KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Special Report: Laysha Adds A (May) Queen!!!!! 메이퀸

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In an otherwise average, low-energy outdoor “comeback,” Laysha pulled down Bodhi’s zipper & pulled out another BIG THCCK AF surprise.  

They got rid of Hadam & Som (at least temporarily.) 

And they added a May Queen member!!

Two things we know for sure here…..

The dancer on the stage wasn’t Som & sure AF wasn’t Hadam (unless Hadam has put on 20 pounds & forgotten how to dance & Som went into a coma while she was doing whatever the fuck the poor queen has been doing.)

Even so who they HAD on stage & in their groups is a huge shock.

She is one of the hottest, sluttiest KPOP queens ever.  She is not known for her fierce dancing or fan service but she has a beautiful face & a body built for the horny fan in the Age of the Chunky Cover dancer.

Most important of all she has amazing boobs, strong legs & ooooozes charisma.

So it turns out that one of Bodhicat Talk readers’ picks for stardom in 2019 is now in Laysha!!!  Or the Revolving Doorsha, once known as Laysha.

Hayeon of May Queen danced with Laysha.  That’s right. The thcckest thcckie of them all.  Boob bouncing thriller Hayeon danced all the Laysha classics with GoEun & the team!! 

My chocolate did cream. She got us off more than Hadam in her short deal with #2 Laysha.  (But not for her dancing….)

We thought Hayeon had bailed on us when May Queen went poop.  But now she showed up here. 

What is going on this year?? Miracle after miracle keeps happening.

OK. If this is her first performance it was a little – uggh – bumpy as both me and video editor Versacejxy agree.  (See @kpopcoverdance on Instagram for her comment.)

But this is a shocking surprise move by Laysha to get back their #1 ranking from Girl Crush!!  We luuuv it. It’s the long pass for a winning touchdown.  It may be a little desperate, but so are we!!  We want Laysha to roar back at GC & Hayeon to have a long, hot festival season. 

If Hayeon starts doing water dousing, oh my my.  She’s all mine.  

Image result for May Queen Hayeon dancing gif

Hayeon needs to show better fan service beyond wearing the uniform of “serving” if she is going to be a true Laysha member.  She can do it we think.

Right now Hayeon looked really unsure of herself & her foot speed for the challenging Laysha choreo was slow.  She is not light on her feet.  Lets say Hayeon luvs gravity & it luvs her back. 

Don’t think she’s a surfer. 

Not her best performances.  But that is OK.  It was her first ride on a new board.  This is not what Hayeon is all about anyway. She can dance some Cover.  We want her big & hot & she was.  

Her boobs bounced & her body puts us in heat no matter what she does. She needs a lot of training though.

We like the matchup with Hyeri.  Same styles. Slow-footed but plumpy pleasure.  The fuckable factor & Hyeri knows the tease. 

But she needs to clean up, get with the Laysha program & toss that fucking wig away – and start blowing ours off like she has done before.

She never fails. She has IT. 

She had IT with May Queen too and if A1 Agency keeps reading BodhiCat Talk & taking our advice (as we are told today by our Angie Lee they are) LOL!

For real A1 you made a good choice here.  Let’s see how it plays out.  IF you decide to bring Hadam in full-time, though, no problem there.

She will get better as a dancer, fan service entertainer & may fit with this great team. 

Don’t worry ya’ll, Hayeon can get the job done when she gets over her nervous being with an iconic team. 

Good luck to Hayeon!  홧팅 .


The performance itself was mediocre but let’s face it IF Hadam is not going to work for Laysha – which could have made them #1 overnight –  Hayeon can give them a little of that sloppy, slutty, very sexy flavor that might work nicely given Laysha’s style.

One thing we noticed in Hayeon’s costume was the “fallen strap” on one side look.

Is this Hadam’s influence on her?

Remember this from Bambino’s “Moonlight Shower” time?

Did Hayeon borrow her look last night from this Hadam performance? (We hope she someday dances like The Greatest Cover Dancer of All Time does too!)

We’ll have more on Hayeon’s launch with Laysha on our other post too.  Very soon.  For now watch Hayeon, Hyuna & Hyeon Ah boob bounce & see more Eunsol “millions” like never before.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

Don’t forget we are still inside Bomi’s head.  We may ask her what she thinks of this new challenge to her supremacy! (And whether she thinks that she’s THAT good!!)

Bomi Sizes Up Her Competition – 보미가 생각하는 동안 우린 보미의 머리속을 들어가봅니다.

#stopsucking @h.a_yeon_2 

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