really hot stuff.  

Som on the other hand kept doing it for the team & won the fanboys & girls unrestrained luv.  She is an Iconic Cover Queen.

Kpop GIF

Som’s fans are legion & loyal. She knew how to get our attention.

So Hadam better get un-tired ya’ll & do something really, really creative. I bet you a zillion dollars she will.  Give Hadam the right stage & management & you will see her  take on her “nemsis” (Hyuna) & all other female sexy performance geniuses.

Groundbreakers: Hyuna & Hadam share many traits.  They parade their men in public (usually a taboo in KPOP), perform sexy dances & dare you not to fap anyway!  Chalk one up for 2 strong women on Women’s Day 2019!!

Seeing Som reminded me that Bambino & Laysha have appeared on the same stage together before. In fact Hadam introduced Laysha one night.  (We are trying to find that early group video.)

And of course during Bambino’s Showcase at the K-Hotel in 2016  Laysha opened for them.  A pissed Laysha (they had got pushed into a #2 position by a sizzling Eunsol & Hadam) went out & tore the room apart. 

It was like the best revenge sex!!

They stuck it to the I-Dull leaning Bambino & fans just gasped.

Laysha went out of their way in Summer 2016 at the Bino’s Showcase to show anyone who thought Bambino had gone way beyond them what THEY could still do with the Sexy Cover Dancing concept!

Bambino was dominating in 2016 too but because of their success & Hadam’s amazing “raw dog” stunt in 2015 (which got 5 million views in one week!) there were a lot of new imitators trying to go where Hadam went. 

Dimepiece was probably the best imitator but they got ruined by a shitball management agency, did nothing original with their sudden attention & folded.

We wrote then:

Unless Hadam returns to KPOP Cover with a group & it completely blows away the entire industry, there will always be the question about why the greatest dancer in KPOP Cover Dance history, whose group was so far ahead of the competition that for 2 years there was no real competition fell back to earth like hot, bright but cheap festival fireworks.

After Bambino disappeared with no explanation Laysha went back to the #1 spot in 2017.

KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

But NOW with Hadam back as their new member Laysha can get used to that number 1 again. 

Let the fireworks start.  Girl Crush is waiting.


Just blow your whistle.

Bambino made the “Sailor” look with an amazing performance at Chunbok National U in early 2015. For sure this WAS Cover.

Dahee’s goes off with her Cover of “Good Boy.” It is still the hottest thang, I swear.



Was everythang Eunsol did “Cover?”

What do you think???

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

#respectlaysha #bodhispeakscover #stopsucking  #internationalwomensday2019 #hadamdismissed

Who Is Calling The Shots at Laysha Now?

The Miracle in March Week Continues


But Hadam is going to exert her influence over the new & explosive Laysha including jumping stages to deliver Bamino-quality fan service again!!

KPOP Sexy Cover Dance is rising to a new high & giving BodhiCat Talk a lift again!!

The amazing backstage docucam video released last night gives the feeling of the excitement of Hadam’s first night back! 

It starts by cuming up tight on the leader of the group, GoEun. And she is regal. She has a  body none can match.  And she just looks ready to rough up a crowd with a secret weapon up her slit.

The magical moment returns at 1:45. Hadam jumps the stage & heads into the crowd for fan service!  Good days are back!!!!!!!

But how long will that crown be worn exclusively by the 2nd greatest dancer in KPOP Cover history (but for sure its sexiest)?!?!

But before we start creating trouble I have to shout out the A1 Agency on behalf of my BodhiCat Talk loyal surfers. 

Laysha’s new agency not only pulled them out of JS Entertainment where they were being totally disrespected, they pulled off the Cover Coup of the Century by hiring Hadam. 

Brilliant move!!! 

A word to KPOP fans: we definitely had a hand in it through the influence of our readers & our blogs.

We know for a fact B-Cat Talk is read in Korea because the stats say Korea is our 2nd biggest readership.

We told you something was up in the February 23 post on our other blog.  And we told you that someday she would come back because she only luuvs two things in life: dancing & BodhiCat.

(OK: three. But  who TF cares about The Lucky Bastard this week….?)

You begged her to come back through me – and she did.

Take the “Vic” lap A1.  This is the A-fucking-ONE-ass-grabbing-busting barrel ride on a tsunami wave of all time.   

You got BodhiCat Talk World’s biggest prize. 


Righteous. You returned to us loyal subjects our Queen. Checkmate.

Now the real fun begins.  Whoosh, can it be 2015 all over again?  Groundhog fucking KPOP Cover Day???


While the world just stopped at Cheongju Polytechnic college, it tried to keep turning elsewhere:

Even with Hadam getting all the attention, Girl Crush was still at it & with their new member VERY hot.  They still own the best opening in Cover.  But will they start to look kind of predictable if Laysha really comes on strong? 

While Girl Crush has been replacing a major dancer with a nugu who is decent looking & prepared to be on a #1 team, its agency DAM is panicked.

It has completely blown up Switch, even changing its iconic name to “Label Up” & giving little hot Hana of “Bikini Body” cover fame her walking papers.  Dumb.

They kept Rose and Jimin.  Duyoo is still under contract. (They aren’t going to let A1 poach her too!)

This is big news but “The Miracle in March” is underway & has pushed it off the headlines.


So there was kick-ass Hadam in nearly full Bambino pose & form at Cheongju Polytechnic college. This was her second appearance.

We  heard her on the microphone whipping up the crowd as GoEun did her solo. (GoEun still got the loudest cheers at the end.)

“Co-Leaders?” Can’t see this queen going for it. Laysha built its fan base without Hadam’s help.

People are already asking, “How soon before Hadam calls the shots at Laysha?”

If Hadam was “auditioning” for the job at Laysha, it is hers.  She showed us that she is not only back, she still has dynamic charisma in big doses.

Those of us who know her inside & out see her starting to snap.  She is not all the way there yet.

Like GoEun, Hadam is a live fap reel. When she snaps, stand back.

Usually the close of a Girl Crush or Fly with Me solo is met with nice applause.  But this one got that applause we ONLY hear with Laysha &  heard with Bambino which is still ringing in our ears.

.For the first time Hadam looked comfortable & ready to get it on.  She smiled.  When she smiles she is saying to herself, “NOW get ready for the real Hadam!!  I’m back.”

Hadam Returns With Laysha!!! A BodhiCat Talk Exclusive – 하담 (Hadam)은 새로운 걸그룹을 만들고 완전 대박의 즉각적인 성공을 거두었습니다.


The return of Hadam has us so itzy we forget to write our regular feature question:

“Is This Cover?

There are a few I-Dull groups that have the Sexy Cover inside 1 or more of their hot members & in their concept.  They are the most exciting Idols by far. 

Hello Venus, like Dal Shabet & Stellar (when they were around) are among our I-Dulls with Cover potential faves.

Hello Venus has so much explosive Cover inside them. Sometimes it cannot contain itself & just leaps out & snaps. Especially when Alice is bringing it.

This is an ultimate Cover song for Cover teams. Including Laysha.

So is it “Cover?” 

Hell yeah. It lifts us right off our feet!

And nobody busted a better Wiggle than a Cover queen who you know well!!

Who Busted the Best “Wiggle?”

#bodhispeakscover #repectlaysha #stopsucking @oceana


Hadam Returns With Laysha!!! A BodhiCat Talk Exclusive – 하담 (Hadam)은 새로운 걸그룹을 만들고 완전 대박의 즉각적인 성공을 거두었습니다.

(For a daily update on Hadam in Laysha see below)

하담이 밤비노 그룹을 떠났는지 아세요?


Forget those assholes Trump & Kim.

Korea & the world shook three days ago at Yeungnam영남대!  And it shook again last night at Cheongju Politech.

It shook in the world of KPOP Sexy Cover.  The only universe that matters. 

Pay VERY close attention starting at 1:28. 

Pay closer attention than you have to anything in your entire life. 

Pay close attention to the second girl dancing after Hyeri’s amazing cover of Blackpink – closer than you do to those black killer boots Hyeri is wearing & the black underwear she is flashing.  (You’ll see them later when you fap to sleep.)

Pay close attention to GoEun teasing the crowd saying, “Here is our second dancer!. She looks like Hadam!”

Pay closer attention to this even than when you are crossing the street, eating fish with bones or have Captain Roh in front of you flirting & then crossing her legs purposefully & moving her eyes toward the elevator in the hotel she’s staying in.

That’s right. What you are about to see is even BETTER than Captain Roh giving you her room key.

Pay VERY close attention & tell me who comes out on that second solo, with one side of her pants rolled partially up in a typically unique, eye-catching, creative, cool-hip style.

And then know that you have been delivered on this hour & in this blog from 2 long years of suffering for her to return to her rightful place at the top of the KPOP Sexy Cover pile:

Still supreme & totally confident of her moves. Still sharp as a ginzu blade & with eye contact that gives you the OK to fap – eyes we can never forget – Hadam makes her dramatic return to Cover.  The world is shook!!

당신은 사랑스럽게 보입니다   

Yes BodhiCat Talk Nation  It is HER.  It is HER! 

After over 2 years of Hoping.

And fantasizing (remember Ultra Pussy 119?)

And cajoling her (밤비노를 다시 불러 춤추게 합시다!). 

And even praying (and I didn’t believe in anything – until now)

AND PREDICTING that it would happen (see my “Hadam Dismissed” posts & my catch of that key Instagram exchange with GoEun two weeks ago), IT HAPPENED!!!! 

It happened as we were getting ready to post a new blog with this title:

“Girl Crush 2.0 Stays Number One (Unlike Bambino 2.0)”

We were going to stan Yona, the new dancer who replaced Seihee.  (And we will do that soon, because her debut was really good.) 

But Laysha’s management decided to take the oxygen TOTALLY away from Girl Crush in the battle of the Century.

BodhiCat Talk got the call at 4:30 AM PT & a million texts & links. One of our best readers also  posted the news in our blog about Bo Young. Seeing was believing.


And not just back like Eunsol & Dahee are back, with mediocre groups & to no real attention.

Hadam was back with fucking Laysha!  If you had a chance to write the winning numbers of the California State Lottery & then “pick” them, it cannot get better than this.

Yes, you have hit the jackpot. 

The world may have nuclear weapons, plastic in our  amazing oceans & assholes running the governments – but the Queen is back on the throne.  

When you ask, 하담씨의 댄스에 대한 미래 계획은 무엇인지요? (“What are your future plans, Hadam?”) we have one answer.

We hope now she says, “To kick ass with Laysha & make them #1 again by kicking Girl Crush off the throne because they are pretenders to it.”

Hey Bomi, are you listening? Better up your game some more.

A new “Hadam Watch” has started.  Our wish has come true.

소리 질러!!!

For BodhiCat’s daily reports on Hadam’s return, go here:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Bo Young – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 2


That didn’t last long, did it?  But it was soooo satisfying.

Bo Young’s moment in KPOP Sexy Cover was short, glaring bright like the Sun & it keeps on giving.  No sexy dancer had such an impact on Cover in such a short time.  In fact, except for thcck, kind of no-talent but charismatic AF queen Sieu of Dimepiece, most  flash fucks like this are forgotten.

But not Bo Young’s. She was special.


A sexy bomb with a sweet face who dropped on us & confidently showed fanboys that there were OTHER sexy teams out there besides Bambino.

In 2016 that was as impossible as Trump telling the truth.

But the truth is that there was one night in 2016 when the hottest Cover of “New Thang” did NOT belong to Eunsol, Dahee or Hadam.

Perfection. Bo dangled a perfect “Cover” of “New Thang” to a stunned crowd. There is not a single flaw in her amazing performance. It was fresh & rivaled Bambino’s versions.
If they ever start a course on the history of Cover at UCLA & the prof asks, “What is ‘Cover?” just show this fancam & you get an easy  “A.”

Boooooo Young sooooo nailed that cover of “New Thang” – and her jeans on her tight body were tongue-dragging – that it stills creates tsunamis of faps.

It was as shocking to BodhiCat Talk as Duyoo’s “Adult Ceremony” surprise, which happened around the same time.

Bo Young had trained herself to perfection to pull this off as part of I-REN’s act.  Today it is like fine whisky.  You can savor it.

Her energy is in perfect flow. Her boob pop at :40 is technically tantalizing. 

Unlike another great pop last year from another group with promise, Bo Young’s makes Hayeon’s dancing look like moves by the girl who stuffed herself at the All You Can Eat food bar, had too many drinks & then got up to dance!

Image result for may queen hayeon dancing gif

Flash flop: May Queen’s once-promising Hayeon needs more choreo training & to trim the baby fat off her inexperienced ass, unlike Bo Young who was perfect, prepared & game ready.
(OK: so we’re a little pissed at May Queen these days…..)

 I-REN was designed to be Pocket Girls-meets-Bambino. While that never happened, her absolute physical beauty, the fancam fever around her & her amazing outfits & choreo created a perfect Cover dance & made her a bias.

At 2:35 in the famous “New Thang” cover you can see she knows she’s hit a home run.  Her confidence is off the charts & she has the audience totally out on its feet. 

She had what it takes for Cover stardom: she could own an audience, she had amazing stage presence, gave fan service (her smiling made me fall in luuuv) & fancammers knew it.

Bo Young was more ready for prime time than any dancer outside of JS Entertainment’s amazing stable.

In late 2016 her agency wrote us a long email & asked us to promote the team.  

  “She is I-RENE. More like Chic Angel. than Bambino,” they claimed.  But we never heard back.

They did have a Chic Angel look.  

Chic Angel – another near-miss group – was more street & raw.   

But Bo Young had more style.  More like an early Captain Roh.

Because of “New Thang” & “Butt” performances Bo Young & were getting ready to hit Cover fancam nation solid. 

They were starting to really smoke popular nugu groups like Chic Angel, New Max  (which crashed after a monster fancam) & even Red Cat. 

It looked like I-REN would be the one to move up in the rankings next to Switch, Laysha & Bambino.

She did “New Thang” again at another festival.  It was almost as good.  Her sweet elegance took the song to different place. No way was Bambino going to move aside for her, but I-REN made her version work.  And they had a fragrant fresh pussy whiff of Stellar in them.

By late Fall Bo Young was proving she could rock a stage & sing & hold an audience.  The rest of her group was in the background.

If BY had stayed with Cover, she would have been a crossover star.  

She was the one performer that might have given Bambino a real run for their money.  I-REN had it all. Hot bodies. Beauty. Disciplined dancing moves & Boyoung was the leader. She had a charisma on stage that was natural & fresh. – (Park Cheol, entertainment publicist)

But she & others rushed their career. 

By early 2017 Lee Jin of the group joined the popular Six Bomb. Things started disintegrating.

This is the last fancam of Bo Young performing.

February 2017: “I’ll take my coffee with hot dancers, please. And I cannot hold the cream.”

I-REN was not holding together as a group.  The best collection of Bo Young fancams was shot & posted by Korean  fancammer 까리뽕삼 K-POP.  It is all that we have left of her performance career.

After a small agency modeling contract got dangled in front of her she decided to cash in on her “KPOP fame” to pursue it.  She has had mixed success. 

While I-REN claimed it would be back (they all do) and Bo Young was seen with Tropical’s Jooeun (which raised the hope that she would join Eunsol in a group) – nothing has happened.

Bo Young poses with Jooeun of Tropical.

(The way things are going for Tropical though, she might want to give her friend Captain Roh a call instead to see if XOX is hiring!!)

It is a big shame that her career in Cover was short.

 It is sooo obvious looking at fancams now that she is a major Cover talent.

She was a comet that shot through the night & we just watched & were dazzled.

Bo Young is an Iconic Queen – the one who nailed “New Thang” & even shook Bambino.  Will she come back & do it again? 

상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​


Shocking news from last night at Yeungnam University!!!

Hadam Returns With Laysha!!! A BodhiCat Talk Exclusive – 하담 (Hadam)은 새로운 걸그룹을 만들고 완전 대박의 즉각적인 성공을 거두었습니다.

#oceana @i.ren_boyoung  #stopsucking #respectlaysha #isthiscover


For sure an affordable low-budget version of Pocket Girls.  But is it “Cover?” Or the violin section of the Tianjin Orchestra trying to make a little cheesecake money on the side.

OK, they have the right outfits for a Chinese version of the Black Bunny or Pocket Girls concept.

(There are two very hot singers in this group who get a big BodhiCat Talk shoutout & free trip to LA when ready!!)

But is it “Cover?”

BodhiCat Talk judges say:

NO!  Sorry.


We have the answer for you here & a look at Seihee’s replacement.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Nobody went harder than the one & only Gayoung.  She was brash & she pushed herself to the limit. 

Read her story.

Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Gayoung – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode #1

Kpop에 속함 모든 카바댄서들에게 메세지를 전합니다….  여러분 그룹이 인기가 있던 없던 그리고 유명한 그룹이든 새로 시작한 무명그룹이든 모두에게 “감사합니다” 

Related image



Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Gayoung – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode #1

She was luuved by fans from the first minute of her career!

이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다!


We first got turned on to Gayoung around the time when we were getting tongue-dragged over THE OTHER Gayoung.

We were fapping so hard to Bambino in those days that we needed a diversion now & then. So we used Stellar as our “rest area.”  For real. 

And then became big Stellar stans.

Related imageStellar was our fave “Cover” style I-Dull group – of course!

One night we found a “Gayoung vs Gayoung” battle video thumbnail. 

We thought, “Whoooa!  Stellar’s Gayoung against herself.”

But what we saw were two Gayoungs & one totally blew our wigs.

You can fast-forward to 4:04 because there is not much to see here until then…..

Despite a nice, sweetie pie sexy performance by our Stellar G-Girl, we got smacked by a long-legged brunette with a pounding power & energy who (TBH) spectacularly crushed the other woman.

We were instant Gayoung fans. We forgot about Stellar’s Gayoung that night.

Over time Gayoung (of Switch) got into BodhiCat Talk & even referred to herself  (to us at least) as “the real Gayoung.” 

Gayoung’s popularity skyrocketed with fans too.

The All-KPOP site listed a bunch of I-Dulls as “X- and S-Line queens.” They ranged from the entire Sistar line-up to Hwasa & some chicks in CLC. 

The usual crap.


Nice – but do you think THIS is really S-Line Queen material?? Ha ha ha. (See below.)

But the Cover world knew that the least-recognized girl in the post – a total nugu to most – was THE REAL GAYOUNG & THE ALL-TIME S-Line Queen.  

And when performances like this hit…..

Image result for gayoung switch sexy gif

…..KPOP had a new “S-Line Queen.” Gayoung OF SWITCH!   The media gave her that title.

Suddenly the Switch maknae was at a level with Eunsol, Jini & the best girls in KPOP.

She held her S-Line Queen title until she left KPOP.

We knew we were watching a great Cover dancer.  Her group, Switch, went on a fast wave & rode it.

She even called out Bambino.

Gayoung of Switch: We Are “Much Better” Than Bambino

She was beautiful.  She was totally the best-looking girl in a group of amazing beauties.  With Minji, Duyoo & Jenny dancing strong & sexy in Bambino’s & Laysha’s shadows, Switch (or Switchberry) became a legendary group & the best lineup in DAM Entertainment until Girl Crush came along.

But Gayoung was more than a sexy, pretty dancer.  Her style of dancing was rock & roll in tight shorts & high-heels.  Her concept was to go “hard.”  Her amazing, thrilling, pounding, hard charging, wild performances left us breathless. 

People watched her & some said, “Be careful, baby! That’s hard on your  knees & your body.”  

But she went at it like a surfer unafraid of dangerous waves & rocks.

Her transformation into KPOP’s new S-Line Queen taught us what “Going Hard” really means!!!!

Image result for funny cartoon gif of someone getting an erection embarrassed

We got our Switch “On” for real, thanks to Gayoung ya’ll.

No half-ass dancer, Gayoung was all bust on a stage.  Like a rocket going off. 

Water dousing? She invented it in one concert. 

Gayoung was the shit.  She was.

Fan service? She was the first Cover dancer to go out into a crowd AND POUR WATER DOWN THROATS PERSONALLY!!

She was damn sure “worth it.”

Gayoung was perfect in appearance.  She never changed, faltered or failed to totally slay.

She always went hard on stage.  150% percent. She tore up fans. Slayed every night. But she roughed her body up so bad & pushed it way beyond where it could go. Unlike Stellar’s Gayoung,” she gave her body up for her fans & for Cover.” – Park Cheol

The cameras  luuved her!  Chou Gayoung was one of the top 3 Cover dancers ever.  She had it all.  But she injured herself going “all out” & had to stop.  It was supposed to be temporary but it was forever.

Any GIF you see of her does not begin to tell the story of the famed “S-Line Queen” of Cover or what she was like live.


Even the most successful Cover dancers burn out.

In her case it was constant injuries & just going all out in a nasty, rough business.  Cover dancers are shit all over by fans & management & that turned her off.  DAM Entertainment did nothing to protect her or get her back. 

They screwed her over.

Image result for switch gayoung gif

Watch close: a tired Gayoung nearly staggers in the Summer heat.  This happened a lot to her. The result of always going 150% for her fans!

She turned against Cover after that.

  She stayed in group photos & was under contract, but finally it all stopped. She turned against everyone except Jenny & even sent BodhiCat Talk sharp DMs whenever we asked what was up. 

Once Gayoung left, Switch went down in the rankings. The group fell hard to a weak #8 last year.  Hopefully with a new line-up & the hot Hana, they are going to climb back up.

But Gayoung is out for good.  She doesn’t want to talk anymore about herself or Switch.  Ever. 

But fans want to definitely talk about her!!


She has the most iconic video tribute.  The Childish Gambino track is all about her!  She is also worshipped in a tribute video by @jelly.jeonyul. Check it out.

While “the other Gayoung” is now running a successful coffee shop & scolding fans publicly who just want to come to see her after years of worship & support….

Image result for gayoung stellar gif

…..the “Real” Gayoung is at least living a good life: traveling, enjoying good food, exotic vacations.  Looks like she has bucks now.

But it’s sad.  Stellar was great & is gone.  TBH like most I-Dull groups they had to “choreo” fan worship & go sexy with resistance.

Not the “Real” Gayoung.  She is the Cover dancer who will always be remembered because she went hard, was real & fans adored her natural beauty & her S-Line.

She may have gone sour on Cover but she is still sweet to her zillions of fans!

Related image감사합니다❤️ You made us smile too.

Coming next: the beautiful Iconic Cover Queen who “flash fucked” us.  (And we don’t mean Sieun of May Queen….)


OK, we know Gayoung was Cover. Big time too.

So now it’s time to play, “Is This Cover?” 

So… iTHIS “Cover?”

This is Renee Wu (“Professor Wu.”)  No shit, Rene has a Ph.D in physics.  A big article was written about her on Oyz.  In Thailand this genius-turned-world champion pole-dancer/teacher is a buzz!!

But is what she is doing on dat pole “Cover?”


OH Fuck Yeah it is!!

The outfit, the attitude, the split, the desire to be sexy AF but still entertain artistically.  That’s “Cover” in the xtreme ya’ll.  Doc Wu is in charge of this Cover operation.

(Even the girl throwing money with her booty shaking is “Cover!!”)

Professor Wu gets BodhiCat Talk readers’ Cover Triumph seal of approval.

항상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​ #isthiscover


2018’s Body of the Year has just announced that she is leaving the #1 group in Cover. 

Her three-year contract expired & Seihee decided to pack it in.  She has already been replaced by her agency.

See our report & take a look at her unbelievably beautiful replacement.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.



She ain’t no professor, but she can teach you to put millions under a spell.

How did Bomi, who dominates the genre of Cover, go from sexy queen to cult queen? 

Was it that “Daddy” tattoo??

보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

While Seihee announced her departure from Girl Crush, Bomi announces that she is the Leader of a new international cult.  “You will obey me, never slut shame me – or I will start dressing like Bambino did after “Moonlight Shower!”

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Bambino Back To Dance Again!! 밤비노를 다시 불러 춤추게 합시다!


올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?

So here’s how we get Hadam, Eunsol, Dahee & Minhee back on the stage. For real.

Ever ask yourself: “Why doesn’t KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing have live dance battles & contests to excite fans & make more money for the agencies & the girls?”

They have arranged battles in other sports & contests, where sexy women turn on fans by calling out opponents & rivals.  They make a lot more money too.  And these girls are not any more fit, hot or worshipped than our Cover Queens. 

So I ask you BodhiCat Talk Army:

If Hana of Black Bunny was scheduled to dance against Hana of Switch next Fan Service Friday on a Live TV or PPV do you think you would watch? Do you also think that sponsors like Cass beer & Super Clothing would pay bucks to bring it live on YouTube?

Fuck yeah is the answer!!  BodhiCat would sell his soul.  OK, maybe something less corrupt.  But you know what I’m sayin’ here.

BodhiCat Talk has studied hard – as in doctoral degree study hard – Bikini Fitness & Female Pro Wrestling.  

In both of these “sports,” women have to be incredibly athletic, charismatic, toned & gorgeous.

Like Asuka (formerly Kana), the Japanese star:

Related image

Is that kind of a twerk, Asuka? 

We luuv Asuka.  We even wear the mask.

But the grappling booty of the WWE champ has nothing on Cover queens!  The “rivalry” in pro wrestling is fake & it is Cover. Fanboys & especially fangirls would  luuv to see the women of Cover go at it like this.

As far as booty shaking goes:

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All together now….They already have the Dodger blue on.  They are suited up, bootied up & ready to let their millions of fans slide right into them.  Nothing would make us happier than to see Shasa & her team get filthy rich.  I can see champagne slugging Shasa shouting with drunken stupor after putting it to Daisy of Momoland with a finishing booty move: “Do not mess with a woman who is the Queen of the Flies little girl!
So the plan is to turn Cover into a sport with cash prizes, gold medals & everything.  BodhiCat Talk volunteers to put one around every girl’s neck, win or lose.
Choi Gwi Bi is the undefeated champion of Fitness competitions in Korea.  She makes a ton of money for beating the shit out of other girls in bikinis & giving judges hardons.

We already have our Top 10 rankings.  So a playoff system is the next thang.


This is not a new concept in KPOP.  It ain’t complicated either.

Remember Ko Hara?  Here she is raking in the bucks from a soju commercial.

First Time Soju paid the queen a ton for this amazing commercial.

She & her group Kara got into a tangle with Secret, which led to a real live dance battle in front of a massive crowd of Army soldiers.

The amazing battle between Secret & Kara was on TV & was a big time thrill.

Ko Hara was “Cover” for sure.  She was a fierce “battle queen” (by her own admission) and figured Kara could dismantle Secret.  Kara went first & were white hot!

Then it was Secret’s turn.  It didn’t look like they had a shot, but Secret turned them inside out!!

Jieun sooo snapped!
Fan service? Can you imagine what Cover Dancers would do to please their happy fans with $100,000 on the line???


Time to return the favor. 

Cover battles would be out of control.  Crazy.  Barrel rides over water falls.  All kinds of stuff would go on if Hadam got into this game.

And with enough serious money on the line, you WILL attract Bambino back together.  Hadam left the business without the money she deserved.  She was tired of being slut-shamed & ripped off by the sludge buckets of JS Entertainment.

We know from ex-Dimepiece star Sally that Cover rivalries exist & the girls battle like crazy. But they are also friends off the stage & don’t talk about how much they want to beat each other & show their skills.

Well here’s their chance to do it without the usual fake humility bullshit.

#1 VS #2:


“Who said YOU own GDFR?”

Could it get any better than to see Bomi – the champion of Cover right now – start off the KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Warriors Series by challenging GoEun to dance her iconic song?

Well yeah, it actually could.

Image result for Byeon DaHee 변다희 #다희 #

The real BIG BANG. This is how the Universe was formed.  With this burst a “New Thang” came about. (Image Courtesy of NASA.  Sorry NASTA.)


Before she left Cover dancing as its queen Hadam brutally humiliated Hyuna in a battle video.  Hadam had rolled up 80% of the votes.

But Hyuna & Hadam would have a rematch in real time & the two greatest performers we’ve ever seen can go toe-to-toe – with or without water. 

Hyuna is so up for anything, she would for sure lust at a chance to whip anyone put in front of her.  Especially Hadam.  She’s a lioness.

Hyuna, who was humiliated by Hadam, seeks revenge.

But if Hadam gets in shape like she ws before Hyuna might get smoked a second time!!

The perfect dance. This clip of Hadam was used in the famous “Battle Video” between Hyuna & Hadam.


The rumors have persisted forever.  Even in 2019 Dahee’s stock is rising – and rising fast.  For sure she could show Wohee & Serri (who made the snide gesture to her one night as Bambino left the stage) if she still has what it takes to steal their audience again!

The chick they call “The Game Changer” of Cover would really show her stuff to Dal Shabet this time.

You have seen our “battle videos” before. (Or at least you did until YouTube took the originals down.  But a bud always gets them back up.) 

Remember this one?  Eunsol against Seolhyun.  It was a major “battle” & Eunsol kicked her ass.

What if the two really did go at it live, on TV & on stage with a big audience of mainly Army dudes?  Winner takes all: $200,000.

Are you kidding me?? Eunsol & Hadam would send each other Valentine’s Day flowers to get a shot at this.  Tropical would be put on hold – although it already looks like it is…..

The matchups are endless. Fan ideas would flow.  Versacejky would produce video masterpieces for them.

How about a night where the top challengers, I-Dulls or hot dancers like Juhee or EXID’s lightweight Junghwa정화, all try to take on GoEun doing “Horangnabi?”

The “Horangnabi Cup” would come with a $150,000 prize.
Juhee would actually get the respect she deserves!  And damn, she might win it all.

There are so many Cover dance performances that just don’t get seen or only seen once or twice.  It’s like throwing away Picasso paintings.


This time in front of a large crowd.  And Duyoo would finally do a cover she only did once again.


Wouldn’t you like to see the amazing body of Captain Roh up against the equally amazing body of the Body of the Year, Seihee? How about with new choreo and interpretations from the choreographer of “New Thang?”

If you’ve never seen Captain Roh’s legs you are in for an amazing treat!  She would use them to kick Rose Queen’s butt if go one-on-one with her & XOX.

Even the practice sessions would be televised like a pre-game show.  And this time, with Laysha’s consent & with Laysha BEING PAID for the camera’s intrusion.

Maybe the Cover girls would also get soju gigs – like this one.  Which was also a “competition.” 

A three way tie?  The mind reels ya’ll.  We have saved Cover!!  Again…..


Som has been battling some type of emotional upset lately.  She talked about being betrayed & seeking revenge.  She has now come to some peace with that & is just wishing whoever fucked her over floats by her down the river, face up.  OK, Som.  So when can we see you humping on stage again?

Somie is not just a great Cover dancer & legend of Laysha.  She is also a cult figure.  She has followers who are into her – like BodhiCat Talk – for her dark & mysterious hold over us.  There are a few Cover Queens like this.  We look at them this week on our other blog:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

항상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​

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