GoEun vs Bomi – Summer Showdown of the Queens. (올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?)

올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?



It is time to ask important questions about GoEun, the Sexiest Cover Dancer in History.

Is the wave of hot young studs beginning to make her look “old?”  Are they gonna do to her what she did to Black Queen’s Jandi, Rose Queen’s Jini & a lot of I-Dulls back in 2015? 

She made them look old & stale when she exploded onto the scene with her fresh, amazingly full body & dancing style that held nothing back.

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GoEun was unique sexually when she hit the scene.

Does she have too much on her mind?

She is carrying too much of the load for a confused Laysha group instead of relaxing & letting us blow our loads watching her incredible dancing.  You can see it.

But GoEun still has the killer body that no one is able to match. And she knows she is the Queen & everyone wants to capture the Queen – and then BE the Queen!!!

Go-Go GoEun. Her body & dance style r still soooo solid. 

Yeah.  She IS what Sexy Cover is all about.

Like an old Rolling Stones song she can still rock the house & BodhiCat Talk very very deep! 

But maybe she is frustrated seeing a group in shambles?

Maybe  she is tired of being so great!!!?

Maybe she thinks there are sexier girls out there?

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We didn’t think so. 

Aside from Hyuna, Seolhyun & Hyolin – what Cover Dancer has her stamina & staying power? Jini of Rose Queen? Jandi of Black Queen? The Twin Waveyas?  Hanchoim?  Jimine of Switch?  Maybe. 

Jandi back in Black Queen days.  She’s been around but NEVER had GoEun’s success.

But not with GoEun’s G-Force!

She has weathered the challenges of Switch, ICIA, Dimepiece & especially Bambino & came out on top every time.

She never gives a bad performance.

But let’s face it she’s only human.  Well, most humans don’t get you off covering “Buttons” like that, but you get my point.  This year has been a wreck for Laysha.  All the controversy & changes.  The group does more group switching than Switch!

The problem is there is another girl out there a lot like her in desire who has become iconic & some think she is going directly for the Queen’s throne.

She is already a deadly art.

Bomi is so good at taking the Sexy Concept & expanding it you can hardly breathe. 

She is quietly doing more new, raw & hot dancing than GoEun is dance after dance & for sure has her number now.  That number is NUMBER ONE! GoEun’s fans wig flew when she saw Bomi! Nobody had done that since Bambino left. – (A Bomi fan)

Image result for bomi girl crush fancam gif

Yeah, her!!  She is soooo awesome. And she gets better every time.

Not even other fantastic aging Cover stars like Pocket Girls’ Habin can possibly keep up with this younger, hungrier maknae performer. Girl Crush was once uncertain about themselves but now they are a solid group who night after night come out on the stage & do stuff like this.

Bomi left this audience dead with a performance last week. If THIS 23 year-old dancer is your competition, you have no chance!  Nugus like Pangye imitate her now. The view numbers here will be Eunsol-like.

Bomi is ruthless with her choreo too. That thang she did on the chair is beyond……

She tore into two numbers at the Wonju Hall Festival knowing for sure what her competition was up to & what our fantasy was for the ultimate KPOP Sexy Cover dance!!!

I swear. 

She just keeps upping the heat higher & higher & higher.

Like Laysha used to do!

If FWM, Laysha or anyone does something great, Bomi imitates them.  But sometimes she responds with better stuff.

And now she is showing off her body, dance skills & creativity.  She is just going hard.

GoEun’s opening moves in “Buttons” & the “Chocolate Cream” knee bend are thrilling classics & blow audiences into pieces.  She unbuttons us.  

And Laysha had a much-needed hot fancam performance where they went back to their roots of stylish but sexy.  A style NO group can do as well, not even the great imitators G-Crush.

Laysha needed this performance & is going back to their “roots.”

Bomi is like a middle linebacker with a twerk.  You might make a nice gain, but look out!  She just sticks it to you & keeps you from getting up!

Image result for LFL (Lingerie Football) Big Hits gifFor sure her work in May put her ahead of the aging GoEun in the race to be #1.  We’ll see what happens in June!

“GoEun is awesome, powerful & proud but we will see if she can keep up with Bomi, who is younger, bolder & really truly amazing,” said Park Cheol Soo.

What does BodhiCat Talk say?  Let’s see them side by side before it’s too late.

Before GoEun ends up like Eunsol or Hadam (beautiful memories who got old & folded. & didn’t make you as crazeee when they danced with new groups) put her in a match against Bomi & sell tickets & let fans judge.

Does it get any better than watching them both do it?  Who wins?

This Summer will be unbelievable for Cover because the two best want to be #1 so bad.


It’s Zia’s b-day & I’m sure she has this request for me:

Ready when you are, Dear Leader.

Image result for zia girl crush sexy fancam gif

No one will be watching us!



Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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  1. I don’t think Laysha is old or finished at all!!! Hyeri is amazing and you can see Go eun has not lost a thing in her dancing or body. (Bomi should worry!! LOL) Now If Som comes back they will come back strong. Or Hadam if she gets sexy like before. And I like the kayfabe idea you here Bodhicat. Yes people like good strong competitions like sports. More of these videos please!

  2. Let the umbrella battles begin:


    Excellent bit of fun with Singing in the Rain ☔

    And good new music choice for FlyWithMe:


    Goeun is the heart of Laysha, no Goeun no Laysha. I do think she’s keeping up, dancewise, though maybe trying a bit too hard to compensate for the others. Chaejin is fine too, we just don’t see her that much – Hyeri gets quite lazy sometimes – and that fourth member – what I think’d be best is Som back (of course) – and performing at 100%, she’s got a natural sexiness that just radiates and is hard to can & reproduce. Her last Insta, she was dancing.

    Bomi clearly is the ambition driving Girl Crush. Yes, Zia’s the leader but Bomi’s the driving force – while the others are relaxing she’s on stage MCing or whatever, obviously loves the stage – despite her admitted shyness. And she learns and adapts, got the Idol drive to do better that’s quite unusual in cover – she DOES NOT coast. Most do, find a comfortable groove and repeat, not Bomi, though. I’m getting the sense she’s ferocious like we’ve not seen in cover before. And this means she will go where others haven’t dared, which is gonna be necessary as the competition is getting more fierce too – BlackBunny’s proving willing and able.

    Things are changing in cover (and kpop in general) I’m seeing indications the conservative Korean norms for women just ain’t doing it for them anymore.

  3. Who will be #1? Laysha (I am stan for them always) or Girl Crush (very horny team)? BOth are very good. But maybe it should be Fly with Me this time? I do not think they get enough attention maybe. But more lately. Shasa is great,

  4. OMG!!! That video of the two of them dancing. This shows me how great they BOTH are. I wish there was one with Bomi against Hadam to show you why Bomi is better! LOL (Please don’t ban this comment Bodhicat…..!) I love this blog but the obsession with Hadamis because I think the new girls are as good.

    1. That’s my Hana. She is a queen in the making for sure. In an I-gram reply to me awhile ago she said, “Keep your eye on me.” She delivered. They easily get into the Top 10 this year. Having their moment.

    1. This is great. I think they are the hottest right now. I watch them alot. Did they come from other groups does anybody know this?

      1. 1st Facebook (🤮tm) post is August 22, 2018 – which fits with their Youtube debut.

        Been so many dancers come and go, Yeri looks familiar, otherwise dunno. Either does the net, it seems, though expect that to change. Then there’s Bodhicat’s insiders – maybe they know more.

        I haven’t done much today other than watch Jooe getting chased by bugs 🏃‍♀️👾 and BlackBunny hopping 🐰 Gotta get this under more control 😮

  5. Hey bodhicat talk you wrote in a post thaT Waveya in Macau started “cover dancing” around I think 2015. I disagree. Since “cover dancing” now has a history and history maker (that is you!) let me try this on you. It started when Minzy was in Singapore in ’14 and did this twerking solo in 2014 and then the dance groups we like like Girl Crush and Laysha/Go Eun here all followed her splitting and twerking and given fans handshakes. https://youtu.be/QQu_bAjQu8Q

    1. That Minzy clip prompted me to go back & check her out. Yeah, she definitely fueled a lot of great Cover concepts – including the Dahee (and now Holly Queen “leg raise,” one of our fave moves!) Good.

    1. Not sure but Seihee looks bored to me. Every play on a team where the coach was clueless. I’m sayin’.

      1. Funny you say that. I picked that up too. Hadam had the same look in a way. Like they don’t want to be there or know they are in tryouts or something Weird.

      1. BlackBunny have the majic allure of new (though they’ve been around for a year) & do the EDM thing well – but can they pop a performance like FlyWithMe or make sound performance choices like Girl Crush (or is it more Yes or Yes 🙄). I like them fine, specially Hana – but new is new. We shall see.

  6. Hey Bodhi

    Hows it going. Your Dodgers are kickin ass. Hey man, the Eunsol “interview” hit 1 million views!!. I don’t understand what Lux is doing! They have 4 sexy ladies who can all sing (the young one has a hell of a voice) and dance, the best cover dancer of all time (next to our apparently tough to get along with girl lol!) and Junie is drop-dead gorgeous (IMHO). WTF!! Looks to me like everyone just waits to see what the Fly chicks are coming up with next and then just tries to copy it. Anyhow, keep on truckin bro, you’re the best.
    Life is Good! My Sox are coming around man!

      1. Hey man, wasn’t sure if this posted, if it’s the 2nd time, sorry. Lux Factory is the agency that controls Tropical (Eunsols new “team”). They also have their head up their ass much like JS Entertainment did.
        Go Sox!! Lifes Good

    1. Yeah, good observation on that FWM getting ripped off constantly. Fly has a subgroup too: Flora Ella. Very hot. Gotta keep my eye on Lux.

      Wish Diana would break out a little harder.

      Sox & Dodgers in the Series?

      1. 2021 See ya then..59 all over again, except we win this time!!!

        Life’s Good!!

        Seen Eunsol’s blog/vlogs? She’s dancin a whole better!

        1. Was that 1959 or 1859 I asked him…LOL My grandfather says “Luis Aparicio” was one of his favorites. Luuv talkin’ baseball with those old guys. Respect.

          Eunsol danced “New Thang.” Did you catch it?

          1. LOL!! Tell Grandfather Nellie Fox was mine, Luis #2. Got a picture of the both of them on my wall. I’m likin Eunsol’s vlog(sic). Always a smile and now she’s dancin pretty regularly. Looks like a fun spring/summer.
            Life’s Good

    1. Tx Dude. So many hot nugus out there it blows my mind. What a Festival season. But Bomi is just taking it up a level every week! What to for #2 is the question????

          1. Yes, dance lessons – talking about the juniors though, not the pros like BlackBunny – they know what they’re doing and expect they’ve been through that.

  7. Again, great choreo by FlyWithMe:


    If they can sustain this, I think they’ve got a shot at #1, yes.

    BlackBunny’s hop holds my interest more in EDM, and Laysha (and others) have those sexy+ bodies – but no cover group outdoes FlyWithMe on choreo.

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