Bomi Says “I Am The Best” & Then Backs it Up (걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠)


걸크러쉬 vs 레이샤

She dropped jaws so loud the other night they cracked. We can still hear the sound. 

And then she shocked KPOP Cover & made a written statement about what she did & how it sealed her status as the Total Queen of Cover.

As far as Bomi & her stans are concerned her rivalry & competition with GoEun is over. And Zia, Taeri & Yona figure they put Laysha away the day Som left, Hadam flopped & the inexperienced Hayeon moved around the stage with as much finesse as a sea puss.

Bomi is soooo sure about her skills she wrote on her Instagram page next to a video of this performance:

“I am the best.”

Girl Crush torches the room Bambino style.  Bomi said on her new Instagram post that she’s the best.  Who can argue with her when she pours water on herself & then dances like THAT in boots & leather???

BodhiCat Talk cannot say 100% that Bomi reads our posts.  We’re pretty sure she does – or that her agency does because if she read this post…..

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

… told her to do exactly what she did!!

Girl Crush is ruthless, brilliantly sexual, ambitious as a surfer on 40 foot wave & they guarantee ex-Bambino fans who are looking for anything like the feeling the Binos gave us that they are as close as anyone will ever get.

걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠.

But like Bambino they are NOT a great water pouring team.  But they constantly pour in their routines because they know fans need it, fancammers can’t ignore it & no group can be #1 in the BodhiCat Talk Cover Rankings if they don’t.

Last season only Taeri turned us on with her pours because she was into it.  Bomi & Zia looked like they couldn’t wait to get to a dry towel.  They put on a good face & made it kind of hot, but you could tell they REALLY didn’t stan water.

Bomi’s genius is such that she knows what fans want.  And they want to see her pouring water all over that luscious Bomistry body they will never get near.  They want booty spreading, twerking & dancing of interesting choreo in new outfits in hot AF ways. 

It’s part of the great fantasy that we call “Cover.”

 And no one is delivering it better than Bomi in July 2019. It’s her time.

So last night while wearing killer black leather (FWM style) she ignored her dislike of water by timing her pour to waterfall on her while leaning back, down on her knees – a completely new look & move that just blew up the room.

We have not recovered.

It is sooooo fresh!

With her perfect body & with a manic crowd & fancam following her every move she used her body & her performance to say:

“Please don’t compare me to GoEun or Eunsol any more. I am the best!”

She can now set her sights on Hana & Yeri of Black Bunny, who are coming up hard on those black leather boots with their own exotic look. 

Bomi vs Yeri could be the battle of the Long Legs of Summer.  If they do their duel using water douses & unrestrained sexy concepts watch out! 

We will have a major new rivalry!

Image result for 블랙바니 (Black Bunny) 예리 (Yeri) gif

No water pours yet but some BodhiCat Talk readers think BB’s Yeri has the body & talent to match Bomi move for move.  Does she have the creativity? The drive?  

Bomi gets a lot of credit.  Do you know how hard it was to take down an iconic legend like Laysha???

  She is all about hard work, performing endlessly, going where no group has gone & defying all the creepy slut-shamers who should be slapped stupid, tied in a bag & tossed back into the swamp they crawled out of!

Image result for Laysha Go Eun best dancing gif

Her buttons bigger than yours.  Bomi can launch a weapon at any time!


When Bomi says she is the “best” she proves it where it counts: on the stage in front of  fans. 

This is a Cover Dance Queen’s ultimate “ring of fire.”  Some can fight in it & some just go through the motion.

Related image

Girl Crush had to work hard to bring Laysha down to size. One of their assets is a team that has worked together for years & when they replace a member it is always for the better.  Laysha doesn’t have that anymore.

Not since the days when Choim, Yubin & Seulgi (better known as Jenny, the most amazing tits in Cover) left the group has Laysha been so fucked up.

Their performance at Water Play was mediocre at best. 

They are starting to look like a tribute band to themselves!  Like those old groups my parents used to go see at Jones Beach & shit.

Can Laysha be saved?


But they need a new, reliable & steady team.  Some advice: if you are going to do it with a thcck queen, get Hayeon back in there – TRAIN HER RIGHT – or somehow kidnap Duyoo to get her in the group.

Choim said once that GoEun “will do anything to be successful.” 

Choim & GoEun in the early days of Laysha. 

What GoEun needs now is to get a team around her who wants it as bad as her.

Laysha can cum back.  With GoEun & Chaejin the potential is always there for major Cover heat.  But right now Bomi & Girl Crush are destroying them night & day.

Our advice to Laysha is: DROWN!!

Do the one thang you do better than any other group.  Do WATER stuff!

No matter who is in the group now, do a performance in water, or with water or around water.  Something wet & memorable. You are at a Water Park right now.  Do it!!

Show fans of BodhiCat Talk you want them back.  Bad.  Show Bomi who is the boss – if you can.

To remind you, here are some highlights of great water events.


BodhiCat Talk officially declares the first week of July as the official start of Cover Dance Water Season by decree of the Royal Surfboard.

Stellar’s performances in the rain & at a pool party are iconic examples of great water moments in Cover.  Ones others need to imitate.

We consider Stellar a Sexy Cover team in disguise. 

There are two performances in here you have to see if you forgot about them.

#1: Stellar toughs it out bravely for Korean troops (a lot of them female cadets) in a driving rainstorm. This earned our everlasting respect & we made them honorary Cover Queens for Life.

The second is the amazing Sexy Remix performance at a pool competition which just shook us.  Check out Jeonyul doing a bra move that Laysha had invented.


Laysha’s ability in & around water is beyond iconic.

Going head to head with white hot Bambino & Switch in 2016 – real competition for sure – Laysha made themselves the dominant group in Cover because of what they did with a bottle of water. 

Or anything wet around them.

With Camila star Yubin showing the most perfect body ever seen in a single performance (watch closely for her brief appearance) they rocked in the rain during a festival & did a legendary cover of “Wiggle Wiggle.”

Did it ever get better than this Laysha cover of “Wiggle Wiggle” in the rain?

Well, yeah actually.

It got way better just about every time GoEun had a bottle of water in her hands & even better than that when it was Som’s turn to pour.

One thang we know, Girl Crush does not like or do water like Laysha likes and does water.  

Even though GC does water they don’t even do it as good as Holly Queen.

Bomi really doesn’t like the concept. 

But last night she used the water pour to her advantage like we said.

Laysha does like to do those slow, long sexy pours.  Their water pour moments are like an orgasm that lasts for three weeks.

GC can’t wait to get rid of that fucking bottle & that is their weakness.  So this is Laysha’s way to get back to the top.

But if G-Crush keeps doing it like Bomi did last night – or if Fly or Rose Queen OR Flora start to experimenting with water this year & start driving fans crazeee – they will move up fast in the rankings & the confused Laysha will wonder why they are no longer the queens.

They should know!  So should their agency: A1.  (It’s all about the water dummies.)


If you were to compare Jini of RQ & Gayoung of Switch they are about equal as performers. But everyone knows Gayoung as the hard-dancing, fun-loving legend.  Jini is not that well known. 

What’s the difference?

One did water pouring the other never has.

Can you imagine watching Jini dance covers like this & then having one song where she pulls out that bottle of water & pours? 

Please Jini.  Please!! One time only.

That was the difference between Switch’s success – especially Gayoung’s – who always proved to fans she would do anything to please them. 

Lesson: do not hold back on fan service. Open the hose.

So it’s the Official BodhiCat Talk start of Water Season.  Let it flow!!! 

Get wet.  We’re all sooo thirsty our tongues are out!


Former I-REN amazing short-burst superstar Bo Young – who danced the 2nd best “New Thang” after Bambino, replied to BodhiCat Talk with that quote after we asked her if she thought Bomi was the best. Hmmmm….does she really not know?  She follows many other dancers & obviously still keeps up with Cover. 

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

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42 thoughts on “Bomi Says “I Am The Best” & Then Backs it Up (걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠)

    1. It’s fresh & has some “hydro power.” You got me all wrong pak8. I luuuv Laysha & GoEun won me over big time. But just not like what I’m seeing these days. But this event could be the start of a return to cream!

    2. DoYu’s in Dami’s (DAM ent) inner circle, so her going to Laysha’s unlikely. Not sure how Label_Up fits in – but that crew (Dami’s inner) is currently touring Japan.

      And yes, methinks Bodhicat does enjoy a good battle. Wonder if he’s following the entirely entertaining FIFA Women’s football media coverage.

  1. The remarkable pharkil radar does it yet again (how does he do that?):

    And interested to see the continuing evolution of Momoland, check out Ahin here (big boobs – Nancy too, just less obvious):

    The vid I was looking for got deleted/privated by the uploader 😏 wonder if they’d do this in Korea? 😉 They started out as the typical cute/fizzy girl group (with extra energy, ala Crayon Pop) but Bboom Bboom changed that, and they seem to be going with it. Their fans (Merries) seem to be a bit consternated by it, me, not so much 😃

  2. Love those gifs you put up. Fav is that upside down pole rider, this Uncle Kim one’s pretty good too.

    And thanks for that Stellar vid, new to me, love THAT ultra blonde Minhee. Great how they turned that music screw up into a memorable event (despite all the giggling).

          1. I’m so glad she’s going with a song’s mood now and not just sphinxing, adds a very enjoyable dimension – like what seemed to be missing.

            I think the individual/MC gigs have helped her a lot with stage presence.

  3. Seen that there was a performance of Laysha on July 5 at waterpark. I think this seem great for them.

    Anyone have seen the video uploaded?

  4. I am a Go Eun fan (not bambino as you remember) but I can see how Bomi has become an obsession. At first I thought it was you because, well, when you get into one of these groups or a girl you really are best than their agents and get us all excited!! And sometimes they fail like May queen girls. But I “GET” Bomi. I cannot stop watching her. Go Eun is still good and fully sexual. But Bomi is who I think about and watch the most.

    1. You know, my sister is a psychotherapist. So I asked her: “Why do I always feel like I want to take her to Paris, fall in love & have her break my heart?” She said, “It’s mom’s fault. Now pay me $500.”

      Can anyone give me a better answer or Yubin’s phone #…..?

  5. Hey, that’s cheap considering the in depth analysis 😀

    Had a sorta similar experience on seeing this 👀

    And on Pocket Girls, their packaging has gone Idolish, not doing the raucous interactive audience experience that cover loves – but don’t count them out, they still do cover (and their own) stuff well.

    1. OMG! How pathetic she is. Look at her: planting her feet like a Dodgers pitcher. She’s so rigid. I worship them all for their dedication & hard work to make me happy (OK, I tend to bash SOME I-Dulls but only for being elitists). But this Jessi is just so faxu. Too much to take I swear.

      Peace bruh. I will definitely file this “empty” water pour away for future BTalk sue.

  6. I don’t think Bomi is the best or backs anything up. Ok. She’s got hot moves but she can say she’s the best but Laysha has been doing it better for years. Chaejin is so much better as a dancer and Go Uen is the sexiest body and woman alive. Eunsol WHEN SHE WAS EUNSOL OF BAMBINO was the queen of them all along with Hadam. Bomi is ok but not THE BEST. No. And I know this because in concerts in Korea Laysha and Bambino had the best fans who were the loudest and made them like idols.

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