BodhiCat Talk

We look for people, poetic spirits and disruptors who are unconventional and give us a thrill.

We love people who burn bridges to light the way.  Right now we are concentrating on one obscure category of Korean KPOP and one formerly obscure dance group which went off like a rocket in late 2014 to become the “fancam queens” of all time and internationally famous.  We are obsessed with the history, story and live performances of the Bambino dance group.

We chronicle their unconquerable success and their competitors’ persistent but failed challenge to their dominance.

We talk about a lot of other shit along the way too……

BodhiCat Talk tells this story in a way that only our team can. Our researchers are first-class, our writers are perfectionists and our readers and commenters are a major part of our Blog.  This is not like other stans you have read.