Girl Crush’s Taeri 태리: “I Could Have Saved Bambino & Dimepiece”



Next week we get down to it.  Who is the #1 dancer in KSCD? 

GoEun has dominated for three years but is she getting too old to hold on against a wild dancing Bomi?

Don’t forget our other blog.  We have a brand new post up last night & we write about Laysha’s struggle to get Hayeon into Som’s position & how G-Crush is taking advantage (and why Zia is doing Hadam-style fan service). 

Here is a sneak preview: 


Still delicious & arousing, Laysha seemed to be a step or two behind in May. 

Hayeong was getting her groove & Hyeri seemed to be the one taking control of the crowds.  GoEun was almost distant, wondering if a new Chanel bag had been placed in her room by an admirer.

But when Hadam was not dancing with them, Laysha – once the class of Cover – looked a lot like the #2 group they are now. 

They could not even burst close to any of the high power electrical storms Bomi & team were thundering out every night.

Laysha needs a really great Summer season to get back to normal. Their line-up changed every performance almost & you needed a spreadsheet to keep track of them.  This is LAYSHA not Switch said BodhiCat Talk readers!

And a LOT more! Looking at Waveya’s live performance & Black Bunnies, the new hot nugus who are breaking out BIG TIME with a new song coming out!  Are they the next super group in Cover?

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


It is not easy to get into a KPOP Sexy Cover Dance group.

Even in the pre-Bambino days it was hard.  Even when Cover was the place where older, failed I-Dull candidates went to try to some way get into the business through the “back door” it was hard.  (And it was humiliating because it was where agencies tried to get into a performer’s “back door” with a promise of fame.)

Even when you are in it is really, really hard to get your group a Top 10 ranking.  Today the competition & skill required is sooooo high.  But if a team gets a dope concept & then a ranking they are considered “stars” & queens. 

It usually doesn’t happen though.  Most groups fail.  T

But the right girl in the right situation can do amazing thangs.  For example, Fly with Me looked like a total washout.  Three years ago Bambino & Switch super chicks like Minji made FWM’s nugu Rea look real bad.

But then Shasa came along & the game changed!!

This leads us to consider the buzz over former May Queen, Hayeon. 

Not too long ago she was not much more than a lusty fap reel.  She was choreo-challenged, sluggish a lot of the time, badly managed but still incredibly fleshy & sexy AF. 

Lightning never hit May Queen but Hayeon won the lottery when  Laysha’s agency – on the advice of this blog & BodhiCat Talk readers – hired her.

Hayeon is now trying to become the turnaround talent that brings Laysha a #1 ranking again.  Oh and there is also this chick named Hadam trying to do it for them too!

Let’s see how it goes.

Getting to #1, falling from #1 & then hoping a maknae can save the group is like trying to find a performer who can do this every night:

Bambino’s Dahee had a signature move that was incredible.  They were never challenged for the top spot.    

It is almost impossible to stay on top unless you are Bambino.  And even when you are THEM, if there is a lineup change or you change the concept or you get stupid & try to become an I-Dull, or stop performing for awhile OR leave your successful  group…….

Image result for sexy girls pole dance fails gfycat

…..crash. You are usually fucked.

Even Eunsol could not guarantee success after Hadam left Bambino.  EUNSOL!! With her zillion fancam views. This should scare the poop out of every agency.

When Hadam left the group Eunsol & Dahee could not keep Bambino at #1. Bambino 2.0 became an average, boring group.  

And when Eunsol started with Tropical & it fell……………and y’all saw how hard it was to be great in Cover.

Turning a group around & getting them to the top is like trying to catch a fart & paint it orange during a windstorm. 

That is why we were shocked when Taeri of Girl Crush said she could  have “turned Bambino & Dimepiece around.” 

In the corporate world a “turnaround artists” makes amazingly big bucks because it is soooooo hard to do.

But Tae can back up her claim.

Cover has few great turnaround artists.  Like we said Taeri of Girl Crush – who was unknown before – is the best at it.


레이샤를 이긴 여자가 바로 올해의 새로운 막내!!


Tae changed Girl Crush with a ton of energy, a sexy body that just could not be resisted & made an important choice of music.  She decided to outdo an I-Dull group using their own song!

But her real secret is that she knows how to go HARD!!  Only a few really have this skill.

When Taeri replaced Jenny, whose performances were good but not electric, you could see that Jenny could not (and still cannot) go hard.

In Summer 2017 Girl Crush (even with Jenny, Seihee & a blonde Bomi) looked & tasted great.  But they were sputtering & lost in the middle in the rankings.  The group wasn’t going hard.

The management decided to bump Jenny.  They tried to get Gayoung back but she would not even talk to them because of what they had done to Jenny.

Jenny was dismissed from Girl Crush & became successful as a freelancer.  She was replaced by Taeri (on the left) who tore the audiences apart almost immediately. 

When DAM Entertainment brought in unknown Taeri, she was jut a skinny blonde with equally nice tits & the biggest tattoo of any Cover dancer ever.  It was hard to see how this rookie would hang much less replace a solid & popular ex-Laysha sexy dance performer like Jenny. 

That is until she started to perform!

When Tae started to perform we ALL understood what we were seeing.  OMG!!  And she was hungry to burn!

Related image  

No one even remembered Jenny being in Girl Crush after a few of these videos popped.

She was not your girl next door but you would buy the house next to hers for sure!!!

Tae’s raw super sex-charged bouncing aggressive style – and even her thin body, which was taut, tight & tongue-dragging with a touch of fashion style – won over crowds

She was like the other great DAM Entertainment stable artist who also made Switch sizzle.


Gayoung made Switch a super group.

They cut loose, dousing water, grabbing poles like strippers & got themselves snapped out & their fans supercharged & totally horny. 

The real POW!!! for Tae came when she put a lick into Stellar’s songs – and did them the way Stellar SHOULD HAVE. 

Like Dahee’s leg raises at Bambino Taeri’s covers of Stellar made Girl Crush happen.

Taeri took Stellar’s music & made it what it was written to be.  Sexy AF & for beautiful, slinky women.  When you compare Tae to Stellar’s  Hyoeun they are both fine AF.  But  when you factor in the camel toe & the bedroom pose – enough said.  

With Bomi’s fearless stage posing & popularity soaring & Laysha’s near-collapse, Girl Crush was on its way to #1 where they stay!

They may be shaky at the top but they are still there riding Taeri’s hard-ass energy, Bomi’s supremely sexy style, Zia’s beauty & Yona’s cuteness.


Other groups are hoping they find their Gayoung or cup of Tae this season. 

Of course Laysha is almost desperate to find Som’s replacement.  Even Hadam & Seihee have so far tried & mostly failed.

Hayeon, another no-name (just like Tae & Gayoung were when they started) has had more success than Hadam!!  Maybe Hadam’s time is past.

Or maybe it’s those thcck legs & tits ya’ll.

Rose Queen, XOX &  Nugus like Blah Blah are hoping for a turnaround artist to make their crowds crazeee 

RQ is hoping Lisa can bust it open for them & finally get them to the top of the rankings.

But getting up that pole & taking our breath out of our lungs is what Taeri & Gayoung & Eunsol & Shasa are all about! 

They are “Cover Premium.”

Related image
When it works, it’s a thang of beauty & sex in motion.


35 thoughts on “Girl Crush’s Taeri 태리: “I Could Have Saved Bambino & Dimepiece”

  1. Looks to be an exceptional festival season, Holly Queen here:

    And the local favourite, Hadam (yes, a new Laysha performance):

    And also, a new member, and entirely new to me (far as I know), HaYoung:

    Hey, maybe GaYoung will give it a shot 😉

    And HaYeon (and probably her most competent dancing performance to date), well ain’t Laysha full of surprises here:

    Looks like Goeun was the only regular:

    With a nice female “Encore” chant at the end, good to hear considering the Burning Sun mess.

    1. Dude, I can’t take it! There’s way too much buzz all over Cover for a man to process……as my grandfather The Grand Old “Zoots” says, “My hard can’t take it, son!”

      Oh & to contemplate further, Zia is doing “Itzy” (Hadam’s cover) & Black Bunny is rolling out their entire team now on fancams – including the once obscure “Mimi” and she is too sizzling.

      I’m going surfing. I need to clear my head!

          1. Wasn’t like that for me waaay back in the 4Minute/T-ara days – it’s this cover thing, so many groups, so many fancams 😜

  2. Have fun surfin man. It’s golf season here. Gotta disagree with ya Bro re: Hadam. She’s the only one that had me tapping my feet. She’s got more “energy” than any of them. They all do the laying on the floor, and slow sexy stuff, Hadam just “brings it”. And she’s got that smile back, I like it!!
    Don’t hurt yourself, we need ya to sort all this out.
    Life is Good!!

  3. Hello from The Big Apple (where BodhiCat was born before he left us…LOL)

    You guys are too much I swear. Ok. I do NOT like Hadam’s look. Her shoes or the stockings. Is that gotten me tossed out of the “soju surf club?” BodhiCat? These other girls are now ALL HOT like Bambino was. I swear. Too many of them. Zia rocks. Black Bunny rocks. Some of those nugus rock. It’s crazy. So are you!! 👍👍

    1. Hey Chineot

      LMAO, I agree, except the part about Hadam. She could be in converse, with sweatpants and a torn sweatshirt and still be awesome IMHO. Check out some old Bams, while you’re at it, check out some old Diana. I do like Zia, especially in the Santa outfit.
      Later, Life is Good.
      Hey Bodhi, have you seen this? I’m thinkin her and Eunsol outta do “something” together.

      1. Huh, the vid, she’s much better than the usual BJ – also good camera work, which ain’t at all typical either 😮

      1. Ummm…. yeah, trying for a larger audience by being more mainstream?

        Very curious to see how Girl Crush goes with the whole mainstream methodology – while preserving their uncompromisingly sexy persona – I do think kpop’s more ready than ever before. However, will still require some thick skin in the right places 😉

  4. And, unusually for me, on topic – check TaeRi here:

    Believe this was the gig Rose Queen did too, thus the groups photo.

    Yeah, I do think TaeRi’d have made a diff for Bambino – though they’d have had to change their direction at the time to accommodate her.

    1. Hottest new Cover group of 2019. TBH, I could do w/o the DJ & just give the Bunnies a little more room to hop! Tx for sending along these mother lodes of gold, bruh!

  5. Is it me or is Bomi just going so far out there sexually that it’s like she is even more than Go Eun or Shasa now?!! I really like this but maybe too much for Korea?

      1. I like their confidence too, and they’re sure crowd pleasers, know how to get that done – the lighter song choices don’t appeal to me, but they sure do to that audience, and yeah – know your audience.

        Yeri is the one in that vid with the peek-a-boo top cutout? She seems to be the dominant one, though the one in the dress appears to be the leader, given her mic time.

        Here’s another group (since 2018, but new to my eyes) with the entertaining name A.feel:

        Contrasting a bit to BlackBunny, one on the left knows how (ah, of course she’s the rapper) while the others aren’t quite sure yet. Be interesting to see if/how they evolve. Reminds what Jenny of Vitamin Angel could do if she ever went there.

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