KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Summer Festival Season 2019 Preview – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?


누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

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KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing is bouncing off in soooo many directions it’s hard to keep up!! The Nugus of 2019 are definitely making us bounce off the walls going crazee chasing them.  They are hot & fearless & we don’t know where to start!

This is a profound Festival Season in Cover ya’ll.  I’ve never seen it like this!

There’s like more stuff going down & being tried by more hot groups than ever!  It’s constant stimulation.  Man, we’re all pooped at BodhiCat Talk & the Soju Surfers Club in California.

Maybe it’s because people think that Laysha’s #2 spot is available & if Laysha goes down, that opens up a path to Heaven.

So who will be #1 in KPOP Sexy Cover? Being  the top Cover group means more than ever.

So there is a four-way tie for first place or if you think Black Bunny is still not a full rabbit a three-way tie according to early Soju Surfers’ Club crystal ballers.

Some dudes say Girl Crush, Laysha & Fly with Me are in a dead heat (with an emphasis on “heat.”)

We’re thinkin’ it could be a four or even a FIVE way tie. 

But other dudes say there is only one Cover Dance Queen who is really…..





Cover is sooooo intensely good that in April a battle video of Bomi dancing against a hot flash unknown rookie nugu appeared & dropped our jaws.  Her booty work was amazing & she just came out of nowhere to blow us out of the water!!!!  

This nugu looked good.  But putting her up against Bomi seemed career ending!

But why compare her to Bomi so soon?

You figure that this was feeding meat to a lioness.  Right?  Like a gladiator against a helpless Christian in the arena.  Pure blood sport. Bomi would swipe her away with one paw tied behind her short skirt.

BUT the nugu is part of a group doing way more fappable booty work than 80% of I-Dull groups.  And this girl nailed  a cover of “Hip & Lip” so hard  Bomi became background wallpaper!

You have to watch the nugu get into this dance ya’ll.  

For a second Bomi was like Hyuna had been when she danced against Hadam back in 2016.  The Unknown was hotter than the Star.

누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요? Pangye’s lead dancer Yena put a surprise sizzle & whopping on Royal Queen Bomi.  But after that Bomi showed the world why she is BOMI.

We were shook & Pangye earned total respect & a guaranteed ranking this year.

But Bomi is Bomi. 

She is the best & soon put an end to the rumble gossip that was saying, “Maybe this nugu is better” shit.  She spent May & June ramping it up so totally high that even the hot Pangye was left wondering how one dancer could be so amazing.

Yena could only drool watching Bomi.  Just like the rest of us.

Bomi went crazy.  She worked on choreo & moves that we have not seen.  Everyone is watching Girl Crush to see how they can possibly keep this going!

Not since Eunsol’s amazing run in 2015-16 when she was beyond perfect has anyone done this. 

Bomi is making people forget Eunsol, Hadam & making GoEun look like just another pretty – and pretty slow – dancer. 

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The best duo ever.  That was then.  They even look stylish compared to what has gone down since Hadam’s big moment.  But their comebacks have been disappointing AF.

“Bomi Dance” is now a new thang.  Her dancing has gotten stronger with every performance. And like Hadam, she keeps pushing the envelope – but with more frequency!

Is even GoEun, with her supreme body, talent & experience falling further behind Bomi?

It’s like GoEun is A+ but Bomi is the Professor!

Image result for Go Eun Laysha gif

Even The Great GoEun looks tame compared to Bomi these days.  What will be her new moves this Summer?? She is busy in June with performances almost every day – including a return to a Water Park!!  She usually redeems herself in water.

We keep saying Bomi has pulled away as the top performer in Cover & no longer competes with GoEun. Like G-Crush’s amazing game changer Taeri says, “Bomi competes against herself only to get greater.”

“It’s obvious she thinks she is the #1 attraction in KPOP Sexy Cover,” said Park Cheoul.  “She has that attitude.”

G-Crush freaked when Seihee left & feared for their life when Hadam joined Laysha.  But now they are relaxed about these moves, which haven’t paid off yet for Laysha.

The whole team worked together to outdo the confused, lumpy Laysha & keeps showing their stuff in new, fun ways.

Thanks to Bomi GC is having fun with fans & invented “Bomi Dancing.”


We have no idea.  We’re just bouncing too hard and too hard to get up & bounce. 

Right now we’re distracted watching the Nugus battle it out!  They are as amazing as the star Queens of Cover – and just as good.

So is the kream of the krop right now Black Bunny?

This group has the ability to go far.  If  Yuri can become their “power girl” whose hot long legs can dominate some viral fancams they are in.

We see them as a potential Top 5 team.



Prediction: Black Bunny will pull ahead of either Rose Queen or Pocket Girls or both.

Black Bunny is for real. 

They may push FWM for the #3 ranking.  They do diverse routines & are solid dancers.  They are more beautiful than FWM.  Are they good enough to be a serious challenger to GC?

(Bomi seems to always get the edge on her competitors.)

Image result for girl falls face first before finish line gif

Black Bunny has cum out faster than most groups thanks to an aggressive management.  Their new song “OMG” is a bop (but we still think Holly Queen’s “Closer” & of course “Oppa Oppa” were the best nugu debut songs ever.)

They are loaded with queens & BodhiCat Talk goes back & forth on who’s the hottest dancer.  Some nights it’s Hana  (most nights) & some Yeri.  But Mimi is getting our attention.

She is going to give Taeri of GC competition for the slinkiest slutty sexy Cover Dancer in KPOP.  They have a lot in common & we need a battle video of the two.

We luuuv Mimi.


Just when we thought Black Bunny had the nugu top ranking all to themselves….

……Flora appeared, torched performances that shook us very much & kept on going.  Checkers on lime & dancing hot AF.  Flora has blown up!

This team started to happen & made a fast statement!!!

A subgroup of FWM they are there with any Cover group already.  Being around the great Shasa & her crew did that.  Their outfits & fan service concepts are off the charts.  

How do you rank THESE freaking girls!!!!

More soju please. 

While there is no doubt who the top two sexy PERFORMERS in Cover this season are:

GoEun & Bomi will battle through the Summer & it looks like Bomi will win.  But GoEun still has her army, her massive talent & hold on fans.  Those fans include BodhiCat Talk & are loyal AF.

Everythang else is up for grabs. Including who will really replace Som, Hyeri  & Hadam in Laysha!

Image result for Dahee bambino raising her leg move gif

Believe it or, SHE didn’t get it done for Laysha!!!! (Will she get another chance? She told BodhiCat Talk via Instagram chat on Tuesday she is “practicing by herself.”)


Lady Girl’s Ara. Prediction: she is going to bust out viral someday.

They are going to have to wait their turn & learn how to battle against monster talent in the KPOP Cover world.  It’s really competitive this year!!Image result for Sexy girls boxing cartoon deviantart gif

Lady Girl’s star Ara – glasses & all – is going to be great.  But she’s not ready to take on the fierce dancing Black Bunnies or explosively fan service femmes Flora for Nugu dominance.  LG still needs to learn a few moves to block competitors when they try new moves on stage!


Even though it was the part she knew got us super-charged, she was about a lot more than even this famous “Chocolate Cream” Our Jeans move.

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With GoEun leading the way she made Laysha into a monster team the day she joined them.

How many great performances did the always beautiful. confident dancer who showed fans her thccck tits, weird wink & killer body with a smile on her puss night after night give to us???  It seems like millions.  We luuuved them all.

We hope Hyeri’s career takes off wherever it goes.

We wish we could give her BodhiCat’s surf board & Edge Green’s wallet as thanks.

But since we can’t, let’s give her this……

Image result for very hot french kissing gif“I thought I saw a piece of kimchee stuck there. Let me get it for you, Hyeri.”


Watching Eunsol talk about herself these days I flash to that time when her & Hadam were “scandals.” They seem  tame now.

You can thank Bomi & Girl Crush & Shasa & FWM for that. 

They have gone where not even Bambino dared to go.

But is it too much?

How far is too far in Cover now?

Has Bomi pushed the limit? How about FWM?

A few hours ago Shasa managed to destroy the world wearing only black boots.

Is Cover now just about begging for attention? Or are the concepts getting so fresh, creative & the competition so fierce that KPOP Sexy Cover is really exploding & getting more exciting every night? 

There are more groups than ever before. By far. And most of them are hot right from the start!


Laysha may not be too great at much right now, but with water pouring season coming up, they always dominate.  Whether it’s with a bottle in their hands, self dousing themselves in sexy slick way or dancing in the rain or with squirt guns going off around them – like last year’s amazing Water Block performance – Laysha rules. 

They REALLY need water to swim back to the top this year!  We write about in our other post:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.





41 thoughts on “KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Summer Festival Season 2019 Preview – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

    1. Hmmmm. Wondering if Bomi is the limit myself. But if she wants to go further……

      No disrespect meant to Binos of course. But could you imagine them coming back with a) A new sexy group or b) Laysha (as in Laysha) & not getting any real attention?

      1. I’m guessing you saw Bomi advertising for semi/nude photoshoots on her Insta? I’m sure there were Korean nuances I missed, but that’s the gist – who else has done that? Oh, and looking forward to more interesting posts 😋

        1. Ironically in our new post on the other (slow-load “Hadam Dismissed”) blog we ask if Cover has gone too far. But Bomi is in her own, brave league. She just doesn’t give a shit about what “society” thinks. She is making an otherwise average, well-built Sexy Cover dancer into a star. May Queen tried it but they don’t have Bomi’s rep or skills.

          1. “May Queen tried it but they don’t have Bomi’s rep or skills.”

            Or ambition 🐰🐯🐰

    1. Wow! I only recognize Chaejin and Go Eun. No Hayeon? No Seihee?? Good news is the water event next week. They will all be there I hope. (Maybe Hadam guesting?) 🤩

      1. Gotta love the kpop ethos, that fancamer shoulda seen MayQueen in this performance:

        Lotta vids from that performance got banned – community standards ploy – fancams then learned to add 18+ designation (far as I can tell) to get around the knetz.

    1. Tx. Been seeing this. Their water event is on the 29th. Laysha with water used to be money in the bank. Now? Hmmm. They look awfully average & Chaejin had some serious PS done. She’s better as a blonde – tho her brilliant dancing knows no hair coloring! The new “discount priced” Chaejin might be Flora’s Way. She’s thcck & kind of fierce. Laysha looks to me like a #2 team, at best, fading down while Black Bunny, Flora & possibly Holly Queen take their spot. Hope not.

      1. Laysha’s problem started with Som not returning when they switched to AOne Entertainment. Dunno if there’s anything there or it was just coincidence – she certainly left me thinking it was a man and their relationship and not something to do with Laysha (though she’s yet to make any contact with Goeun on Insta that I’ve seen).

        Pink Label had me suspicious they were wanting to do a Bambino Midnight Shower switch – but I believe they covered Buttons thereafter as well as Level Up, so no, they weren’t changing direction (least in a meaningful way, as Bambino did).

        What I’m getting is, if there’s a successful formula don’t mess with it ’cause the messing may well result in something lesser. Laysha couldn’t help (far as I know, and Goeun & Som were (are????) friends) with Som’s problem – so they had to either go with 3 or find another member. You know how that’s gone. What surprised me is some performances were good and some weren’t, very spotty. Hyeri getting axed (I presume) was a complete surprise. She was spotty too, but she was always like that.

        Looks like Goeun’s decided Laysha needs a refresh. I’m glad to see Seihee with them, though I’d prefer she stayed with Girl Crush.

        The other new Laysha member’s certainly curvy, we’ll have to see how she fits in. I’m quite interested to see how this Laysha version works. As you know, sexy cover’s been getting a lot sexier just this year, so how will Goeun adapt a refreshed Laysha, we shall see.

        1. Without Som Laysha is just average with one great dancer. The agencies are really in control. Not the girls. It might be that Som and Hyeri were fired to get new blood but Laysha was so tight and good the change can only be bad. It’s not like when Girl Crush added Taeri or Bambino got Minhee in. Laysha was already on the top and had Fame. Too bad. These groups don’t last long enough because they burn out.

          1. Dunno what AOne is thinking but I unsubscribed from the usetobe Laysha channel on seeing this (againish) – and subbed BlackBunny Official instead:


            Life happens – however, messing with a successful formula is asking for things to go wrong.

      1. Seihee posted an Insta Story of what looks like knee physio therapy 😣

        Been watching BlackBunny Official vids and think I’d like to nominate BB Hana as the new queen of sexy cover dancing. She doesn’t have the model body of Yeri, I’d like to see her loosen her tops a bit to provide some bounce (as Yeri has) and she seems to prefer fizzy kpop – but – she’s got the moves, extra energy (and style) that translates into great dancing and certainly a willingness to go where sexy cover goes. She’s a joy to watch. Love to see her take on Mommae.

          1. Whatever that new line-up is – and it doesn’t look all that great – they need to figure out a way to compete with those sizzling groups out there like GC, FWM (check out Shasa’s new outfit & the way she just handles crowds with moves) & Black Bunny who are like wildfires. Laysha starting to look a little dull around the edges. Like Pocket Girls. They have their niche & fans but no explosions right now.

        1. Ok. Throwing Hana’s hat into the ring. Not a bad choice. And “Mommae” would be a bop for her with her sharp, cutting moves. If Bomi is the reigning queen, Yeri may be the likely challenger though. Hana? Probably the peoples’ choice though. Good call.

          1. Hana’s a natural. When another member is soloing, watch her, she’s still dancing, she loves to dance – and she delivers – gives that extra effort that only true pros do – this is where she exceeds the other members and most others in sexy cover. I think Goeun is like this too, but Hana’s more joyful. Bomi’s now got the smooth moves but it’s a more deliberate thing, and not a bad thing either, but Hana’s just got that joy of dancing like I haven’t seen since, yes, Bambino.

            Not talking about groups here, the latest Girl Crush performance kept them in #1 for me.

    1. For sure. Bomi is not just looking like #1 on her Instagram post of the water pour segment she says it flat out: “I’m the best.” That is bold!!

      1. Bodhicat i have been watching the new fancams of Girl Crush all day!! Bomi is the best and #1. Laysha I don’t know what’s going on right now but they need Hadam or Som back.

      2. Bomi was looking the boss in that performance – she’s where my eyes naturally went, first time for me for that – she was on a new Bomi level, oddly quite different from her solo performances, which just didn’t capture like she did with Girl Crush present.

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