Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Gayoung – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode #1

She was luuved by fans from the first minute of her career!

이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다!


We first got turned on to Gayoung around the time when we were getting tongue-dragged over THE OTHER Gayoung.

We were fapping so hard to Bambino in those days that we needed a diversion now & then. So we used Stellar as our “rest area.”  For real. 

And then became big Stellar stans.

Related imageStellar was our fave “Cover” style I-Dull group – of course!

One night we found a “Gayoung vs Gayoung” battle video thumbnail. 

We thought, “Whoooa!  Stellar’s Gayoung against herself.”

But what we saw were two Gayoungs & one totally blew our wigs.

You can fast-forward to 4:04 because there is not much to see here until then…..

Despite a nice, sweetie pie sexy performance by our Stellar G-Girl, we got smacked by a long-legged brunette with a pounding power & energy who (TBH) spectacularly crushed the other woman.

We were instant Gayoung fans. We forgot about Stellar’s Gayoung that night.

Over time Gayoung (of Switch) got into BodhiCat Talk & even referred to herself  (to us at least) as “the real Gayoung.” 

Gayoung’s popularity skyrocketed with fans too.

The All-KPOP site listed a bunch of I-Dulls as “X- and S-Line queens.” They ranged from the entire Sistar line-up to Hwasa & some chicks in CLC. 

The usual crap.


Nice – but do you think THIS is really S-Line Queen material?? Ha ha ha. (See below.)

But the Cover world knew that the least-recognized girl in the post – a total nugu to most – was THE REAL GAYOUNG & THE ALL-TIME S-Line Queen.  

And when performances like this hit…..

Image result for gayoung switch sexy gif

…..KPOP had a new “S-Line Queen.” Gayoung OF SWITCH!   The media gave her that title.

Suddenly the Switch maknae was at a level with Eunsol, Jini & the best girls in KPOP.

She held her S-Line Queen title until she left KPOP.

We knew we were watching a great Cover dancer.  Her group, Switch, went on a fast wave & rode it.

She even called out Bambino.

Gayoung of Switch: We Are “Much Better” Than Bambino

She was beautiful.  She was totally the best-looking girl in a group of amazing beauties.  With Minji, Duyoo & Jenny dancing strong & sexy in Bambino’s & Laysha’s shadows, Switch (or Switchberry) became a legendary group & the best lineup in DAM Entertainment until Girl Crush came along.

But Gayoung was more than a sexy, pretty dancer.  Her style of dancing was rock & roll in tight shorts & high-heels.  Her concept was to go “hard.”  Her amazing, thrilling, pounding, hard charging, wild performances left us breathless. 

People watched her & some said, “Be careful, baby! That’s hard on your  knees & your body.”  

But she went at it like a surfer unafraid of dangerous waves & rocks.

Her transformation into KPOP’s new S-Line Queen taught us what “Going Hard” really means!!!!

Image result for funny cartoon gif of someone getting an erection embarrassed

We got our Switch “On” for real, thanks to Gayoung ya’ll.

No half-ass dancer, Gayoung was all bust on a stage.  Like a rocket going off. 

Water dousing? She invented it in one concert. 

Gayoung was the shit.  She was.

Fan service? She was the first Cover dancer to go out into a crowd AND POUR WATER DOWN THROATS PERSONALLY!!

She was damn sure “worth it.”

Gayoung was perfect in appearance.  She never changed, faltered or failed to totally slay.

She always went hard on stage.  150% percent. She tore up fans. Slayed every night. But she roughed her body up so bad & pushed it way beyond where it could go. Unlike Stellar’s Gayoung,” she gave her body up for her fans & for Cover.” – Park Cheol

The cameras  luuved her!  Chou Gayoung was one of the top 3 Cover dancers ever.  She had it all.  But she injured herself going “all out” & had to stop.  It was supposed to be temporary but it was forever.

Any GIF you see of her does not begin to tell the story of the famed “S-Line Queen” of Cover or what she was like live.


Even the most successful Cover dancers burn out.

In her case it was constant injuries & just going all out in a nasty, rough business.  Cover dancers are shit all over by fans & management & that turned her off.  DAM Entertainment did nothing to protect her or get her back. 

They screwed her over.

Image result for switch gayoung gif

Watch close: a tired Gayoung nearly staggers in the Summer heat.  This happened a lot to her. The result of always going 150% for her fans!

She turned against Cover after that.

  She stayed in group photos & was under contract, but finally it all stopped. She turned against everyone except Jenny & even sent BodhiCat Talk sharp DMs whenever we asked what was up. 

Once Gayoung left, Switch went down in the rankings. The group fell hard to a weak #8 last year.  Hopefully with a new line-up & the hot Hana, they are going to climb back up.

But Gayoung is out for good.  She doesn’t want to talk anymore about herself or Switch.  Ever. 

But fans want to definitely talk about her!!


She has the most iconic video tribute.  The Childish Gambino track is all about her!  She is also worshipped in a tribute video by @jelly.jeonyul. Check it out.

While “the other Gayoung” is now running a successful coffee shop & scolding fans publicly who just want to come to see her after years of worship & support….

Image result for gayoung stellar gif

…..the “Real” Gayoung is at least living a good life: traveling, enjoying good food, exotic vacations.  Looks like she has bucks now.

But it’s sad.  Stellar was great & is gone.  TBH like most I-Dull groups they had to “choreo” fan worship & go sexy with resistance.

Not the “Real” Gayoung.  She is the Cover dancer who will always be remembered because she went hard, was real & fans adored her natural beauty & her S-Line.

She may have gone sour on Cover but she is still sweet to her zillions of fans!

Related image감사합니다❤️ You made us smile too.

Coming next: the beautiful Iconic Cover Queen who “flash fucked” us.  (And we don’t mean Sieun of May Queen….)


OK, we know Gayoung was Cover. Big time too.

So now it’s time to play, “Is This Cover?” 

So…..is iTHIS “Cover?”

This is Renee Wu (“Professor Wu.”)  No shit, Rene has a Ph.D in physics.  A big article was written about her on Oyz.  In Thailand this genius-turned-world champion pole-dancer/teacher is a buzz!!

But is what she is doing on dat pole “Cover?”


OH Fuck Yeah it is!!

The outfit, the attitude, the split, the desire to be sexy AF but still entertain artistically.  That’s “Cover” in the xtreme ya’ll.  Doc Wu is in charge of this Cover operation.

(Even the girl throwing money with her booty shaking is “Cover!!”)

Professor Wu gets BodhiCat Talk readers’ Cover Triumph seal of approval.

항상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​ #isthiscover


2018’s Body of the Year has just announced that she is leaving the #1 group in Cover. 

Her three-year contract expired & Seihee decided to pack it in.  She has already been replaced by her agency.

See our report & take a look at her unbelievably beautiful replacement.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.



She ain’t no professor, but she can teach you to put millions under a spell.

How did Bomi, who dominates the genre of Cover, go from sexy queen to cult queen? 

Was it that “Daddy” tattoo??

보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

While Seihee announced her departure from Girl Crush, Bomi announces that she is the Leader of a new international cult.  “You will obey me, never slut shame me – or I will start dressing like Bambino did after “Moonlight Shower!”

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  1. Was (and is) a DoYu fan, but yeah, it was GaYoung that captured the imagination of fans most during the DoYu GaYoung Minji Switch era.

    Read in a recent-ish Instagram post of hers that GaYoung’s been suffering from leg problems (specifically a problem knee) – if Google Translate was correct (not finding the post now…) – for 10 years! So, yes she went hard (Dahee move was an obvious challenge for GaYoung) and thought she was pushing a bit too hard even then, let alone seeing her writing that.

    Kudos to the other GaYoung too, though – this sort of interaction was pretty rare in the kpop orbit at the time: https://youtu.be/jnROp2RyanM?t=149

    Girl Crush (living up to their name) has made it a regular feature of their performances.

    Renee Wu, yeah she worked that song well. Most extreme shoes I’ve seen outside a these weird bondage point shoes: https://youtu.be/jW8UlrtcEac?t=29

    Bomi working it well.

  2. Iconic recommendations. Duyoo in the Maxim leopard outfit/ Boyoung in Butt/ Lee Boymi doing anything/ Si yo(sic- the Dimepiece chick) in her pussy in your face thing/ any Hush oldies.. Well, that’s a start.

    Later, Lifes Good

    1. No. She’s a model and never danced with a group before I don’t think. (I was hoping they would hire Eunsol!!) Bodhicat likes her.

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