Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Som 솜 – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 4

이 댄서는 아주 뛰어나서 쉽게 대신할 분을 찾지못할겁니다.

우리가 가장 좋아하는 KPOP 댄서.




I think having too much lust may be a sin in religion but I don’t think it’s a sin in KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing. 

When it comes to “Cover,” it’s nothing but a stairway to heaven.

If that’s too intellectual for you, let’s just say “Lusty Dancing” is a good concept…..

And IF Cover were based only on THAT ONE concept, the greatest Sexy Cover Dancer of all time would NOT be Hadam. 

It would be Lusty Som.

Know why?

Because when it cums to overall Fan Service, Water Dousing & Hard Dancing  – the three deadly branches from the tree of BodhiCat’s lust of Cover Dance artists – she is the only one who did them ALL at the highest level.

She practically invented them.

Her fancams spread wide & far:  Som opens one of her best performances ever at Chungnam University & went on to give an incredible dance fireworks show.

And when Som felt like going nasty she didn’t ask anybody’s permission. 

She just went there!

Som was born to be a “Cover” star.  She could only ever have been a Sexy Cover Dancer.  That’s all there is to it.

She is a great one because Lust is her game. Her style.

When I watched my lumpy, sexy, thcck bias Hayeon put her foot up on a stage amp & launch her Laysha career with this slow but decent solo cover of “The Horns” at Daegu Polytech I thought:

“She’s got a long way to go to be like Som.”

And then I fapped.

But Hayeon (who has since quit Laysha & returned to May Queen) could not replace Som. Who could?

Boreum and Seihee have their own style & we hope they can make it work for that fading super nova named “Laysha.”

What would high-octane Som have done with Hayeon’s solo song & that audience out there??!!

Slay brothers & sisters. Slay with Lust in her heart & twerks in her booty that could sink the British Royal Fleet.

If Som’s career as a KPOP Sexy Cover Dancer is over she can get off knowing that she is missed more than any other dancer who ever “retired,” was fired or left performing because of ‘health” reasons.  

She would smile & hump you straight & hard.  When Som was in front of you it was the closest you could get to getting the girl you could never get in a zillion eons.

She was dominant like a dominatrix & except for Duyoo (DJ Cocoa or Whatever the Fuck she’s called now) Som came out first with more styles & looks & choreo bounce moves than anyone.

She could be a strong (“I am going to be on top tonight,” she joked in a video once) & had the fun luving heart of a sexy magician. 

She could pull her pussy out of a hat & saw an audience in half.

Thighs of an athlete.  Beauty & power too.  Her “Baby Baby” openings were pure Laysha-style attack dancing. She would never let up the entire performance. Her body was built for “Cover.”

Or she could be beautiful & fashionable:

Short-haired Som looking like a fashion model or a member of Mamamoo.

But always, always, always she was a star who delivered much FAN SERVICE because pleasing you BodhiCats was #1 on her mind.

After drying off after a hot, sweaty performance which included an amazingly sexy water dousing, Som returns for an encore & it was all about fan service!

She was daring. 

When her friend Eunsol & Bambino’s petulant queen Hadam shocked the KPOP Nation & the world with “wardrobe” malfunctions that were epic, Som decided to try her own.

While thinking about it she said, “I will make them lust for what is between my legs before I finish them off with great dancing. They will always remember Som!!”

  It was a risky style but we ate her up. 

And we luved her.  Really luved her for it.

Safety Shorts: Som Shows Her Cunt

Her calm daring was like riding a 40 foot wave.

Som took on all the classic Covers & was near the top of the legendary dancers.

Early in her career she got her first waves of attention when her cover of “Wiggle Wiggle” broke out.  It was one of the best ever done. 

Six Bomb’s agency asked whether Som was available to join the group.  JS Entertainment would not release her from her new contract with Laysha.

Image result for Som laysha water gifs"

On the team bus Six Bomb’s members were mocking Laysha & their sexy style. Their manager got pissed.  He shouted at them, “To most of YOUR fans you would be helpless against the hard body, outfit & lusty dancing of Laysha Som on the stage if you were both together.  I would want her to join this group if I could have her. You should be MORE like her!” 

Unlike Hadam, Som was not jealous when Eunsol got hot.  She was  happy for her. To be honest she didn’t give a shit. At first her focus was on rival group Red Cat from Pusan, where Som was from

She was confident of Laysha’s powerful skills & helped to make them #1.  She then went to Pusan with Laysha & made Red Cat’s totally horny!

Image result for Som laysha water gifs"

Som in Pusan performing in her “deliberately red” outfit the day after the city’s star Cover team Red Cat performed.  “Laysha became as popular in Pusan’s as the Idols or even Red Cat almost,” said a KPOP blogger living  there.

Laysha & Som were copied for three years by every group & they dominated the BodhiCat Talk Soju Surfers Club rankings at #1 until last year when Girl Crush pushed them off the top. 

There was no real competition until……

…….her own agency & the shitface production company for the variety show producing Laysha’s reality TV program fucked her up.  Betrayed her in a way that is criminal in civilized countries. 

Som the queen & the fearless one who showed her cunt, went public & busted them. Called them out.  Showed them to be not worthy of her talent or her lusty style.

I guess her mental health took a hit.  She did something no pampered, enslaved I-Dull would think of doing: she got a lawyer.

If it were the USA or Canada or Australia or Singapore her agency & whoever was sneaking those cameras into their private homes & dressing rooms would be sued so fucking hard their mommies would cry “Ouch!” 

But Korean KPOP agencies are still operating in the Dark Ages. Abuse is the real sin here, not Som’s lust.

Now our girl is going down for real.

But we know she’ll be back up soon. We’re all here to support her & keep celebrating her amazing fappabilities.


Our own Black Bunny rising star Hana shared the question our readers as the most about her:  “What does your huge thigh tattoo REALLY mean?”

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

40 thoughts on “Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Som 솜 – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 4

    1. Is it me, or is there something missing in this group? Is GoEun (I hate to say this….), slowing down & is Bomi blitzing through her with her amazing sense of daring?? Help! I feel like Laysha is slipping badly. But I know they always come back. But w/o Som??

      1. Messing with a working group is a real risk. I know you sports guys love doing that and some coaches do too.

        Kpop’s kinda projected a mix and match attitude but stars are stars for a reason -they can’t just be substituted and the result will be the same.

        Goeun’s certainly trying to put Laysha back togeather and kinda doubt she’s to blame for Som’s recalcitrance, whatever Som seems to think (Insta one way communication). Hyeri was a real surprise. Clearly Goeun’s determined to reinvent Laysha. We’ll just have to see, she’s really pushed some limits with their latest ad (thanks Chajean!) certainly got me curious.

        Bomi and the water pour. Well, Bomi learns and adapts. Also vary curious to see Girl Crush (upcoming performances according to Real GC’s Insta) with BlackBunny getting so much attention.

  1. Hey Bodhi, what about Bomi pouring water HERE!!??? You said she didn’t like to do it but this is amazing. https://youtu.be/6_J_nUhGbdk Looks like she is totally into it. As good as that one Jenny did that you used to show over and over. Bomi goes for it!!!

  2. Wait, WHAT !?! I’ve been trying to read that for months, if this is BB Hana.

    So far got lee sohua (or soheea) and Adorable or Wanable 🤷‍♂️

  3. Oh hey, on topic again, looks like Laysha did this just after moving to A1:


    And I’m going to add some more guesses to Hana’s tattoo, lee Sohora & Stanable
    – though Wanable fits what I’m seeing better.

    GC Zia uploaded some new Insta performance vids that look quite hot, but no fancams so far

      1. Seihee,? Not that I’ve noticed (though I did notice that great derriere in the Goeun AfreecaTV vid). TaeRi does look like she’s had some nose work, though:

        Ah, don’t have Insta on this computer anymore, but she just uploaded a profile pic on her Insta, kinda to show, methinks.

  4. MayQueen’s Hayoung (ex-Laysha) has a YouTube channel:


    Maybe she’ll bring some of the other members on too.

    Would like to see Goeun do a broadcast with Seihee. Well, seek and – here’s the whole Laysha crew, including Boreum doing a recent photoshoot (no the net isn’t broken, AfreecaTV just takes a long time to connect):


    Wonder if Boreum is a BJ like Hayoung. Lotta BJ’s do Laysha dances so it wouldn’t be surprising.

    1. Nothing better than Laysha and a army audiences. Great. But still Bambino at Wonju best like Bodhi and the guys says.

      1. Ha, so did A1. Seems they’ve caught up, though. Probably something to do with Goeun and and a bag of weasels 😝

        Re: Boreum, most replacements (and she is) need some stage time to really get the group vib, can’t do that in a practice room.

        Given MayQueen’s latest group pic (don’t have, think it was a Sieun Insta Story), I’m really curious to see their next performance:


  5. Well, this is interesting, considering fancams are the way most of us see sexy kpop cover, AllKpop’s got an article with “fancam” in the title, but it’s only considering sources within mainstream kpop (Mnet etc) and of Idols:


    So it’s still the single pharkil/Hani video for official recognition, despite all the views the real fancams get (especially sexy cover fancams). Kudos to mainstream for picking up on the fancam thing though. And I see they’ve mostly eliminated their agitated hyper camera movement style in music shows now, thanks for that, anyway.

    I’m hoping/seeing though, performers have realized they don’t need a big agency & music shows for worldwide YouTube fame (as refed by one of the comments), all they need is a stage/street, crowd and a fancam or 10 😁

    AllKpop (and I suspect the others) do know where their bread & butter are located, though they have reported on some events relevant to sexy cover.

    1. Saw that Laysha post. (Note the water pour near the end. Like Life & a good wave, way to short. BUT note the technique diff bet Seihee style & the Laysha queens.

      Star Fruit: almost guaranteed a ranking this year.

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