Fan Service Friday: A Girl Crush Does it (Again!!) – #1 그리고 그들 모두 중 새로운 챔피온은

Longest Legs of the Year = Maknae of the Year 2018!!!!


레이샤를 이긴 여자가 바로 올해의 새로운 막내!!

If Hyeri, GoEun & Som are still staggering around their new agency’s studio, punchdrunk, wondering WTF happened to them & their #1 ranking this year, they can look right at these two things:

Actually these three thangs….

Fact is, one very, very hot maknae girl with magical eyes & a body that an I-Dull would kill for is the cute-ass engine that powers Girl Crush.  She is the irresistible ingredient in the slurpy, succulent dish of red hot pussy, power & performance called GIRL CRUSH.

She’s Taeri (Tae) ya’ll.  And she probably don’t need BodhiCat to introduce her anymore.

We don’t luuv her because of what she did to Laysha.  Laysha still has supreme mojo, although their f-boys & f-girls have contracted a bad case of the dreaded SBF (“Split Bias Fever”).

But in addition to making Girl Crush soooo great, she cured me of my own Joonyul withdrawal fever.  Ya’ll, after I saw her do this I don’t not miss Stellar anymore!

Taeri nails the classic Stellar kill move: the soft booty slide.  Girl Crush does Stellar, as if to say, “We don’t fight the Sexy Concept.  We push it to the ‘Sleazy Concept’ & like it even more!”

So how did a lowly Cover dancer totally own the BodhiCat bias, Stellar?  Well, that part we can argue over whiskey. 

More important, how did Tae make GC #1 so fast?

Sorry Minhee. you want to be #1 in your category, you do what it takes.  That is how she did it.

When did we know she was our Maknae of the Year??

At the EDM Festival in May, a very hot, slutty-sexy looking blonde, thin, but full where it counted & with those beautiful legs & near-Jenny-like tits walked onto the stage.  Two things immediately were noticeable.  She had massive tattoos, the biggest we’d ever seen on a KPOP Cover dancer.  One on her arm & another on her stomach!  IT was awesome. 

BodhiCat is an absolute sucker for slender girls with long legs, great energy & beautiful tits who are fearless in front of wild crowds.  These tattoos were like a billboard on Sunset Strip.  There was nothing shy about them & they shouted to us that this girl was dope.

So when she took that stage smiling & waving & then proceeded to do some of best Cover dancing of the year,  including a slinky twerk at :56 (that slayed everything except the ‘droids in Nier: Automata), she reminded us of Eunsol at her best.

Every dance is a victory dance! Taeri lets people know why Girl Crush is great at :28.  By May her dancing got way stronger.  But damn, we miss that love bite on her inner thigh! Swear I’d chew my way through….

She had replaced Jenny in the group.  While Jenny is amazing, she doesn’t have Tae’s energy & was not right for Crush.  Proof was real: almost immediately Girl Crush started heading to the top.  Just like:

Related image

While everybody was calling her teammate/rival Bomi “the new Eunsol,” Tae’s energy & booty poppin’ reminded us of this faded Fancam Goddess.


Taeri always satisfies.  She takes control when she has to.  And she can whip her body around until you fap & fap hard.

For sure it was Bomi’s year.  But Taeri is a big story too.  She is really the woman who “defeated” Laysha because when we compared her to Hyeri, she won.  If she hadn’t been in the group, GC would have ended up #2.

Ironically, Hyeri was last year’s Maknae of the year. 

The Hadam Watch (Week of September 25)

Hyeri is iconic, but we think she has lost some of her edge from her Maknae of the Year time.  But she has a skill of reinventing herself. Hope she does.

Tae said in her post, “Girl Crush gets ‘thunder noise’ now from fans. So happy.'”  Girl Crush needed to get Laysha’s thunderous noise.  They haven’t quite gotten as much though tbh.

But she (and they) get all the attention she needs now.  Their crowds are beginning to stir for GC like the drunken beasts that Laysha & Bambino unleashed & then learned how to rule & manipulate every night.

In only 3 days this had 177,000 views!  How gay do the black thong straps make me?

Taeri is Maknae of the Year because her style is intentional & direct & she dances to Stellar as if they wrote those amazing songs waiting for someone like her to come along & dance to them.

So she is NOT a good choice for Maknae of the Year, she is the ONLY choice!


#stopsucking @girlcrush_tr @mis_bless


From the BodhiJournal:

The Girl Crush Effect (tight skirts pulled up to deliberately reveal underwear) has gone to the Auto Salon.  GC are becoming trend-setters of excellence. 

Note to self: watch this when you get home from NYC & study closely.

BodhCat Breaking News: Cover Legend Is Pregnant!


We got word last night that one of Cover’s & BodhiCat Talk’s true legends & queens, Sunnah, is pregnant!  We’re soooo happy for her (sad for us, of course).  Sunnah was famous in so many areas.  But her pregnancy is a scandal.  Her jerkoff agency, DAM, is suing her.  Typical.

More details & the name of the Lucky Bastard who married her are at our “Bambino Only” post for November 6-7:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.



Ya’ll remember our popular Tribute to her:

Interlude: Celebrating the Glistening Cover Babe 이선아 선아

She nailed our fave Cover of EXID so hard one night it whipped up fans for hours! It inspired an upcoming blog about how Cover queens whip up fans like no other performers!

She didn’t just dance that Cover, she went at it hard & drove her moves.  Her body moved perfectly – taking Hani’s version to a more thrilling level than ever before.  It will be considered a BodhiCat Masterpiece someday.  

Is it wrong to wish she has a little girl just like her!!?? Whatever she has we wish her sooo much luck. 

Related image

Sunnah could do it all.  She held fans tight every night.  She even won a bikini contest on her first  try!!  For real.

This queen totally snapped!❤️


This is Sally Comeback Week at BodhiCat Talk!!

Our new total crush reports that she “mopped the floor” with her dance new routines yesterday.  Luuv her confidence!  She completely nailed her choreo & feels (and looks) really good.  We cannot wait for the ex-Dimepiece bomb to go off on fans & on BodhiCat again!

Right now we have old Gifs of Sally 다임피스 셀리 to look at (not a bad thang) until her new material is released. 

She was amazing with Dimepiece & totally underrated – but not by fans.  We are looking forward to her new choreo, which could be different.  Her cute beauty style will come through.  She won’t have to deal with bad management or Siuyu, who took a lot of the attention for Dimepiece.  (But TBH Sally could mop the floor with her on any dance, any day.  That is for sure.)  

Sally is Mood & one of the most promising gifts we will get in 2019.

Stan her at @mis_bless

#respectlaysha #respectnugus #stopsucking @lonelywhale

그리고 그들 모두 중 새로운 챔피온은


#1 Girl Crush – 걸크러

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#2 – Laysha – 레이

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #2 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#3 – Fly With Me – 플윗

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #3  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리 여왕   

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8: Switch – 스위치

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

 #10: Angels – 댄스팀 엔젤스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위



KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위


커바 댄싱의 새로운 챔피온이 오늘 발표되었읍니다.  올해의 전체적 최고점수로 추첨이 되었읍니다!! 축하합니다.

Is it us or does the blonde in “Triumph of Cover” (top photo) look like Girl Crush’s Taeri?? 


Let’s get this part out of the way first:

Girl Crush defeated the champion, Laysha.  Laysha was a great champion for a long a time. But as great as they are, and even though they roared back late in the year, they got their asses pretty well kicked by this bunch.

But respect Laysha too.  They are the second best group you will ever fap to!  They had a tough year & still almost made stayed on top.

Image result for Laysha Hyeri gets dizzy gif

그들은 챔피온 레이샤를 무너트렸읍니다. 레이샤는 오랬동안 대단한 챔피온이었읍니다. 레이샤도 축하합니다. 레이샤는 2등이지만 2등도 대단하지.

After kicking around with a loyal following but limited fancam attention, the group Girl Crush took its new raunchy, totally fuck-the-rules sexy concept & made it work!  They claimed Bambino’s legacy. 

Early in the year, GC was still kind of stunned & intimidated by Laysha’s reputation & their chokehold on Cover.  But Girl Crush got their rhythm by just pouring it on night after night until the fans realized what was going on with them.

They took everything Laysha & other teams do & decorated it with plenty of camel toe, staged videos that bordered on being lingerie fashion shows & went out performed for one reason: to get fancammers’ attention.  It turend into massive fanboy attention.  Their numbers blew up!

Even Laysha stans like us got excited when Girl Crush kept rocking Queen GoEun & team night after night.

Image result for Never kick a woman cartoon gif

When the maknae, Taeri, stepped into the group it got everyone hard AF.

She did not care about her rival maknae, Hyeri (or the fact that she’d bumped the iconic, ex-Laysha & Switch member Seulgi from the group).  She was hungry.  And she didn’t see Laysha as a rival.  She told us she competed only against her team.  She made sure we saw a lot of her.  And we did.  And we wondered when Laysha would start to fight back!



With Bomi as the new absolute sexy queen of Cover, they did everything they could think of to get attention & win fans over.  No Stellar-style whining with this group.  They took all kinds of music & cut loose with as much sexy as they could get away with on the stage.  It was true Sexy Cover at its finest & never veered off into softcore porn.

But it did not come easy for Girl Crush.  They had to outfight the greatest group in the business & work constantly to overcome the bodies & body of work of Laysha.


They did it to our satisfaction.

TKO means “technical knockout.”  Basically the opponent is out on their feet.  If you were a rival of Girl Crush that is how you ended up this year.  Groups like Holly Queen & even Rose Queen were staggered & basically invisible on the days when a Girl Crush fancam appeared.

If DAM Entertainment’s plan was to have Girl Crush wear out Laysha & work as hard as Fly with Me (which ain’t easy!) with over-the-top, sexy sets they did it.

Related image
GC was focused, worked hard & had a plan  They were determined to be the sexiest group in Cover 

These are four amazing bodies in outfits that just make tongues drag.  They deliver every fantasy. 

(Had your flu shot yet?)

Fan service or maid service?  Either way, they dusted the competition.  

Like Bambino, G-Crush does not give a flying fuck what you think about them or their concept because they know what they set out to do & know that hardcore Cover geeks like us are hard to the core for their style of play.

Related image

Tae one on.  For sure GC is built to take on Laysha’s juicy sexiness.  

By the time the dazed & overworked Laysha returned from Tokyo from a mediocre promotion of “Pink Label” (and got dazed more when the scandal with their management hit the fan) they had been bounced from the top rank of KPOP Sexy Cover for the first time.   

Kim GoEun, the true superstar of Cover, who had held the title of “The Body” forever had it snatched away.

While they are not spectacular like Bambino or classy like Laysha, they are so incredibly built & powerful & insistently raw that you can’t stop looking at Seihee or Bomi when they are on the stage.

And this group invites you in through the back door…… 

그들은 챔피온 레이샤를 무너트렸읍니다. 레이샤는 오랬동안 대단한 챔피온이었읍니다. 레이샤도 축하합니다. 레이샤는 2등이지만 2등도 대단하지요.

 Laysha is a great, great, great group.  Their dominance lasted an amazingly long time – and they really had zero competition after Bambino left.

But they got taken down by a group that had found THE formula.  And the more they danced & looked at their fancam numbers exploding the more confident they got.  

When people started saying they were the “new Bambino” they had it sealed.  They took what Bambino was doing & pushed the concept so far outside the lines that you couldn’t see lines anymore.

Well, yeah.  These lines you can trace.  My fucking wig just blew off!

Bomi said at a car show in July (according to Bitucity) that her goal was to “get the most attention for Girl Crush.”  But fans said, “걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠.”

Bomi has so many hot videos out that we all lost count.  LOL. By accident G-Crush actuallly reduced attention for sister groups ICIA & Switch. They are so good that even Duyoo started backing up C-Crush as a DJ.  That’s how much the other girls want “in.” 


But Bomi wasn’t just some trashy auto salon slut going down for a Chanel bag & 15 minutes of fame.  She improved as a dancer, has a stage personality & did something only two other Cover queens (Hadam & Chaejin) have done: she danced a BodhiCat Talk Masterpiece.

Bomi’s Masterpiece

Her cover of “Anaconda” is incredible.   

So Laysha didn’t lose as much as they ran into a windmill that kept hitting them over & over & over.  Girl Crush fancams outnumbered Laysha’s by 10 to 1 although Laysha’s overall quality remained higher.

To put Laysha behind them it took four girls with muscle dancing like we haven’t seen since Bambino.

Girl Crush has come a long, long way from the nights when they were begging for an encore. (Something Laysha NEVER did)

Bambino fans will know that the encore song GC picked is the one the early Binos used for their famous encore at the Wangali Club.

There were many, many reasons to keep Laysha at #1.  There is no better or more consistent group in Cover.  They have done it all.  

It was SOOOOO close a decision. Here is how we made the choice:

Girl Crush has an edge at the Maknae position.

 Taeri won the Maknae War over the cute, but slow-footed, one-trick pony dancer Hyeri.  Tae can do it all, has endless energy & her fan service is better.

Zia turned around her weak stage leadership, eyepatch and all. When she started playing with fans in this performance it was cream on top time. And her body got so mood. 

I think I want Zia now more than any woman in Cover after this performance.

Like former Stellar crush Joonyul, Zia Babe realized that she was sexy AF & started to feel it more with her dancing.  Her cover of Hyuna’s bop showed us a woman who had busted finally.  We’re thinking she likes her inner slut.


They say “there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.” But there is an “I” in the word “Bomi.” (I wish there was ME in Bomi too…)  Bomi is for sure the crush for horny fanboys. 

In 2018, the rise of Girl Crush to #1 really was because the group had a mission.  That would be to grind, twerk, pour & ride their camel toes to #1.

Mission Accomplished.  Girl Crush is now celebrating their victory.  They are on top.

#1 – Girl Crush 걸크러쉬


#protectnugus #protectlaysha #stopsucking #stopfapping2bambino 


밤비노에 대한 모든것과 최고의 케이팝 커바댄스팀을 찾으시나요? 다른곳을 찾을 필요가 없읍니다. 

바로 여기에 알고싶은것이 다 있읍니다.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Top 10 그룹의 대상 리스트에 올라오신거 축하드립니다. 홧팅

#1 – Girl Crush – 걸크러

Bomi’s Masterpiece

#2 – Laysha – 레이

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #2 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#3 – Fly With Me – 플윗

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #3  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리 여왕   

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8: Switch – 스위치

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

 #10: Angels – 댄스팀 엔젤스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위



Interlude: Waveya Arrested for Slaying! 여지껏 최고의 카바댄스곡이 나왔네요. 그녀는 팬들을 열광시켰읍니다.


So if one fighter is soooo good that the best  contenders avoid fighting her because they know they’d get knocked out fast, should we still rank her #1.  Numero Uno? 

(And I’m not talking about Hadam either.)

As we get ready to soon name the #1 ranked girl group in KPOP Sexy Cover Dance, we have to shout out loud to the REAL queens of all time in Cover.

If you ask every fanboy & fangirl who is the #1 best sexy dancers in Cover they would answer, “Waveya.”

They did it to us AGAIN,  like they do every week!

The bitches in LA always be drooling over GoEun – and rightly so.  Our GDFR tribute to her was like “OMG, give her an Oscar.”  “She’s god.”  “Worship her greatness.”  “This Queen snapped.”

They said that GoEun’s GDFR put everbody else’s to sleep, INCLUDING WAVEYA’S 2016 cover.

It wasn’t Waveya’s best for sure when you compare to GoEun, who took it & slayed.

Then she came out with this mirror performance of “Lip & Hip” & everyone was screaming, “She’s the next Waveya!”

So just when we started thinking that maybe Waveya has lost their sexy cover magic & GoEun has it all, Ari, one of the deadly duo, shows up with this. 

Yeah, we luuuv GoEun – really luuv her – but Ari can really dance & she can act too.  She goes toe-to-toe with the reigning Queen of Sexy Cover & then teaches her some thangs she needs to know about twerking.

Total destruction on video.  Ari got ahold of the Iggy Azalea song & it can’t get away.  Up on her black heels little Ari is crushing twerks in all styles & directions.  Making every Cover dancer in Korea just stare with amazement.  What this ultimate Cover queen can do with her booty is just so…… (Are you taking notes Bomi?)

Ari took exactly 3:11 to remind us she does Cover twerking & humor like a genius that she is.  Laysha & Girl Crush got no humor in their moves.  Bambino had some.

Ari was sending a message to all the girls in Cover.  “Kaaaaweeen has snapped.”

GC, Laysha, Fly et al should be thankful that Waveya can’t be considered for Cover rankings.  (The reason is that a group has to be performing live to be considered & needs to be in 3 fancams minimum giving some kind of fan service.)

Ari’s moves cause blisters. It’s like she did this just to show the little girls in the rankings who is still the Big Boss.  Thank you, Ari, for this treat.


No Cover group leader dances GDFR live like Kim GoEun – Great GoEun of #2 ranked Laysha.  She owns the dance cover.  Or maybe used to.

Fan Service Friday: GoEun & The GDFR Collection

Today Waveya came out with a new cover & we swear, it just smokes so hard it’s crazy.

Make up your own mind!  We’re too tired….

그대가 제일 좋아하는 올해의 커버 댄스 그룹은 누구인지 알려주실래요? 


#1 – Girl Crush – 걸크러쉬

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #1 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#2 – Laysha – 레이

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #2 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#3 – Fly With Me – 플윗

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #3  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#respectlaysha #stopsucking

Fan Service Friday: GoEun & The GDFR Collection

A BodhiCat Talk Special Fap Feature


Flo Rida & Sage the Gemini had no idea GoEun would cover their song.  But if they have ever seen the Leader of the #2 ranked Cover group do it, they would bust.

So would this guy!

Nice hat, dude.  Very cool.  (That’s for you Zoots!)

GoEun’s many covers of GDFR – a song that no woman in KPOP Sexy Cover can even get close to dancing like her – proves that she is the best Cover dancer.  I didn’t say she was the most important (that would be Eunsol), or the greatest in history (that title will ALWAYS belong to Hadam.) But she has made more songs hers than anyone & she never gets old with her slick performance. 

Kim GoEun IS Cover.


When she pushes away a male victim on stage who has just been stunned by a faux lap dance & she rolls into GDFR, she is doing what she came there to do!

She never fails to turn me on doing GDFR.

If some genie gave me three wishes they would be (“in asscending order,” as the tests used to ask for):

#3) A month surf at Uluwatu and Kuta.

#2) An invite to toss out the first pitch at the Dodgers home opener in 2019. (When they get their Series rings.)

But #1 would be to see GoEun dance GDFR in front of a crowd of 100,000 soldiers, fanboys & girls – with me sitting next to Hadam.  (Who had left “the Lucky Bastard” new boyfriend home to watch the rice cooker.)

The best dancer doing the one of the hottest Cover songs in KPOP.

GoEun at Woosong University

Off the Charts

This one was the best ever.  As a reader of ours said, she has you getting off half way through without showing a camel toe.

This is KPOP Sexy Cover dope.

Watch her work.  She moves directly to the fancammer & does an upskirt that is teasing & satisfying AF too!  Total fap consciousness.  She knows. GoEun KNOWS IT ALL.

The wild crowd at the New Music Festival saw GoEun going off like a SpaceX rocket with amazing fan service & then returning to earth safely.

She is probably pissed about being #2 ranked, but GoEun never looks happier than when she is doing GDFR.

The legendary New Music festival.  Once a nobody & scorned, Kim GoEun luvs being “Queen” GoEun.

She has no rivals & is on top.  If you want a satisfying night, spend it watching her multiple covers of GDFR.  Your wishes will come true & all sadness will vanish!

Related image


GoEun isn’t the only Cover queen who did GDFR.  But it is hard to focus on others after you see her do it.  She stays in your pants.

Maybe a surprise, but the closest any other Cover queen has come to GoEun’s amazing performances was when the great beauty of Switch, Gayoung, did a rare cover of GDFR. 

She was soooooo good.  She ripped the crowd the first time she came out with her version.

Gayoung: what might have been! The mind reels.

Would that the two had gotten into a year-long fancam battle of GDFR cover versions!  Gayoung’s booty work & twerking is amazing & original.  (Her split….well….it needed work! Ouch!!)  Gayoung always went beyond her physical limits & gave 120% ya’ll.

This Cover is scary good.


The Body of the Year, Seihee, gets her split right but turns in a version that is a little lacking in fan service.  Still it’s her.  She can do anything with that body & there’s a 50-50 chance it will make a fap reel somwhere

Some of BodhiCat Talk readers say that Seihee & GC sometimes look like they don’t want to be there. 

This is NEVER GoEun’s problem.


Som brings her power to Cover: In one of her best overall power concert performances Som sets the crowd righteously on fire with her GDFR Cover.  The amount of fan service she gives is ridiculous.


Som does it the Laysha way.

Girl Crush makes it a point to cover everything Laysha covered. Even though Taeri directly told BodhiCat they don’t think Laysha is their rival, we know they do it to show fans who is the real boss in 2018.  The more popular you are, the more events you are booked in.  Period.

GC is obviously in for the kill of Laysha, motivated by their agency, DAM Entertainment’s dislike (and jealously) for JS Entertainment.

나의 팬캠그룹들은 당신이 하담의 공연 스타일을 따라한다고 생각하는데요. 당신이 가장 좋아는 댄서가 하담 맞어요?

Zia of Girl Crush also has a killer body. She has the look & wears her slinky, slip-your-luv-into-me outfits that makes her covers seem amazing.  But she mails in her performance of GDFR. 

This is a shame because this Shalala fancam has close-up views of her.  And Zia, who has lately turned it on more, is a beauty.  But she doesn’t sell her cover 100%.  I’d say 85%, which still makes us go, “Oh My My!”

More enthusiasm Zia! Pleeezzzze.

So while we wait to see who replaces Laysha at the top of KPOP Sexy Cover this year, let’s see Real get off one mo’ time:

Whoever said she looks “plastic” or “fake,” really needs to get REALLY real ya’ll.

그대가 제일 좋아하는 올해의 커버 댄스 그룹은 누구인지 알려주실래요? 


#1 – ??????

#2 – Laysha – 레이

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #2 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#3 – Fly With Me – 플윗

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #3  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리 여왕   

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8: Switch – 스위치

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

 #10: Angels – 댄스팀 엔젤스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

One to go.  Who will vanquish all others?


#respectlaysha #respectnugus #stopsucking




KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #2 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

KPOP Cover as an industry may be smaller & less respected by the KPOP establishment but who cares?? Fancams don’t lie & fans luuuv the Cover style in bigger numbers.  And numbers don’t lie.  Since the days of Bambino the “Triumph of Cover” is real & continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion KPOP Sexy Cover Group of 2018?


The month before they left for Japan they put on a show like only Laysha can.  Even though Pocket Girls, Fly with Me & the white hot Girl Crush were smoking & making Cover more exciting than ever, it was still Laysha that dominated & was the crowds’ fave. 

They were still way on TOP as they slapped it hard in front of a roaring & adoring crowd!

Fact: No group covers “Buttons” like Laysha!

But while they were away, other groups came out to play.  And in Cover, everyone plays hard & has one goal in mind.  To make crowds nuts, fancammers flock to them & get a shot at some kind of I-Dull style fame.

Fly with Me, which was coming up fast, was out there doing their version of GDFR, the song that GoEun has owned. 

But fearless Shasa showed the Queen her junk!

Fearless #3 Fly with Me covered a GoEun classic & it was damn good!

There was another group out there, with two former Laysha members, that were becoming I-Dulls faster than anyone thought they would, Real Camila!!

Former Laysha members Choim & Yubeen were Show Champions! And now are out doing Festivals the old-fashioned Cover way!

Convinced that they had no competition back home in a category they dominated, Laysha headed to Japan with their hot booties looking for fame & real fortune.  Hungry for the “true” title of  Idol, that ultimate delusion, they spent a lot of the year working the relatively unimpressed Japanese media.  Real Camila totally outperformed them in Japan.

But lonely hearts that we are we said we would always wait for them as they headed out to sea.  

We wished them luck, but sages that we also are, we warned them they could be taken down by a rival group, especially the highly-charged Girl Crush.  GC is a DAMI Entertainment rival team which wanted nothing more than to get their revenge for all the success Bambino & Laysha had put in their face.

Is Laysha About to Get Taken Down?

And while they were away….this happened:

…..and this…..

……and THIS!!

When Bomi did her cover of “Bubble Pop,” she may not have been thinking about dismantling or beating Laysha into the #2 spot. But Laysha is #2 now.

The effect of Bomi in particular was amazing.

Again & again & again it seemed like whenever any news of Laysha in Japan or the occasional video of the #1 group appeared, Bomi & Girl Crush were  out the next hour with a new solo dance that just made Laysha’s appearance forgotten.

Zia, Seihee & Taeri were doing their thang hard.  They were red hot machine guns mowing down YouTube viewers & not even giving GoEun & her team a chance to reload.  You could almost hear Som saying, “WTF is all of this?!” as her knees buckled at the onslaught of Girl Crush.

Laysha still had a chance to hold on to #1 despite this because, truthfully, they are better than Girl Crush.  You could tell how much we all missed them because when they came back home, they got this welcoming back from the crowd:

We thought all was right again.  But like they did all year, they went out of sight for long periods of time.

But when they came back to the Water Block Summer festival, they again made it a race with a performance that is unforgettable.  No one, not Bambino, not Jessi-faux, not the genius Hyuna, not Girl Crush with their somewhat listless, perfunctory pouring, could or would match this.  EVER! 

Laysha was back.

Some say it was total humiliation of them, the defending champions, while others say it was Chaejin, Som, Hyeri & GoEun the magnificent doing it again. 

If we thought Fly with Me was the team that was fearless, Laysha showed us what champions who have guts are like. GoEun & Some are to be honored.  Tough & great & when we saw them at Water Block in an amazing set, we said, they need to put dynamite inside GoEun’s tight shorts to get her to relinquish her crown as the hottest KPOP Sexy Cover Dancer ever.

This amazing performance in the spray of Water Block could have sealed their #1 ranking.  After all, their “Pink Label” is a bop & no one challenges Laysha’s numbers:

Six million.  Laysha’s Pink Label was a fancam & BodhiCat Talk success!

But just when they had the momentum, they AGAIN dropped out of sight & then a scandal erupted that had us saying “respect Laysha” & “protect Laysha” instead of “fap to Laysha.”  This was a distraction that was ugly & horrible.

Sure, Real Camila was surprising everyone, May Queen was giving Slutty Concept new life, Black Bunny was beginning to show strong for a nugu & GC’s Taeri was a maknae terror who was making Hyeri look chunky, slow & unhip.  Bomi was a bombshell & Seihee took over from GoEun the “Body of the Year in Cover” no doubt. 

Crush grew powerful, looked amazing despite some weird uniform choices at times & just kept throwing hot performances out there every night! 

But Laysha could have punched back more. They didn’t.  Maybe they got really thrown by the scandal.

Related image

In the end Laysha did it to themselves. They kind of wilted & went back to Japan, coasted on their reputation as a great Cover group & left us wondering about comebacks all the time.   

Their cover of “Level Up” was better than anyone’s.

But no matter, most all agree: they are still Laysha, the group that really is a championship team.

“Of course they are still great.  Maybe the greatest ever,” said Park Cheol.  “For about six months they got too much thrown at them by a very strong competitor & really didn’t answer that.  But they aren’t out of it.  Girl Crush (if that is your number one) can fall easily.”

In our view they came back from Japan a little dulled around the edges, tamer & certainly got pushed out of the top by a group way more aggressive that wanted to be a great COVER group. 

But Laysha kept getting more famous. Over the Summer they were independently ranked the 4th sexiest group in ALL of KPOP!

This Laysha …….

…..was unbeatable. 

But Kim GoEun, the most ambitious woman ever to do a long, hot booty shake & who can make an audience crazee with a magic only she possess, wants that pot of I-Dull gold.

Good for her.  And good for Laysha. But we warned them.  That kind of overreaching can be painful to watch if it goes down wrong.

We are all about Cover.  Cover is street.  Cover is garage rock.  Cover is real.  Very real. Fancam real.  Slutty real.  Hard-working real.  It is the only real successful part of KPOP because it they either go loud or go home.

Whether NEW Laysha can regain the crown depends on a lot of stuff.  Like whether Som will get back her skill of dropping fan service bombs, like she did before she started her I-Dull  climbing:


Laysha is still great.  Very great.  But right now #2 great. 

For the record:

Thank you, Som & the rest! Thank you & thank you again!!!

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #3  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

KPOP Cover as an industry may be smaller & less respected by the KPOP establishment but who cares?? Fancams don’t lie & fans luuuv the Cover style in bigger numbers.  Numbers don’t lie.  Since the days of Bambino the “Triumph of Cover” is real & continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion KPOP Sexy Cover Group of 2018?


Related image



Most KPOP teams & Cover groups start to look pretty much the same in the Post-Bambino world don’t they?

Damn! Not even a Zombie twerk!

Not many show even as much imagination as the Zombie group above.

Which bring us to our new #3 group. They are different for sure.  Known for their creativity, their incredible club sleaze sizzle & for performing anywhere, day or night, they are the ANTI-ZOMBIES of Cover.

They are hungry & waiting in the wings for the day when we name them #1. Maybe that day should be soon!!!

You decide: 

The amazing high-energy fan-pleasing-always-fappable Fly with Me!

If any team deserves to be pissed about not being named #1 it is Fly with Me. They are the most watchable, lovable group in Cover & works harder & appears in more places than all groups. 

And when it comes to making fans horny while being excellent dancers, they are like Waveya 웨이브야!  And that makes them the Tia Blanco @tiablanco (the “queen of closeouts”) of Cover 

And they can twerk, bitches!

A horny fan service moment for sure. Shasa & Hai have perfected the slow butt grind twerk.  They are hot “bar dancers” in Yankees hats one night & then one night later are in front of a huge festival crowd as the headline act, doing classic KPOP Cover.

After watching Shasa closeout a horny, loud crowd on a Pharkil capture with her classic slow butt grinds to finish her guys off, we thought, “Damn.  They do it all!”

And when we saw them in baseball caps representing the greatest team on earth, we said, “Let’s make them #1 right now!!”

They are always fresh & different. And Fly with Me has REAL “street” in their feet.  If they decided to make those faux lap dances not so faux, you would pay $10,000 per shot to sit on one of those chairs & have Flies crawl all over you!


“Pound for pound, this group is the best,” said Park Cheol, the LA PR guru & huge Fly with Me fan.  “They have diversity in their style,” he says. “They are well managed too.”

They take on bigger Cover groups & plastic I-Dulls left & right.  A negative is that they do not have tall, strong power dancers’ bodies like Bambino or Laysha.  But they are hot tigers on stage. 

They have LA/Seoul fusion street fight style, great outfits (the best) & are always fighting to be better!!

Little but mighty. Fly with Me are real street & not afraid to take on challengers.  They are what Cover is all about. (Is that Seihee looking for help on the left as Shasa tags Taeri with a sweet left uppercut?? LOL)

For their fans, they are #1 because their leader can get on any stage & do THIS:

Fucking mood! Shasa of Fly is the Most Improved, Most Fuckable & Most Best!

Like we said, they are everywhere.

One night you see them doing slutty, sleazy routines, booze bottles in hand, at small clubs. The next night they are rocking massive crowds at water festivals & street concerts.  They go everywhere & their van has more miles than Greyhound.

They have the best Instagram posts too.  They know what we want.

A laughing Shasa said in one post, “We know where to put our booties. Right where our fans like them!” Sexually, she is more fearless & more comfortable with her panties flashing than any dancer in Cover.  By far.

In this Summer of water, Fly with Me made us wet.  Their willingness to push all the way rivaled only Girl Crush & went beyond Laysha.

Fly with Me shows us how to cover Hyuna in water!  

They do hip-hop in a way that Hadam only wished she could. 

Shasa is flat out the best, hottest, nastiest, most relaxed & coolest booty shaker in KPOP.  She can dance any style.

We like her club act, where she can do a devil’s dance:

….or go around a pole going slow until you blow.

Shasa has made this group the highest paid in Cover for a reason.

And she can switch (no pun intended) gears & give you great stage performances, like Fly did at Centum in Pusan.


Fly showed us what fan service was all about at the Auto Salon show in Seoul.  While the Big Gun of Cover, Bomi, showed up at the same show & could barely contain her boredom as she stood in front of a car flashing her amazing stuff but looking like she would rather be getting a flu shot, Shasa did what she always does: outworks everyone to make her statement. 

Bomi may have all the right stuff & the amazing charisma…..


….BUT Shasa & Fly gave us a roadshow we wanted to see!! 


We don’t know why the BodhiCat Judges didn’t vote them #1!

The argument we had over sake in Shuto Izakaya is that they do not generate that high level of fanboy moaning like Laysha and Girl Crush do on their fancams.  Their numbers are low & they don’t seem to get enough buzz.

To be crude, Fly starts fast with really hot choreo & thrills, but finishes kind of lame.  Their overall performance does not make you blow.  But their overall dancing is the best & they can work you into it IF you like good fusion style dancing, which in my mind, made them #1. 

TBH, I was overruled.

Is #3 as far as Fly will go?

Fuck no.

They are way better than when Yoobin got low & became the #2 most viewed video on Pharkil’s list for doing this unhappy crap & trying to ride the wave after Hadam’s exposure dance went viral.

Two years later? They are at the top of the rankings & can do traditional Cover like this season’s fave, “Hand Clap” with heat & style.

Fresh Fly. 

Fly is the future, dudes!!  Give me five you #3 girls!

#4: Fly with Me – 플윗미

소리 질러!!!

#protectlaysha #respectnugus #stopsucking

A BodhiCat Interlude: Stars in Stripes


While we wait for our judges to come in up with the name of the #3 ranked Sexy Cover Group of the year, we feel some deep need to get off again & again & again on the leader of the #5 ranked team: Jini of Rose Queen. 

This post is one of our most-viewed.  When I wrote it, I felt directed by some unseen force!

Who Busted the Best “Wiggle?”

Ya’ll know that this is the year I started getting off on Jini after two years of being under Hadam’s powerful spell, which made me totally dis’ Jini & RQ.  I don’t know precisely what happened, but I can tell you now that Hadam has let me go free, while Jini has me body & soul.  It’s like they traded me for cash & a player to be named later.

And I am not just a fanboy. I am her damn psychic prisoner.  As I was with Hadam, of course.

So how did this happen? WTF happened to the otherwise sane BodhiCat?

I have been hypnotized. There’s some mind control going on here & it ain’t Russian hackers.  It’s the spinning, reeling effects of KPOP Cover booty in stripes!

Image result for person being hypnotized by stripe wheel animation gif

Yeah.  It’s the outfits. And nobody had a hotter one with specially-made hypnotic stripes than Rose Queen.  How else to explain their success & power over me?

Jini in her stripes doing “Wiggle Wiggle” turned me & millions of others inside & out.  I mean it did something beyond just turn us on & get us into fap mode.  

But was it just the stripes? We started looking at other performances in stripes to see if it has the same effect. 

You decide. But be careful so as not to fall under the spell yourselves.


Tahiti’s Ari may not have gotten a paycheck for five years as we once reported, but she made us a prisoner in that skirt.

And then there’s Hani, who always seems to be in a discussion where there are Cover dancers involved.  She has her own style of performing magic for sure. 

But after I saw her in stripes, I began to hear “Up & Down” in my sleep!

As good as she is, the striped, hypnotic Hani, who once “got owned” by Eunsol……

…..had it happen to her again, this time by Jini wearing a uniform of stripes that had to be made in Moscow by a GRU secret sexy agent.

Image result for sexy foreign spy agent gif

This hypnosis business is a business for pros.  Nugus should learn that striped uniforms & psychic fancam hacking do not always work 100%

You would think Witches could do better.  But doing hypnosis doesn’t always mesmerize fans.

Image result for crying face funny animation emoji gif


But in the hands of masterful queens, who know how to make your eyes follow them….

….over 4 million of us to do what they want us to do on command.

Go girl.  That’s power!!


Image result for cartoon character being hypnotized by stripe wheel gif

To keep looking right at it!!!

With a huge smile for the fans shouting the word “Queen” in Korean, Jini nails this amazingly hot cover in her stripes.  Little did the fans know they were being mesmerized by her psychic hacking.  XD

They all earned their stripes.


#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #5 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리 여왕   

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #6 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #7 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#8: Switch – 스위치

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #8 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #9 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

 #10: Angels – 댄스팀 엔젤스

KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #10 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위


Are the stripes sending us signals….??




KPOP Cover Dance Summer 2018 Rankings: #4  – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

올해의 #1 KPOP 댄스그룹이 누구라고 생각하세요?

The Triumph of Cover Continues with BodhiCat Talk’s New Top 10.  Who Will Be the Champion of 2018?



#4 – POCKET GIRLS 포켓걸스

2018 started with the right bang. The Cover queens of Pocket Girls, whose look never gets old, rocked a military audience.  Pocket Girls kept getting better this year & showed us again how much fun Cover really is!!

A Japanese girl & I had the most amazing sexual chemistry ever.  For real.  We wouldn’t stop fucking if the Fire Department came in & sprayed us.  It was insane.  It was such incredible sex.  It was always the same & it was always the best & it was always hot & it never, ever got old & I salute her wherever she is today.

I never knew what it was but it’s the same thing I have with Pocket Girls.

They cannot bore me, wear me out or make me stop fapping for them.  They have the perfect Cover concept.  But they will never get beyond the bedroom.  Or haven’t yet.

But it doesn’t mean they aren’t a great Cover group.  For fuck’s sake, they are #4 in the world! 

Their rivals must bow low to Pocket Girls!

At the beginning of the year it looked like Pocket Girls even had a chance at maybe being #1.  And in a normal year, who knows?  They are a creamy dream team.  Their bodies, faces & avatar dance style flows.  They work hard & practice hard because, let’s be real, these former auto show models are not Sistar when it comes to talent. 

This makes them even more luvable because they keep raising their own bar.

Habin is one of the best built, most beautiful women in KPOP.  She works it hard.

They have the right formula for what they are & who they are & what they want to be.  And now they sing.  They just go out & deliver.  NO drama.  No peep show pervs filming them without their knowledge, no stolen uniforms, no management dissing, no patches on their eye, camel toes (well, maybe a hump her & there) & they are always polite to BodhiCat Talk.

Their cover of “Oppa Is Trash” is one of the best originals for a Cover team in the industry. Their stage dancing speed is slow but this year they danced with more confidence, fun, power & even a little fan service.  They got so much luv that they looked happy & knew they had a slay formula.

Habin of #4 Pocket Girls must take some kind of eternal cute pills.  She is sooooo pleasing to the eyes.

With the rush of Girl Crush videos on YouTube, & everywhere the amazing output by Pocket Girls got hushed.  But Pocket Girls kept those leggy, hot, predictable & wonderful moments cuming & their numbers are competitive with anyone’s.  

This one is over 12 million!

Habin’s “dance practices” made us crazy.  Just looking at Habin stand with her back to us in those heels – and knowing what she could do & how amazingly pretty she was – had us eating ice cream out of her hand. 

But Pocket Girls’ momentum early in the year ground to a halt courtesy of that awesome Girl Crush sex machine.   They kept producing & getting better. 

They end up moving from #6 to #4!

What propelled them up two spots was this:

Just when we were saying they were good even though they never changed, they changed!! 

In August we got this from them:

Of all the covers of “Hip & Lip” in 2018 theirs is the best.


I used to test msyelf with the Japanese girl. I used to try NOT to have sex with her.  But it was impossible.  She was just too hot.  Too impossible to resist with my brain alone.

I’ll never know her mystery.  But I get that feeling again with Pocket Girls.

They have the most irresistible concept in Cover.

#4 – Pocket Girls 포켓걸스 


#protectnugus #protectlaysha #stopsucking #stopfapping2pocketgirls 


Now that we’re down to the final three – and it’s a pretty good bet that the group that has been #1 every time will be in the running again – the judges are asking: “Did GoEun get humiliated at Water Block during “Hand Clap,” or was this the sexiest performance of 2018 – and the one that will keep Laysha on top?

Was she totally dazed & stunned by all the water guns hitting her full force??  Was this the final humilation that cost Laysha their crown.  Could be.  But many BodhiCat Talk fans think GoEun may have saved Laysha from falling out of #1 with this performance.  Hmmmm.

It’s KPOP Sexy Cover as only Laysha’s superstar leader can deliver it!!!

Stay tuned!

Eunsol Made Hani More Fuckable


The jury is still out on who will be Cover’s #4 ranked group this year.  

Our team of judges is still reviewing fancams, going to performances & discussing who will be the next ranked group.

Related image

In the meantime, congrats to Rose Queen, the new #5 team. 그룹의 대상 리스트에 올라오신거 축하드립니다. 홧팅

Fortunately while we wait there is plenty to distract you.  This is still “Eunsol Returns Week” in KPOP.   It is THE big news for sure.  

Her return does change everything for BodhiCat Talk readers, Bambino fans & for every other group out there.

Remember in January when we asked whether Idols like EXID were going to “muscle” their way into Cover now?  We said that if Girl Crush’s Bomi was a bust, Hani could become the second coming of Bambino but that no one would try to slut shame her.

Will Bomi’s Underwear Save Cover From Hani? Are Girl Groups Getting “Flabby?”

Fortunately for us, Bomi was not a bust.  She turned into a superstar.

Because of what Cover queens were accomplishing, Hani got the message & then she got a Cover-style body & got hotter & hotter & hotter.  Hani makes the tongue almost drag now.  She has definitely made a lot of guys turn away from Cover, where they used to go for fun & a furious fap. 

And of course Hyorin started working on her Cover-style turn-on right here in LA last year….

….and since has come out & nearly finished the job of making hot Idols equal to Cover queens!  But Girl Crush & Fly with Me came to the rescue of Cover.

(Of course, the I-Dull bitches  never give Cover teams any credit.  They just take their revenge.  Ya gotta admire them.  They play for keeps.)

Hani to Eunsol: “Thanks, Baby! (Now Get Lost)”


With the most viewed Cover Dancer & idol of all time back in action things is going to get back where they belong again. 

Related image

(We hope!)

Do we need to remind you that Eunsol got famous for a lot of reasons, like  being in the unbelievable experience called Bambino, where she has 50+ fancams over one million views?   She was so fucking sexy all the time like no one had seen.  So sexy that when we decided to put her in showdowns with I-Dulls to prove a point, she whipped Hani AND totally smoked Seolhyun in head-to-head competitions.

We put Eunsol (“Silver”) & Seolhyun (“Pussy”) in similar outfits (Bambino copied AOA’s outfits but made them Cover sexy) & let them go at it.  Eunsol crushed the beautiful Seolhyun according to fans.

Bambino’s popularity & style drove Hani to become a more experienced, fuckable booty shaker, whether EXID admits it or not.

Related image

Eunsol should get credit for making Hani a booty grinding babe.

So it’s time to go up & down again.  Hani & Eunsol back facing each other.

BTW, if you ever wondered what the song “Up & Down” actually was about  (and you are an English speaker only) here you go:



In the meantime, for those of you who are ADD, here was LAST YEAR’S #4 group to drool over.

KPOP Cover Dance Fall Rankings: #4 – KPOP 섹시 댄스 그룹들의 Top 10 순위

Fly with Me has been slaying in so many ways & in so many places:

Even though it was a pretty awesome ranking, Fly with Me hopes to rise higher than even #4.  They want to show Laysha who is best at “booty dancing!”

Remember, BodhiCat Talk judges cannot be seduced…..

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(Not even by GoEun)

or influenced in provocative ways…..  Related image

Well, except for BodhiCat.  Yeah.  He can……

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Stay tuned. Fly with Me is no doubt still in the hunt for #1.


#respectnugus & #respectlaysha #strawlessocean

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They go to work for us. Let them go home or party after work in private. Honor them & know the boundaries of your fantasies.

And don’t use plastic straws!  Let’s keep plastic out of the oceans, ya’ll.  By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  #stopsucking!!  You know what should be sucked (oh my my) & what should be left alone.

We can do it!!


Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Bomi put out a dance riff that sizzles & might be the hottest moves this year – but she had on Laysha’s outfits from Woosongdae & had a cast on her right hand!  Zia had a patch on her eye.  Did the two get into a fight???

And there is a nugu from group Black Beauty who is definitely a student of Hadam’s style & looks a lot like her!

Finally, Seihee also imitates Laysha’s GoEun & takes it off!  Unbelievable Summer in Cover.  Everything has just leveled up.

I can’t get any good surfing done with all the fapping going on!  Too tired.