KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who is #1? Who Will Be The Champion of Summer 2018?


Anybody attending the amazing Centum Beer festival in Pusan this year for sure went for free beer, to hook-up & to get a loaded eyeful of Fly with Me, the red hot Cover group, which was there for two whole days.  The high-ranked Fly was advertised as an attraction.  Like flies they were everywhere. Unlike flies WE WANT THEM EVERYWHERE!!

There was the familiar rumor that Hadam would appear with a new group, or maybe join Hush’s wild girl Kim Hye Kyeong on stage, as she (reportedly) did last year.  But after her recent Instagram post, people have given up on the One True Queen of Cover coming back right now.  But she has something cooking.

People also were wishing that Real Camilia & sexy AF Ayoungha of  Love Cubic, who is doing stuff with a hot new group, would be there.  Neither showed.  Camilia got a gig in Japan & Ayoungha turned up in Singapore doing a smoking cover of IOI’s “What a Man!” – which you have to see!)

Unranked Love Cubic’s Ayoungha was not at the Festival, but she was in Singapore slaying.  Check out her hot Cover of “What a Man” at @ayoungha

Even without them this year’s Centum Beer gig turned out to be the best gathering of new & slightly worn Cover talent in Korea.  Big crowds got a satisfying eyeful of nugus like Scali, which fancammers jumped on.

It looked like the event would belong to Fly with Me (the #4 ranked team & looking to go higher this year).  They have been soaring since last year & their range of dances, outfits & styles (including raunchy slow grinds in clubs), has made us dizzy. The highest-ranked group at the Festival got the crowd hot & horny with their hard-working, booty moving routines.

They are everwhere!! Fly with Me SEX-cited the crowd at Centum in Pusan.  But as good as they were (and they were VERY good) many thought that the #4 group was outperformed by the new #9 group!


What was NOT expected was the performance of a group that has been around for awhile, but has turned up the entertainment volume & energy so high they got more fan luv than Fly with Me.

Many groups in Cover are starting to look predictably the same.  Since Hadam left, crowd-rousing has become a lost art.  Groups don’t seem to think they need to work as hard on the fan service performance excitement as they do a hot look.  This goes for the top-ranked groups too.

So when a group & their leader go out & try to entertain the crowd to get them into it, we likey likey!

One year ago we glanced at Funny Max.  But we pretty much forgot about them. We ignored them because they were doing medleys of songs Bambino had owned & so we immediately rejected any group that did an inferior version of a Bambino cover. (Spoiled surf brats that we all are here!)

We also were irked that Merry took a perfectly good bottle of water & didn’t pour a drop on herself before tossing it into the crowd.  For some reason, she always does that.  WHY???!!! What a blown opp.

But we DID say back then that they had the slutty kind of look we need in our Cover queens.  But for that we turned our attention to groups like May Queen.  

We didn’t give our new #9 group enough RESPECT last year.  We were wrong.  They are true Cover Sluts.

It turns out Korean KPOP Cover fans were ahead of us!  So was Pharkil.  They are into this group.  

We have seen the light!!

When we saw Funny Max & their leader “Merry” in these gold & white outfits something finally clicked.  We stood at attention.  They are like that young surfer chick who shows up, but you don’t really see her style until one ride & then – boooom! – you realize she is gooood.

Funny Max’s funky-fun energy performances has a lot of Big Easy Sleazy in it – & even a little Hadam too.  They like to entertain “old style” & this enthusiasm & those booty shakes makes them a ranked group. 

OK.  So she does not have Hadam’s ingenious ability to spontaneously zap crowds with an amazing laser look & feel, but she can work a stage as well as anyone in Cover. 

F-Max put on a show each day at the Centum Festival this year.  But they have to POUR that water on those hot sweaty bodies – not toss it back into the sea of fans!  C’mon now…..!!

Like Rose Queen this group keeps at it.  But unlike RQ or even Fly with Me, Funny Max has a higher stage speed level.  With a little sharpening of their choreo & a theme Cover bop, they can rock a big house & get more fancammer attention

Last year’s riff on “Samsara” (starting at :36) lasts 16 seconds & while they are in no danger of making you forget Bambino’s version, this booty work makes me replay.

Funny Max took a little shine away from Fly with Me when the two appeared at the same Festival last month when they covered a piece of “Samsara.”

So give our new #9 group  – high energy Funny Max – a “Hand Clap.”

Funny Max – #9.  홧팅!!!


SO WHAT IS “COVER?” (A Six Part Blog) 

We know Funny Max is Cover.  But what makes them “Cover?” What is this genre & style we all luv?

Is May Queen really a “Cover” group?  

Versus Girl Crush, which is doing a similar concept but is FOR SURE Cover. 

What is the difference? 

We say May Queen is NOT Cover, while Girl Crush is.  You say, “It all looks the same to me.”

But look again. 

There is a flow to Tae of Girl Crush.  She is giving out fan service & giving you a feeling that she could push the edge.  May Queen is just imitating someone (probably Girl Crush.) 

Don’t miss this BodhiCat Talk Summer Special.

We tell you more about “Cover” versus “Not Cover” at:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


21 thoughts on “KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

  1. BodhiCat, you know I saw Bambino perform in China and wrote to you about this and what excitement it brought. I have also seen Funny Max at shows and they are nice too. They are funn and like you say have good energy for the fans. They deserve this honor form your readers. Thank you.

    1. No biggie EdgeMan. She freaked & didn’t know how to swim out of the rip. We showed her how after but she’ll stay close to shore for awhile!

  2. Hey Bodhi

    Followed Michelle Wie around the course and I was thinking she would be a hell of a start for a k pop cover group. Keep the good vibes coming man, but I’d STILL like to know why the Bams broke up and why in the F didn’t our girl keep dancing with SOMEBODY. The non compete is gotta be long over.
    Happy 4th man. Did you really save somebody?
    Later, Life is Good.
    I vote for Fly with Me (Bomi’s ass is a close 2nd)

    1. Michelle W a hot for a golf chick for sure. How does she look in person? Lucky You (as Hadam’s shirt once said!)

      Bomi’s ass is making fancammers (and me) crazy.

      No biggie. A girl was in a light rip but then completely panicked. The waves would have brought her back but I scooped her.

      1. Gorgeous, legs all day and just the right size ass. TV puts 5+ lbs on them. Volunteered for the Ladies KPMG golf tournament. I think half the girls (ladies), at least the ones in contention, were Korean or Korean ancestry. A fun 4 days!!! Lifes Good
        You’re the Man!!! Now track down Hadam (or Eunsol)!!! LOL to myself!!

      2. Dude, nice going on getting that girl out of sea puss! We heard. The old Lifeguard in you helped. Lol!

  3. Bodhi Dude. Just got word that your hot girl Baek Jo quit the Angels group. That’s another group she bailed out on or got fired. Like ICIA. Do you know what went down???

  4. So much for Angel group #10 ranking. They just slipped in under the wire! Who is #8? I vote for Real Camilia because they are hot and ex-Laysha girls.

    1. Irene: been posting to the “Hadam Dismissed” blog for you guys. Definitely doing more surfing now & heading to NY for a few weeks for more, but you know BodhiCat is preparing his next ranking blog! Hang loose. Peace!

  5. These lower Cover groups are so-so. Angels already broke up. What is always true is that Bambino was the greatest. But they ended so quickly and then ghosted each other and even their history. Only Dahee ever went back to a group dancing. they never refer to their best work or their fans. It is awful that they did that.

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