Hot Cars and Hotter Cover Dancers In High Gear – Shasa’s High Speed Thrills. 이 그룹보다 무대위에서 에너지가 넘치는 그룹은 없읍니다.


이 그룹보다 무대위에서 에너지가 넘치는 그룹은 없읍니다.

Say what?? Let me x’plain…..

I just luuuv a good competition.  And we’ve got a great one brewing for 2019.

Shasa of Fly with Me is recognized as the fiercest dancer in Cover now.  Ask anyone who attended last night’s Yaman performance & you saw fierce as you fapped your way to paradise:

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핫하다핫해 꺄꺄꺄🙊🙉🙈💕

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They do it night after night!! Fly with Me has come out with more new choreo to show Girl Crush & others that they create, not imitate. This was so hot they had to wear red fireproof uniforms given to them by LA Fire Department!!

But most fans knew at last year’s Seoul Auto Salon that this was the blazing on fire team!!

Like #1 Girl Crush, Fly has become iconic. 

Shasa has been discovered by the legendary video editors just like Bomi.

Gay girl genius editor @versacejxy likes it up her ass – and “dirty cop” Shasa does her right!

Wherever this woman takes her group they slay. 

Booties in motion. Pure buskers who can DANCE & whose asses are always bustin’ moves!

Famous & ranked #3 they take on gigs in clubs, on the street – anywhere where they can flash their unique, creative classy stripper-rap-techno dances. 

These are tough bitches who know how to entertain. 

Is Fly with Me now the new face of Cover? 

Other groups like Black Bunny honor them by imitating them.  Our #1 ranked Girl Crush imitates & steals choreo from them.

Dirty Cops!! Why Did Girl Crush Steal Fly with Me’s Choreo? 여기에 2018년 최고의 KPOP 카바댄스 순간들이 모였읍니다. 정말 멋진 2018년이었지요!


You see the difference between Fly’s attitude & everybody else all the time.

It was not a surprise when we heard from the 2 dudes (@bitcitu2011) who covered the Seoul Auto show last year that Fly with Me snapped.

That’s the Fly Way.

But BodhiCat Talk was surprised to see Bomi there. We figured being a former car model herself who had gotten big time famous with Girl Crush, she didn’t need to go there & to stand around to be photographed.

But a gig is a gig.

But Queen Bomi didn’t look all that happy – although the dudes who got her to do a selfie seemed to get a Bomi-Mona Lisa smile.

 Bomi at the Seoul Auto Show. Cover’s #1 attraction & hottest sour puss.  She’s just sooo naturally sexy no matter what.

But let’s get real.  With Bomi’s body & wearing her Girl Crush black “Anaconda” outfit, you are just thrilled to be near her!  She’s so fucking compelling her mood doesn’t matter.

She mostly looked bored & sometimes pissed.  But her fans were happy.

This has to be a boring job.  I mean, standing in front of a car all day for three days, wearing logos of car wax products on your tits.  C’mon. 

You can understand why a hot KPOP Cover star used to good hotels, fans going berserk & all the attention might look like she is ready to punch somebody.

Unless that star really luuuvs & appreciates fans & sees every gig as an opportunity to shine.


With her sparkling Fly with Me team.  What cars? 
We’re just sayin’…..

Fly outhustled Bomi & the other models.

Fly with Me can win you over because like Gayoung (formerly of Switch) & Hadam of Bambino (now both gone from Cover) they put out 150% every time. The Auto Show was no different. Shasa, Lea & the team could have gone dull or they could have rocked it. 

They don’t know any other way but to rock away!

Shasa strides like a champion these days!

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여긴 어디 나는 누구💁🏻‍♀️ ??

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Soooo confident!! 
This is what a SERIOUS Cover Dance queen does – even when there aren’t a million screaming fanboys & fangirls lapping at her.


She has a cop’s outfit on & has the right look for a Cover queen.  But we say NOT  Cover.




On our “History of Bambino” blog, we are tracking 50 of Eunsol’s 1 million plus view fancams.

On #43 Eunsol hits 6 million this month.  This is one of the most fappable of all.  It’s her leggy riff from Chungbuk University covering “I’m So Sexy.”  She has a little twerk in her that will stay with you all night long.

The history of this one:

Despite nearly being shamed out of the country in 2015, the group had reached the high fame point & a clothing company endorsed their new outfits. 

Fans fought to get in to see them perform in the “pink Super” outfits.  It was Cover like no one had seen before.  Even Idols were shook.

Bambino was a new kind of Idol. 

With these iconic “Super” pink outfits the jam was on at 충북대

Hadam – defiant (outwardly) & more confident than before knowing she’d escaped the worst slut-shaming episode EVER (and was even more popular) – was way on.  Her fancams of the Jay Park cover that night are in everybody’s fap file too. 

Her rivalry with Eunsol was also starting to heat up. 

But as usual it’s Eunsol who got the views.  Damn!!

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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  1. BodhiCat!! You scared us. We thought you had stopped writing. What happened to the site here????? Glad is back. (And you love Shasa now.) LOL. 😊🤩

  2. Oh hey, BodhiCat’s got the GoDaddy FireWall blocking Fixed.

    So, this could/should be a big deal in updating kpop agency behaviour:

    Had read Hyuna/E’Dawn were expected to have trouble finding a new agency given their defiance of Cube’s Shin Dae-nam.

  3. Also, on cover hoping to make some $$ for their effort, LayshaTV has revamped, now a YouTube channel group effort (started with just Goeun, soon including Som on the AfricaTV version):

    On the subject, Fly with Me vs Bomi, I love Fly with Me when they’re doing a tightly choreo’d set, they can do pro level show biz – however, when they’re doing unstructured stuff like the water park performances I’m elsewhere. They have to try harder to make it work against GC (let alone the new fierce Laysha) but when they do it works, when they don’t it doesn’t – for me.

    And speaking of things that work, did you see Sieun’s fish tank Instagram Story?

  4. I thought that one new girl in the Pocket Girls video with the masks was Bandi from ICIA which has gone broken up now. But I don’t know. Is it?

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