Bambino Back To Dance Again!! 밤비노를 다시 불러 춤추게 합시다!


올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?

So here’s how we get Hadam, Eunsol, Dahee & Minhee back on the stage. For real.

Ever ask yourself: “Why doesn’t KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing have live dance battles & contests to excite fans & make more money for the agencies & the girls?”

They have arranged battles in other sports & contests, where sexy women turn on fans by calling out opponents & rivals.  They make a lot more money too.  And these girls are not any more fit, hot or worshipped than our Cover Queens. 

So I ask you BodhiCat Talk Army:

If Hana of Black Bunny was scheduled to dance against Hana of Switch next Fan Service Friday on a Live TV or PPV do you think you would watch? Do you also think that sponsors like Cass beer & Super Clothing would pay bucks to bring it live on YouTube?

Fuck yeah is the answer!!  BodhiCat would sell his soul.  OK, maybe something less corrupt.  But you know what I’m sayin’ here.

BodhiCat Talk has studied hard – as in doctoral degree study hard – Bikini Fitness & Female Pro Wrestling.  

In both of these “sports,” women have to be incredibly athletic, charismatic, toned & gorgeous.

Like Asuka (formerly Kana), the Japanese star:

Related image

Is that kind of a twerk, Asuka? 

We luuv Asuka.  We even wear the mask.

But the grappling booty of the WWE champ has nothing on Cover queens!  The “rivalry” in pro wrestling is fake & it is Cover. Fanboys & especially fangirls would  luuv to see the women of Cover go at it like this.

As far as booty shaking goes:

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All together now….They already have the Dodger blue on.  They are suited up, bootied up & ready to let their millions of fans slide right into them.  Nothing would make us happier than to see Shasa & her team get filthy rich.  I can see champagne slugging Shasa shouting with drunken stupor after putting it to Daisy of Momoland with a finishing booty move: “Do not mess with a woman who is the Queen of the Flies little girl!
So the plan is to turn Cover into a sport with cash prizes, gold medals & everything.  BodhiCat Talk volunteers to put one around every girl’s neck, win or lose.
Choi Gwi Bi is the undefeated champion of Fitness competitions in Korea.  She makes a ton of money for beating the shit out of other girls in bikinis & giving judges hardons.

We already have our Top 10 rankings.  So a playoff system is the next thang.


This is not a new concept in KPOP.  It ain’t complicated either.

Remember Ko Hara?  Here she is raking in the bucks from a soju commercial.

First Time Soju paid the queen a ton for this amazing commercial.

She & her group Kara got into a tangle with Secret, which led to a real live dance battle in front of a massive crowd of Army soldiers.

The amazing battle between Secret & Kara was on TV & was a big time thrill.

Ko Hara was “Cover” for sure.  She was a fierce “battle queen” (by her own admission) and figured Kara could dismantle Secret.  Kara went first & were white hot!

Then it was Secret’s turn.  It didn’t look like they had a shot, but Secret turned them inside out!!

Jieun sooo snapped!
Fan service? Can you imagine what Cover Dancers would do to please their happy fans with $100,000 on the line???


Time to return the favor. 

Cover battles would be out of control.  Crazy.  Barrel rides over water falls.  All kinds of stuff would go on if Hadam got into this game.

And with enough serious money on the line, you WILL attract Bambino back together.  Hadam left the business without the money she deserved.  She was tired of being slut-shamed & ripped off by the sludge buckets of JS Entertainment.

We know from ex-Dimepiece star Sally that Cover rivalries exist & the girls battle like crazy. But they are also friends off the stage & don’t talk about how much they want to beat each other & show their skills.

Well here’s their chance to do it without the usual fake humility bullshit.

#1 VS #2:


“Who said YOU own GDFR?”

Could it get any better than to see Bomi – the champion of Cover right now – start off the KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Warriors Series by challenging GoEun to dance her iconic song?

Well yeah, it actually could.

Image result for Byeon DaHee 변다희 #다희 #

The real BIG BANG. This is how the Universe was formed.  With this burst a “New Thang” came about. (Image Courtesy of NASA.  Sorry NASTA.)


Before she left Cover dancing as its queen Hadam brutally humiliated Hyuna in a battle video.  Hadam had rolled up 80% of the votes.

But Hyuna & Hadam would have a rematch in real time & the two greatest performers we’ve ever seen can go toe-to-toe – with or without water. 

Hyuna is so up for anything, she would for sure lust at a chance to whip anyone put in front of her.  Especially Hadam.  She’s a lioness.

Hyuna, who was humiliated by Hadam, seeks revenge.

But if Hadam gets in shape like she ws before Hyuna might get smoked a second time!!

The perfect dance. This clip of Hadam was used in the famous “Battle Video” between Hyuna & Hadam.


The rumors have persisted forever.  Even in 2019 Dahee’s stock is rising – and rising fast.  For sure she could show Wohee & Serri (who made the snide gesture to her one night as Bambino left the stage) if she still has what it takes to steal their audience again!

The chick they call “The Game Changer” of Cover would really show her stuff to Dal Shabet this time.

You have seen our “battle videos” before. (Or at least you did until YouTube took the originals down.  But a bud always gets them back up.) 

Remember this one?  Eunsol against Seolhyun.  It was a major “battle” & Eunsol kicked her ass.

What if the two really did go at it live, on TV & on stage with a big audience of mainly Army dudes?  Winner takes all: $200,000.

Are you kidding me?? Eunsol & Hadam would send each other Valentine’s Day flowers to get a shot at this.  Tropical would be put on hold – although it already looks like it is…..

The matchups are endless. Fan ideas would flow.  Versacejky would produce video masterpieces for them.

How about a night where the top challengers, I-Dulls or hot dancers like Juhee or EXID’s lightweight Junghwa정화, all try to take on GoEun doing “Horangnabi?”

The “Horangnabi Cup” would come with a $150,000 prize.
Juhee would actually get the respect she deserves!  And damn, she might win it all.

There are so many Cover dance performances that just don’t get seen or only seen once or twice.  It’s like throwing away Picasso paintings.


This time in front of a large crowd.  And Duyoo would finally do a cover she only did once again.


Wouldn’t you like to see the amazing body of Captain Roh up against the equally amazing body of the Body of the Year, Seihee? How about with new choreo and interpretations from the choreographer of “New Thang?”

If you’ve never seen Captain Roh’s legs you are in for an amazing treat!  She would use them to kick Rose Queen’s butt if go one-on-one with her & XOX.

Even the practice sessions would be televised like a pre-game show.  And this time, with Laysha’s consent & with Laysha BEING PAID for the camera’s intrusion.

Maybe the Cover girls would also get soju gigs – like this one.  Which was also a “competition.” 

A three way tie?  The mind reels ya’ll.  We have saved Cover!!  Again…..


Som has been battling some type of emotional upset lately.  She talked about being betrayed & seeking revenge.  She has now come to some peace with that & is just wishing whoever fucked her over floats by her down the river, face up.  OK, Som.  So when can we see you humping on stage again?

Somie is not just a great Cover dancer & legend of Laysha.  She is also a cult figure.  She has followers who are into her – like BodhiCat Talk – for her dark & mysterious hold over us.  There are a few Cover Queens like this.  We look at them this week on our other blog:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

항상 편한 마음으로 답장주세요.​

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17 thoughts on “Bambino Back To Dance Again!! 밤비노를 다시 불러 춤추게 합시다!

  1. Hey Man

    Hope everything is going well. I like your idea. Anyhow, I’m at my favorite karaoke bar and just as we are getting ready to leave what cums on but Uptown Funk. Now I’m stuck with dreaming about you know who for the rest of the night!!! Matter of fact, right after this I’m gonna check out the Bams and Hadam. DAMN!!!
    And, as I said before, Eunsol doing GDRF on Nansoom is THE BEST, and if she had same outfit on that Bomi had I probably wouldn’t make through the whole song:):).
    But Captain Roh is smokin !! Those thighs!!
    Sorry about your Rams, but the Pats made Goff look like a kid.
    Later, Lifes Good

    1. Thanks man! Hadam was a Cadillac. Let’s bring her back for the cash.

      Captain does smoke. Hana of Black Bunny heading to next level too – plz god.

      They r gonna find someday that Bill B & Brady are stealing signals courtesy of Russian intel. No one can win Supes like that right!?

      1. Lol. And Boston won the WS too, WTF!! Love BB, but I’d like to see them up their choreo and fan service a bit. Let’s put Shasa and Bomi in the ring and let them go at it!! Life’s good.

  2. BodhiCat. Hello again from France. You report that Sally of the Dimepiece is returning. Is this with Laysha maybe or a new talents? She is the one and with her partner si yuu who is a favorite. Merci.

    1. I don’t think Dimepiece is going to get back together. But Siyu was a fan fave for sure. But Sally was the real engine of the group. The Laysha thing is a rumor but I doubt it.

  3. Rankings, big money matches, I-Dulls and all of this in Bodhi World. It’s kind ofbfantasy KPOP but yeah the girls are hot and people are getting into it. Amazing.

  4. Yes. Perhaps this model makes sense and the reason nobody thinks of it is that these agencies are very small and run by quite stupid young men. The last thing they want is for these girls to become rich and famous though because they would join new agencies immediately. This competition model is perfect for sexy dancers but I do not know how with this current business arrangement in Korea the system could allow it. But please keep writing about this. Your voice has some influence.

    1. Hey man, I saw that. What a fucking stupid idea that is. So, like, 1980’s Studio 54 bullshit. If those idiots only knew what I’ve seen happen to dudes who blew. Tx. We luuuv Sieun but she’s in for a BodhiScolding

  5. My BodhiCat man has all the best ideas for his Cover loves. And he writes them so we’ll!! Thank you for these money ideas! 🤑

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