KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Group Leaders Battle To Make Their Teams #1 – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?


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누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

Black Bunny’s primo bambino Hana told BodhiCat Talk last week that she has no competitors & it is hard for her to imagine anyone can “beat” her or Black Bunny this year.

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Hana is leading the cheers for Black Bunny to get a top ranking from us.

She may be right, but Mistress Hana knows that a lot of the success of BB will depend on the quality of her leader, Yeri. 

Black Bunny like any group trying to make it BIG in Sexy Cover this year has to have a BIG HOT GIRL dominating as the Leader.  Otherwise the group has no real personality.

Here are the top Leaders of teams that we think will rank high.

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Black Bunny’s leggy leader Yeri is in the running for Performer of the Year.  She has her team to glory with moves like this & she came out of nowhere to look strong as a leader after taking a backseat to Hana.  She is now a star & a BodhiCat Talk bias.  Her qualities are those long legs & a strong, disciplined approach to her dancing.

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Fly with Me’s thot girl & leader Shasa believes it’s her time. (Or else you can all go fuck yourself with this stick!)  Shasa is the fiercest female leader of a team-  ever.  She dares everythang & fans eat her up.  She makes FWM elite.

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Once criticized & now the MOST fapped to woman in KPOP Sexy Cover (according to BodhiCat Talk’s statistician Spence Auburn – who says, “Go Georgia Bulldawgs this weekend!) – Girl Crush’s Zia at last got her confidence & then stuck it to mighty Laysha last year.  She is in tune, slaying every night, playing with her fans & her team still rules as #1.  She is smooth, pretty, confident & a lot more powerful than ya’ll think. 
Does Zia & her star dancer Bomi have GoEun’s number? 

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Iconic GoEun is determined to lead Laysha back on top.  (Fantasize over that one bruhs.)  But with all the younger talent in the house now will GoEun be forced to finally bow low to another group & that group’s younger leader? Like she had do for Zia?   Or does GoEun, who has always been a slay assassin, have one more hot dance season in her?  Her group is back with a full permanent line-up that includes Seihee & Som replacement Boreum, who had a great performance recently (see below).

So who will it be at the top?

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Dude, you just have to hold on to find out.


Speaking of the strong Leaders, one of the hottest women to ever lead a Cover team was Duyoo (of Switch, ICIA etc.) She has been a powerful dancer since Day One.  Here is some new footage of her crushing a solo back in 2014!

She never led a team to the title of #1 Cover Group of the Year but she is incredibly powerful & maybe someday she might.


Here are the teams Black Bunny & nugus like Star Fruit, Pangye, Overstep & others need to crawl over to get at Girl Crush. 

Two of last year’s Top 10 don’t even exist any more so there is going to be room for them in the rankings. 

The question is who gets in & gets left out?

#1: Girl Crush – 걸크러쉬

Good luck getting past her for the #1 spot everyone!  Bomi may not be perfect in any specific category of Cover but she attacks with such a savage sexual frenzy that it comes off & goes off so perfectly she is very close to owning every fanboy in the world.  Not to mention the guys running agencies of other groups who show up at her shows. But Girl Crush has some flaws, which we have written about & they are NOT Bambino (which was perfect).  Can a strong group or a revived Laysha take them out?  Maybe.

#2: Laysha – 레이샤

Laysha rookie Boreum got off slow as Som’s replacement but did a very hot solo & then got the Pharkil treatment last night.  She is showing the potential to become an explosive Laysha-style queen & and one that can distract us from the “new blood” boiling hot at the elite level, Yona of GC & of course Hana of Black Bunny.  

#3: Fly with Me – 플윗미

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

#8: Switch – 스위치 (Disbanded)

The “other Hana.” Switch (which is no more) had a budding star that we thought would rival Black Bunny Hana for Rookie of the Year.  But Switch went dark & this Hana became a professional (boring AF) cheerleader.  Her cover of “Bikini Body” was among the best of 2018.

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 (Changed name)

#10: Angels – 엔젤스 (Disbanded)



Is it us or does Hanchoim look like WWE wrestler Sasha Banks?

“Romeo my Romeo!!  Where the fuck art thou??”  Hanchoim is on fire again! The ex-Laysha dancer is rocking Cover & returning to her roots as a SEXY Cover style dancer.

(Sasha Banks is the chick in the wrestling gif at the top.).


Also: May Queen, Cover’s Total Slutty team is getting that Laysha mojo & you cannot take your eyes of them!  If you miss Hyeri, watch them!

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


58 thoughts on “KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Group Leaders Battle To Make Their Teams #1 – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

        1. Yea man, congrats. Did ya open the drunk Eunsol vlog. She is funny. When Shasa and the Fly chicks want to, they leave em all in the dust IMHO.

          1. Yo! Eunsol was shitfaced! You’re right. We had a Korean speaker listen to her. She was funny & talked about a lot of nonsense but at one point talked about her career, Bambino & even Girl Crush. She said she liked Bomi & hoped people don’t try to shame her.

            We play arizona this week bruh. Our “D” better figure out how to stop Tate. (Maybe you can send him a ton of Bino fancams instead of practice films?)

  1. I said many moons ago my bias was ICIA and after that Go Eun. Bomi does not change my mind. I don’t see her as wanting to please us like Laysha.

    1. She’s got a ton of charisma. Yeah, she’s got it.

      So you know what we’re thinking? Which Cover queen can we put up against her to prove we are superior? (Remember Hadam vs Hyuna??)

  2. Huh, hadn’t really thought of potential Laysha new members other than suggesting that to Seihee when she was complaining about being bored after quitting GC.

    Hana woulda been a big yes along with MinA (who’s totally disappeared – seemed to have some jealous friends issues), who’s got the Laysha frontage, and looked to be a rising star in SwichBerry:

    BB Hana’s confidence is amusing (all the top performers seem to have this level of confidence), as the competition is pretty stiffening (so to speak) this year 😁

    1. Ahhh yeah. I think we are on our way!!

      Hayeon gave us a heads-up 2-3 days ago that they were getting ready to perform on her answer to me on Insta.

      Styling like Laysha. I think same management.

      1. Yes, looks like A1 Ent is managing both Laysha & MayQueen, based on the new interaction between the 2. Seems A1’s got over their initial shock of sexy cover 😵

      1. They’d have to up their game with more aggressive music/choreo to catch GC or FwM. Curious to see what they’d do with S&M – like it’s sure got a diff feel from Bingle Bangle, don’t it?

  3. Lots of Girl Crush vids today, think they asked for fancams, Bomi looking great here:

    The new TaeRi:

    And yummie Zia:

    With the position changes, not seeing any Yoona 🤔

    No group vids yet (& hopefully a full set one) to compare to BB, but looks like GC can deliver a #1 performance when they want to.

    Oh, and Google has changed Chrome’s right click page translation from 2 clicks to many, with the first effort failing ’cause YouTube for English speakers defaults to English, even if most of the text on the page is something else. It’s by default translating English to English. So one has to choose a language to translate from in their “options” menu & hit translate when that’s done and NO it doesn’t remember so you have to do this PIA whenever you reload a page or restart YouTube. And it does only 1 language at a time vs previous all languages to English/whatever. So, so far not much of an improvement. Maybe it’s more accurate? But I doubt it, and a huge PIA in comparison to the previous effort. Hopefully one of their techs tries it 😏

    1. Who? The backup to Jessi?

      Jessi as you know is not our fave but she did stick up for Hyuna recently on some weird slut-shaming thang. I give her a Bodhi credit – in bitcoin.

      1. Yes, backup. She made a splash with those vids and all I knew was YG dancer. Popped up in YouTube recommendations.

        Liking the new Jessi song:

        Don’t know much about Jessi other than I do like Ssenunni. and not much else ’till now. I’m not a rap fan so that’s not too surprising.

      1. Other team? Was thinking this may be the point of her AfreecaTV foray – though she may have been BJing for some time on AftreecaTV, dunno on that one. But I do think they generally miss the stage, so yeah, entirely possible.

  4. Dude you got some great researching going on with these readers! Hey, give us a “short swing” on your new top 10. We’ll bet it!

    1. LOL. You freaking money boys will try to get an edge on anything. No way do we “leak” our top 10 bruh. Go Bruins!

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