Fan Service Friday: If Som Goes, Is Cover Dancing Screwed or What??


This is the hottest thang we’ve seen out of China this year!! Fappable AF.  But is she Cover?? The eternal BodhiCat Talk Question.

Even though nugus everywhere in Asia are busting out their booties to get our attention, a sparkling new face in Cover is hard to find. (Sometimes even hard to see!)

And just because a nugu can shake her booty doesn’t mean she can be called a Cover dancer.  (But she should really keep trying!)

It takes a pro with talent to be a great Cover dancer.  It takes knowing fan service, which even big I-dulls know nothing about.

Failed for sure. Former Brown Eyed Girl sexy star Gain – a BodhiCat Talk I-Dull bias (kind of) – doesn’t really know what to do when there is a bottle of water in front of her & fans screaming.  Maybe she should ask Som!

Hey, Gain, here’s what you actually could have done with that bottle of water!!  Fan Service!!!!!

At 1:55 Som is so fresh & moist! She shows us again & again why she among KPOP’s most wanted Cover dancers & sexy concept performers – and has been for over three years!!  Her future is uncertain, but she says she’ll be back soon.

All of this makes the REAL stars of Cover more valuable & precious to us!  Unfortunately, we are losing other great ones left & right. 

Laysha’s Som, who we hope is only on the sideline, is the latest.  This is bad.


Som’s absence has people talking about which Cover queens we miss the most.  Our readers say these are the four they most want to see back on stage. Somewhere…..Anywhere.

#1 – Hadam (of course!) – But she seems out of the picture for good.

#2 – Gayoung – She told us directly – in no uncertain terms- that she was out of Cover.  Despite that, Gayoung sighting are like UFOs.  They are everywhere but never verified.

Every now & then (even in China, where she was hugely popular) there are rumors of Gayoung dancing someplace.  Usually it is reported that she is dancing with former Switch star, Jenny, who we know does still perform independently.

Image result for Fancam 2017 KPOP SWITCH GAYOUNG 스위치 가영 gif

Irreplacable.  Gayoung was one of a kind.  Does she still perform privately anywhere? 

Switch(berry) seems to have survived her loss somehow.  Duyoo is still around & she is a major Dance Queen.  One of the few left.  But the new class is promising.  Nugu Hana has everyone going crazy.  But will this team ever be what they were in 2016? Fortunately for DAM Entertainment, they have Girl Crush & ICIA busting.


3. Boyoung – She was amazing & we think could have been bigger than Eunsol.  But she turned to modeling with limited success.  She is probably not coming back either.  Sad AF.  Anyone who is not familiar with her, should check out her fancams.  She was spectacular.

Fans still miss I-REN’s Boyoung, who got to the point where she defied words.  She was perfect ya’ll.

4. Sally (Dimepiece) – The only one of the four “Most Wanted” who said she will be back & is working on a “project.” We know she is close to Fly with Me & has been recruited by other groups. 

Dimepiece had potential & charisma all over the place!  Like May Queen, it also had two stars who dominated.  But they flopped. 

Still, Sally could put a group back near the top. 

Dimepiece is not worth a penny, but Sally is definitely worth a million!  We really hope she will come back!
Sally nailing it.  FOR SURE THIS IS COVER!

One performer who is also vanished but who no one but us seems to miss is Sulhyun of Wait A Minute. 

A rival of Dimepiece and Rose Queen, WAM never was able to go off with a concept that was just owned by Bambino in those days.  I personally worshipped Sulhyun & thought she was one of the better – very hot – dancers of the groups that vanished.  


Laysha is about to catch fire again.  But we wonder how it will be when they get in front of a live crowd without their #1 fan service provider – Som? 

And who would replace her?  Would some of the missing here be willing to do it – or even be good enough to fill her heels?

Laysha is a big time power Cover group.

GoEun is the hottest body ever.  Hyeri has gay fans by the zillions & Chaejin’s dancing is mesmerizing.  But Som’s pussy wagging concepts, thcck look & that unrestrained fan service – THAT FAN SERVICE – may make Laysha look just average if she isn’t around.  


How long can Laysha or Cover go without her?

 (솜) 직캠 we miss you.  We hope Som doesn’t become the “Most Wanted” #5. Get better soon, Somie! 

Among the missing I-Dulls is Minhee of Stellar! One of the few Idols who we consider a Cover Queen.  She & Stellar are gone now too!

There are a ton of hot nugus out there whose names you barely know.  (See our last blog, “Future Faps.” Where we give you a lot of them to stan.)

A.Feel is among the top nugu groups who will get your attention this year.

Every one of them believes they are the next GC.  

Jo Jung Min.  Is it really COVER?

They all need attention.  Until they get it, Cover is ruled by a Queen who is acting more like an I-Dull.  Luv her or not, though, Bomi is what makes Cover go hard. She has what the “Most Wanted” had.


Ever wonder what it is like to really meet Hadam in person? In the flesh? A real life account of the most wonderful disappearing woman ever is at on  History of Bambino blog.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

#stopsucking #respectlaysha @oceana @a.riel_som


To first class video editor @jelly.jeonyul ya’ll.  Caught the Unreplacable Gayoung in motion! Support his stuff & he’ll do more of her & others.

19 thoughts on “Fan Service Friday: If Som Goes, Is Cover Dancing Screwed or What??

  1. I wonder what Eunsol thinks now when she sees or reads posts with her old fancams all the time and knows she was the fancam godess with millions of views and now has less than even May Queen has??

      1. Hey man

        Did you take down or change the name of your Instagram? Is LA a “little” excited about the Rams? Not a bad year, first the Dodgers now the Rams.


        1. LA is a weird sports town. They have the Rams vs Saints – great matchup – but all you hear are Dodgers & Lakers most of the time. Or USC. But this team does have people a little buzzed.

  2. I’d trade Sally for Lee Bomyi, then I think Ultra is good to go. See Hadam’s latest post? 270 likes and 4 comments. Out of site, out of mind. Old Eunsol is more fun than ______ IMHO Later life’s good

  3. Certainly hope Som wil be back with Laysha – she’s obviously got something to work out. Time does heal so we’ll just have to be patient and hope.

    BoYoung is currently teaching yoga (mostly to kids, far as I can tell) – but – she’s very much into club life too. Aware of the dichotomy, but also aware it’s who she is. Dabbling with entertainment themes – I expect she will be back.

    GaYoung is very happy with her Disney life. Get use to it y’all.

    Hana (SwitchBerry), yeah she certainly could – got all the ingredients, especially enthusiasm for it – but SwitchBerry is DAMent’s General Admission group (Jimin dabbles in sexy cover sometimes) so it’ll be tough for her to get there. Do remember DAMent has GC and direct competition within an agency makes little financial sense. I think DAMent’s got it right for their 3 premier groups (dunno it they’re still carrying the boy group).

    Drive-by watching the nugus. Still no new Bambino emerging. I have missed some Idol breakthroughs though… Ladies Code & Momoland

    1. While Waveya, in 2016, was earning $13,000 per month from their YouTube channel in 2016. As much as I luv Waveya, Stellar deserved much more.

      There is a strong case to be made – and I’m surprised agencies themselves don’t start making it – that fancammers who are admitted to festivals & get seats in the first 10 rows, need to be credentialed & share a % of revenues with the groups. Can you imagine if Eunsol had had her own channel?! YouTube starts paying out at 300k views. Eunsol as we are posting on our other blog site, has a minimum of 56 fancams that we have where she has over 1 million views.

      The way these girls are exploited borders on criminal.

      1. Since YouTube is a viable income generator there must be a way for performers to get in on some of that.

        I’ve seen some company vids, usually poor quality (though fine for Instagram) that usually can’t compete with the better fancams and I’ve seen sorta MV’s where a group hires a fancam – but fancams have full access to performances so why would they split any YouTube profit?

        Perhaps a company could have it’s own competent fancam? That should work as far as getting preferred access (camera position matters) but they’d have to be willing to eat all those vids with too low numbers too. Course if they’re Girl Crush/MayQueen and they’re really working the sexy, they should do well – but that’s not going to be true for all.

        1. Right. They look like they are starting to figure it out. Ironically, one of the casualties could be fancams! If you watch Waveya’s model (the most profitable by far according to a Korean website, which claims they gross $675k per year) then you can see why Laysha is pumping out videos with their channel. How much the girls get is not clear, of course. But if they are producing their own stuff, they are less at the mercy of the festival owners & fancammers (both of whom profit on the girls’ work.) So staying inside that studio has made Waveya quite affluent. Why go out on the road, unless you want to have a “tour” with fan noise, fan service & then bring it back to edit it for promotion.

          What I would like to see (as I wrote earlier) are rules put in place which states that if a fancam goes over 300k views the fancammer is obligated by law to pay a set % of the gross to the group. The music industry enforced this kind of thing, although I didn’t like it & that’s why we always preferred the raunchier underground scenes. The real grunge, which is kind of what Cover is. But these performers – the May Queens, et al – have to make a good living or they become prey to some seedy motherfuckers.

          The Stellar case is a borderline tragedy IMHO.

  4. Looks like YouTube vid poaching has become a fancam problem, thus the watermarks, etc, so it’s not all good.

    Waveya doesn’t seem to have this problem, though I just might not see it like I do for the others.

    Then there’s the seemingly rather toxic kpop environment in general, heard of the Burning Sun mess?:

    So, yes, the performers are working in a challenging environment. Least the media aren’t keeping conveniently quiet quite so much, though social blabbing may well be part of the reason why. Then again, I naturally only read English – the Korean media may well have a different take on such things.

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