Interlude: BodhiCat Christmas Letter


Eunsol aflame!!!  She is only 28 & a legend.)

She is working hard to get her new group in gear for a 2019 success.

But until that success reaches them, what we remember most are her near other-worldly performances & fan service moments, which were outrageous. She shook us. If we could have anything for Christmas, we’d want her to do performances like this again.

OK we say it AGAIN: Eunsol sooo tore up this performance that the world of KPOP’s wigs flew off  “No one knew a Cover dancer could look & do that.” They said. She smoked Idols with her great fancam view numbers.  She owned the moment.  At 28 she is trying to relight the highest fire ever!  Good luck baby!!

And performances with a team that can do this!! (With Seolhyun’s boyfriend getting a Christmas present sitting in that chair!! LOL)  

With Hadam conducting the Bambino leg orchestra, Bambino gives the gift of the season!  Because Eunsol is in it, this one has 1.8 million views.  One of dozens of hers that are now way over 1 million views on her 28th birthday!!

But since we cannot have THAT this year:


“OK, BodhiCat.  You got me down the chimney.  Here is that booty shake you wanted this year.  Now, where are my cookies & whiskey??”




“Thanks for all the hot Waveya videos.  Can you please send Waveya back out on the road to perform in front of live audiences again!”

Between this, Fly with Me & Girl Crush, this Iggy Azalea cover has been getting a workout!  (Is it us, or did Ari’s booty get thccker??)

Their recent twerking videos are sexy AF.


Wish #2

We want to see a big-time battle between two queens who are competitive AF, fierce, athletic & talented.  So Santa baby, please have Taeri of G-Crush call out Minhee of Stellar.  Then let them climb into that ring & go one-on-one in an erotic cover dance-off to “Vibrato.”  

Who does Stellar better?  Minhee or Taeri?
Let’s have a cash prize of $1 million split 70-30 (with only $500 going to their agencies.)

Wish #3


“Dear Santa,

We got it wrong about Holly Queen.

Last year they were ranked so high (#5) that we said Juhee & Sun Bi were ruining Fly with Me’s parade!

We thought their bop “Closer” was the hottest in Cover &  even named our end of the year blog posts after a phrase in it (“Up in the High.”)

KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

But damn Santa, they never did anything else! So please Santa, give HQ a great comeback!!”

Wish #4


Give this woman all the Makestar money she can count for doing this!!!

Legend.  Merry Christmas to the greatest Sexy Cover dance stylist in KPOP history: GoEun.


Wish #5

This is my most expensive toy request, Santa.  I want Yeon (Hyeon) to dance better & give fan service just like Hadam.  I know some gifts take more time for your elves to put together, but hurry them up.  I’m ready to explode over her but she’s still a diamond in the rough.

If Hyeon (Yeon) gets it right, she’s going to wear us out fapping.


Some new dudes & chicks are putting out tribute videos that are OMFG.  Amazing.  We RUN to their posts:

Shoutout to genius @jelly.joenyul!

2018 posts from our other blog (which is all about Bambino, sort of) are going be archived to make way for 2019 soon.  So RUN to read them now.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.



Plump & ready for any holiday dinner table, here is a thccck bird called a Hwasa.  Turn on the faux heat & watch this I-Dull try to spin us into thinking she’s got Cover covered.

Maybe Santa will give her a real twerk for Christmas??!!  Fucking I-Dulls, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Nari is one I-Dull who twerks like a woman should.  Like a Cover queen.  

Go on now Nari.  Nice ‘n’ slo ’til we blow.  These “Wait & Shoot” style twerks are sooo hot. 



Now we let a woman take over.  An Ultimate Queen.

Pocket Girls is primed for a pump in 2019.  Looking more confident than ever now, the #4 ranked team finishes the year hot, fit & not even throwing open their tops at the peak moment & STILL going off!!!  Sabin does some of the season’s best booty work to close the year!


Watch this space for our review of 2018 nugus who we think will dope out in 2019 & go big time.  Who will be the next Shasa or Rose Queen Jini?

Big time shoutout to @versacejxy –  master of the tribute vid. 


Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

35 thoughts on “Interlude: BodhiCat Christmas Letter

  1. Seeing a lot of Bodhicat Eunsol adoration – I know you’re still Hadam’s #1 fan though, so looks to be reminiscing on what could have been for Bambino. The season of Auld Lang Syne.

    Hwasa – she does have an interesting look. And kudos for trying. Still, with those remarkable thighs (which kpop media has spent volumes remarking on) and no butt – just looks really weird to me 😶

    Sabin – or Habin of Pocket Girls (one never knows with Korean name translations) – she tried to change her Instagram name briefly. I wondered why (some just constantly do that), couple of days later back to previous version. And yeah, so far Pocket Girls most resemble an Idol group – in a positive way, just maybe they are an Idol group now? What’s the official definition (apart from the knetz fandom wars def, that is)?

    And yeah, I do expect to see nugus who will make your list in 2019.

    1. “The season of Auld Lang Syne!” Ha ha ha. Yeah. Sentimental me. (If you only knew me…’d call the RCMP. LOL)

      Hadam will for sure always be my muse. We were linked & readers like u & this blog at least helped her reach her dream of being recognized as a great dancer. She really luved dancing but not KPOP. And she was really dumb about career management.

      Eunsol – who had perfect high riding waves like I’ve never seen for 2 years knew that when lightning hits it only hits once. She may fall short of her dream now but I want to see her get to a good place w/Tropical. Tropical needs to take a page from Pocket Girls or Real Camila though.

      So who are your top nugus for ’19? Happy New Year, dude!

        1. That’s a good groove to be in. I am heading out to surf her partner Yeon (Hyeon) in ’19.

          I define “nugus” by a general lack of popularity widely. Or a group that has struggled to put points (fancam views) on the board or get a hot buzz going but that now is hitting stride with the people who count.


          In fact, if you look at the numbers, Tropical fits into the “rookie” or nugu category, no?

          BTW: Seihee is on a end of year tear. She is giving some inspired smoking performances. (She must have a vacation coming up. That’s when she usually takes the bigger board out.)

          1. Haven’t been following Tropical at all. Occasional looks at Camila but not feeling them, though glad they’re doing OK (far as I can tell) in Idoldom.

            Yeah, Siehee’s been getting even stronger, still stands out dancewise. Girl Crush has a good mix of capabilities though I’d still like to see more Bambino style audience baiting from them.

            Bomi really bounce you from her Instagram?

          2. Yubin of Real Cam is more my kind of woman on the personal side, style & looks wise. But she also has a killer body when she is in the right outfit.

            Great point on G-Crush & needing to “bait” audiences. I’ll bring that up next year.

            Yeah. Nature of being visible as a blogger we learned. She bounced me after I said (accurately) that she ripped Fly with Me. But she also fumed when I said she was lazy AF at the Auto Show over the Summer. (I am going to piss her off again, I’m afraid, in a post coming up in Jan.)

            They pay attention & r sensitive to criticism which they assume is going toward slut-shaming or perving. Don’t blame them. Women need to protect themselves when they are doing that kind of art. But we are obviously on their side.

            It happens now & then. Gayoung (ex-Switch) did it to me personally, even though we had communicated a lot. She claimed I violated an “off the record” exchange & tagged her on purpose with some Switch members included. The relationship between her & Switch is fucking poison. Anyway, she’s done with KPOP & working out some “family” issues.

          3. On perceived plagiarism, I expect Waveya got the twerking cops idea from somewhere too. Cover, why so sensitive? As long as the choreo has something to offer, who really cares (though apparently one CAN copyright dance moves, particularly stupid looking dance moves).

            When I mentioned here that GaYoung hasn’t posted for some months on Instagram, she started posting again! Conclusion? 😁

            Wow, Chrome auto removed my emoji picker, keeping me safe I’m sure 🙄

          4. If choreo is considered intellectual property then there are issues. But Cover choreo laws in Korea are not known.

            Gayoung’s Instagram is like a cliched Pepperidge Farms commercial combined with an Idaho travel agency brochure. I would think that at some point she would want to get back to work. But then again, I don’t. LOL. Maybe that’s why we got along….But then she found another darn mutt to luv:

      1. “The season of Auld Lang Syne!” Ha ha ha. Yeah. Sentimental me. (If you only knew me…’d call the RCMP. LOL)

        😏 s’OK never did buy that asteroid mining stock 😏

        Constantly looking around via YouTube, seeing quite a few new dance groups/idol wannabes – but none that stand out for me so far. It’ll happen though.

        1. There are a few out there on the radar. We just don’t see them enough. I’d advise following @bitcitu2011. Those 2 guys cover a ton of ground on the ground, including Bomi at the auto salon! They showed me how ripe that tree is over there.

          I got my eye on A.feel right now. Do wish D.el would come back. Wrote about that today on the blog which is loading faster since we cleaned up a lot of old posts.

          Keep looking for those outer space stocks! We’re going up there eventually…. Kind of like Nugus – the gems are around.

          1. Oh, like the redhead here:


            @bitcitu2011 are very busy, moreso than I care to be. I’ll wait for whoever to come up on my followed fancams or random YouTube recommendations. Life ain’t long enough.

            Bet there are a lot of Chinese outer space stocks 🙄 but any ROI is beyond my personal time horizon 😶 I’ll enjoy the hummingbird enjoying the rain in my backyard and leave that to the Jame Tiberius Kirks (whatever the Chinese translation of that is) 🐲

  2. It is pretty obvious that the line between Cover dance and the traditional Idol style is merged. Groups such as Pocket Ladies have both qualities and the Hwasa video is more theft of Cover than Idol originality. Yet Fly with Me gets less respect for their original brilliance than other groups. I do not understand this. You of course write about them and your work here has given Cover dancing great support and it is true genius sir. But in 2019 I am hopeful that Fly with me (who is very popular in France where i am from) will get equal liberty of viewing that Girl Crush and Pocket Girls received. I believe they are “very French.” And you like that I happen to know from your style! Joyful Noel to you.

    1. The KPOP establishment really shunned them and then changed. So Hadam and Bambino look tame now compared to what others are doing but Hadam took abuse. Even at the concerts themselves. Even while they cheered or took fancams for money making. Eunsol and Dahee too. They got called “sluts” and all kinds of words. They were just pissed on. Thanks god they get respect from sites like this but you notice that most people really do not respect them at all. No wonder Hadam and Gayoung leave. It is the one business that forces its stars out!! Weird.

      1. Interesting about abuse at the venues. Know kpop fans tend to be very active at concerts (cheers etc) – hadn’t thought of that sort of interaction, though.

        Now that some popular girl Idol groups are trying to be overtly sexy (or at least some members are), I assume that’s changed, at least for their fans.

      2. Great point. A business that ruins its own assets before it can fully monetize them. They used to call them idiots.

        I always wonder, having gotten pretty close to a few of the better known performers, if the stress of just being judged was the factor that drove them out as much as lack of money, sleep or personal time?

    1. Saw that. Tx. They republished a lot of it from a previous, longer article. She made enough money to buy two coffee shops, one she runs & the other is run by (I think) her sister. She was complaining on a Korean site about people showing up just to “see her.” She was upset that they weren’t respectful of other customers. It was kind of sweet & naive. I mean I in LA they BEG you to do that!! Cultural differences I guess. Or she never really bought into the whole Stellar thang. A shame. They were truly wonderful IMHO.

      1. I think they very much wanted to be Rocket Girl Stellar – even though they cringed at that later – sexy worked for them so they went with it, but were always trying to get back to Rocket Girl and, thankfully, that didn’t happen. Better to go out being the Stellar they became than the Stellar they’d envisioned (according to me, of course).

        So, no, this GaYoung didn’t buy into The Entertainment Pascal’s Stellar. Nor did Minhee, or probably Hyoeun – which leaves Jeonyul.

  3. Oh boy BodhiCat are you ever a really good writer! I love to read your good words and so you are my “gift.” I want to hug you for Christmas! (I hope Hwasa gets the twerk and the May Queen girl gets new hairpiece. She is a little too fat for you maybe? Ha ha.)

  4. Hi BodhiCAt Merry Christmas. I hope you are good visiting your family in NYC! Hey we heard that Bomi is quite upset when you wrote on your blog that she stole Fly with Me choreo and told her competitor Sally that. Did anyone tell you that? What did Sally say to you about it?

    1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you Lee babe.

      All good here. Staying until Jan 2

      Yeah. I heard. She blocked me on Instagram.

      I also heard Fly with Me didn’t like it but really blew it off.

      We promote GC big time & so do vid editors like Versacejyx. But if anyone says anything bad about them they cut balls! Part of the game I guess.

      G-Crush earned being #1. They are ruthless, which they need to be.

      Sally explained that basically no one asks permission. They just rip if off to show they can do it better. (Unless it was performed on TV first. Then there is legal stuff involved & they have to ask.)

  5. No way on May Queen, man. They are fat slobs giving it a shot. Get less of a thrill seeing them than I did Hadam who you inflated beyond belief! But your stuff is fun to read anyway and surfers need to stick together! <3

    1. Dude, thx for the backhanded compliment….

      May Queen are anything but “fat slobs.” They are hard working girls with a dream but need better choreo, fitness coaching & management! But these lesser groups sometimes get caught on the ankle surf & not the waves. But we will keep plugging them.

    1. OMFG! Hard bodies. I’m suffocating man! Tx.

      Big news: the queen is returning. Just read that Choi Gwi Bi is going to compete again in ’19 after taking time off to raise her kid. If she gets locked up again against “Pino” Choi it will be too much for my wig, bro. Two goddesses. Happy New Year. Good to see u guys in NYC.

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