Is Hadam A KPOP Game-Changer – AGAIN??



In case you were wondering it’s not a real question.

YES.  This is a game changing dancer. 

(And Happy Birthday to Girl Crush’s super sexy leggy queen Tae on 29 March!!)

Girl Crush’s Taeri rocks Stellar’s hottest songs way sexier than Stellar did.  (And Stellar was bust ass AF!)  Taeri found her sexy doing Stellar.  Her long, slinky toned body; round tits, black erotic stockings & tattoo big enough to cover Asia & California; her moves to “Marionette,” smooth with plenty of fan service from her beautiful, smiling, sexy face – blonde hair flowing – is all the POP in KPOP you need.  

Instant fap. Taeri shows people that  Girl Crush is better than they thought.

So there are TONS of sexy chicks in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance. BodhiCat Talk writes about them all.

Yo, a “Game Changer” is a whole other deal though.  Like finding that pearl in an oyster snot.

 Girl groups are replaceable parts. 

Stars like Hyuna stand alone. They make their groups famous & hot because they know how to change the game.  They do it with spontaneous sexual moves that dazzle us with a secret power & charisma only they know.

Hadam was the ultimate game-changer in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance history. The first & best.  She is our “Hyuna.” And when she went up against Hyuna…..well, you know the rest of the story. She smoked Hyuna’s flabby ass with her dance muscle mojo.

Her return reminded us of all that.  Her sex energy drove Bambino high & when she left that group broke into little pieces.

Hadam created iconic magic moments like this!

“Is Bambino your celebrity?” Hadam asks the crowd before reinventing pole dancing. 

So like Bambino Girl Crush was not ready for #1 status with the group they had before they found their Game Changer. Taeri.

If a group doesn’t have an  iconic performer who can control a crowd & the fan service moments totally…..

Hadam at Myongji.

…..they never get to superstar status.

Girl Crush found out that they needed a lineup change to make it happen.

The move that made the Sleazy Concept group a top-ranked one was when (BodhiCat Talk bias) Jenny got the boot & slinky, sexy, tattoo horny Taeri stepped on to the stage. 

Jenny is solid & we luuuv her.  A whole lot.  But her style wasn’t a fit for the concept.

Tae was totally electric. She jolted the group. Fanboys & fangirls watched her cover Stellar & then do this…..

Taeri’s choreo didn’t include a pole.  But like Hadam she found one & went hard to get fans wet & wild AF in the rain.

In an outfit once worn by Jenny & Switch, Taeri went nuts on a pole in a rainstorm.  She waved that she and GC were “Number One.”  This was a statement dance by the group’s game changing hottie. 

She’s a perfect partner to Bomi.

Like Hadam her spontaneous performances gave the group a lift & the confidence to cut loose & they became stars & their every move was lapped up like sweet sauce.  Fangirls like video editor genius versacejxy have put Bomi into iconic fashion sexy worship.

Hadam is still a powerful woman but Bomi has the ambition & thick skin it takes to go to another level.  She has really done it since Tae started.

Girl Crush is glad that Taeri & her wild girl style are there because Hadam is with Laysha & might be coming for their, nasty, hot, seriously slutty #1 asses with more game changing moves. 


Waveya started as the ORIGINAL game changers in Sexy Cover. But at 1:27 you can see Bambino’s influence.

Waveya led the pack & really went after it hard with quality, sexy dancing.  They are great but they weren’t beautiful or muscular like Bambino.  After awhile they started imitating Bambino.  Here Ari & her sis give Dahee a salute with a leg-raise in this video. 

Dahee’s leg-raise move was a REAL game changer. Audiences would wait breathlessly for her to do it every concert.  

Image result for Dahee Bambino leg gif

My breath just left me.  The way she held it up & just kept it there. No other performer in KPOP has ever been able to do it like Dahee. Would it have worked without high heels & the looonnnng hold up in the air? She changed everythang here.

When Bambino started getting hot people said, “They are like Waveya.”   After only one year & Dahee’s move & power body started to roll over all other groups everybody said, “Waveya reminds us of Bambino now.” 



Dahee’s leg raising whipped up fanboys so bad.  It was just totally hot. GoEun went one step beyond & used a perfect body to go all the way primal. 

Her dancing is like the backbeat of a drum skin being pounded in a jungle. It just makes you savage.

Safety Shorts: GoEun Gets Primal & Wins Festival Dancer of the Year

No question about it: GoEun changed the game too.  BodhiCat Talk says that GoEun showed the world how go low primal sex can be made into Cover Dance style & become amazing beyond amazing.


The big question is can Hadam still be a game changer?? She has been because she is not afraid to show she has a boyfriend. 

Only her and Hyuna go where no one went before here.  But is it enough?

Near the close of Bambino 1.0 she had nights where she started to look pretty average.  With a bomb ass like Bomi around – and willing to steal everything good she sees & make it hers –  Hadam might become just another hot dancer.  

And Bomi is crazy enough to try to steal her boyfriend away from here too!

BTW, we can’t wait to see Bomi & Taeri in last night’s “Birthday With Bomi” performance!

But game changers can come from any place ya’ll.

We KNOW – WE CAN FEEL out there in Nugu Nation groups like Star Fruit, Blah Blah, Happiness & others have a game changer waiting to explode on us. 

Related image

She is just waiting for that right moment to be the next game changer.


Japanese Cyber Dancers are the buzz in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Maybe it’s the land of The Rising Fap.

But is it “Cover?”

Hmmm. Very sexy  But we’re going to say, “No.”


Well, the outfits are amazing & so are the bodies.  Very sweet.  But the choreo looks like undertakers did it.  But what really makes it NOT “Cover” is the exit from the stage of the last dancer…..

There was zero fan service in this performance.  And at 14:30 a “Cover” dancer in high heels asks for help to leave the stage?  That’s a no-no for “Cover.”


Now watch THIS dancer at 1:22 in full high heels “exiting” the stage at the Cheolwon-ri industrial event.

At 철원화강다슬기축제  Hadam explodes on & off the stage. This IS “Cover.”
#stopsucking @oceanholic_life #bodhispeakscover


The other blog has Hyolin doing “Cover.” And you know what we think about I-Dulls who steal shit from our Cover Queens…..

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

21 thoughts on “Is Hadam A KPOP Game-Changer – AGAIN??

  1. Hey Bohdi

    Hadam, on her worst day, would bury Bomi. And I like Bomi, but seriously.

    Still waiting on the next Laysha performance (and keeping my fingers crossed).

    Later man, you are the best!!!!

    Lifes Good. (BlackBunny is supposed to performing 3/25 – 4/7) Can ya any vids?

    1. Tx man. U r always so supportive of the bodhicat.

      Yeah, hoping that Blackbunny keeps putting it out there & the fancammers start covering them. We’ll keep our eye on them. Hana is our girl.

  2. Wow, this is quite a dissertation, BodhiCat 😮

    Love Hadam’s energy in these, and how she’s constantly involving the audience. One of Bambino’s chief visual appeals was their use of low rise shorts – still seldom see that in kpop cover (let alone iDulldom), ‘cept for Girl Crush – nothing wrong with working what works.

    Though this might get them some heat (again):

    I suspect Jenny was seen as a temp with GC as someone at the company (Dami?) had TaeRi in mind and maybe she wasn’t free to join GC immediately.

    On Waveya picking up from Bambino, Waveya does a lot of standard kpop covers, along with their sexy stuff. I suspect their sexy stuff is the most popular though, and they’re good at it, so it kinda dominates – I think they’ll use whatever works from wherever, so yeah, probably some Bambino moves too. Lotta people doing that Dahee salute.

    Japanese dancers – classic model dancing, kinda stationary wiggling around, no choreo – but at least they’re smiling unlike their Chinese equivalents.

    I am curious to see what Hadam brings to Laysha – certainly she’s still got the energy, and fan service is a priority – both big positives. Here she’s warming up her booby bounce (yeah, I like boobs) so that’s also a good sign:

    I do worry about boyfriend approval of sexy performances (maybe that’s what slowed Som down? Well, ’till this: -that’s the Som I love!)

    Fancams I’ve seen seem to be concentrating on Hyeri so not much Hadam to be seen at present.

    1. Gotta luv the Crush. Shameless about stealing ideas & fitting it into their routines. But it works, kind of.

      Don’t underestimate the Chinese dancers. They will do thangs that will blow your mind. But they are crude compared to our Korean Cover artists. Then again, it’s hard to see all that is going on around the country, it’s so damn vast! Could be some really good stuff happening. You remind me to explore it more.

      Good insight. Hyeri is really popular among fanboys and my lesbian friends too.

      Where do you think Hadam will take them? That is the 60 zillion yen questions.

      1. Yet to see anything really interesting from China (other than those bath tub performances) – yes, they’re a lot more willing, but a lot less able, too.

        Brazilians do it better:

        I thought Chaejin was the fangirl fav – but expect all have their fangirls.

        Where Hadam takes Laysha? – well, isn’t that Goeun’s prerogative? (Goeun was the only one doing Dancehall in their 16 Shots) – will say I sure hope it’s not to Moonlight Showerland, though yeah, that might not have been Hadam’s fault.

  3. Taeri put a primal on Stellar too! She is a game changing girl. I never appreciated her much but until now. Slays!! 😍

  4. Taeri is the hottest chick in cover right now. Best blow job? You got it right Bodhi. LOL. Hadam? “She doesn’t have it any more.” Not sure she ever did. It was Eunsol and Dahee.

      1. Funny, I fell asleep on the side of a hill (a few years ago, ha!!) at the Kickapoo Creek Music Festival listening to BB singing The Thrill is Gone, one of the best songs of all time. Small world man. Is life good or what.

  5. Hey Bodhi

    Thought about you and Lastone tonight. I was driving by a place called All State Arena just outside Chicago and on their huge billboard they are advertising Blackpink! All State Arena seats about 18,000!! And I saw Hadam practising (actually it looked like they were just having a good time goofing around) with Laysha so I’m feeling a little better :):).
    Later, Lifes Good
    Oh, is that Japanese Princess Yua, Ha!!

  6. Hey Bodhi

    If the new Laysha does New Thang, who is out front? If they do Samsara, who’s in front on the “spoon”? Fun!!


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