Can They Become KPOP Cover’s Sexiest Thickkies Ever?? – Kpop에 속함 모든 카바댄서들에게 메세지를 전합니다…. 여러분 그룹이 인기가 있던 없던 그리고 유명한 그룹이든 새로 시작한 무명그룹이든 모두에게 “감사합니다!




A ton of fun.  Thcck is beautiful. But no group with heft has ever really dominated KPOP Sexy Cover.

It is a special category. 

As special as Queens who pour water on themselves, do faux lap dances & give out fan service like candy.

It mocks the I-Dull Rule that says KPOP women need to be perfect & look perfect & puke fourteen times a day to be as thin as chopsticks (so that they can then obsess over food on their Instagram pages & bore the shit out of us.)

 Those days are obliterated.  The main reason is the success of Cover & the bold dreaming of scorned dancers who changed everythang on YouTube & in the throbbing hands of Korean fanboy culture.

For real BodhiCats there are few thangs hotter than a really, really hot KPOP Cover Dancer or I-Dull with a thcck body & an attitude going hard on a stage.  Big, thick, hot, fierce, sexy AF, confident – it’s like a cock cocktail made in LA with sunshine, Suntory & Vitamin S(ex) ya’ll.

May Queen is for sure the new “Thccck Cock Hard Queens” of Sexy Cover Dance – but there have been many others.

Please do not forget them!  Like Bambino for Sexy Cover they are the pioneers who skirted shame & became our stars.

There were really great ones. Here are a few faves.  

Som in 2015 is at the top of the list. 

There was Yeon-Yi (Switchberry)  who plopped her huge thighs down & went to work with a talented team that included the athletic Duyoo.

Switchberry had its share of thcckness with her.

Even the fat fucking I-Dull Queen Hwasa, who might even make it as a Cover dancer, has thick thunder going all up & down her body.  Her problem is that she is a pampered fucking I-Dull brat.

A rich one….

Maybe the greatest video battle was between Hwasa & GoEun of Laysha, who is just incredible physically & who later in her career has become the art of Cover body sculpting perfection, which includes some thcck in her legs just to make us want her more. 

BodhiCat Talk, the ultimate historians of Cover Dance in KPOP knows that Hwasa & Hayeon are not the biggest, chunkiest thccckiees to ever take the KPOP Cover stage. 

That honor goes to the woman called “the Giantess,” So Young (소영) of Wait a Minute.

If you’ve never seen a fancam of her, you are in for a treat.

At 2:05 her red hot, meaty thunder hit the stage like a Bobby Flay steak hits a West Virginia outdoor grill.

We’d never seen anyone this huge before!! 

So Young is an eager dancer & soooo enjoyable.


So Young & Wait A Minute never put it all together because their management (surprise, surprise) totally sucked. And Bambino was around to kick their ass day & night – as we always like to say.

But they were a great Cover group even though So Young did not visually fit with star SuHyun & the other very hot dancers.  But we got off on WAM.

She is now an independent dancer.

SuHyun had amazing Cover potential & Waveya style moves.  WAM’s view numbers were always good.


(Yuha, Hayeon, Sieun & Semi) 하연, 시은, 세미, 유아

Truth is Hayeon would mop the floor with big, eager So Young.

Image result for mayqueen hayeon

Maid in Korea. Mop up the competition & the world belongs to you, May Queen.

In 2019 Hayeon, Siu & Sieun have their big, delicious booties & bodies ready to go on to festival stages & make tongues drag to the ground all the way to Incheon! 

This group is really fired up, has a new look & concept & is ready to rock like never before.

Our expectations are sky high.  After all, Hayeon was good enough to be in Laysha.

Pure meaty bliss.  Hayeon, the new leader of May Queen, came out smoking as a Laysha member on this cover of “Horns.”  She hung her foot on that amp & the crowd went off.  But does she have enough sexy juice to finish off an audience?? There are questions in the minds of BodhiCat Talk experts. 

What is their concept?  It’s not really that clear.  May Queen Version One never blew away large crowds or made them crazee with their choreo.  They get a C- here.

They’ll need a great choreo show & concept to go up against rival teams like Black Bunny, Girl Crush & Fly with Me.  Hayeon told BodhiCat Talk that she is SURE that May Queen will be ranked high.

Hayeon falls into a very special BodhiCat Talk obsession category: sexy, confident chubby Korean women who can bust a nut just by being alive & bust all the nuts on a tree by dancing an amazing cover in front of a manically shredded, fully shook audience.

She has moments where I literally drool & scream ya’ll.  She can just bring something with her that is pure plush.

Can May Queen become the “Bambino of the Thcckies?”

There is nothing more horny than to see big, delicious, beautiful sexy dancers like Hayeon or Sieun filled with confidence & making fanboys crazy as they move their bodies, twerk & cover songs. 

We predicted that May Queen would clean up in 2019 long ago & they are not going to disappoint BodhiCat Talk!

In her early days we could see her potential but she went down & then up with Laysha & then down a little.  Now she is ready to really clean up KPOP Cover & star!

Her time with Laysha gave her a lick & smell of success.  Now she wants to taste & eat the whole thang,…..

Goals. Careful, Hayeon.  There are no limits……..

She battles with her weight the way Som did.  But when Hayeon has the right balance in her footwork & wears anything low-cut in her outfit she is sooooo hot she sizzles like that Flay meat on a grill. Inside her (and Sieun too) is perfection waiting to happen.

Think of May Queen (or maybe another new, surprising group of thcck hotties like Lady Girl) becoming to Thcck Cover what Stellar was to skinny & hot. 

Now we’re talkin’

The “other” Gayoung nailing an encore for the most underappreciated I-Dull group ever.  Stellar was secretly a “Cover” team but didn’t want to admit it. (PS: Is it me, or does every reader of BodhiCat Talk believe Stellar is the best smelling group ever too?)


Because perfection gets boring.

And we are talking perfect here. Bomi if Girl Crush: the best & aiming higher. 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

오늘은 팬 서비스의 금요일입니다.




The Greatest KPOP I-Dull Group (secretly a Sexy Cover team!) Stellar performed for the Special Forces in a gutsy, patriotic concert in a driving rainstorm.  They earned our everlasting respect.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


13 thoughts on “Can They Become KPOP Cover’s Sexiest Thickkies Ever?? – Kpop에 속함 모든 카바댄서들에게 메세지를 전합니다…. 여러분 그룹이 인기가 있던 없던 그리고 유명한 그룹이든 새로 시작한 무명그룹이든 모두에게 “감사합니다!

  1. Been impatiently awaiting Girl Crush’s return. I think they’re about to do a comeback (in kpop speak) but seems with “Memories” (ain’t they already done that? this seems somehow more “official”):

    What’s got my attention is this looks like a move to Idol-dom – but with their sexy persona intact (as opposed to Bambino’s misdirection – according to me). Certainly DAM Ent & the Girl Crush women are comfortable with sexy and DAM Ent has already had experience with ICIA and Idol-dom, so I’m very curious to see where/how this goes.

    1. Pretty tame for a military crowd. Think Bambino at Wonju Military Academy. The gold standard & a type of night we’ll never see again.

      OK if this goes down as an I-Dull play, give Bomi credit. She has worked herself & personae every which way to be unique & I am shocked by her success.

      Girl Crush is definitely the team to beat but….but….but….what’s missing?? Help me out.

      1. What’s missing? That’s easy, they’re not doing the raucous audience shows that feed a performer, where TaeRi can really shine with her fan service, etc. And yeah, I was surprised by the *general* calmness of this army audience too.

        Looks like they’re doing Idol (or general admission type) shows. Makes sense if they’re going Idol, but us, we obviously miss that audience feedback.

        That link I posted here of them a couple of shows back (the water pour one) shows what they can do when they’ve got that going.

        1. Good points here bruh. I have a problem: I found perfection in Bambino & after them everything else is chopped liver, as my grandfather says.

          But you are right about Tae. I will give her the greatest compliment a human follower of Cover can give a dancer: SHE COULD HAVE BEEN A BAMBINO!

          How’s that?

          1. Looks like Girl Crush are doing their comeback with “Memories”:


            Not a bad thing to have found some form of perfection, though yeah, could limit current appreciation. I’m stuck in 2nd gen girl group kpop – none of the current groups are as appealing to me (most are downright boring) – ‘cept *some* Momoland.

            I think all GC members are showing strength, good to see Yoona getting out front more), but they do appear to be transitioning to a more Idol mode. We’ll have to wait some more, but I do think they’ve still got that cover excitement – need to get the crowds off those damn chairs – and into the stage chair 😁

  2. How to monitize, Pocket Girls are doing quite a few of these and some are getting significant views:

    Laysha probably would have seen some YouTube cash if A1 hadn’t taken down that Hyeri vid (along with the LayshaTV channel) 🤷‍♂️

    1. Yeonji is such eye candy. Could look at her all day. She must have been a model. Of Laysha I don’t know but I’d say Chaejin is the only model lookng one.

      1. My understanding is Pocket Girls were drawn from racing/car models, so yeah, probably why they’re pretty good at this posing stuff.

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