A BodhiCat Interlude: Stars in Stripes


While we wait for our judges to come in up with the name of the #3 ranked Sexy Cover Group of the year, we feel some deep need to get off again & again & again on the leader of the #5 ranked team: Jini of Rose Queen. 

This post is one of our most-viewed.  When I wrote it, I felt directed by some unseen force!

Who Busted the Best “Wiggle?”

Ya’ll know that this is the year I started getting off on Jini after two years of being under Hadam’s powerful spell, which made me totally dis’ Jini & RQ.  I don’t know precisely what happened, but I can tell you now that Hadam has let me go free, while Jini has me body & soul.  It’s like they traded me for cash & a player to be named later.

And I am not just a fanboy. I am her damn psychic prisoner.  As I was with Hadam, of course.

So how did this happen? WTF happened to the otherwise sane BodhiCat?

I have been hypnotized. There’s some mind control going on here & it ain’t Russian hackers.  It’s the spinning, reeling effects of KPOP Cover booty in stripes!

Image result for person being hypnotized by stripe wheel animation gif

Yeah.  It’s the outfits. And nobody had a hotter one with specially-made hypnotic stripes than Rose Queen.  How else to explain their success & power over me?

Jini in her stripes doing “Wiggle Wiggle” turned me & millions of others inside & out.  I mean it did something beyond just turn us on & get us into fap mode.  

But was it just the stripes? We started looking at other performances in stripes to see if it has the same effect. 

You decide. But be careful so as not to fall under the spell yourselves.


Tahiti’s Ari may not have gotten a paycheck for five years as we once reported, but she made us a prisoner in that skirt.

And now OUR Ari!  Remember her?  She is the A+ student at the Bambino School of Cover.  She took stripes to another level & we are exhausted from the fapping.  Had to be hypnosis.  She’s not even with a group & we almost ranked her #1!!!

Ari got her Ph.D in sexy concept dancing at the Bambino School.

So how did this woman ever get that kind of hold over us?  It had to be the stripes. Ari is like watching a whole Cover group in one woman!

And then there’s Hani, who always seems to be in a discussion where there are Cover dancers involved.  She has her own style of performing magic for sure. 

But after I saw her in stripes, I began to hear “Up & Down” in my sleep!

As good as she is, the striped, hypnotic Hani, who once “got owned” by Eunsol……

…..had it happen to her again, this time by Jini wearing a uniform of stripes that had to be made in Moscow by a GRU secret sexy agent.

Image result for sexy foreign spy agent gif

This hypnosis business is a business for pros.  Nugus should learn that striped uniforms & psychic fancam hacking do not always work 100%

You would think Witches could do better.  But doing hypnosis doesn’t always mesmerize fans.

Image result for crying face funny animation emoji gif


But in the hands of masterful queens, who know how to make your eyes follow them….

….over 4 million of us to do what they want us to do on command.

Go girl.  That’s power!!


Image result for cartoon character being hypnotized by stripe wheel gif

To keep looking right at it!!!

With a huge smile for the fans shouting the word “Queen” in Korean, Jini nails this amazingly hot cover in her stripes.  Little did the fans know they were being mesmerized by her psychic hacking.  XD

They all earned their stripes.


#1 – ?

#2 – ??

#3 – ???

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리 여왕   

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8: Switch – 스위치

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

 #10: Angels – 댄스팀 엔젤스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위


Are the stripes sending us signals….??




KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of 2018?



#4 – POCKET GIRLS 포켓걸스

2018 started with the right bang. The Cover queens of Pocket Girls, whose look never gets old, rocked a military audience.  Pocket Girls kept getting better this year & showed us again how much fun Cover really is!!

A Japanese girl & I had the most amazing sexual chemistry ever.  For real.  We wouldn’t stop fucking if the Fire Department came in & sprayed us.  It was insane.  It was such incredible sex.  It was always the same & it was always the best & it was always hot & it never, ever got old & I salute her wherever she is today.

I never knew what it was but it’s the same thing I have with Pocket Girls.

They cannot bore me, wear me out or make me stop fapping for them.  They have the perfect Cover concept.  But they will never get beyond the bedroom.  Or haven’t yet.

But it doesn’t mean they aren’t a great Cover group.  For fuck’s sake, they are #4 in the world! 

Their rivals must bow low to Pocket Girls!

At the beginning of the year it looked like Pocket Girls even had a chance at maybe being #1.  And in a normal year, who knows?  They are a creamy dream team.  Their bodies, faces & avatar dance style flows.  They work hard & practice hard because, let’s be real, these former auto show models are not Sistar when it comes to talent. 

This makes them even more luvable because they keep raising their own bar.

Habin is one of the best built, most beautiful women in KPOP.  She works it hard.

They have the right formula for what they are & who they are & what they want to be.  And now they sing.  They just go out & deliver.  NO drama.  No peep show pervs filming them without their knowledge, no stolen uniforms, no management dissing, no patches on their eye, camel toes (well, maybe a hump her & there) & they are always polite to BodhiCat Talk.

Their cover of “Oppa Is Trash” is one of the best originals for a Cover team in the industry. Their stage dancing speed is slow but this year they danced with more confidence, fun, power & even a little fan service.  They got so much luv that they looked happy & knew they had a slay formula.

Habin of #4 Pocket Girls must take some kind of eternal cute pills.  She is sooooo pleasing to the eyes.

With the rush of Girl Crush videos on YouTube, Daum.net & everywhere the amazing output by Pocket Girls got hushed.  But Pocket Girls kept those leggy, hot, predictable & wonderful moments cuming & their numbers are competitive with anyone’s.  

This one is over 12 million!

Habin’s “dance practices” made us crazy.  Just looking at Habin stand with her back to us in those heels – and knowing what she could do & how amazingly pretty she was – had us eating ice cream out of her hand. 

But Pocket Girls’ momentum early in the year ground to a halt courtesy of that awesome Girl Crush sex machine.   They kept producing & getting better. 

They end up moving from #6 to #4!

What propelled them up two spots was this:

Just when we were saying they were good even though they never changed, they changed!! 

In August we got this from them:

Of all the covers of “Hip & Lip” in 2018 theirs is the best.


I used to test msyelf with the Japanese girl. I used to try NOT to have sex with her.  But it was impossible.  She was just too hot.  Too impossible to resist with my brain alone.

I’ll never know her mystery.  But I get that feeling again with Pocket Girls.

They have the most irresistible concept in Cover.

#4 – Pocket Girls 포켓걸스 


#protectnugus #protectlaysha #stopsucking #stopfapping2pocketgirls 


Now that we’re down to the final three – and it’s a pretty good bet that the group that has been #1 every time will be in the running again – the judges are asking: “Did GoEun get humiliated at Water Block during “Hand Clap,” or was this the sexiest performance of 2018 – and the one that will keep Laysha on top?

Was she totally dazed & stunned by all the water guns hitting her full force??  Was this the final humilation that cost Laysha their crown.  Could be.  But many BodhiCat Talk fans think GoEun may have saved Laysha from falling out of #1 with this performance.  Hmmmm.

It’s KPOP Sexy Cover as only Laysha’s superstar leader can deliver it!!!

Stay tuned!

Eunsol Made Hani More Fuckable


The jury is still out on who will be Cover’s #4 ranked group this year.  

Our team of judges is still reviewing fancams, going to performances & discussing who will be the next ranked group.

Related image

In the meantime, congrats to Rose Queen, the new #5 team. 그룹의 대상 리스트에 올라오신거 축하드립니다. 홧팅

Fortunately while we wait there is plenty to distract you.  This is still “Eunsol Returns Week” in KPOP.   It is THE big news for sure.  

Her return does change everything for BodhiCat Talk readers, Bambino fans & for every other group out there.

Remember in January when we asked whether Idols like EXID were going to “muscle” their way into Cover now?  We said that if Girl Crush’s Bomi was a bust, Hani could become the second coming of Bambino but that no one would try to slut shame her.

Will Bomi’s Underwear Save Cover From Hani? Are Girl Groups Getting “Flabby?”

Fortunately for us, Bomi was not a bust.  She turned into a superstar.

Because of what Cover queens were accomplishing, Hani got the message & then she got a Cover-style body & got hotter & hotter & hotter.  Hani makes the tongue almost drag now.  She has definitely made a lot of guys turn away from Cover, where they used to go for fun & a furious fap. 

And of course Hyorin started working on her Cover-style turn-on right here in LA last year….

….and since has come out & nearly finished the job of making hot Idols equal to Cover queens!  But Girl Crush & Fly with Me came to the rescue of Cover.

(Of course, the I-Dull bitches  never give Cover teams any credit.  They just take their revenge.  Ya gotta admire them.  They play for keeps.)

Hani to Eunsol: “Thanks, Baby! (Now Get Lost)”


With the most viewed Cover Dancer & idol of all time back in action things is going to get back where they belong again. 

Related image

(We hope!)

Do we need to remind you that Eunsol got famous for a lot of reasons, like  being in the unbelievable experience called Bambino, where she has 50+ fancams over one million views?   She was so fucking sexy all the time like no one had seen.  So sexy that when we decided to put her in showdowns with I-Dulls to prove a point, she whipped Hani AND totally smoked Seolhyun in head-to-head competitions.

We put Eunsol (“Silver”) & Seolhyun (“Pussy”) in similar outfits (Bambino copied AOA’s outfits but made them Cover sexy) & let them go at it.  Eunsol crushed the beautiful Seolhyun according to fans.

Bambino’s popularity & style drove Hani to become a more experienced, fuckable booty shaker, whether EXID admits it or not.

Related image

Eunsol should get credit for making Hani a booty grinding babe.

So it’s time to go up & down again.  Hani & Eunsol back facing each other.

BTW, if you ever wondered what the song “Up & Down” actually was about  (and you are an English speaker only) here you go:



In the meantime, for those of you who are ADD, here was LAST YEAR’S #4 group to drool over.

KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #4 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

Fly with Me has been slaying in so many ways & in so many places:

Even though it was a pretty awesome ranking, Fly with Me hopes to rise higher than even #4.  They want to show Laysha who is best at “booty dancing!”

Remember, BodhiCat Talk judges cannot be seduced…..

Image result for Som Laysha fancam gif

(Not even by GoEun)

or influenced in provocative ways…..  Related image

Well, except for BodhiCat.  Yeah.  He can……

Related image

Stay tuned. Fly with Me is no doubt still in the hunt for #1.


#respectnugus & #respectlaysha #strawlessocean

Image result for Som Laysha fancam Water Block Festival gif

They go to work for us. Let them go home or party after work in private. Honor them & know the boundaries of your fantasies.

And don’t use plastic straws!  Let’s keep plastic out of the oceans, ya’ll.  By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  #stopsucking!!  You know what should be sucked (oh my my) & what should be left alone.

We can do it!!


Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Bomi put out a dance riff that sizzles & might be the hottest moves this year – but she had on Laysha’s outfits from Woosongdae & had a cast on her right hand!  Zia had a patch on her eye.  Did the two get into a fight???

And there is a nugu from group Black Beauty who is definitely a student of Hadam’s style & looks a lot like her!

Finally, Seihee also imitates Laysha’s GoEun & takes it off!  Unbelievable Summer in Cover.  Everything has just leveled up.

I can’t get any good surfing done with all the fapping going on!  Too tired.



BodhiCat’s Bizarre Week: Laysha Violated, Eunsol Returns & Gayoung Contacts Us



Image result for hot looking woman looks surprised gif

It got plain weird this week in Cover.

Every day this week there was a new shock or head-jerking thang!  WTF is going down in Cover???



TBH I expected more from the smiling, former S-Line Queen. For you nugus, she is the one we used to watch tear into performances the way I ride a wave and turtle roll.  If you don’t know about Gayoung or what she was capable of every night, check this out:

She may have turned her big, hot performance lights off, but few could rock a stage the way Chou Gayoung did! What turned her off on KPOP Cover & Switch?“I don’t want to talk about me anymore!”  she told BodhiCat.

When we come out with our all-time rankings of the 11 Best Dancers in Cover history in a few months, Chou Gayoung will be rated near the top.

But on Tuesday night I got a surprise Instagram message from the S-Line Queen that turned into a totally weird evening.

We had been in touch before – like the time she called Bambino out & said Switch was “most better” than Eunsol & her group.

Gayoung of Switch: We Are “Much Better” Than Bambino

But Gayoung found BodhiCat this time.  It was her turn to troll.

She was on her way to Japan (didn’t say why) & was upset that I had tagged her & a bunch of current Switch and DAMI Entertainment members on a post referring to Jenny’s comeback.   She asked me to take the tags down & only tag Jenny.

It was a demand, or maybe her English made it sound like that.

My journalist’s instincts went into high gear.  I pressed her on why she left Switch.  I asked her if management was trying to intimidate her & whether she planned to return with a new team.  She kept replying but got totally pissed at my questions about her career. 

When I asked her how it felt to be a KPOP legend, she said it was annoying. 

Sounded like she is a victim of a bad agency experience, a souring with her buds in Switch, or she had a thorn in her paw (that I offered to personally remove!)

She joined “THE SECRET ROYAL FAMILY” of chicks who just drop-out, go silent & run deep with their sonar off. She looks like she is living a luxury life btw.  But we didn’t go there!

After this week I don’t blame her for being sensitive to anything related to KPOP fans or management.  I respect her & her post about being in support of strong women.  I like Chou Gayoung, even though we are probably on her shit list now.   

At least until she needs us again…..

(For the record she said she has “no relationship” with Hadam & doesn’t know why she left Bambino.  I tried BodhiCats.  I really tried.)


After the shit that went down on Wednesday, we asked each other:

“Is this Laysha’s last performance?”

goeun.1226저는 2015년도 부터 활동을 시작한 4인조 걸그룹의 레이샤 고은 이라고 합니다. 최근 발생한 몰카 범죄 관련
전해드릴 말씀이 있어 여러분께 전해드렷던 사건관련 전 게시물을 삭제함과 더불어 새로운 글을 전해드리는 바입니다.
어제 올린 게시글로 인하여 댓글과 다이렉트메세지 등이 넘쳐나며 인터넷과 공중파에 기사가 뜬 상황까지 확인하였습니다.

On Wednesday a shock storm hit KPOP Sexy Cover.  Laysha’s GoEun went public with the news that someone – at first she accused JS Entertainment – had totally violated their privacy & recorded them while in their private rooms & in GoEun’s own home.  KPOP exploded.  We puked that a management company – or anyone – would do this to their star group.

We thought that this capture of the #1 ranked group in a solid performance might be the last we would ever see of them – at least until they changed agencies.

Now Laysha is saying different things.  We are not sure if their agency did this, but the buzz continues.  Very cynical people now think Laysha set the whole thing up.  (Hey, they work for the same agency that agreed with Hadam to go “commando” & blow up KPOP forever.) 

But we doubt it.  #respectlaysha

It was a low point for Sexy KPOP Cover.  People forget that they train hard, sacrifice & demand their own privacy & borders. The sexy stuff is show biz. It is their ACT.  Not real life.

People get weird just because a group’s concept ignites the “switch.” (No pun intended.)  This is all supposed to be fun. But the exploitation is a disease of management cos & now it looks like some fans.

It was all pretty fucked up & we were depressed.


Image result for EunSol #은솔 bambino gif

Eunsol (now called Silver) says, “It may have been a bad week, BodhiCat, but I am  back & will make things OK again.  I always do!!!  I am the baddest bitch in Cover history.” – Eunsol

She saved us again!!!

It was like winning the Lottery, having a good surf for three months & getting a case of Suntory whiskey delivered personally to you, by Hadam, who said she wants to spend the weekend in Sonoma in a lodge, but only if you concentrate only on her.

Eunsol – EUNSOL!!! – returned with a group called Tropical & changed her name to “Silver.” (Not Gold? Maybe she’s letting Dahee use that name.  LOL)  Enough said.  The thrill was way beyond. 

She looks amazing & today posted a video with a typical Eunsol tease that tells you all you need to know about whether Girl Crush’s Bomi should be rightly panicked & rethinking her fan service. 

24,800 views in 13 hours! 

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by 💕은솔💕 (@eunsolp) on

“Look what you just made me do….Oh!!

If Girl Crush thought that they had the field wide open as “the new Bambino,” they got their California earthquake from “Eunsol & The Three Hot J’s.”

Luuving that Beverly Hills shirt Joo Eun! (But not Beverly Hills! Will send u a Dodgers shirt soon.)

But something tells us that the totally confident maknae Taeri is not all that worried.

어째서 걸 크러쉬가 지금 인기가  이렇게 많은가요?



Before Thursday night I had Eunsol listed as one of those Queens who quit her throne.  Before that I had Hanchoim & Yubeen (former Laysha stars) in the group too. 

But they came back STRONGER than anyone so far & earlier in the week were named Show Champions for their hot performance of “Red Lips” on Korean TV.  They are looking like Cover dancers who made the leap!!  

Hanchoim and Yubeen, two of the original Laysha members, are the two hottest of all Laysha members, past or present.  Doing great too.

But today we got the buzz that a former member of their Real Camila group, Eunbi, quit & trashed them totally as people who exploit others. (Where have we heard that this week??)  

This is a girl-on-girl fight.

But still, can’t we all just cum together?

“No comment” Gayoung made her statement with her dancing.

Our Angie Lee says, “The reason Eunsol changed her name & the reaction from Gayoung & all the fighting inside groups is because they use Cover (and you guys) as a stepping stone.  Cover is still considered ‘the bottom of the barrel’ & when they get success from it, or in a relationship or just move on, they want you to move on too.  But they unrealistically expect everyone else to forget all the dog whistles & who they were & how they got attention & got famous.  That’s Korean women though.”


While all this was going on there was more news today about a nugu group allegedly getting the same treatment as Laysha.  We have one report that says Yellow Bee was also recorded by someone peering inside their dressing room. WTF!!! Maybe we need to add #protectnugus to everything we post.

Nugus like my latest bias put it all out there &try hard to be someone you look at, like & make rich or famous.  Otherwise, her dreams never get tested. 

So as my smart Sister the Shrink has reminded me all week long (for real!) “These women are vulnerable AF (well, “AF” is my phrase) & they know you have your eyes on them for sex but also expect you to understand where the barriers are & the terms of the relationships.” 

I luv my sis & she is smart AF.  Way smarter than me.  She knows I’m a surfin’, fappin’ whisky drinking writing fool & luving every second of it.  She is right but, shoot, I just want to have fun with these amazing women & have everything be OK.


You go to the girl who does the things that got you excited about Cover from the start with no drama.  The one whose concept is the real deal!

Thanks, Shasa!

Peace Ya’ll.  #respectlaysha #respectnugus


KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of Summer 2018?  See the list of numbers 6-10 below. 

#5 – ROSE QUEEN (로즈퀸)


린 이 그룹을 완전 리스펙합니다. 이들은 블러그 독자들한테 리스펙을 받고 있읍니다.


We are down to five!

This group has the physical looks, the bodies, the dance skills, the professionalism & the fanbase to go camel toe-to-toe with most groups, including Laysha.  But even when Bambino was mopping the stage with them, they stuck to their style, which was never over-the-top, shock-sexy.

It is now paying off. 

Kind of.

Our #10 team (Angels) put together a group that was beautiful & capable of being a solid Cover team.  They bumped a lot of good groups, like May Queen, Red Mint & Real Camila to grab the #10 spot.

But Baekjo, being Baekjo, flaked out two weeks later left the group!  That did it for us.  No more Angels in our Heaven.

Treason like this you will from Baekjo & unfortunately you found it in Hadam.  But you never got it from our #5 ranked team: Rose Queen.  If you do not luv them for anything else please luv them for hanging together & always finding your fap zone.

RQ has been at it with good quality sexy Cover dancing since 2014.  Dudes, that is like 200 years in Cover! 

RESPECT!  린 이 그룹을 완전 리스펙합니다. 이들은 블러그 독자들한테 리스펙을 받고 있읍니다.

TBH we spent the last 2 years at BodhiCat Talk dissing them bad about not being Bambino’s equal. 

But good times are here for RQ now!

If any of the nugus on our Nugu Troll Patrol at BitCitu get to the same level of consistency that Rose Queen got to over the last 4 years, they can call themselves a BodhiWorthy Cover group.   We’ll get them hundreds of thousands more views.

RQ’s consistency is amazing.  Take a look at them  back in 2015, before the Bambino wave rolled over the industry. Owners of some of the best Covers you never saw, like this one of “Bottle Pop,” which we think has BodhiCat Masterpiece potential.  

When Jini has the right outfit, dances to the right song & goes at the choreo her way – stylish & sexy – she is pure “Cover.”

This year, a hardly-viewed, hot little promo of a performance at the Motor Music Fiesta was the big one for us.

It showed a BIG CHANGE at Rose Queen.  Jini was behind a mixing board.  So one of real queens, Seol (설 직캠), was in charge & she was on fire with that amazing body of hers.

Soel’s body & her fierce dancing helped push RQ up two spots to #5 in the rankings. She tears up the runway in this promo video & gives the crowd a taste of her hot body  at :43.  RQ torched!

As we move past the Bambino muscle period, we are more into slinky booty, like Ayoungha of Love Holic & Soel.  She is thin but toned; leggy but with a wild butt which she knows how to move because she is a big-time trained dancer.

In any other group Seol would be a sizzling hot star, but has always taken a backseat in RQ to Jini.

Because the group depends on Jini’s ass to move it & groove it we were wondering if a Seol-led band would get it done.  She pounded the sound.

And in 2018 Rose Queen FINALLY unleashed a sexier concept & the crowd responded!!

Seol’s body looks the best it’s ever looked & she likes being in charge.  No doubt this woman likey likey when she’s on top.

And seeing RQ surge also had us going back into our files.  There are few sights in Cover better than Seol in black boots & leather black shorts.

Seol’s dancing in the old days at Migliore.  She tended to be a little too technical for us & not unleashed like Bambino or the Gayoung of Switch  But at the Fiesta, with hot engines blazing, the bitch burned rubber & we were trailing her smoke.

Jini & her team can dance better than Laysha or G-Crush.  They go toe-to-toe with Fly & their popularity pushes them past publicity-hapless Holly Queen.

But there is always someplace RQ decides not to go – whether it is all the way down on a bend to tease it for a few seconds or into a crowd for some serious hand-grabbing fan service.

For years it cost them with fans and with BodhiCat Talk. They were like that girl you went to the Club with but left as soon as GoEun, Hadam or Soulyun walked into the booth because they were bitches enough to deliberately make you ignore Jini.

Maybe Jini & RQ looked around & said, “screw that.”

Sun-Mi definitely showed us beauty in this solo video in April:

So we take it back.  RQ had a great year. A few lineup changes make them better.  We cannot gnore them. They always look good & they even look happier now that BodhiCat isn’t trashing them Hadam isn’t around to make them look like pussies.

Jini is Jini.  We finally got comfortable with her . 

They seemed to like the fanboys more than ever too!

Will RQ EVER go all the way with the sexy concept & cut Seol & Sun-Mi loose??? 

Will they ever take a cover like “What a Man” & go fierce?

If they did, Rose Queen could go all the way to the top.

#5 – Rose Queen (로즈퀸)




Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

But the big news is that Eunsol’s fancam of “New Thang” will pass 20 million views tonight. 

So make some noise!!

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Our rankings will continue with our #4 ranked group next week.  But after this week’s wild events & dramas in Cover, our next post will be about Laysha, the return of the Queen, a sabotage by two former Laysha dancers & another violation, this time of a nugu group & one special encounter by BodhiCat Talk. 

Cuming this weekend!

#6 – Holly Queen

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7 – XOX

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8 – Switch (Switch Berry)

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9 – Funny Max

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#10 – Angels

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

Summer Safety Shorts: Part 1 – The Queens Return & Tell Girl Crush to “Bring It On!!”


No, we haven’t settled who is #1 & who is #2 in Cover this year yet.

But we know one thing, Laysha got sick of listening to all of that shit about Girl Crush being “the new Bambino” & about them getting “stale,” while GC had all the sexual energy thanks to Bomi.  So Laysha did what Laysha always does. 

They show everyone who can do it best

In just one performance, GoEun the Street Fighting Tiger of Korea & Som, her pink-haired partner in breaking & entering zippers everywhere, fired back as only the Wonderful Sexual Wonders of the KPOP Cover World can.

And they took on a lot of water & nearly drowned to prove they are the most fearless warriors in Cover. 

Fans who study KPOP Sexy Cover please take note of this controversial performance:

  1. GoeEun is doing this at a water festival! If you think Hyuna’s gig last year at Water Bomb was furiously hot, GoEun’s dancing in the wet of Water Block goes way, way beyond it.

  2. They are covering Fitz & the Tantrum’s “Hand Clap,” which You-Know-Who from DAM Entertainment claims as their “anthem.” (Girl Crush of course.)  It is an open question though as to who has the better version.

  3. This is a stunning sexual performance, the likes of which I don’t think anyone has seen at a water event.  This performance is pure GoEun & shows you why she is the best Cover dancer – by far.  She is not afraid to put her chin out to get hit.  But there are moments when, soaked, she looks as beautiful as any woman in KPOP.  She’s a natural performer.

Yeah, I ran my board into the sand & hurried to my device to post this when it was sent to me.

This is serious.  Laysha has not only come back, they have FIRED back.  And  they have used guns so big they have tried to knock Girl Crush back on their big, beautiful asses.

For good measure, GoEun led off a new performance sending a message to Bomi.  Bomi has been slowly pushing the “pussy envelope” with her amazing covers, which are great.  But GoEun takes the opening choreo beyond even Bomi’s “Anaconda” wiggle.

5-4-3-2-1: Laysha’s GoEun. OMFG.  No one does it this good when it comes to sexy opening choreo. It is what she is all about.


While Taeri of Girl Crush wrote to us to say that Laysha was “not GC’s  rival,”  & that only the members of her own group were, what she really meant was  that Laysha isn’t considered GC’s equal anymore.  Laysha’s absence for a lot of the Summer may have given G-Crush false confidence. 

But then, G-Crush is so damn good that they should feel that way!!

But Laysha has roared back furiously to reclaim their reputation & show fans that they go further & harder than anyone in Cover.

This fury dancing this week by GoEun, Som & team may have been fueled by Bomi’s rather arrogant, not-so-subtle post to her Instagram page the other day.

Bomi makes no secret about wanting to be #1.  She sent a strong signal to Laysha’s Som, who IS her rival (no matter what Taeri said) about what she thinks of Som’s Pink Do.

Even if they are “only” battling for YouTube for views, more views lead to more contract$$$$$ and performance$$$$$.

Bomi’s post of herself with pink hair cannot be anything else but a message to Som’s fans to come over to her side, where the girls are hotter.  Is she also saying that Laysha is part of an stale stable of aging sexy dancers run by JS Entertainment & their mismanagement team.?  

Why do we say that?

Are we just stirring trouble?  Do we just want a catfight or a kayfabe?


The literal translation of what Bomi says here is, “I can’t believe I was walking around looking THIS two years ago.”  In other words, “What lame idiot would have pink hair?  It looks awful.”

  The message to Laysha’s other queen is as direct as a twerk.  

Does Bomi now have Som(i) by her pink hairs?

Why did Bomistry post this NOW if was taken two years ago??  Only one reason comes to us.

So let’s face it, whether the girl groups publicly admit it or not, there is a rivalry between the best ones & it makes things interesting, makes them better dancers & is fucking GREAT for the fans.

And remember this:

GoEun & Som & Bomi wake up in fear of ending-up like Eunsol, the fancam queen before them.  Eunsol was THE Ultimate Fancam Queen, but lost her castle through stupidity & a lack of desire by her leader to take on rivals after 2016.

That’s a fact.

Eunsol: Queen Without a Castle

Bomi (known as “the new Eunsol”) has her own castle & her rule is spreading far & wide.  But one rival in a Pink Do has had her castle longer.  And she & her royal guards are defending it in The War of the Pinks. 

Image result for ariel som laysha pink hair

And this one’s castle is really built nicely ya’ll!!

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of Summer 2018?

#6 – HOLLY QUEEN (할리퀸)



Holly Queen is a very solid sexy concept group & when performing live are one of the 3 or 4 best groups in Cover.  They slid down one spot from #5 to #6 because they are uneven, not really imaginative sexually & are like a rocket that gets off, but is a little misguided.

Image result for cartoon of rocket launch failing gif

We’d luuuv to see them launch soon.  They replaced A-SEED in our Nugu Troll Patrol with most potential.

Having said that, they had a decent year & always put on a well-choreo’d, heated & professional performance.  Juhee, their leader, is not beautiful but gets a lot of attention – but not many views. 

Zia of GC & Shasa of “Fly” she ain’t.

Juhee & her team are tough Ice Cover Queens!  In January they set a record for performing in the coldest weather in KPOP history!!  They still gave off heat!

They got hotter as Spring came.  Juhee helped her group nail one of the best covers of “Hip & Lip” – the Cover song of choice this season.

HQ can wow audiences but their fancam view numbers are always pathetically low.  It may be a management issue.

They can light up crowds, but we wish they had that one real power girl.

Ye Rim tries to be that standout stud (the group’s Eunsol or Bomi) & Juhee is good enough as a dancer & leader, but let’s be honest, she’s overachieving at this point & I don’t think there’s too much else to see here unless she learns some new tricks.

I keep thinking they are one hot, new outfit away from breaking out on YouTube.  But so far their agency is recycling from 2017.  Cheap fucks. Maybe they should buy G-Crush’s outfits second-hand.

Sunbi is my crush in the group & my bud.  In May their first full concert appeared & Sunbi stole the show with her long legs, great dance technique & in an outfit designed for her body.

Few views but a concert performance of Holly Queen finally was released.  Are they a case of management’s head in it’s ass?

Image result for head in their ass cartoon

Despite what we think is a dummy management, HQ kept making crowds excited with their “Buttons” into “Crazy” segue, which is hot AF – even if the newest member didn’t remember how to take off her costume!! (Ever see Bambino make that mistake??)

Hot performance by HQ but the new member might want to start showing up at rehearsals to practice taking off her wardrobe! 

Ye Rim, who can torch a stage & gives the group’s best fan service (we think she should be the group’s leader), blistered a solo cover of “Havana.”

Ye Rim can be very hot, but is not consistent. But when she’s on….it’s off to Cuba!!

The team’s Cheongju University and 충청대학교 월강문화축제(야외음악당) 직캠  concerts were amazing.  The crowd noise was always loud & real “Cover.”

Speaking of great uniforms!

Special shoutout again to my girl, Sunbi.  She totally pleased BodhiCat with her Dodgers shirt.  I remain hopelessly in luv with her whole thang.  And yes, she agreed with me (in English) that she prefers her hair shorter.

Know you know why Manny Machado decided to play for Los Angeles!!

Holly Queen could easily be a top three group, but their management has a problem.  They have a potentially great group, but the only thing moving is their head in the wrong direction ya’ll.

Image result for head in their ass cartoon

# 6 – Holly Queen 할리퀸

 Fighting!  홧팅!


KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of Summer 2018?

#7 – XOX 엑스오엑스


Moving up three spots from #10 – and jumping over rival Switch – is the group led by the beautiful Captain Roh.

When my buds said they had to move up, I thought XOX was just getting a “social promotion.”  I didn’t see what they did to earn their way up.  Unlike Fly with Me they hadn’t really stuck it to the fanboys to make us lovesick.

They were gigging a lot though & getting crowd noise, which is a sign they were popular & well-managed.  And their promotional stuff – though not rad – was plentiful & often hot.

They started the year whipping up crowds.

Except when they play those outdoor “nursing homes” & nurseries. 

TBH we got turned-off when they gave fan service to grannies & kids at some outdoor festivals – which ain’t really hip & for sure kills all fapability.  Our fangirl buds said, “But it is so sweet.” 

No.  “So sweet” is what you say about Hint flavored water, not hot competing Cover queens trying to knock GoEun on her perfect ass!!

Even though Captain Roh was super friendly to BodhiCat for awhile – at least until Bomi came along & totally slayed us so that could not stop writing about her – we kind of forgot Roh existed.  (She then cut us off with a frown face emoji & even stopped following us!)

Fact is, she didn’t always get us super excited like the Big Bome does.  

And XOX started to sing too.  That was worse.  It isn’t ever a great sign because few Cover groups sing well enough to avoid ruin or make it as Idols & it takes away from their sexy concept.

So how did they get to be #7 & get back on our good sides?

Their sexy concept showed up.

They are a really good group that can smoke a crowd when they go to their best stuff.

  Captain Roh is the engine who cums out hard when she wants to.  In those silver shorts, which not even Bambino could fill out as well, she looked almost perfect. She has a body to match Hadam in the late 2015 period – when The Great One was at peak.

Roh sent out her scent.  Pharkil started to sniff around XOX again after this performance in silver.

Roh showed us she could still rock it hard & the other members gave out the fan service, moving into crowds confidently & taking light sticks a la Bambino.  We luuved the Capitano this outfit.

Their first cover of “Hip & Lip”was Girl Crush Lite & just OK.

But Captain Roh’s cover of “Hip & Lip” at Ukdae a few weeks later was off the charts! 

She showed flashes of her best Love Holic & LUX days – and went beyond that.

She smoked the crowd.  Roh’s legs remain the best in KPOP, with the possible exception of Hyolin’s.

누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?  Is it her?

Other members are solid.  Jei (shown doing a rousing “Gashina” in the Instagram) looks too much like GC’s Taeri – and we don’t want to go there because it is no contest for sexy, even though Jei is better looking & can leave Tae in trail of jet plumes as a dancer.  But Tae is the most important Cover dancer this year & every guy’s hot Crush.  She made Girl Crush a runaway success.  And not because she’s “so sweet.”  She has a sweet side but she’s a girl after your old uncle’s freakin’ oxygen tank – and would leave him choking with a smile!  Jei would dance the limbo with him!!

So they were moving along & doing OK in Spring ’18.

But then Captain Roh blew us fucking up.

Sometimes there is a flash or a burst that makes your rocks as hard as concrete. The way a girl moves her hips to a song; or smells a certain way; or carries her surfboard off the beach after conquering waves in a wet suit &  her ass cheeks are pulled to the edge of her suit & the crack seems like the one black hole you wouldn’t mind falling into for all time; and with the sun hitting her the right way you get more than off.  You get THE WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!!  That BodhiFap Moment.  

For example, what Real Camilla’s Yubin does with this fan:

We went berserk.  It was too hot.

Captain Roh did the same in this Crazy Giant video:

OMG!! And she dances with grandma too??
Ever been crunched by a wave out of nowhere? Your board flips & you wipe out & things start to spin in the white surf.  It comes out of nowhere.
That was what this little clip did to us!!
And when Captain smiled, as if to say, “I know what I did to you. Ha Ha!….It WAS NOT “so sweet.”  It was raw & made the Captain an Admiral, me an animal & XOX Number Seven – as in Heaven.

#7 -XOX  엑스오엑스  


The group is having fun being famous.  But to be Laysha, they have to be nastier & do better numbers on fancam views.  


We make your hand clap!  Over on our other Bambino mainly blog we are doing a countdown of the 11 Best KPOP Sexy Cover Dancers of All Time. 

We just named our #9 best Cover Dancer of all-time.  You all know her! She’s the hottest property in Cover dancing right now!

Take a peek at the 9th best Cover Dancer of ALL-TIME at:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

See if you agree (and see how many Binos are on that list!)


Bomi’s Masterpiece

Weekend Special: BodhiCat Masterpiece Declared!

보미가 “새로운 은솔” 이라고 사람들이 말하는게 맞는지요?

On the one year anniversary of the legendary video battle between Eunsol & AOA’s Seolhyun……

One year ago: Eunsol & Seolhyun lined-up for fans to choose in similar outfits. Eunsol is still way ahead in votes.

…….we take a quickie break from our Top 10 rankings to announce to proclaim a third BodhiCat Talk Masterpiece.

Yeah. There have only been two other masterpieces declared by us since we launched 231 blogs ago. Hadam & Chaejin danced them. 

You can see them in this post:

Celebrate Sunday: Meet the New Bambino!

Of the thousands of covers & zillions of YouTube posts of girl groups, only THREE have made the highest status awarded by the Surfer Cats of Bodhi.

This is the #3 & it is a perfect, erotic gem of a dance by the Girl Crush star who is proving she may become the best Sexy Cover Dancer of all time.

It’s obvious from the start that Bomi wants to jump all over this Minaj version of “Anaconda.” Like Hadam’s “Bang Bang” & Chaejin’s “Belly of the Beast,” it is a tough song to cover in Sexy concept style.  The moves have to break sharp because there are no sustained parts in the song for some long, sweet, booty shaking riff like in “Samsara” or “Chocolate Cream.”

But Bomi works it over like a fighter who can’t wait to get out there & slay. 

She is soooo confident & in full control!!

Bomi attacked an “Anaconda” & crushed it!  This one is a BodhiCat Masterpiece.

From :30 until the end, Bomi decides to go with a fierce fucking version of “Anaconda” like we’ve never seen.  Every move on her dance line is clean & flawless.  Her upskirt special – a leg lift up from the floor – is dizzying in those short black pants.  The best we’ve seen.

Bomi takes something from the best of Cover dancers & even Hyuna.  The leg lift from the floor is signature Som & GoEun of Laysha.  Her booty shaking is classic KPOP & borrows from both Rose Queen & Hello Venus.  The boob pop is pure Hyuna with an homage to nugu Red Cat. 

But Bomi puts them together like a magician and gives us a way new creation.

The bandanna on her right side flows with erotic tease & her outfit & attitude shows she is in TOTAL control of her whole presentation.

In fact, this dance shows Bomi’s dominance again & again.  There is nothing in her dancing that shows hesitation or uncertainty.

It is too bad that, unlike the masterpieces by Hadam & Chaejin, there wasn’t a big crowd around to blow up.  Crowd noise would have been a great finale – like the fireworks she is setting off her.

But there is no moment in this dance that is separate from the others & it is going to be a fapable fancam that fanboys will go to for years & years & years & years to cum.

Is Bomi “the next coming of Eunsol” like people say? – 보미가 “새로운 은솔” 이라고 사람들이 말하는게 맞는지요?

(Wonder what Eunsol & Seolhyun think??)

Bomi.  A pure Masterpiece.  Fighting! 홧팅! 

Here is more of our newest KPOP Cover Master Dancer.

Bomi’s 걸크러쉬 Wardrobe Malfunction, HQ 홀리 여왕 Returns & RESPECT For a “Wet Fly” 플윗미 – 드디어 승리! 카바댄서! 홧팅!!

Do not worry:

We will continue with our countdown of the Top 10 ranked Girl Groups in Cover next week.

그대가 제일 좋아하는 올해의 커버 댄스 그룹은 누구인지 알려주실래요?

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위


KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of Summer 2018?




The fall of ICIA was shocking, fast & devastating.  A potentially great Cover Group that looked like it had found the formula was tearing up crowds & on TV.  But they reached for the Sun with their long legs & wax wings.

Once they decided to move into I-Dull territory – where the big girls play & the surf is rough because of their big agencies – ICIA wiped out.

After LeeAe and Hari left the group, Hari requested the cancellation of her contract. The company is in a legal dispute now, with girls calling each other out on top of it.

As predicted by BodhiCat, the step to I-Dull Fantasy Land ends badly for most Cover groups. For ICIA it ends with sad-looking, desperate gigs like this!

Makes us want to cry.  A year earlier they were slaying & shredding.  ICIA is on the ropes & being ignored by fans.  Fortunately its two sister groups are rocking away.

Cover groups shouldn’t cover ‘New Thang,’ the way Cover groups shouldn’t leap to be I-Dulls unless they keep their Cover style & attitude. (Laysha is the model here.)

So ICIA went boom & down hard.  Fortunately, Duyoo, the most versatile performer in KPOP Cover, escaped the mess with her DJ skills & hot body & is now seen behind the mixing board – and now & then out in front – with that hot new monster of Cover, Girl Crush & sister group, Switch.

Switch had also been in free fall most of the year.  Veteran performers Yeon-I & Jimin (worn down from being compared, unfavorably, to Dahee & Hadam – not to mention GoEun & Som), had no fire left. Yeon-I, who can for sure put out some fappable moments with her thcck, aggressive body, looked flat & uninterested in fans.

By April we were ready to count them out.  Heck not even one of their best bloggers – who BodhiCat relies on for information – knew who was in the group!  But this fancam of new member Hana got on our radar.

She was definitely needing more choreo skill but she did OK with this Sistar cover & had the right look for Switch.  

By May, the fresh young talent of Hana & maknae Min-Ah began to turn up the heat.  Suddenly the new line-up & sweet energy from the newbies made Switch (now “Switch Berry” again – why??) a pleasure to watch.

Is it us or does Hana she look like a younger version of Hadam, circa “I’m So Sexy” days?

Jimin still leads the group, which is unfortunate because J, who is for sure cheerful, is weak as a leader & has limits.  “Cover” is about putting that unexpected sexual jolt into a performance. 

Fortunately for Switch, the rookies started to get the job done & kept this DAM Entertainment group hanging on by a thread.

Performances like this made them good enough to hold a spot in the rankings.

Stealing a page from Bambino 2.0 in the final days of their empire – with a little early Chic Angel for a creamy frosting – Switch Berry’s opening dance at Daejeon was fresh & had some nasty.  We likey likey!

Switch’s fresh-fleshy-cute-&-sexy girl Min-Ah put a sweet burn down the house energy into a group that was nearly out on its feet.  Their music choices are more fresh & the two rookies squeezed Yeon-I’s thcck ass &  made her work or go unnoticed by fancammers.

Switch Berry’s newbie Min-Ah (brunette) gave the group much-needed mojo.  They turned crowds on consistently starting in April.

And near the end of May they went back to their old Gayoung days’ shorts with some Laysha stockings & sexy tops of their own design.

DAM’s used clothing sale approach worked.  (Anything that brought back the memory of  Gayoung would appeal to us.)  B Stone’s decision to stay away from Jimin in this fancam was a good call, although even Jimin was getting a fresh buzz & got the crowd worked up as Switch took on the challenge of being the solid #2 group in the DAM Ent stable.

They probably don’t like being down at #8.  But they have reinvented themselves & have a stronger concept.  It is working so far with fans & they might be on their way back up.

But are they going to end up a “traditional Cover” style group without the power or reputation of the old Minji-Duyoo-Gayoung-led Switch?

Time will tell.  Going back in time, the VERY original Switch was looking amazing & way ahead of the pack.

Check out a young Duyoo ripping her solo & of course Mizi’s amazing moment at 1:24?  Can the new Switch B capture this energy again?

They will need to find something like this in their concept this Summer if they are going to challenge even the Rose Queens & Fly with Me. 

#8 ranked Switch is good, but not good enough right now to be a top group. Too much of their purple-haired leader is not a good thing (she is like ODing on sugar.) They need some sick flow like G-Crush has found.  

I think they have what it takes.

And better Number Eight than Too Late.  (What will be their Fate?)

Switch Berry #8.  Fighting!  홧팅!



Will Hadam be #1? Or Go Eun? Or Bomi? Or Eunsol? Gayoung!  Or somebody else? Check out #11.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Gooooooood we love this fancam!  (What does the message say that the guy in the audience gave her & what did she do with it?)  Should Hadam still considered the best ever?

Rock Music’s classic capture of Hadam at full energy remains unsurpassed in the history of KPOP.  But is she the best Cover Dancer of all time? 

Eunsol’s 19.4 million views of the same song might say “no.”

We have started our countdown of BodhiCat Talk’s Top 11!

Join in.

Send us your choices for #1.