Bomi Sizes Up Her Competition – 보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.



As Girl Crush launched their big cumback MV this week with a new lineup & amazingly hot “Cover” look Bomi was doing a lot of thinking about herself.

She has been thinking:  “how can Girl Crush can STAY on top of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing?” 

“How can I help my team get the most attention?”

How do we know?  We are INSIDE Bomi’s head with our new BodhiCat Listening device. (With her permission of course.)

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It’s that thang on the upper left.  Note to surfer buds: It’s solar & made of bamboo.

We scanned her brain in real time while she was at a hotel cafe sucking on her coffee, dreaming about me & reading all the comments about her new MV.

Everything you read from here on is from  inside the head of the Sexy Sphinx: Bomi.

How often do I think about sex? Not as much as I think about getting happy, rich & famous. 

I reveal very little about myself.  I am not shy at all.  I just think you have to be serious to be successful & you cannot lose your concentration ever.  Bo Mi means “root” in Korean.  That is me.  I go under the ground & people can never see the real me.

I envied Eunsol. She was so pleasant & always happy.  But they ruined her career.  She was not strong enough. Too soft.

People say to me, “보미가 “새로운 은솔” 이라고 사람들이 말하는게 맞는지요?” (Is Bomi next Eunsol?)

Well maybe Eunsol wants to be the “new Bomi.”  I hope she’s happy but I would not be if I had all those fans & then did nothing much.

We took a lot of Bambino’s sexy moves & outfits for ideas.  But our bodies are better.  They were pure dancers but Diana made more money.  So we use their tricks more.  Like the outfits & our underwear.

Hadam came back, yes, but she found out that Sexy Cover is MY turf now!  She left for too long.  I have her old fans & she doesn’t even care.  I would go crazy.

. I don’t think she will dance a daring way again.  It wouldn’t even matter anyway. 

I am the one people know as the sexy dancer now.

No, Hadam will not save them.  I liked her pant leg rolled up. That was cool. I would use that but I will not wear pants.  My fans would be unhappy. LOL

Hadam was a fool to leave Bambino & crazy to not touch her fans for 2 years.  So she wanted to have a normal life & now she tries to be a success in KPOP at her age!!??   No.

She was like Hyuna they said. Daring & fearless. Yes. 

But Hyuna would never, ever stop promoting herself or stop performing.

Bomi is different!!

I will not be happy until we are stars & people say “This Bomi is good like APink’s Bomi.”

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I have my own style & everyone knows I am built better than any girl.  I do a better version of “Vibratto” than Stellar did even.  (The DJ at Club Syndrome who is Minhee’s ex-boyfriend told me that.)

I am watching Pharkil now.  Hmmm. 

Is this girl Hana of Black Bunny a concern for me?

She looks very ambitious to be famous.  I can see her team steals Fly with Me & Bomi’s style.  Her dances not very fierce or interesting.  Was she a cheerleader?

She is inexperienced but she is cute & I can see that she will have lots of fans soon. 

Oh! Versacejxy did a video of her which makes me jealous. 

I have many done by Versacejxy.  I am her favorite subject, but Bomi is greedy.

Pharkil has discovered this girl & she gets lots good views when she is performing.

I will try to make sure Pharkil doesn’t go too far with her. 

I must always win him back.  Bomi has many fancams with over 2 million views. I want more of them. Like Eunsol.

여기 콘테스트에 나온 경쟁자분들이 울고 있는이유가 당신이 너무 잘해서 인가요?! (우린 웃고 있지만 이게 사실인지도 모르죠

When he sees me perform next he will take his camera eyes off this girl Hana!  LOL.

He knows Bomi will still make the best money for him.

Hmmm. I wonder if I should start doing hard boob pops?  I can call Hyeon Ah (The former ICIA member & now a DJ.  She was known for her fierce boob popping.) I can get her to teach me how she did it so well.

I would rather do that than pour water on myself. I really don’t like that much but my fans go crazeeee.

 I know that some people were upset when I decided we should choreograph Iggy Azela like Fly with Me did.  But ours is much different. 

Ours is the “Girl Crush Way.”  

Ati of Fly with Me told someone that Girl Crush should change its name to ‘Fly with Me the Second’ but Ati almost left that group to come to Girl Crush. I wonder who knows that?

FWM is predictable & we just steal their material & make it sexier. 

That is all that can be said. Look at their popularity & rankings & look at Girl Crush.

Fly with Me is not powerful enough to compete.

They are not good enough to be models & have to work & do private things all the time. 

We make money modeling & they do not.


Laysha is finding out that there are a lot of competitors now who are younger like we are.

Girl Crush’s Bomi has become the next Eunsol. 

When Bambino left & Eunsol tried to come back the sexy concept style had been totally taken.

Bomi’s fans will never leave her.  

I will do what I have to do until I get more. More Chanel bags. More money. More attention.  More, more & more.  Like a gun going off, I want to keep shooting high.  I am my own rich Daddy!  That is what my tattoos mean.

Ohh! I have a headache.  I feel like something is crawling inside my brain!!

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Get out of here!


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Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

28 thoughts on “Bomi Sizes Up Her Competition – 보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

  1. Hadam’s comeback underwhelmed, but it was her decision. She didn’t want to come off as too sexy. and didn’t want to step on some Laysha member’s toes (especially you-know-who the ‘leader’ of Laysha). So she played a low profile.

    Hadam can still beat Bomi anyday and in any outfit or song, but it seems being the Kpop Sexy Cover queen isn’t the #1 priority in her mind anymore.

  2. Entertaining read, BohdiCat 👏

    👀 “Ati of Fly with Me told someone that Girl Crush should change its name to ‘Fly with Me the Second’ but Ati almost left that group to come to Girl Crush. I wonder who knows that?” 👀 😂 I have been watching her lately in FWM vids, she’s the one usually with the mike, right?

  3. Best part of that Girl Crush MV are Taeri’s eyes at 1:49, wow! Keep on truckin/surfin Bodhi, looks like you got your work cut for you what with a new group cumming out every week now, plus GC/FWM/Lay/BB (who’s on top now?) Wish the Captain had a few more vids. Where’s Waldo, oh, I mean Hadam, ha!!

    Later, Life’s Good and thanks again for all your “hard” work! Ha!!

  4. Oh man. When she grabbed her heels at the start! That I never seen before!!! 😋👍 I make her #1 and Black Bunny #2 now guys!

  5. This Bomi knows she’s the queen now. She plays it cool but you got her head right. Hadam? Still confused but she is happy with this guy who likes to stick out his tongue. Turns me off to both of them TBH.

  6. What’s your guess here?:

    I’m going with MayQueen Hayeon.

    And also, Waveya’s decided (like it seems quite a few YouTube “creators” {kinda annoying word in the context} have lately) to add a new monetized platform – and – thinking of the monthly fee, it ain’t cheap:

    Thought about it, but basic reads like it’d be YouTube content anyway, the good stuff is quite expensive for a monthly sub @ about $18 usd per month (what’s Netflix currently?). I’m wondering if they’ve got their tier pricing right – though comments read people’ve jumped. Be interesting to see how it goes.

    1. Spot on brother. Confirmed. That big, thcck hot bitch from May Queen came back with Laysha. She ain’t Hadam but she might work out! I am thrilled.

    1. And you will soon be editor for the quality of your reporting!! I see Laysha but I see a thcckie in there who almost falls at 6:05 & is slurpy sexy. Not Som is it? I’m so confused.

      1. Lest we forget:

        Yeah, Som fell down occasionally too – but she’s sexy on a level *I* haven’t seen anywhere else (though unesskz at least deserves mention).

        Seems there’s more to Som’s absence than I’d hoped/thought. Have not seen any Laysha/Som Instagram interaction since she went MIA. Goeun & Som regularly posted to each other’s Insta previously.

      2. Oh no, you sir are the one with the vision. Me, I’m just waiting for the return of Sieun & Som – maybe as a duo 😋😋 oh, and add Seihee for extra flavour 😋

    1. This is today’s mystery. If it’s her or Hadam it’s like USC vs Pasedena Prep!

      Laysha is sinking (although I am a sucker for big chicks who boob bounce.)

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