KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

소리 질러!!!







So a girl we know was recently in Germany.  Frankfurt.  The city center where people go to hear street music & party & hang.   She approaches the square & she hears people buzzing to a familiar bop.  What does she see?  European fanboys & girls dancing to it & it’s hot.  She is shocked because it’s Laysha’s “Chocolate Cream.”  Yeah.  In Frankfurt, Germany.  A million miles away (8,544 kilometers actually, but you get the drift).  And they all know about Laysha & they are hoping – praying – that Laysha comes to Europe.  Oh my my.

OK.  So we are not crazy about “Pink Label” (yet).  We think Laysha should stay raunchy & low.  But that’s just us.  It don’t matter.  Laysha has global fling.  For a group with limited individual talents, they are fucking awesome together.  You can thank Eunsol – kind of  – for the global exposure.  Her fancams burned a path for hot Cover stars.  But Laysha is the real name brand outside of Korea now.  Massive.

It’s kinda funny to watch GoEun introduce the group after they do the first song of their shows….. 

It’s like, yeah, no shit.  We KNOW who you are.  That’s why we’re all here screaming like  crazy fangirls!

I guess it’s part of the routine & it is hot to hear GoEun innocently introduce them because after they have walked onstage to deafening roars, Laysha completely gets the place worked-up with “Belly of the Beast” & launches into performance after performance to prove over & over that there is no one like them in Cover or KPOP. 

We thought this performance in the Spring (above), which we declared the loudest Cover event ever, was their peak. 

Naw.  “Pink Label” is piling on.  It’s all Peak Pink inside with Laysha. 

Sooooo….Laysha is again #1. 

Anyone surprised? 

Image result for gif of woman laughing hysterically asian woman

We didn’t think so. LOL

Image result for gif of woman laughing hysterically asian woman

What a year for them.

Covering “Despacito” proved they could do offbeat stuff (for them) & make fans like it.  The “Pink Label” comeback proves that they are at a high level as a group, with a big buck$$$ investment  made in them that shows faith in their brand (and none in Bambino’s, who, as Seoul Beats speculated, were cut loose to make sure Laysha could get the financial oxygen.  Eunsol included.)

Their trip to Taiwan, where they appeared on TV was a monster success!  

GoEun’s Cover of “Buttons” was just one of dozens of solid performances from her.  For her it was the perfect song to cover.  

Song choice is the thing that gives Laysha its hot muscle.  They choose the right material almost all of the time.

They have proved this season what most know: that from the first song in the set to the last they are the essential KPOP Sexy Cover group.  They ARE KPOP Sexy Cover right now.  They shape it. What THEY do is what matters.  When they do “Buttons,” Holly Queen does “Buttons.” 

And even though #5 HQ’s is a sharper version, more stylish & danced better by Junhee & her group – it does not matter a bit.  Listen to the noise comparisons.  The energies of the fans.  Laysha does their thing & the crowd feels it. The Germans are dancing to GoEun & Som, not Juhee & Ye Rim.

None of the other outstanding groups, not Holly Queen, not Girl Crush, not ICIA – whips a crowd  into an absolute fever pitch end-to-end, post-to-post like the #1 Cover group in the Known Universe, Laysha.

As our Angie Lee reported from her recent vacation in the Andromeda galaxy (2.5 million kilometers away if u r counting), “Laysha blows them away up there.  I heard space aliens complain, ‘Fucking Laysha,  they are so much better than our creatures.  I wish we could get JUST ONE of them up here to perform.”‘

Evidently the aliens did try to abduct Laysha.

“‘Let’s take that blonde thcck one,'” the head Alien said. (Meaning Chaejin, third from left.)

So they sent a fleet to Earth.

Related image

“‘Ooops, wrong one.  We got the Maknae.  Oh well.  She’s cute but winks to much.  It makes us nervous.'”

We call them the Rolling Stones of KPOP;  the group that just slays because they are not four chicks trying to be Laysha.  They ARE Laysha. This is GoEun’s life.  This is Som’s life.  This is Chaejin’s life.  This is Hyeri’s life.  (Shit, this MY life too, because of groups like Laysha!!??)

GoEun said in a recent interview that Laysha wants “challenges.”  They want to keep conquering inside & outside of Korea. 

Evidently getting another million views on a fancam is no longer the goal.  Putting Bambino away is no longer a goal either.  In both cases, mission accomplished. 

Yeah, been there done that.  So what is Laysha’s new goal? 

Individually they cannot compare with Bambino or Holly Queen for dance skill.  But with GoEun in front & then working together, something happens to them.  They transform.

They act sweet and Idol-ly, but this group is street to the core.  So real. And they have never tried to be anybody or anything else but one thing.  And that is their success.  All Summer & Fall  they played  to houses that just rocked from the rafters.  But it doesn’t change them.

That is the key.  GoEun especially owns the key & even the lock to get into us.  She is keeper of the cocks.  And they go out and do it.  And they love it.  Their choreo is perfect for the upskirt moment & even their clunkiness as dancers doesn’t really matter.

“Despacito” means go slowly,” as in stroking it long until maximum satisfaction is reached .  This could be the name of a Laysha subgroup – or the group’s nickname.

They were right to let Chaejin lead more on this cover, because the others cannot dance “Despacito” as well & as a Spanish tune, it demands some artful steps.  Boob pops won’t do it here (that’s about the only place where they don’t work, BTW!)  But that is a small nipple on a big tit.  A quibble.  It matters only when you stop & look around at the growing competition.

Right now they are still crushing others but Shasa of Fly with Me, Juhee of Holly Queen and Bomi of Girl Crush are talents with a lot of juice & no lack of confidence.

So Chaejin’s emergence happens at a great time.  

If they are to move to even higher levels or stay #1 in the next ranking, they’ll need her dance skills. 

Their goal in early 2018 is to go to Japan & make it big there. They are ready.

What makes them tick?

Maknae of the Year Hyeri is sexy, thckk & cute but she’s dead weight in an average performance group.  Fortunately for the hot, winking & blinking sexy Maknae tail,  Laysha is anything but average.  She has emerged as a star on her own & with her own group of fans.  

After taking a lot of shit from Bambino fans, yours truly & probably their management when Bambino seemed to be racing past them, Laysha has the last dance – and man is it a slay! 

They are light years away from the other the other nine groups in the rankings.  Right now, everyone from #10 XOX to #2 ICIA have no choice but to let Laysha keep rolling over them.

GoEun, who is always ready, every performance is going to keep plunging into crowds & getting whatever noise & treasure she wants.  Som too.  Laysha is just too damn good & GoEun is just going to keep her claws out, her smile on & her amazing body moving in a way no man seems able to resist.

Honor them.

The only question Laysha has after disposing of all 65 Cover Dance groups in the field this year is:

Laysha.  Will anyone take them on in 2018?

Laysha #1.  Fighting & ruling the galazy.


Image result for cartoon of outer space aliens jerking off

Fancams from afar for Laysha.  Tokyo is up next in March 2018.

13 thoughts on “KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

  1. Laysha & “Despacito” was a match made in heaven…or maybe hell. Regardless, it creates a vibe that draws you in and dares you to look away.

  2. Oh no what happened was Hadam quit and then Eunsol and Dahee couldn’t make it work without her and they folded. Because if hadam was still around Bambino is by “light years” number 1 by far.

    1. Dove: Hard to argue against. Merry Christmas, bro. (Thanks for sending the links to Maui Pro. Stephanie smoked my girl Tyler! Damn what those 2 can do to a man with just surfboards….!)

    1. pak8: Career self-immolation for the past year IMHO. But as I will say until I die, Hadam gave us endless pleasure & changed many of our lives in her 2 year Bambino thing. She owes us zero. We owe her RESPECT!

      1. That is giving her an excuse. What about her fans? They go out and support her . Spend time watching and those views make her famous. And those views get her advertising money which you can see her promoting. She owes her fans information. Sorry. But compare her to ICIA. No comparison.

  3. Ok, I admit I am not surprised to find Laysah at the 1st place, but as you said, who else could be this year?

    I totally agree and their latest MV confirm that they start to grow very seriously 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bodhi!!

    1. jesse: Knew you wouldn’t be surprised bro. Thanks for all YOU do for Cover. Let’s be sure that in ’18 more new groups will get attention & make some real $$$ & fame for themselves – with our push.


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