Hana of Black Bunny Named Best New Dancer of the Year – 축하드립니다!


하나 (Hana)

When Eunsol won the “best new performer” of the year award back in 2015 it was no-brainer.  There wasn’t much competition around in those days & she was mopping up Cover rivals & I-Dulls without a sweat.

But in 2019 there is soooo much hot dancing talent out there, from groups like Untitled to “pop-up” teams like Flora that a “traditional” Cover group with a new star must be really, really good to get our attention.

With Laysha announcing they will have a new member in August you realize their choices are nearly endless!!!  (More speculation on that later.)

We are pretty sure, though, that the new Laysha member will NOT be as hot as our 2019 New Performer of the Year.

That would be Hana of Black Bunny.

The genius of Bodhicat Talk is that we predicted that she was going to breakout this year. 

Yeah, she had to learn a few thangs first though

Hana of Black Bunny has the tools to be an iconic Cover dance queen.  She lacks Hana of Switch’s confidence & needs to pay more attention to her audience.  But her work in clubs gives her good experience.  IF she learns fan service there in the clubs, where fans are on top of the performers, she can be explosive.

Future Faps: Getting A.Feel (에이필) For 2019 – 새해는 여러분의 최고의 해가 되시길 바랍니다.

Not bad for a Nugu no one paid attention to last year but us. 


She has won the Best New Sexy Cover Dancer Award from the Soju Surfers Club of California in the most competitive year ever!!

She fits in perfectly with a team of budding superstars.

In fact she narrowly defeated teammate Yeri for this award.  (Tells u how great Black Bunny is!)

Teammate Yeri is devastatingly good & gets better every day.  She has become a bias for fancammers like SPHINX & is shaping up to be Bomi’s main rival.

But Pharkil (as usual) caught our Rookie of the Year in her breakout performance & that sealed the deal for the fanboys & girls.

The group had struggled to get views but thanks to Hana started in this cover started to roll them up. 

It was Hana’s dance here that led to Black Bunny going on such a roll that they are a top contender for the #1 title held by Girl Crush.

Hana is endlessly cute, endlessly hot & smolderingly fierce – all at the same time. 

She’s got a cool stage look.  Like Bomi she don’t smile or show her long tongue, but it just makes you want her MORE….

She for real “gets” Cover & the idea behind the best concept in KPOP.

Cute, adorable, butt-shaking sweet.  She even does Brazilian style erotic sometimes!
She has this clubby style & when needed can go high-speed, barrel rolling pure Sexy Cover.

Congrats to Hana 하나. 축하드립니다.

For us the choice was “Yes” or “YES!!”


Jini of Rose Queen has gone VERY “Cover” for us!  We have to give her credit because it begs the question:


Hello Venus. Hot AF.  But are they “Cover??” They have never done a Water Festival or doused water on themselves.


39 thoughts on “Hana of Black Bunny Named Best New Dancer of the Year – 축하드립니다!

  1. Yes on Hana 😃 and fun notice when you’re creating an article here 🚀

    As you also predicted, Nayoon is back, with “Like the First Time” (where’ve I heard that before 😏):


    And speaking of comebacks, this didn’t take long, Jung In is back (Diem), in a group called (I think) Clock:


    They did this goodbye:


    So naturally I thought they wouldn’t be seen in quite this context again, but no, same manager (with mic) same sorta venue. Thought she’d been scouted by official kpop (as opposed to this street version), so good she hasn’t disappeared into the kpop trainee maw 🐊 Hope Clock retains the Hush goofiness Diem was so good at. The chunky member with the Beatle haircut was the prime initiator of that.

    This looks like the Clock lineup:


    So one other Diem member + one new member for 3 (though, as with Diem) others may not have participated in this dance, so dunno, really.

  2. More FlyWithMe + Flora:


    The reason I’m sending this though is the fancam. Haven’t seen this performance elsewhere, and that’s true of many of their vids – however they’re high volume (too high for me). Thought someone might be interested in them:


    Oh, guess who:


    Looks like this fancam might be best kept as a link and occasionally searched for gems like this.

      1. Top ranking, probably, top of the top – they need to show more choreo too. I love Hana’s boink boink boink (let’s say that’s a natural talent) but I’d like to see them show more of their dancing skills too if they’re going to compete for the top spot with Girl Crush & FlyWithMe.

  3. So it happened. I’m shook. They had to have heard Bodhi pushing them to pour water!!! And it’s Jini of all dancers!! OMG!!! 💓💓

  4. Here’s a Goeun I haven’t seen on stage for some time (gotta be patient with the AfreecaTV connect):


    Top troubles more than a little amusing 😝

    Had a look ’cause Seihee referred to an upcoming Goeun AfreecaTV show and thought I’d see if they were doing a dynamic duo like Goeun did with Som. Seihee’s quite extroverted so it’d work well.

  5. I think Bomi might be a con job whereas Jini is a real KPOP star and dancer. I personally am not a fan of water pouring. It cheapens the dancers.

    Ok.I’m lying MAO…..

  6. Dami Gettin’ Jiggly Wit It:


    And on BlackBunny, I’m finding YouTube poachers are using “BlackBunny” to indiscriminately describe any/all of their vids in the hope of fooling people into viewing their purloined stuff, so yeah – BLACKBUNNY 🌟👯👯🌟

      1. Something I saw on Insta (yes, still looking though I’m banned for ANY interaction – Google please buy Insta 🙏) in a Story, Sieun was in a practice room that had what looked very much like the pink Laysha logo in the background. Didn’t think to enlarge at the time, perplexing now as to why I didn’t, but that was a double take 👀👀

        1. Sieun? Wonder if she has an A1 contract? Do we know who manages May Queen? A lot of BodhiCats get banned. If you like “Cover” you are by nature a rebel….

          1. Yeah, as you may have seen, sent an Insta link with Sieun + Laysha wall logo. Photo (apparently) by Hayeon. Perhaps MayQueen are using Laysha’s practice room? 🤷‍♂️

            And oh yeah, Cambridge Analytica (and Zuck knows who else) are cool for The Zuck (kinda like The Donald) but sexy cover!!! 😲

  7. No. A group cannot be totally real “cover dancers” if they don’t soak themselves. (Therefore is BB true “cover????)

    1. Not a fan of the water. I just imagine being uncomfortable when wet. It was great once, I think back when Bambino did it. But now it seems a bit try hard

      1. LOL. As a surfer I like water. Sometimes the groups that do it are just going through the motions. But Laysha, for example, does it with a sense of excitement, timing & (when Som was there) lust. It’s a turn on for some, for others not so much. What’s your favorite thang?

    1. Why am I banned for any interaction on Instagram?

      My best guess is simply posting YouTube links of mostly performance vids of whoever’s account it is (Zia – GC, Jini – RQ etc). Facebook, who owns Instagram, seems a bit too territorial, which given the owner, ain’t too surprising. I think one should be able to share across social media platforms, but seems not everyone’s ok with that rather obvious idea.

      Next best guess is I did make an Uncle Xi & the great leap backward comment. In a very successful move to prove the leap, Chinese nationals seem very intent on disappearing any sort of criticism, apparently from anywhere by anyone) so that’s a definite possibility too.

      Less likely, I did provoke back a bit, an Insta bellydancer who very much likes to provoke, herself – though I’d expect to get booted from that account rather than this general ban. No one I’m following has removed me, though Yeli (ICIA) did once when I mentioned her tattoos. I resubed and no further problems there.

      When I try to like a post (or like a comment), let alone post something myself, I get a popup notice saying something like action blocked – we’re protecting our user base. If you want to argue the matter you (meaning me) can press this button or just the OK button to accept their judgement. Since I don’t believe I’ve done anything terrible I don’t think I should get this blanket ban or have to argue the matter as their bots must be really stupid or someone did complain (like a Chinese hall monitor) which certainly should not lead to this sort of result (this ain’t the PRoC quite yet) so I do blame Instagram & Co for this, so I’m pretty much fuck Insta 🖕 & certainly fuck Facebook 🖕 & the Zuck 🖕. Also, finding I’m saving quite a bit of time daily by just zooming through Insta now as I’m feeling quite disengaged. There’s a fun social media term – disengaged 😀

  8. Love Som and miss the shit out of her. Hey bodhicat why are we so into the water pouring too? I agree how Som did it did makes it very hot to watch and did a LOT better than girl Crush ever does. I wish Hana would do it too. Would you ask her to do it? (She luvs u a lot I think!!!

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