KPOP Sexy Cover’s Most IMPORTANT Dances – 이것이 KPOP 카바댄스 역사상 가장 중요한 댄스입니다. Part One

이것이 KPOP 카바댄스 역사상 가장 중요한 댄스입니다.

(여러분은 어떤 댄스가 가장 중요한지요?)



Cover Dance is loaded with great sexy dancers & all of them are important in one way or another.  Thousands of women are trying to break in, performing on streets, clubs & in the backseat of cars.  But there are a few who have created this hot thang we call KPOP Sexy Cover Dance (“Cover”) or who know what it is. 

There are fewer of them whose work is important. But they are the leaders. The fierce girls. The sexy bitches who make you gay or hard as concrete with one move.

Here are the groundbreakers, the innovators, the power girls of Cover.  Some of them came from traditional KPOP.  And when a girl has that special “thang” in her moves, even if she’s not necessarily even a dancer, we say she is “Cover.” 

At their best they took songs like “New Thang” or wore outfits where their underwear was the star of the choreo or poured water on themselves a certain way & just went where no one went before.

So for example,the “Underwear Revolution” evolved into the “Sleazy Concept,” which only Cover could produce because traditional KPOP would not allow it & the money would not flow.  But the fans would.  The ideas do & later on the I-Dulls adopt a lot of Cover. 

And it goes both ways.

“Cover” has affected everythang & is in everythang. 

It takes the basic thang but gives it a jolt so you have to watch it again & again on fancams as it goes round & round & round.

Is this “Cover?” Well, yeah.  The outfit, the performance off the pole & the sexy intention make it so.  (That’s a Rose Queen outfit BTW.)

Here are BodhiCat Talk’s dances & dancers that make Cover the most creative, fappable #1 entertainment (after surfing) on the planet.


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The Fierce One.
Shasa took the Club Stripper concept & totally stylized it for Fly with Me.  Her creativity is on display every night, whether she is dangling it on stages in clubs or on huge festival stages & arenas.  Whether it is with umbrellas, canes (and recently) whips, her choreo & her fierce flaun- my-thang style is the most imitated in Cover. And the most crowd pleasing for millions.

Shasa of Fly with Me has never really had a memorable dance or performance that changed everythang & led to an explosion of dances & fapping.  But her creativity is unmatched.

The group refers to itself jokingly as “the Little Whores,” after a nasty online article & of course comments by (mostly) Korean fanboys.  But they don’t care.  They are unique performers & in a time when a lot of the groups are trying hard to imitate the success & styles of Bambino, Laysha or Switch (even though 2 of the 3 don’t even exist anymore!), Shasa & her team are  always fresh & refreshing.

We luv our Little Whores because they are an important group that has made Cover different than the I-Dull bullshit.


When JS Entertainment hired Hadam to be the co-leader (with Dahee) of the company’s new “little sister” group, no one on the “big sister” team – Laysha  – gave it much thought.  Laysha was the new dynamite whose sexy concept dance style was beginning to explode.  The team’s star, Som, was friends with the new girl from Bambino, Eunsol.

But Laysha’s young, incredibly built leader GoEun watched Bambino’s Hadam work out in the studio & start to perform as ” tryout” for crowds in 2014.  The effect was explosive.

She watched her get more daring every time a crowd was whipped up (remembering her Hush reputation) & she knew that while she wasn’t as well built as she was, this girl could outdance her & her stage energy was kind of amazing.

But when GoEun looked at the tatoo on this Hadam’s back it told her everything she needed to know & fear. 

She noticed that it read, “I go where no one goes.”

And GoEun knew before anyone, because she thought about it more than anyone, that Hadam was going to someday no longer settle for her group’s “junior” status.

It was at that point that GoEun knew that she had a rival beyond any Idol in KPOP & vowed to make sure she always worked hard to try to stay ahead of her.

The result were iconic dances by both that added to the list of the most important dances in the history of KPOP Sexy Cover Dance.

Hadam would go on to dance the most important dance in Cover history. But her style, like GoEun’s & Shasa’s & a lot of Cover queens evolved from this:

Bounce! Bounce!  Damn it’s exciting when I-Dulls cross into dangerous “Cover” territory. Minzy’s bounce here was key to Cover Queens working out in gyms to be flexible enough to do bounce/twerks & just about everything else!

The physical talent of Minzy combined w/her fierceness was great.  While she did not have the body or beauty – or the sleazy turn-on style of  the future great Cover queens like GoEun & Switch’s Gayoung, this split/twerk & her leg raise move are iconic. Dahee perfected it of course with Bambino.

Minzy’s was like Shasa.  She started a lot of new stuff that has stuck & has created enough fapping to provide California with enough energy until 2070!!

Her moves were adopted by Cover Dancers who made them more memorable because Cover dancers spend a lot more time in the gym making their hot bodies perfect instruments.

Minzy had a 15-second explosion on a stage. Sometimes that’s all you need.  Don’t deny it.  It’s usually one image or “killer move” as Stellar called it that makes us fap & remember our queens. 

Sure you do!

Five years later, this is still one of the most important dance moves in “Cover” history.

“Cover” is a new style like Grunge or Hip-hop.  And it is sooo true. 

Minzy may have launched Cover by hitting that floor with so fierce a thud & bounce I still hear it!  And the fan noise!!

Oh my my.

But it is Cover dancers who have made the hot, horny, beautiful Cover Dance concepts we are addicted to.

With help from the Soju Surf Club of California we have picked an incredible list for you.

See if you agree.

If not, send us yours.

If you don’t then fuck you.  You have nothing to complain about……


We start with the most dramatic & controversial dance in KPOP Cover Dance history.  It was the Big Bang that started the universe.  

The girl at the center of it was a beautiful, sexy nugu who could have danced backup for Jay Park or any of the top performers.  For BodhiCat Talk readers she became our Hyuna & our goddess.

She was recruited to lead a group doing a concept that was so over-the-top (for Koreans) she was sure to fail & get zero audience attention.


Ha ha ha!!!

No one expected fancams to do what they did.

So she did it on purpose. 

She did it to get attention. 

She did it to upstage Eunsol maybe.

Image result for eunsol fancam gif

She did it because she is impulsive. 

She did it because she believed she was unique.

“I go where no one goes” was the tattoo that GoEun saw on her.

Related image

Where no one went (but where many would like to end up!)  In our view this was NOT the cover of “New Thang” that was most important. But it WAS very important.

No one thought that the girl who created a major scandal in Korea would go on to become the greatest dancer in KPOP Cover Dance history & be luuved & worshipped like a goddess by fans everywhere. 

Hadam’s “commando” fancam went viral like nothing before our since. 

Today, when you look up powerhouse Cover queen Bomi’s skirt & see her camel toe lapping at you from her near-transparent underwear or see her getting away with stuff that was not even THINKABLE in 2015, or when May Queen’s Sieun is up there giving a guy such a thrill his chair gets a hard-on you can trace it back to this one dance in a high school by the girl in Stones shirt.

Without Hadam’s dancing there would be NO Bomi possible.

For Hadam fame followed.  But so did the slut-shaming & criticism of a dancer who went where no one dared to go.

But today most Cover fans with any sense know that she is the best ever & a lot has followed her.

그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Image result for hadam bambino gif

Part Two:

In our next post about the Most Importance Dances & Dancers (more or less):

Gayoung in the Park, Myongji Festival (the BIG ONE), our faves overall & the Underwear Revolution begins. 

Related image





And this girl 가영 (her name is Gayoung too!!!) is getting more fancam attention than even Hana of Black Bunny did when she started.  And like Hana, Hadam & all the rest, she wants to be the next star of Cover & get written about by BodhiCat Talk! 

Read about her here:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

30 thoughts on “KPOP Sexy Cover’s Most IMPORTANT Dances – 이것이 KPOP 카바댄스 역사상 가장 중요한 댄스입니다. Part One

  1. Ha, you got me checking Hadam for tattoos:

    Great to see Samsara done properly again. Metaphorical tattoo? Dahee, yes – but thought she was the only one 🤔

    Speaking of Bambino, hadn’t seen this Eunsol before:

    Is # 7 Eunsol? Under boob is still pretty much an event waiting (patiently) to happen in kpop (cover or otherwise), but I’m sure I’m getting ahead of myself here 😁

    #14 certainly is Eunsol 👀

    And yeah, while I do think Waveya preceded Bambino with sexy cover (Gangnam Style, 2012) they were much more a regular cover group. Didn’t see themselves as Sexy Cover. They’ve really only pushed sexy hard with their $$$ venture (which link is missing from their YouTube channel – interesting!). And wow, looking for that I see they’ve 1,196,158,764 views (total). I’ve contributed a few…

    Love the way Hadam is staring at the camera while doing her commando performance, love that kind of challenge of obsolete norms.

    Bomi assess and refines her assets (glad she hasn’t overdone the fitness one, ’cause curves) though she could ask Seihee for some Derriere assistance 😋 this seems to be a (totally understandable) thing in female kpop form (probably male kpop too 😆 but I’m just not interested).

  2. 👀 Read about her here: 👀

    Oh….. I thought “Hadam Dismissed from Bambino ” was old stuff 😶 so that’s where you hid Hana’s tattoo deciphered 😃

    “I am Hana and I am adorable.” I’ll have to recheck that, just cause I wanna see how it fits into what I’m seeing – was damn hard to read – so I guessed, and she’d know.

    And lots of good reading there I’m seeing, too 😁

  3. Very interesting (but highly arbitrary history of cover dancing) which really has no historical dots to connect it and so any story works. The Bambino started it all theory? Hmmm. I might argue that Idols going sexy were responsible more than the Cover groups for creating these really 2nd class citizens. Their boldness loosened up the industry.

    Hadam? She is intriguing because she intrigues you so much. Like a “muse” you glorified her. But yes there is something about Bambino that continues to stick in fans’ minds. So keep writing this history of the “underworld” for us. It may not be totally accurate but it makes it a good story.

    And yes, sexy dance competitions should be renewed among these girls. That would be something if it was unrestrained. I suspect Fly with Me would win easily.

  4. This fancam did quite a few livestreams, one being of BB:

    Though I do enjoy the individual member/song fancams, it’s helpful if one’s into ranking (which I’m generally not) to get an overview of a group like this with a full performance.

    The first sexy cover group I can remember that did full Idol (energy, precision & enthusiasm for the stage) was ICIA. Girl Crush and here, BlackBunny, look to have worked it out too now, along with the great choreo of FlyWithMe.

  5. Current Girl Crush performance (think the camera operator spent some quality pre-show time at the bar 🥃):

    And yeah, who was talking Yoona, she’s fit in well in these latter performances. Seeing as most cover groups seem to have 4 members, that’s not a lot of room for filler (like those Idol groups with 10+ members have). I think this is what Goeun’s quest has been for, members with their own stage personality & strength while still able to make a group contribution.

    1. Hope it was at least good Japanese whisky. Hard to do when one hand is occupied….as our readers know well.

      Missed fan service opportunities here – unless that wasn’t caught by our boozy bud. Again proving that Bambino was the champ of them all. Hadam would have been all over that crowd which was looking for a reason to blow up.

      Good point on Yona. But GC still has another level to go IMHO. Tx

    1. Right now only what I saw on Eunsol’s post & what my interpreter said. Basically they got together for the first time in a long time, had a great time & let Eunsol “jam” with Dahee’s Samchoon group. No word on what Minhee is up to. If they were talking about a reunion the closest we could read into it is when they said “let’s do it again soon.” One problem of course: someone BIG TIME is missing!

  6. Hey Man, hope all is well. Did you get the Elly I sent you with the surf board? Thought of you.
    I don’t think Eunsol danced. I think she was in the crowd and they invited her down just to take a bow and say hi to the crowd. And she’s back home doing her blog site ( which is a lot of fun).
    It was good seeing Minhee (where the hell has she been?) but I think the bams are history :(:(.
    I think the Bunnies have cruised past Laysha and are gaining on GC. The Fly chicks will be doing their innovative and sexy stuff till they’re 50 I think. Later, Oklahoma this week, oh my:).
    Life is Good

    1. Hey buddy. Yeah. Got it. Very hot. Old board but who was looking at that? LOL

      Did you see Eunsol dancing “Just Blow?” on her TV show? Wow. Like the old days. And did you see her sister??? Need to recruit her to Bino 3.0….

      Keep an eye out for “Like the First Time.” Some potential there. (Hana of Bunnies is in luv with us btw.)

      Bruins not ready for that steamroller. I wish Oklahoma was playing Texas next week. Then we might catch them looking ahead. But Bruin power, bruh. You never know…..

      Hope all is good where you are.

    1. Thx. Keep reminding us ’cause for some reason she has blocked me from her I-gram after our last go-round. (What the heck we only promoted her as one of the greatest Cover dancers of all time, right?)

      1. Can’t include GaYoung & Switch in the same sentence/article/universe apparently.
        Maybe try re-following? Mostly food & dogs, though. This performance stuff is new, which is a hopeful sign she wants to again. She has talked around it for quite some time, but this is the 1st instance of something public.

    1. Great choreo – finally a little shift away from their usual style. Boob pops as if they have been reading BodhiCat Talk….

      I swear they watch the Cover groups & then show them how it’s done every time! What do u think?


  7. I do think Hyuna is important in Ok-ing braless (amongst other thigs) for Koreans, and importantly for us – sexy cover, though it’s still a new (and kinda rebellious) concept for them, so certainly not common yet, but hey, been patiently waiting 8 years… 😇

    Expect most dance groups pay attention to what other dance groups are doing, as well as anything trendy, Waveya’s no diff here, and they do have their paid platform to push, which I expect is based for revenue on sexy vs usual YouTube fare – but hey, a bit of exploration reveals YouTube has some pretty spicy stuff – so it’s more a $$ move than anything else. Guess there are more copyright woes than just the obvious one.

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