KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위





They started with a BBang BBang in 2015 & some amateurish performances of “Up & Down.” They kind of went in and out of our consciousness.  Their management company, Danal, maybe not quite as lame as the others, actually tried to sculpt this group of beauties.

They evolved.  We couldn’t be happier.  Not altogether sure how, but maybe in an era when women are getting more respect & hopefully the slut-shaming abuse is near the end, let the power of their beauty, appreciation for their hours of hard work & training & the simple, timeless ability to be sexually aroused as a form of entertainment, on the terms the women control, be upon us.  (And let’s support female-led Cover Group agencies!)

This group may be “eye candy,” but they are hard candy. now.  So suck & savor.

In other words, let this group & KPOP Cover sprout like 1000  ICIA’s & may the shit that passes for KPOP Cover agency management get stuck in an endless loop with Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore & Donald Trump.  They even deserve worse..  

The lack of imagination in Cover is the only thing that would make me come across that DMZ if I was North Korea’s “Bad Haircut Boy” in Pyongang. But he has less imagination than even JS Entertainment, which nuked Bambino.  So fuck him too.  

But we truly digress…..

……from the real joy in my hand:  the report that Pocket Girls has made our list & in becoming a better & better dance group is snuggled happily with BodhiCat Talk at #6 in the Fall Rankings.  The group has gone out onto the streets (above) like EXID & other star groups & brought their absolute stunning beauty with them.  And they have gotten better & better with every passing month.

How do you NOT get a love high from Pocket Girls?? I want to bring them home to my meet my mother (but would be afraid that my grandfather would claim he was an Arab prince & try to marry all of them at once!)

The Pockets were  a Cover Group that started with a lot of promise in Spring 2015.  I knew them before I knew Bambino.

But no one really took them seriously as a dance group.  They were glorified racing models; car show chicks that you lusted over & that their agency no doubt pimped.  But they never went away.   Their versions of EXID were pretty lame, but I never stopped watching mid-song.

How could you.  Would you let THEM get away if they were your group?  The first edition of Pocket Girls caught us  in early 2015.  Not great, but if you watch them over the years, even when they didn’t have it – they had IT!  There was only one other Group I liked looking at better. but only because Bambino was, well, Bambino.

But would they ever turn into Cover Dancers who could move like even average dancers & dish the fan service and look like they were actually having fun??

Their trip to China last year had some buzz & they looked like they were getting to a Cover Dance status place.

Performances started to get better & yeah, they started to have fun with crowds.

Bambino they ain’t.  But they had something fans liked.  Jini of RQ has her ass, Dauen of Ureka has that incredible sculptured work of art we call her body, courtesy of DNA & Nature & Pocket Girls has Yeonji & a team with the looks of models – who do Cover & look like they are trying to figure it out.  It’s really part of their charm that they aren’t great, but get better.  And those bodies!!  Oh my my.

Daeun has the best sculpted body in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance. Maybe in all of KPOP

Models are models for a reason.  You cannot stop looking at them & eventually you either fap or buy the shit they’re selling you.  “Eye Candy” is too light a word.  Pocket Girls are a meal.  A nice salmon over saffron rice with white truffle oil.

This stuff needs to be served hot.  Pockets are hot & now is their moment.  And in fact, they are real women with real lives who have made a unique career from the absolute boredom of car racing modeling.  Yeah, they actually have talent.

They are not trying to kick Laysha’s thick butts (right yet) or be the next Bambino.  The are just having fun & having fun seeing how far they can rise in KPOP Cover. They get gigs & they keep the views high.

They’re not over-the-top, not really going for any new concept but they just are knowing your eyes lock on them because you have no other choice.

This group got some game now.  And on the street, they look like part of nature. Well, Korean/KPOP Nature, where groups performing & turning on crowds in public spaces is like hot dog and Halal food carts in NYC.

 They represent much of what is stunningly beautiful among Korean women & separates them from the fashion & beauty look of their Chinese, Japanese & related Asian power nation rivals & sisters.

 They also own the 5th most popular video on KPOP Sexy Cover. And that ain’t no small thing.  Keep the pun to yourself.

And we’ll keep our #6 ranked group in our pockets.

Maybe with the holidays coming up it is this shameless snack feeling that got them so high up in the rankings.  But we would have Pocket Girls anywhere on our plate & go anywhere to see them, meet them & hang with them. 

We don’t say this about most other groups, but these chicks look like a good time.

#6: Pocket Girls.  Welcome to the rankings.  You ARE serious KPOP Cover Dance stars!

Can’t get enough of the “Pockets?”  Read more about them here.

그리고 이 블러그도 보세요.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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16 thoughts on “KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

  1. I like the “Pocket Girls” and their fashion statements. That 2015 group was smoking and and a real turn on with those chastity belt shorts.

  2. Hey Bodhi

    Hope the holidays are shapin up for you. BTS was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and the American girls went nuts! I think our lady retired or got run over. JS is using Diana for the yellow haired guy now.
    I like going through old Bam vids. Conclusion; looks, dancing ability, precision, fun, fan service and crowd noise, no one comes close. It’s like Tiger Woods, in his day, everyone else was playin for second place.
    How about rolling out Ultra Pussy for the Olympics:):). Hey, maybe one of those chicks from Diana or Hush will give ya an interview, they seem pretty accommodating.
    Happy Holidays! Later Man, Lifes Good. (is Dahee in another group?)

    1. Robert the J: Holidays looking good. Going to Thailand to surf.

      Great analogy. Hadam is the Tiger of KPOP Cover for sure.

      Ultra Pussy for the Olympics? Great idea. You got it.

      Not sure about Dahee but heard 2 days ago that Eunsol is getting in shape to join one.

      Where did you see that Diana & Z-uk thing?

      Life is good – our mantra at BodhiCat Talk!

      1. Hey Man
        Can’t figure out if this went thru, so I apologize if it’s redundant. Anyhow
        My daughter is stopping in Thailand for her honeymoon.
        Lee Bomyi (Diana lady) is on the cover of the Dec Thailand Playboy (she’s a “ring” girl)
        Gotta admit in going through old Bam vid’s, Eunsol can turn ya on! Maybe she had to lay low due to contractual obligations. JS finally removed Bambino from their site.
        Go to Instagram lee_bomyi or js_ent
        Our lady is just lost.
        Oh, in no particular order, Hush, ICIA, Fly with Me, Laysha (anything from their Brazil trip?)
        Enjoy Thailand, Ha! like I had say that! Life is Good.. Oh, are you safe from the fires?

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