Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Duyoo (두유) – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Edition 3

Ever see a KPOP Cover female “Stud??!”  Here is what it looks like. She is iconic (and has been since 2014).  AND she’s available again for any team that wants a REAL hot dancer.




이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다!

She drips & ooooozes confidence with every move!!

She is known by many names & she slays under all of them!!

She is such a fine sexy dancer & charismatic charming entertainer.  Her  drop-dead body is strong like an athlete’s. She took on her friend Dahee (formerly of Bambino) in their boxing class & almost knocked her out on her feet!  She once flashed her muscle on stage to “ooohhhs & aaahhhs.”

This woman can do anything.  And when it comes to KPOP Sexy Cover she has done it all.

 She has the talent to keep a crowd whipped-up from first note to last in true Sexy Concept style. 

She is SOOO amazing!!  She is worshipped by BodhiCat Talk readers & fanboys & girls.

So why the fuck is she always UNEMPLOYED & her groups seem to flop a lot??!!!

Does Duyoo just have bad luck? 

Laysha, if you are listening we have another dancer you can surprise us with if Hayeon doesn’t work out or if Hadam stays with her Lucky Bastard boyfriend, or if Som keeps drifting like pretty wood on the sea of non-dancing.

In early 2015 while Bambino was tearing things up, a young beautiful, short-haired Duyoo did a cover of EXID that was really good. 

But for some reason the influential Anti-KPOP Fangirl site reviewed the cover & absolutely trashed her.

They basically called her a desperate hooker & said her group (Switch) was a bust.  Neither was true. It really hurt her image.


Contrary to popular opinion, Hadam did NOT dance the most beautiful sexy artistic Cover of all time. She danced the most beautiful “New Thang” pussy wag ever.

Duyoo did the beautiful thang.

One year after being called a whore & then being compared (way unfavorably) to Eunsol she did something unbelievable on a stage.

It was sooo unexpected.

At an outside busker fair Duyoo came out from behind her mixing board & went off. 

Way off.

BodhiCat Talk had had never seen a dance like this. Nobody has since either.

The thin crowd were given a thcck gift of Sexy Cover perfection. The crowd was small but if you were there it was amazing.

It has been seen by millions!!

It will always be watched as the most fappable art in Cover history.

It was genius. It shook & it was shocking as a bomb.

Queen snaps!!!  Duyoo #duyoo is the most underrated Sexy Cover Dance performer of all time! Her stride back to the mixing board after this stunning dance is a fap reel  itself.

With confidence off the charts, Duyoo came out from behind her DJ pose in an outfit that dropped jaws.  She had on a denim jacket over a bra that was like a queen’s jewels.  She proceeded to crush a version of “Adult Ceremony,” which she had never covered before.

It became a classic viral fancam.  

Those 4.5 million views don’t even begin to tell the tale of her tail.

But for some reason she only performed it live ONCE. 

Nine Muses (whose version Duyoo had taken it from) was forgotten!  Girls Day’s version was not even thought about after this.

Duyoo saw this I-Dull version & took it up 50,000 feet!

Duyoo took Switch to the next level with this Cover underground performance.

She has a special place in BodhiCat Talk icons’ history.

There are so many questions about this performance:

The BIG ONE: why didn’t she do it again & again & again??? 

Next to Hadam’s “New Thang” in 2015, “Adult Ceremony” is still the most attention getting 1:26 in Cover.

Maxim immediately hired her to cover it.  When she did there was a Hadam/Bambino type scandal about whether she had a “commando” moment at :44. 

You decide.

당신은 사랑스럽게 보입니다.  She did the cover of “Adult Ceremony” one more time for MAXIM in a breathtaking outfit to promote the website & magazine.  Someone said she looked like a cross between Hadam’s sharp, strong sexual dancing & Som’s thcck lusty fun style.  

There was talk that DAM Entertainment got freaked by the “scandal” buzz. 

BodhiCat Talk readers don’t believe it.

Even Girl Crush’s Bomi who was smart enough to give it a try & hope for the same results couldn’t get to Duyoo’s level. Bomi, we know, ain’t worried about a thang when it comes to scandals.

Cover’s ultimate thief, Queen Bomi, gave Duyoo’s materpiece a shot.  Nope.


After Switch her status at DAM Entertainment has been like a ghost.  She looked like she would finally get her star when ICIA started to go off. 

Her cover of “Talk Dirty” blew off wigs.  Her booty work was amazing. ICIA was poised to be I-Dulls.

But ICIA disappointed.  So did Label Up, her recent gig.  

She has floated from project to project at DAM doing DJ work, dancing & always, always, always being hot.

We have developed more than a bias for Duyoo.  It is a bias with two shots of vodka and 102 shots of full-fledged lust & worship. The woman has covered so many songs, roles & styles.  She makes every performer she is with hotter.


But Switch was her real vehicle.

Image result for Duyoo switch gif

The Switch team was super group.

Switch was a group of stars. Iconic AF.

Even with the amazing BodhiCat Talk Master Gayoung on a stage, Duyoo could dominate a dance. 

This woman has been looking amazing with an amazing body since 2013.  She may have started Cover dancing & been in it longer than anyone.

Smoke a Duyoo: Cover Dance Fap-Making since 2013!

Duyoo, with her big body & ability to go drooling hot sexy whenever she wants should be spoken with same revereance as Bomi & GoEun & at the top of our rankings. 

Her body rivals them all & she is more athletic & flexible on a stage.

 And when she wants your tongue to drag she just goes for it & you are as punchdrunk as Dahee was the day the two buds sparred in a gym.

Related image

Laysha needs to add Duyoo to its revolving door lineup ya’ll.


She never forgets her roots.  Before going to the mixing board, she gave her fans the service that they came to expect from her.

She knew how to get attention like a Cover queen does.  (Check out the back muscles!) 

She carried Switch & it’s hot new rookies to a #8 ranking. She backed up Girl Crush & made them better too.  Even as a DJ she makes us hornier than the girls dancing in front of her.

But when she it out front, it’s all Duyoo.

This slomo vid shows her off.  Fan pleasing action.

There is only one Duyoo but which one should she be!!???  @djdoo_u



If we asked you which member of Laysha would have the most fanviews in a new Drighk fancam, would you say GoEun or Hyeri?

How about Chaejin, Som or hapless Hadam?

Well it’s none of them. 

It’s her. 메이퀸 하연 joins Laysha!

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


20 thoughts on “Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Duyoo (두유) – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Edition 3

  1. Girl could “sway” her body like few others. ICIA actually made it to Music Bank. Later, it’s golf season!! Life’s good.

  2. Hey Bodhi, hope everything is going well. I was thinking, just in case they decide to shut it all down unless you join their membership deal, how about a tribute to Waveya. Had some time to kill and I was checking the Waveya site and before they started their solos or duet thing, just the 2 of them filled a mall in Indonesia, they performed (as a group) at an auditorium (full) in Houston, etc., and when the “group”4 (or 5) were doing their thing the crowds were “rockin”. Just a thought. Later man-Dodgers look good, and that’s without Kershaw!

    1. Doing great Dude. Busy w/a new ocean project. Great idea about Waveya. They were kind of like the Babe Ruth of Cover for awhile. Real innovators. A European film director uses them still to choreo movies. I worry about the Padres. Young & hungry. Whattya think?

      1. I think I root against any team (sorry, I know you had him last year) with Manny on it. Just don’t like that guy. Kpop is blowing up in the US with Blackpink and BTS filling stadiums. Time to start thinking about Ultra Pussy again?😎

  3. Thanks for that 2013 vid – new to me.

    Believe Label_Up is still active. DoYu & Jimin here in the center:


    Also kinda recognizing the redhead (ex-Switch too?) & maybe Nayoon from ICIA (usually on the right in this vid).

    Looks like they’re doing their pre-debut warmup in Japan:


    Hoping DJ DoYu performs with Girl Crush again – that’s a great combo.

    1. We’re going to get some info in on Label Up tomorrow. The news is they either broke up or reconstituted AGAIN! Duyoo remains with DAMI – the last of the truly legendary Switch girls.

  4. Seems there’s more going on with Laysha. This popped up in my subscriptions – believe it WAS the LayshaTV channel. Couple of comments asking WHAT have been deleted, the current one there may well be shortly too:


    Bodhicat, any sources on this?
    Also, Goeun has liked several Som Insta posts just lately.

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