Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Bo Young – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 2


That didn’t last long, did it?  But it was soooo satisfying.

Bo Young’s moment in KPOP Sexy Cover was short, glaring bright like the Sun & it keeps on giving.  No sexy dancer had such an impact on Cover in such a short time.  In fact, except for thcck, kind of no-talent but charismatic AF queen Sieu of Dimepiece, most  flash fucks like this are forgotten.

But not Bo Young’s. She was special.


A sexy bomb with a sweet face who dropped on us & confidently showed fanboys that there were OTHER sexy teams out there besides Bambino.

In 2016 that was as impossible as Trump telling the truth.

But the truth is that there was one night in 2016 when the hottest Cover of “New Thang” did NOT belong to Eunsol, Dahee or Hadam.

Perfection. Bo dangled a perfect “Cover” of “New Thang” to a stunned crowd. There is not a single flaw in her amazing performance. It was fresh & rivaled Bambino’s versions.
If they ever start a course on the history of Cover at UCLA & the prof asks, “What is ‘Cover?” just show this fancam & you get an easy  “A.”

Boooooo Young sooooo nailed that cover of “New Thang” – and her jeans on her tight body were tongue-dragging – that it stills creates tsunamis of faps.

It was as shocking to BodhiCat Talk as Duyoo’s “Adult Ceremony” surprise, which happened around the same time.

Bo Young had trained herself to perfection to pull this off as part of I-REN’s act.  Today it is like fine whisky.  You can savor it.

Her energy is in perfect flow. Her boob pop at :40 is technically tantalizing. 

Unlike another great pop last year from another group with promise, Bo Young’s makes Hayeon’s dancing look like moves by the girl who stuffed herself at the All You Can Eat food bar, had too many drinks & then got up to dance!

Image result for may queen hayeon dancing gif

Flash flop: May Queen’s once-promising Hayeon needs more choreo training & to trim the baby fat off her inexperienced ass, unlike Bo Young who was perfect, prepared & game ready.
(OK: so we’re a little pissed at May Queen these days…..)

 I-REN was designed to be Pocket Girls-meets-Bambino. While that never happened, her absolute physical beauty, the fancam fever around her & her amazing outfits & choreo created a perfect Cover dance & made her a bias.

At 2:35 in the famous “New Thang” cover you can see she knows she’s hit a home run.  Her confidence is off the charts & she has the audience totally out on its feet. 

She had what it takes for Cover stardom: she could own an audience, she had amazing stage presence, gave fan service (her smiling made me fall in luuuv) & fancammers knew it.

Bo Young was more ready for prime time than any dancer outside of JS Entertainment’s amazing stable.

In late 2016 her agency wrote us a long email & asked us to promote the team.  

  “She is I-RENE. More like Chic Angel. than Bambino,” they claimed.  But we never heard back.

They did have a Chic Angel look.  

Chic Angel – another near-miss group – was more street & raw.   

But Bo Young had more style.  More like an early Captain Roh.

Because of “New Thang” & “Butt” performances Bo Young & were getting ready to hit Cover fancam nation solid. 

They were starting to really smoke popular nugu groups like Chic Angel, New Max  (which crashed after a monster fancam) & even Red Cat. 

It looked like I-REN would be the one to move up in the rankings next to Switch, Laysha & Bambino.

She did “New Thang” again at another festival.  It was almost as good.  Her sweet elegance took the song to different place. No way was Bambino going to move aside for her, but I-REN made her version work.  And they had a fragrant fresh pussy whiff of Stellar in them.

By late Fall Bo Young was proving she could rock a stage & sing & hold an audience.  The rest of her group was in the background.

If BY had stayed with Cover, she would have been a crossover star.  

She was the one performer that might have given Bambino a real run for their money.  I-REN had it all. Hot bodies. Beauty. Disciplined dancing moves & Boyoung was the leader. She had a charisma on stage that was natural & fresh. – (Park Cheol, entertainment publicist)

But she & others rushed their career. 

By early 2017 Lee Jin of the group joined the popular Six Bomb. Things started disintegrating.

This is the last fancam of Bo Young performing.

February 2017: “I’ll take my coffee with hot dancers, please. And I cannot hold the cream.”

I-REN was not holding together as a group.  The best collection of Bo Young fancams was shot & posted by Korean  fancammer 까리뽕삼 K-POP.  It is all that we have left of her performance career.

After a small agency modeling contract got dangled in front of her she decided to cash in on her “KPOP fame” to pursue it.  She has had mixed success. 

While I-REN claimed it would be back (they all do) and Bo Young was seen with Tropical’s Jooeun (which raised the hope that she would join Eunsol in a group) – nothing has happened.

Bo Young poses with Jooeun of Tropical.

(The way things are going for Tropical though, she might want to give her friend Captain Roh a call instead to see if XOX is hiring!!)

It is a big shame that her career in Cover was short.

 It is sooo obvious looking at fancams now that she is a major Cover talent.

She was a comet that shot through the night & we just watched & were dazzled.

Bo Young is an Iconic Queen – the one who nailed “New Thang” & even shook Bambino.  Will she come back & do it again? 

상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​


Shocking news from last night at Yeungnam University!!!

Hadam Returns With Laysha!!! A BodhiCat Talk Exclusive – 하담 (Hadam)은 새로운 걸그룹을 만들고 완전 대박의 즉각적인 성공을 거두었습니다.

#oceana @i.ren_boyoung  #stopsucking #respectlaysha #isthiscover


For sure an affordable low-budget version of Pocket Girls.  But is it “Cover?” Or the violin section of the Tianjin Orchestra trying to make a little cheesecake money on the side.

OK, they have the right outfits for a Chinese version of the Black Bunny or Pocket Girls concept.

(There are two very hot singers in this group who get a big BodhiCat Talk shoutout & free trip to LA when ready!!)

But is it “Cover?”

BodhiCat Talk judges say:

NO!  Sorry.


We have the answer for you here & a look at Seihee’s replacement.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Nobody went harder than the one & only Gayoung.  She was brash & she pushed herself to the limit. 

Read her story.

Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Gayoung – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode #1

Kpop에 속함 모든 카바댄서들에게 메세지를 전합니다….  여러분 그룹이 인기가 있던 없던 그리고 유명한 그룹이든 새로 시작한 무명그룹이든 모두에게 “감사합니다” 

Related image



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  1. Wow!This is really Great BodhiCat. Really love this one!! (You know I wait for them to see who your girl friends are that week!! LOL) Thank you s o much for doing this.

  2. Saw the Were’s Som article – didn’t see comments for that so…

    Though Burning Sun’s providing lots of DRAMA, my main kpop drama at the moment continues to be Som:


    Pretty clearly, the signage indicates 2019 & 2 – which’d be February – and I’m counting 4 dancers here. The res is so poor I can only identify Goeun – by her movement and current hair color (an auburn Goeun!). The one on the right is gesturing like Som though, so there’s hope – but nowhere can I find more than this clue – amazingly fancams are missing for this performance (least in my searches). So, the drama continues.

    Oh, and another great song choice for Laysha (I’m like 2 years late on Stefflon don’s 16 shots).

    1. Wait! If Haddam is now with Laysha why was Som in here? BodhiCat predicted Hadam might join them. Is she?

      1. As I said, the res on that vid is so poor can’t tell who’s who & Som is a logical guess under that condition.

        Pharkil cleared things up. It is Hadam.

        Som seems to have indicated a villian in a series of Instagram stories (I don’t read Korean), so relieved it wasn’t Laysha – and given Laysha’s successful MakeStar project they do need to move on, so I’m OK with that. As usual in all things kpop, no clue as to Laysha/Som situation other than she’s not made any Insta Laysha comments and I’ve seen no Laysha comments on her Insta.

  3. I thought my grandfather had heart problems. Naw. It’s me! I predicted it but it was getting to be a wish after 2 years. I am as happy as I am riding a barrel wave.

    Her dancing is still incredible. Her body looks great. She is a gym freak we know. More matured & she is having sex so she may not have that sexy edge back yet.

    Here’s one for you: is the stage big enough for Cover’s 2 greatest dancers AND Som?!

    Tx for posting dude 🤙

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