KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Group Leaders Battle To Make Their Teams #1 – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?


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누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

Black Bunny’s primary baby Hana told BodhiCat Talk last week that she has no competitors & it is hard for anyone to “beat” her or Black Bunny this year.

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Hana is leading the cheers for Black Bunny to get a top ranking from us.

She may be right but Mistress Hana knows that a lot of the success of BB depends on the quality of her leader, Yeri. 

Black Bunny like the dozens of groups trying to make it in Sexy Cover this year have to have a BIG HOT GIRL dominating as the Leader.  Otherwise the group has no real personality.

Here are the top Leaders of teams that we think will rank high.

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Black Bunny’s leggy leader Yeri is in the running for our Performer of the Year.  She has led Hana & her team to glory with moves like this & she came out of nowhere to look strong as a leader.  She is now a star & a BodhiCat Talk bias.  Her qualities are those long legs & a strong approach to her dancing.

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Fly with Me’s thot girl concept leader Shasa believes it’s her time. (Or else you can all go fuck yourself with a stick!)  Shasa is the fiercest female leader of a team ever.  She dares everythang & fans eat her up.  She makes FWM elite.

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Once criticized & now the MOST fapped to woman in KPOP Sexy Cover, according to BodhiCat Talk’s statistician Spence Auburn (and go Georgia Bulldawgs!), Girl Crush’s Zia got her confidence finally & stuck it to mighty Laysha last year.  She is now slaying every night, playing with her fans & her team still rules as #1.  She is smooth, pretty, confident & a lot more powerful than people think.

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Iconic GoEun is determined to lead Laysha back on top.  (Fantasize over that one bruh.)  But with all the younger talent in the house now, will GoEun be forced to finally bow down to another group & that group’s younger leader again, like she did for Zia?  Does Zia & her star dancer Bomi have GoEun’s number?  Or does GoEun, who is simply a slay assassin have one more hot dance season in her?

So who will it be?

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Dude, you just have to hold on to find out.


Speaking of the strong Leaders, oone of the hottest women to ever lead a Cover team was Duyoo (of Switch, ICIA’s & more.) She has been a powerful dancer since Day One.  Here is some new footage of her crushing a solo back in 2014!

She never led a team to the title of Cover Group of the Year but she is incredibly powerful & maybe someday she might.


Here are the teams Black Bunny & nugus like Star Fruit, Pangye, Overstep & others need to crawl over to get at Girl Crush. 

Two of last year’s Top 10 don’t exist any more so there is going to be room for in the rankings.  The question is who gets in & gets left out?

#1: Girl Crush – 걸크러쉬

Good luck getting past her for the #1 spot everyone!  Bomi may not be perfect in any specific category of Cover but she attacks with such a savage sexual frenzy that it comes off & goes off so perfectly she is very close to owning every fanboy in the world.  Not to mention the guys running agencies of other groups who show up at her shows. But Girl Crush has some flaws, which we have written about & they are NOT Bambino (which was perfect).  Can a strong group or a revived Laysha take them out?  Maybe.

#2: Laysha – 레이샤

#3: Fly with Me – 플윗미

#4: Pocket Girls – 포켓걸스 하빈

#5: Rose Queen – 로즈퀸

#6: Holly Queen – 홀리

#7: XOX – 엑스오엑스

#8: Switch – 스위치 (Disbanded)

The “other Hana.” Switch (which is no more) had a budding star that we thought would rival Black Bunny Hana for Rookie of the Year.  But Switch went dark & this Hana became a professional (boring AF) cheerleader.  Her cover of “Bikini Body” was among the best of 2018.

#9: Funny Max – _메리트퍼펙 퍼니맥스 (Changed name)

#10: Angels – 엔젤스 (Disbanded)



Is it us or does Hanchoim look like WWE wrestler Sasha Banks?

“Romeo my Romeo!!  Where the fuck art thou??”

(Sasha Banks is the chick in the wrestling gif at the top.).


The night Eunsol made cadets at Wonju Military school crazeee!


Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


Can They Become KPOP Cover’s Sexiest Thickkies Ever?? – Kpop에 속함 모든 카바댄서들에게 메세지를 전합니다…. 여러분 그룹이 인기가 있던 없던 그리고 유명한 그룹이든 새로 시작한 무명그룹이든 모두에게 “감사합니다!




A ton of fun.  Thcck is beautiful. But no group with heft has ever really dominated KPOP Sexy Cover.

It is a special category. 

As special as Queens who pour water on themselves, do faux lap dances & give out fan service like candy.

It mocks the I-Dull Rule that says KPOP women need to be perfect & look perfect & puke fourteen times a day to be as thin as chopsticks (so that they can then obsess over food on their Instagram pages & bore the shit out of us.)

 Those days are obliterated.  The main reason is the success of Cover & the bold dreaming of scorned dancers who changed everythang on YouTube & in the throbbing hands of Korean fanboy culture.

For real BodhiCats there are few thangs hotter than a really, really hot KPOP Cover Dancer or I-Dull with a thcck body & an attitude going hard on a stage.  Big, thick, hot, fierce, sexy AF, confident – it’s like a cock cocktail made in LA with sunshine, Suntory & Vitamin S(ex) ya’ll.

May Queen is for sure the new “Thccck Cock Hard Queens” of Sexy Cover Dance – but there have been many others.

Please do not forget them!  Like Bambino for Sexy Cover they are the pioneers who skirted shame & became our stars.

There were really great ones. Here are a few faves.  

Som in 2015 is at the top of the list. 

There was Yeon-Yi (Switchberry)  who plopped her huge thighs down & went to work with a talented team that included the athletic Duyoo.

Switchberry had its share of thcckness with her.

Even the fat fucking I-Dull Queen Hwasa, who might even make it as a Cover dancer, has thick thunder going all up & down her body.  Her problem is that she is a pampered fucking I-Dull brat.

A rich one….

Maybe the greatest video battle was between Hwasa & GoEun of Laysha, who is just incredible physically & who later in her career has become the art of Cover body sculpting perfection, which includes some thcck in her legs just to make us want her more. 

BodhiCat Talk, the ultimate historians of Cover Dance in KPOP knows that Hwasa & Hayeon are not the biggest, chunkiest thccckiees to ever take the KPOP Cover stage. 

That honor goes to the woman called “the Giantess,” So Young (소영) of Wait a Minute.

If you’ve never seen a fancam of her, you are in for a treat.

At 2:05 her red hot, meaty thunder hit the stage like a Bobby Flay steak hits a West Virginia outdoor grill.

We’d never seen anyone this huge before!! 

So Young is an eager dancer & soooo enjoyable.


So Young & Wait A Minute never put it all together because their management (surprise, surprise) totally sucked. And Bambino was around to kick their ass day & night – as we always like to say.

But they were a great Cover group even though So Young did not visually fit with star SuHyun & the other very hot dancers.  But we got off on WAM.

She is now an independent dancer.

SuHyun had amazing Cover potential & Waveya style moves.  WAM’s view numbers were always good.


(Yuha, Hayeon, Sieun & Semi) 하연, 시은, 세미, 유아

Truth is Hayeon would mop the floor with big, eager So Young.

Image result for mayqueen hayeon

Maid in Korea. Mop up the competition & the world belongs to you, May Queen.

In 2019 Hayeon, Siu & Sieun have their big, delicious booties & bodies ready to go on to festival stages & make tongues drag to the ground all the way to Incheon! 

This group is really fired up, has a new look & concept & is ready to rock like never before.

Our expectations are sky high.  After all, Hayeon was good enough to be in Laysha.

Pure meaty bliss.  Hayeon, the new leader of May Queen, came out smoking as a Laysha member on this cover of “Horns.”  She hung her foot on that amp & the crowd went off.  But does she have enough sexy juice to finish off an audience?? There are questions in the minds of BodhiCat Talk experts. 

What is their concept?  It’s not really that clear.  May Queen Version One never blew away large crowds or made them crazee with their choreo.  They get a C- here.

They’ll need a great choreo show & concept to go up against rival teams like Black Bunny, Girl Crush & Fly with Me.  Hayeon told BodhiCat Talk that she is SURE that May Queen will be ranked high.

Hayeon falls into a very special BodhiCat Talk obsession category: sexy, confident chubby Korean women who can bust a nut just by being alive & bust all the nuts on a tree by dancing an amazing cover in front of a manically shredded, fully shook audience.

She has moments where I literally drool & scream ya’ll.  She can just bring something with her that is pure plush.

Can May Queen become the “Bambino of the Thcckies?”

There is nothing more horny than to see big, delicious, beautiful sexy dancers like Hayeon or Sieun filled with confidence & making fanboys crazy as they move their bodies, twerk & cover songs. 

We predicted that May Queen would clean up in 2019 long ago & they are not going to disappoint BodhiCat Talk!

In her early days we could see her potential but she went down & then up with Laysha & then down a little.  Now she is ready to really clean up KPOP Cover & star!

Her time with Laysha gave her a lick & smell of success.  Now she wants to taste & eat the whole thang,…..

Goals. Careful, Hayeon.  There are no limits……..

She battles with her weight the way Som did.  But when Hayeon has the right balance in her footwork & wears anything low-cut in her outfit she is sooooo hot she sizzles like that Flay meat on a grill. Inside her (and Sieun too) is perfection waiting to happen.

Think of May Queen (or maybe another new, surprising group of thcck hotties like Lady Girl) becoming to Thcck Cover what Stellar was to skinny & hot. 

Now we’re talkin’

The “other” Gayoung nailing an encore for the most underappreciated I-Dull group ever.  Stellar was secretly a “Cover” team but didn’t want to admit it. (PS: Is it me, or does every reader of BodhiCat Talk believe Stellar is the best smelling group ever too?)


Because perfection gets boring.

And we are talking perfect here. Bomi if Girl Crush: the best & aiming higher. 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

오늘은 팬 서비스의 금요일입니다.




The Greatest KPOP I-Dull Group (secretly a Sexy Cover team!) Stellar performed for the Special Forces in a gutsy, patriotic concert in a driving rainstorm.  They earned our everlasting respect.

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


KPOP Sexy Cover’s Most IMPORTANT Dances – 이것이 KPOP 카바댄스 역사상 가장 중요한 댄스입니다. Part One

이것이 KPOP 카바댄스 역사상 가장 중요한 댄스입니다.

(여러분은 어떤 댄스가 가장 중요한지요?)



Cover Dance is loaded with great sexy dancers & all of them are important in one way or another.  Thousands of women are trying to break in, performing on streets, clubs & in the backseat of cars.  But there are a few who have created this hot thang we call KPOP Sexy Cover Dance (“Cover”) or who know what it is. 

There are fewer of them whose work is important. But they are the leaders. The fierce girls. The sexy bitches who make you gay or hard as concrete with one move.

Here are the groundbreakers, the innovators, the power girls of Cover.  Some of them came from traditional KPOP.  And when a girl has that special “thang” in her moves, even if she’s not necessarily even a dancer, we say she is “Cover.” 

At their best they took songs like “New Thang” or wore outfits where their underwear was the star of the choreo or poured water on themselves a certain way & just went where no one went before.

So for example,the “Underwear Revolution” evolved into the “Sleazy Concept,” which only Cover could produce because traditional KPOP would not allow it & the money would not flow.  But the fans would.  The ideas do & later on the I-Dulls adopt a lot of Cover. 

And it goes both ways.

“Cover” has affected everythang & is in everythang. 

It takes the basic thang but gives it a jolt so you have to watch it again & again on fancams as it goes round & round & round.

Is this “Cover?” Well, yeah.  The outfit, the performance off the pole & the sexy intention make it so.  (That’s a Rose Queen outfit BTW.)

Here are BodhiCat Talk’s dances & dancers that make Cover the most creative, fappable #1 entertainment (after surfing) on the planet.


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Grup: flywithme İdol: shasa (allah)

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The Fierce One.
Shasa took the Club Stripper concept & totally stylized it for Fly with Me.  Her creativity is on display every night, whether she is dangling it on stages in clubs or on huge festival stages & arenas.  Whether it is with umbrellas, canes (and recently) whips, her choreo & her fierce flaun- my-thang style is the most imitated in Cover. And the most crowd pleasing for millions.

Shasa of Fly with Me has never really had a memorable dance or performance that changed everythang & led to an explosion of dances & fapping.  But her creativity is unmatched.

The group refers to itself jokingly as “the Little Whores,” after a nasty online article & of course comments by (mostly) Korean fanboys.  But they don’t care.  They are unique performers & in a time when a lot of the groups are trying hard to imitate the success & styles of Bambino, Laysha or Switch (even though 2 of the 3 don’t even exist anymore!), Shasa & her team are  always fresh & refreshing.

We luv our Little Whores because they are an important group that has made Cover different than the I-Dull bullshit.


When JS Entertainment hired Hadam to be the co-leader (with Dahee) of the company’s new “little sister” group, no one on the “big sister” team – Laysha  – gave it much thought.  Laysha was the new dynamite whose sexy concept dance style was beginning to explode.  The team’s star, Som, was friends with the new girl from Bambino, Eunsol.

But Laysha’s young, incredibly built leader GoEun watched Bambino’s Hadam work out in the studio & start to perform as ” tryout” for crowds in 2014.  The effect was explosive.

She watched her get more daring every time a crowd was whipped up (remembering her Hush reputation) & she knew that while she wasn’t as well built as she was, this girl could outdance her & her stage energy was kind of amazing.

But when GoEun looked at the tatoo on this Hadam’s back it told her everything she needed to know & fear. 

She noticed that it read, “I go where no one goes.”

And GoEun knew before anyone, because she thought about it more than anyone, that Hadam was going to someday no longer settle for her group’s “junior” status.

It was at that point that GoEun knew that she had a rival beyond any Idol in KPOP & vowed to make sure she always worked hard to try to stay ahead of her.

The result were iconic dances by both that added to the list of the most important dances in the history of KPOP Sexy Cover Dance.

Hadam would go on to dance the most important dance in Cover history. But her style, like GoEun’s & Shasa’s & a lot of Cover queens evolved from this:

Bounce! Bounce!  Damn it’s exciting when I-Dulls cross into dangerous “Cover” territory. Minzy’s bounce here was key to Cover Queens working out in gyms to be flexible enough to do bounce/twerks & just about everything else!

The physical talent of Minzy combined w/her fierceness was great.  While she did not have the body or beauty – or the sleazy turn-on style of  the future great Cover queens like GoEun & Switch’s Gayoung, this split/twerk & her leg raise move are iconic. Dahee perfected it of course with Bambino.

Minzy’s was like Shasa.  She started a lot of new stuff that has stuck & has created enough fapping to provide California with enough energy until 2070!!

Her moves were adopted by Cover Dancers who made them more memorable because Cover dancers spend a lot more time in the gym making their hot bodies perfect instruments.

Minzy had a 15-second explosion on a stage. Sometimes that’s all you need.  Don’t deny it.  It’s usually one image or “killer move” as Stellar called it that makes us fap & remember our queens. 

Sure you do!

Five years later, this is still one of the most important dance moves in “Cover” history.

“Cover” is a new style like Grunge or Hip-hop.  And it is sooo true. 

Minzy may have launched Cover by hitting that floor with so fierce a thud & bounce I still hear it!  And the fan noise!!

Oh my my.

But it is Cover dancers who have made the hot, horny, beautiful Cover Dance concepts we are addicted to.

With help from the Soju Surf Club of California we have picked an incredible list for you.

See if you agree.

If not, send us yours.

If you don’t then fuck you.  You have nothing to complain about……


We start with the most dramatic & controversial dance in KPOP Cover Dance history.  It was the Big Bang that started the universe.  

The girl at the center of it was a beautiful, sexy nugu who could have danced backup for Jay Park or any of the top performers.  For BodhiCat Talk readers she became our Hyuna & our goddess.

She was recruited to lead a group doing a concept that was so over-the-top (for Koreans) she was sure to fail & get zero audience attention.


Ha ha ha!!!

No one expected fancams to do what they did.

So she did it on purpose. 

She did it to get attention. 

She did it to upstage Eunsol maybe.

Image result for eunsol fancam gif

She did it because she is impulsive. 

She did it because she believed she was unique.

“I go where no one goes” was the tattoo that GoEun saw on her.

Related image

Where no one went (but where many would like to end up!)  In our view this was NOT the cover of “New Thang” that was most important. But it WAS very important.

No one thought that the girl who created a major scandal in Korea would go on to become the greatest dancer in KPOP Cover Dance history & be luuved & worshipped like a goddess by fans everywhere. 

Hadam’s “commando” fancam went viral like nothing before our since. 

Today, when you look up powerhouse Cover queen Bomi’s skirt & see her camel toe lapping at you from her near-transparent underwear or see her getting away with stuff that was not even THINKABLE in 2015, or when May Queen’s Sieun is up there giving a guy such a thrill his chair gets a hard-on you can trace it back to this one dance in a high school by the girl in Stones shirt.

Without Hadam’s dancing there would be NO Bomi possible.

For Hadam fame followed.  But so did the slut-shaming & criticism of a dancer who went where no one dared to go.

But today most Cover fans with any sense know that she is the best ever & a lot has followed her.

그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Image result for hadam bambino gif

Part Two:

In our next post about the Most Importance Dances & Dancers (more or less):

Gayoung in the Park, Myongji Festival (the BIG ONE), our faves overall & the Underwear Revolution begins. 

Related image





And this girl 가영 (her name is Gayoung too!!!) is getting more fancam attention than even Hana of Black Bunny did when she started.  And like Hana, Hadam & all the rest, she wants to be the next star of Cover & get written about by BodhiCat Talk! 

Read about her here:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Iconic Sexy Cover Dance Queens: Som 솜 – 이번 시리즈는 최고의 카버댄서들에 관한것입니다. 여지껏중 뽑힌 최고의 댄서들입니다! Episode 4

이 댄서는 아주 뛰어나서 쉽게 대신할 분을 찾지못할겁니다.

우리가 가장 좋아하는 KPOP 댄서.




I think having too much lust may be a sin in religion but I don’t think it’s a sin in KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing. 

When it comes to “Cover,” it’s nothing but a stairway to heaven.

If that’s too intellectual for you, let’s just say “Lusty Dancing” is a good concept…..

And IF Cover were based only on THAT ONE concept, the greatest Sexy Cover Dancer of all time would NOT be Hadam. 

It would be Lusty Som.

Know why?

Because when it cums to overall Fan Service, Water Dousing & Hard Dancing  – the three deadly branches from the tree of BodhiCat’s lust of Cover Dance artists – she is the only one who did them ALL at the highest level.

She practically invented them.

Her fancams spread wide & far:  Som opens one of her best performances ever at Chungnam University & went on to give an incredible dance fireworks show.

And when Som felt like going nasty she didn’t ask anybody’s permission. 

She just went there!

Som was born to be a “Cover” star.  She could only ever have been a Sexy Cover Dancer.  That’s all there is to it.

She is a great one because Lust is her game. Her style.

When I watched my lumpy, sexy, thcck bias Hayeon put her foot up on a stage amp & launch her Laysha career with this slow but decent solo cover of “The Horns” at Daegu Polytech I thought:

“She’s got a long way to go to be like Som.”

And then I fapped.

But Hayeon (who has since quit Laysha & returned to May Queen) could not replace Som. Who could?

Boreum and Seihee have their own style & we hope they can make it work for that fading super nova named “Laysha.”

What would high-octane Som have done with Hayeon’s solo song & that audience out there??!!

Slay brothers & sisters. Slay with Lust in her heart & twerks in her booty that could sink the British Royal Fleet.

If Som’s career as a KPOP Sexy Cover Dancer is over she can get off knowing that she is missed more than any other dancer who ever “retired,” was fired or left performing because of ‘health” reasons.  

She would smile & hump you straight & hard.  When Som was in front of you it was the closest you could get to getting the girl you could never get in a zillion eons.

She was dominant like a dominatrix & except for Duyoo (DJ Cocoa or Whatever the Fuck she’s called now) Som came out first with more styles & looks & choreo bounce moves than anyone.

She could be a strong (“I am going to be on top tonight,” she joked in a video once) & had the fun luving heart of a sexy magician. 

She could pull her pussy out of a hat & saw an audience in half.

Thighs of an athlete.  Beauty & power too.  Her “Baby Baby” openings were pure Laysha-style attack dancing. She would never let up the entire performance. Her body was built for “Cover.”

Or she could be beautiful & fashionable:

Short-haired Som looking like a fashion model or a member of Mamamoo.

But always, always, always she was a star who delivered much FAN SERVICE because pleasing you BodhiCats was #1 on her mind.

After drying off after a hot, sweaty performance which included an amazingly sexy water dousing, Som returns for an encore & it was all about fan service!

She was daring. 

When her friend Eunsol & Bambino’s petulant queen Hadam shocked the KPOP Nation & the world with “wardrobe” malfunctions that were epic, Som decided to try her own.

While thinking about it she said, “I will make them lust for what is between my legs before I finish them off with great dancing. They will always remember Som!!”

  It was a risky style but we ate her up. 

And we luved her.  Really luved her for it.

Safety Shorts: Som Shows Her Cunt

Her calm daring was like riding a 40 foot wave.

Som took on all the classic Covers & was near the top of the legendary dancers.

Early in her career she got her first waves of attention when her cover of “Wiggle Wiggle” broke out.  It was one of the best ever done. 

Six Bomb’s agency asked whether Som was available to join the group.  JS Entertainment would not release her from her new contract with Laysha.

Som’s tongue-dragging one-on-one against Six Bomb was a total blowout.  Six Bomb’s gorgeous Seulbi did her number of the cover but was helpless against the hard body, outfit & lusty dancing of Som in this video battle.

Unlike Hadam, Som was not jealous when Eunsol got hot.  She was  happy for her. Or more honestly, she didn’t give a shit.  She was confident of Laysha & helped make them #1.

Laysha & Som were copied for three years by every group & they dominated the BodhiCat Talk Soju Surfers Club rankings at #1 until last year when Girl Crush pushed them off the top. 

There was no real competition until……

…….her own agency & the shitface production company for the variety show producing Laysha’s reality TV program fucked her up.  Betrayed her in a way that is criminal in civilized countries. 

Som the queen & the fearless one who showed her cunt, went public & busted them. Called them out.  Showed them to be not worthy of her talent or her lusty style.

I guess her mental health took a hit.  She did something no pampered, enslaved I-Dull would think of doing: she got a lawyer.

If it were the USA or Canada or Australia or Singapore her agency & whoever was sneaking those cameras into their private homes & dressing rooms would be sued so fucking hard their mommies would cry “Ouch!” 

But Korean KPOP agencies are still operating in the Dark Ages. Abuse is the real sin here, not Som’s lust.

Now our girl is going down for real.

But we know she’ll be back up soon. We’re all here to support her & keep celebrating her amazing fappabilities.


Our own Black Bunny rising star Hana shared the question our readers as the most about her:  “What does your huge thigh tattoo REALLY mean?”

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Hana of Black Bunny Named Best New Dancer of the Year – 축하드립니다!


하나 (Hana)

When Eunsol won the “best new performer” of the year award back in 2015 it was no-brainer.  There wasn’t much competition around in those days & she was mopping up Cover rivals & I-Dulls without a sweat.

But in 2019 there is soooo much hot dancing talent out there, from groups like Untitled to “pop-up” teams like Flora that a “traditional” Cover group with a new star must be really, really good to get our attention.

With Laysha announcing they will have a new member in August you realize their choices are nearly endless!!!  (More speculation on that later.)

We are pretty sure, though, that the new Laysha member will NOT be as hot as our 2019 New Performer of the Year.

That would be Hana of Black Bunny.

The genius of Bodhicat Talk is that we predicted that she was going to breakout this year. 

Yeah, she had to learn a few thangs first though

Hana of Black Bunny has the tools to be an iconic Cover dance queen.  She lacks Hana of Switch’s confidence & needs to pay more attention to her audience.  But her work in clubs gives her good experience.  IF she learns fan service there in the clubs, where fans are on top of the performers, she can be explosive.

Future Faps: Getting A.Feel (에이필) For 2019 – 새해는 여러분의 최고의 해가 되시길 바랍니다.

Not bad for a Nugu no one paid attention to last year but us. 


She has won the Best New Sexy Cover Dancer Award from the Soju Surfers Club of California in the most competitive year ever!!

She fits in perfectly with a team of budding superstars.

In fact she narrowly defeated teammate Yeri for this award.  (Tells u how great Black Bunny is!)

Teammate Yeri is devastatingly good & gets better every day.  She has become a bias for fancammers like SPHINX & is shaping up to be Bomi’s main rival.

But Pharkil (as usual) caught our Rookie of the Year in her breakout performance & that sealed the deal for the fanboys & girls.

The group had struggled to get views but thanks to Hana started in this cover started to roll them up. 

It was Hana’s dance here that led to Black Bunny going on such a roll that they are a top contender for the #1 title held by Girl Crush.

Hana is endlessly cute, endlessly hot & smolderingly fierce – all at the same time. 

She’s got a cool stage look.  Like Bomi she don’t smile or show her long tongue, but it just makes you want her MORE….

She for real “gets” Cover & the idea behind the best concept in KPOP.

Cute, adorable, butt-shaking sweet.  She even does Brazilian style erotic sometimes!
She has this clubby style & when needed can go high-speed, barrel rolling pure Sexy Cover.

Congrats to Hana 하나. 축하드립니다.

For us the choice was “Yes” or “YES!!”


Jini of Rose Queen has gone VERY “Cover” for us!  We have to give her credit because it begs the question:


Hello Venus. Hot AF.  But are they “Cover??” They have never done a Water Festival or doused water on themselves.


Which Sexy Dancers Can Cool Bomi’s Heat Wave? 멋진 댄스가 물하고 같이 공연될때 관객분들은 환호합니다.

보미가 자신이 현제로선 최고의 댄서라고 적었네요.

이것이 사실인가요?




At least not right now.

They are all catching their own waves & Sexy Cover is dope AF. 

But most are ankle deep wave riders while Bomi is trying THIS!

View this post on Instagram

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It is shocking that she is so shockingly blatant about trying to shape Cover into her own style.  We luuuv it!!

Bomi has let everybody know that when it comes to KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing she is – IN HER OWN WORDS – “the best.”

And BodhiCat Talk luvs it when girls trash talk – and back it up.

Last week when she performed there were spontaneous chants of “Bomi! Bomi!” throughout her performance.  She is doing Cover different & she is taking it to a new level.

After a month of amazing performances – and one with a water pour that still has me in heat & should be marketed as “better than Viagara,” Bomi made me kneel totally down to her. 

She just blew GoEun & Chaejin away.  Shasa too.

I will say that when it comes to fan attraction Bomi is now in Bambino’s league.

Bomi Says “I Am The Best” & Then Backs it Up (걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠)

이것 놓치면 안됩니다. 꼭 보세요.

Her competitive fires are as fierce as Hani or Hyuna or pole dancing Solar of Mamamoo – we swear.

And she likes surprises.

This week the woman who did a 23andMe test that proved she was descended from a lost tribe of Ice Cubes decided it was time to thaw.

Burn bitches.  Burn!

Out of nowhere Bomi retooled & showed us a – huh – smiling style.  She is actually smiling, working crowds over with charm & dazzling BodhiCat Talk fanboys in a very un-Bomi like way.  (Is she now trying to takeover the role of Som, at one time Cover’s happiest dancer?)

With Bomi we always have to ask: “What is she trying to prove now? And which rival is she trying to take out or show us she is better than?”

I-Dulls beware.

We’re thinking SHE set off the California earthquakes.  The earth moved every time she danced in June & July!
Bomi has changed her personality before.  Here she is in the days before they were #1 & Laysha was still totally on top.

Bomi is a great example why fans say Cover is so much better than the the girls whose bops they cover.  Their bodies are designed to be fit, toned, athletic & they can dance more styles & perform more splits, spreads & booty twerks of unknown origin than Idols. 

Bomi is doing all of that & taking charge of even the most slutty club/DJ style performances & proving she is a star.

These JJAS fancams are iconic.  Watch Bomi take charge of the crowd, Yoona & you!


For Fancam Nation, Cover Dance 2019 is the best it’s ever been.

But every time Bomi comes out with what looks like the finishing move for the Laysha team, GoEun goes comes out & shows us how hot she is & reminds BodhiCat Talk readers why she has stayed on top longer than anyone.

Her old self again appeared last week.

Goddess.  We give the BodhiBody of the Year Award to different girls every year but that’s only because GoEun would win every year if we didn’t.  She still the undisputed BODY of KPOP, but is she still the Queen of KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing? 보미가 자신이 현제로선 최고의 댄서라고 적었네요.

멋진 댄스가 물하고 같이 공연될때 관객분들은 환호합니다.

With Chaejin leading the way they proved at the Water Festival that they are still the queens of the water pouring & that they read BodhiCat Talk’s advice to them. 

Like they should!!

They took BodhiCat Talk’s advice.  They went back to the bottle & poured!

So while Bomi is slaying like the best of the Cover Queens, with her dance quality higher than ever, new ideas & groups keep popping up just as hot new thangs like Black Bunny are getting huge numbers of fans & thinkin’ they have a shot at #1.

Hana & Black Bunny look like a confident, top tier group that has been around a long time.  They got it together fast & they are total tongue-draggers.

And there are lots of new ideas & talent out there from Nugu groups like B.Glam & Star Fruit.  Even Little Love Seoah of Bambino 2.0 fame is out with another new group that looks as hot as SS – which disappeared after doing “Samsara” the Bambino way.  Her new one is “Like the First Time” & has a hottie named Yeoul you have to see & two former ICIA stars, Yomin & Nayoon.

Star Fruit is also making a move again.

They are rocking hard ya’ll.

Star Fruit keeps at it.  They may break into the BodhiCat Talk Top 10 in Cover this year.

With all of the wild activity it is a crowded field of hot Sexy Cover Dancers looking for your attention…..

This is NOT my surfing class in California, ya’ll!!

……Bomi’s claims that she is “The Best” is bold but true.

But Bomi & GoEun have gone camel toe-to-toe forever & are still trying to outdo each other. 

So fans need to decide in 2019 whether Bomi has really put Laysha in the rear-view mirror & whether Girl Crush has another competitor or two to take on.

This is Bomi’s time but GoEun will entertain hard to keep that from happening & Fly with Me & Black Bunny are for sure going to keep hitting hard.

(Speaking of Laysha, we wish Seihee would cut her hair & get rid of that Morticia Addams Goth-look.)

Related image

Who TF is Seihee’s hair stylist??


If you haven’t caught FWM lately because of the Bomi tsunami, they keep been putting out the usual little nuggets of fappable & wonderful, vulgar gems. 

FWM was leading the cheers for Shasa & the crowd started chanting her name.

When we put out our call for water pouring FWM came up with this.

What is that big thang pointed at Shasa’s booty! ? It’s gonna go off or be the daddy of Shasa’s ass.

I don’t know what to say about Fly with Me.  The are so good in every way & everything they do is soooo right. 

They get ripped off too much by Girl Crush, which is good at it.

This Summer let’s keep our eyes on Ati & Way (who dances with the main group and Flora.) They are both powerful but Shasa keeps them sort of in the background.

FWM has to make their move this year.  If they don’t take #1 it may be too late.  

A rare close up fancam of the amazing, underrated Ati.


The Great Eunsol – who hasn’t performed successfully on a stage since mid-2017 – continues to be one of the most popular women in KPOP. 

She is Cover’s first & most popular Superstar.  And her legendary performances continue to be the Gold Standard for Bomi, Shasa & Yeri.  BodhiCat Talk’s Institute for the Deep Penetration of Bambino continues to find new thangs to say about her.

Two more fancams went over 1 million views this week, including this Bambino 2.0 performance. 

A smoking Eunsol tried to carry a sagging group that without Hadam just couldn’t make it with fans. “Horns” was amazing but the rest of their set was too weak without her.



One thing that Bomi & Eunsol share is their ability to totally dominate a stage with their charismatic sexual style & concepts. 

Neither looks like anyone else.

That is one of the reasons Eunsol has stayed so successful.  Her unique look & smile is her style – and when she unleashes herself  (which she hasn’t done in a long time on the stage) she has Idol style qualities. 

Bomi is the opposite.  She unleashes her non-smile & you wan her to slap the shit out of you – which she is happy to do with kick ass covers like “Anaconda” & the Stellar sets.

In her now world-famous cover of the EXID classic, Eunsol enters the million views club AGAIN this week!!

Two new entries into the “Eunsol’s Millions” club.  Not even Hani did that in one week.

As for Hyuna, fangirls & boys got very excited when she does stuff like this:

Big fucking deal…..

 Here’s the real thang at :32

Another 1.3 million views to add to Pharkil’s pile of Eunsol fap classics.

She’s Bomi’s goal.

Meanwhile Bomi keeps show us she is starving to become a Sexy Cover legend & five million views are the chips she plays with. 

She made Pharkil’s top 10 list of most watched fancams.

For the record: 5 of the top 10 are Bambino fancams. Bomistry has a way to go!


Next in “the ring” for Bomi?  Yeri is coming on hard. Her solos are devastating slays & her legs are breathtaking. She is admittedly looking for some of Girl Crush’s fame, attention & action.

Bringing up the rear…..

Yeri did her first Crazy Giant shoot this week.

She is now looking like a super bias.

She is going out every performance & giving fans high go-hard quality & a personality that is great for Summer performances.  She realizes that she has to do it to get the job done for an excellent Black Bunny team that has a major wall to climb: Girl Crush.

The group has a cool original song, does strong, classic Sexy Cover style choreo (although with way less skill than FWM) but is spending a lot of time moving, jumping & doing cheerleader-style fan service.

Our advice? Do the hard, sexy dancing instead & work on a stronger routine.  You have soooo many fancammers chasing you that a Black Bunny concert could be a spectacular combo of hot dancing, fan service, water pouring & covering classic.  Black Bunny does AOA better than any group & we would like them to take on “New Thang.”

BodhiCat Talk says that it’s just a matter of time before they start going viral.

Crowds are luving it because the Yeri-led girls are a hot package of Bambino-like bodies & confidence. It’s never the same show twice.  Yeri’s legs make our eyes water but that bottle of water in her hand at 2:02 is not yet being put to proper use!!

 Black Bunny’s flow in their stage routine needs a little work but their bounce & personalities are high.

Yeri’s legs make me cry ya’ll. They are even better than the girls in BESTie’s were.  Even Dayhe!!


She failed her test with Laysha but one of our fave thckkies, boob bouncing, hot AF Hayeon is returning to May Queen – the worst dancing group that BodhiCat Talk readers can never get enough of. 

She confirmed for us this week on her Instagram post that she is going back to May Queen. @h.a_yeon_2

They ARE back! We are still predicting big thangs for May Queen. Will Sieun also be in May Queen II? 

Artistically her performances are all over the place & her consistency is not at a level where GoEun & Co.could fit her in to that elite team. She couldn’t really hang with Chaejin or Hadam, two amazing dancers.

While it revealed how excellent a dance team Laysha was, Laysha is a wreck these days & Hadam was only showing up for a paycheck.

So Hayeon can take all that experience & improvement she got working with the greatest dance queens & make our predictions come true. 

Future Faps: Getting A.Feel (에이필) For 2019 – 새해는 여러분의 최고의 해가 되시길 바랍니다.



Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

Bomi Says “I Am The Best” & Then Backs it Up (걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠)


걸크러쉬 vs 레이샤

She dropped jaws so loud the other night they cracked. We can still hear the sound. 

And then she shocked KPOP Cover & made a written statement about what she did & how it sealed her status as the Total Queen of Cover.

As far as Bomi & her stans are concerned her rivalry & competition with GoEun is over. And Zia, Taeri & Yona figure they put Laysha away the day Som left, Hadam flopped & the inexperienced Hayeon moved around the stage with as much finesse as a sea puss.

Bomi is soooo sure about her skills she wrote on her Instagram page next to a video of this performance:

“I am the best.”

Girl Crush torches the room Bambino style.  Bomi said on her new Instagram post that she’s the best.  Who can argue with her when she pours water on herself & then dances like THAT in boots & leather???

BodhiCat Talk cannot say 100% that Bomi reads our posts.  We’re pretty sure she does – or that her agency does because if she read this post…..

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

… told her to do exactly what she did!!

Girl Crush is ruthless, brilliantly sexual, ambitious as a surfer on 40 foot wave & they guarantee ex-Bambino fans who are looking for anything like the feeling the Binos gave us that they are as close as anyone will ever get.

걸 크러시 그룹이 새로운 밤비노 그룹이라고 사람들은 말하죠.

But like Bambino they are NOT a great water pouring team.  But they constantly pour in their routines because they know fans need it, fancammers can’t ignore it & no group can be #1 in the BodhiCat Talk Cover Rankings if they don’t.

Last season only Taeri turned us on with her pours because she was into it.  Bomi & Zia looked like they couldn’t wait to get to a dry towel.  They put on a good face & made it kind of hot, but you could tell they REALLY didn’t stan water.

Bomi’s genius is such that she knows what fans want.  And they want to see her pouring water all over that luscious Bomistry body they will never get near.  They want booty spreading, twerking & dancing of interesting choreo in new outfits in hot AF ways. 

It’s part of the great fantasy that we call “Cover.”

 And no one is delivering it better than Bomi in July 2019. It’s her time.

So last night while wearing killer black leather (FWM style) she ignored her dislike of water by timing her pour to waterfall on her while leaning back, down on her knees – a completely new look & move that just blew up the room.

We have not recovered.

It is sooooo fresh!

With her perfect body & with a manic crowd & fancam following her every move she used her body & her performance to say:

“Please don’t compare me to GoEun or Eunsol any more. I am the best!”

She can now set her sights on Hana & Yeri of Black Bunny, who are coming up hard on those black leather boots with their own exotic look. 

Bomi vs Yeri could be the battle of the Long Legs of Summer.  If they do their duel using water douses & unrestrained sexy concepts watch out! 

We will have a major new rivalry!

Image result for 블랙바니 (Black Bunny) 예리 (Yeri) gif

No water pours yet but some BodhiCat Talk readers think BB’s Yeri has the body & talent to match Bomi move for move.  Does she have the creativity? The drive?  

Bomi gets a lot of credit.  Do you know how hard it was to take down an iconic legend like Laysha???

  She is all about hard work, performing endlessly, going where no group has gone & defying all the creepy slut-shamers who should be slapped stupid, tied in a bag & tossed back into the swamp they crawled out of!

Image result for Laysha Go Eun best dancing gif

Her buttons bigger than yours.  Bomi can launch a weapon at any time!


When Bomi says she is the “best” she proves it where it counts: on the stage in front of  fans. 

This is a Cover Dance Queen’s ultimate “ring of fire.”  Some can fight in it & some just go through the motion.

Related image

Girl Crush had to work hard to bring Laysha down to size. One of their assets is a team that has worked together for years & when they replace a member it is always for the better.  Laysha doesn’t have that anymore.

Not since the days when Choim, Yubin & Seulgi (better known as Jenny, the most amazing tits in Cover) left the group has Laysha been so fucked up.

Their performance at Water Play was mediocre at best. 

They are starting to look like a tribute band to themselves!  Like those old groups my parents used to go see at Jones Beach & shit.

Can Laysha be saved?


But they need a new, reliable & steady team.  Some advice: if you are going to do it with a thcck queen, get Hayeon back in there – TRAIN HER RIGHT – or somehow kidnap Duyoo to get her in the group.

Choim said once that GoEun “will do anything to be successful.” 

Choim & GoEun in the early days of Laysha. 

What GoEun needs now is to get a team around her who wants it as bad as her.

Laysha can cum back.  With GoEun & Chaejin the potential is always there for major Cover heat.  But right now Bomi & Girl Crush are destroying them night & day.

Our advice to Laysha is: DROWN!!

Do the one thang you do better than any other group.  Do WATER stuff!

No matter who is in the group now, do a performance in water, or with water or around water.  Something wet & memorable. You are at a Water Park right now.  Do it!!

Show fans of BodhiCat Talk you want them back.  Bad.  Show Bomi who is the boss – if you can.

To remind you, here are some highlights of great water events.


BodhiCat Talk officially declares the first week of July as the official start of Cover Dance Water Season by decree of the Royal Surfboard.

Stellar’s performances in the rain & at a pool party are iconic examples of great water moments in Cover.  Ones others need to imitate.

We consider Stellar a Sexy Cover team in disguise. 

There are two performances in here you have to see if you forgot about them.

#1: Stellar toughs it out bravely for Korean troops (a lot of them female cadets) in a driving rainstorm. This earned our everlasting respect & we made them honorary Cover Queens for Life.

The second is the amazing Sexy Remix performance at a pool competition which just shook us.  Check out Jeonyul doing a bra move that Laysha had invented.


Laysha’s ability in & around water is beyond iconic.

Going head to head with white hot Bambino & Switch in 2016 – real competition for sure – Laysha made themselves the dominant group in Cover because of what they did with a bottle of water. 

Or anything wet around them.

With Camila star Yubin showing the most perfect body ever seen in a single performance (watch closely for her brief appearance) they rocked in the rain during a festival & did a legendary cover of “Wiggle Wiggle.”

Did it ever get better than this Laysha cover of “Wiggle Wiggle” in the rain?

Well, yeah actually.

It got way better just about every time GoEun had a bottle of water in her hands & even better than that when it was Som’s turn to pour.

One thang we know, Girl Crush does not like or do water like Laysha likes and does water.  

Even though GC does water they don’t even do it as good as Holly Queen.

Bomi really doesn’t like the concept. 

But last night she used the water pour to her advantage like we said.

Laysha does like to do those slow, long sexy pours.  Their water pour moments are like an orgasm that lasts for three weeks.

GC can’t wait to get rid of that fucking bottle & that is their weakness.  So this is Laysha’s way to get back to the top.

But if G-Crush keeps doing it like Bomi did last night – or if Fly or Rose Queen OR Flora start to experimenting with water this year & start driving fans crazeee – they will move up fast in the rankings & the confused Laysha will wonder why they are no longer the queens.

They should know!  So should their agency: A1.  (It’s all about the water dummies.)


If you were to compare Jini of RQ & Gayoung of Switch they are about equal as performers. But everyone knows Gayoung as the hard-dancing, fun-loving legend.  Jini is not that well known. 

What’s the difference?

One did water pouring the other never has.

Can you imagine watching Jini dance covers like this & then having one song where she pulls out that bottle of water & pours? 

Please Jini.  Please!! One time only.

That was the difference between Switch’s success – especially Gayoung’s – who always proved to fans she would do anything to please them. 

Lesson: do not hold back on fan service. Open the hose.

So it’s the Official BodhiCat Talk start of Water Season.  Let it flow!!! 

Get wet.  We’re all sooo thirsty our tongues are out!


Former I-REN amazing short-burst superstar Bo Young – who danced the 2nd best “New Thang” after Bambino, replied to BodhiCat Talk with that quote after we asked her if she thought Bomi was the best. Hmmmm….does she really not know?  She follows many other dancers & obviously still keeps up with Cover. 

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

 #surferslife #bodhicattalk


KPOP Sexy Cover Dance Summer Festival Season 2019 Preview – 누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?


누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요?

Related image

KPOP Sexy Cover Dancing is bouncing off in soooo many directions it’s hard to keep up!! The Nugus of 2019 are definitely making us bounce off the walls going crazee chasing them.  They are hot & fearless & we don’t know where to start!

This is a profound Festival Season in Cover ya’ll.  I’ve never seen it like this!

There’s like more stuff going down & being tried by more hot groups than ever!  It’s constant stimulation.  Man, we’re all pooped at BodhiCat Talk & the Soju Surfers Club in California.

Maybe it’s because people think that Laysha’s #2 spot is available & if Laysha goes down, that opens up a path to Heaven.

So who will be #1 in KPOP Sexy Cover? Being  the top Cover group means more than ever.

So there is a four-way tie for first place or if you think Black Bunny is still not a full rabbit a three-way tie according to early Soju Surfers’ Club crystal ballers.

Some dudes say Girl Crush, Laysha & Fly with Me are in a dead heat (with an emphasis on “heat.”)

We’re thinkin’ it could be a four or even a FIVE way tie. 

But other dudes say there is only one Cover Dance Queen who is really…..





Cover is sooooo intensely good that in April a battle video of Bomi dancing against a hot flash unknown rookie nugu appeared & dropped our jaws.  Her booty work was amazing & she just came out of nowhere to blow us out of the water!!!!  

This nugu looked good.  But putting her up against Bomi seemed career ending!

But why compare her to Bomi so soon?

You figure that this was feeding meat to a lioness.  Right?  Like a gladiator against a helpless Christian in the arena.  Pure blood sport. Bomi would swipe her away with one paw tied behind her short skirt.

BUT the nugu is part of a group doing way more fappable booty work than 80% of I-Dull groups.  And this girl nailed  a cover of “Hip & Lip” so hard  Bomi became background wallpaper!

You have to watch the nugu get into this dance ya’ll.  

For a second Bomi was like Hyuna had been when she danced against Hadam back in 2016.  The Unknown was hotter than the Star.

누가 새로운 커바댄스의 여왕이 될까요? Pangye’s lead dancer Yena put a surprise sizzle & whopping on Royal Queen Bomi.  But after that Bomi showed the world why she is BOMI.

We were shook & Pangye earned total respect & a guaranteed ranking this year.

But Bomi is Bomi. 

She is the best & soon put an end to the rumble gossip that was saying, “Maybe this nugu is better” shit.  She spent May & June ramping it up so totally high that even the hot Pangye was left wondering how one dancer could be so amazing.

Yena could only drool watching Bomi.  Just like the rest of us.

Bomi went crazy.  She worked on choreo & moves that we have not seen.  Everyone is watching Girl Crush to see how they can possibly keep this going!

Not since Eunsol’s amazing run in 2015-16 when she was beyond perfect has anyone done this. 

Bomi is making people forget Eunsol, Hadam & making GoEun look like just another pretty – and pretty slow – dancer. 

Related image

The best duo ever.  That was then.  They even look stylish compared to what has gone down since Hadam’s big moment.  But their comebacks have been disappointing AF.

“Bomi Dance” is now a new thang.  Her dancing has gotten stronger with every performance. And like Hadam, she keeps pushing the envelope – but with more frequency!

Is even GoEun, with her supreme body, talent & experience falling further behind Bomi?

It’s like GoEun is A+ but Bomi is the Professor!

Image result for Go Eun Laysha gif

Even The Great GoEun looks tame compared to Bomi these days.  What will be her new moves this Summer?? She is busy in June with performances almost every day – including a return to a Water Park!!  She usually redeems herself in water.

We keep saying Bomi has pulled away as the top performer in Cover & no longer competes with GoEun. Like G-Crush’s amazing game changer Taeri says, “Bomi competes against herself only to get greater.”

“It’s obvious she thinks she is the #1 attraction in KPOP Sexy Cover,” said Park Cheoul.  “She has that attitude.”

G-Crush freaked when Seihee left & feared for their life when Hadam joined Laysha.  But now they are relaxed about these moves, which haven’t paid off yet for Laysha.

The whole team worked together to outdo the confused, lumpy Laysha & keeps showing their stuff in new, fun ways.

Thanks to Bomi GC is having fun with fans & invented “Bomi Dancing.”


We have no idea.  We’re just bouncing too hard and too hard to get up & bounce. 

Right now we’re distracted watching the Nugus battle it out!  They are as amazing as the star Queens of Cover – and just as good.

So is the kream of the krop right now Black Bunny?

This group has the ability to go far.  If  Yuri can become their “power girl” whose hot long legs can dominate some viral fancams they are in.

We see them as a potential Top 5 team.



Prediction: Black Bunny will pull ahead of either Rose Queen or Pocket Girls or both.

Black Bunny is for real. 

They may push FWM for the #3 ranking.  They do diverse routines & are solid dancers.  They are more beautiful than FWM.  Are they good enough to be a serious challenger to GC?

(Bomi seems to always get the edge on her competitors.)

Image result for girl falls face first before finish line gif

Black Bunny has cum out faster than most groups thanks to an aggressive management.  Their new song “OMG” is a bop (but we still think Holly Queen’s “Closer” & of course “Oppa Oppa” were the best nugu debut songs ever.)

They are loaded with queens & BodhiCat Talk goes back & forth on who’s the hottest dancer.  Some nights it’s Hana  (most nights) & some Yeri.  But Mimi is getting our attention.

She is going to give Taeri of GC competition for the slinkiest slutty sexy Cover Dancer in KPOP.  They have a lot in common & we need a battle video of the two.

We luuuv Mimi.


Just when we thought Black Bunny had the nugu top ranking all to themselves….

……Flora appeared, torched performances that shook us very much & kept on going.  Checkers on lime & dancing hot AF.  Flora has blown up!

This team started to happen & made a fast statement!!!

A subgroup of FWM they are there with any Cover group already.  Being around the great Shasa & her crew did that.  Their outfits & fan service concepts are off the charts.  

How do you rank THESE freaking girls!!!!

More soju please. 

While there is no doubt who the top two sexy PERFORMERS in Cover this season are:

GoEun & Bomi will battle through the Summer & it looks like Bomi will win.  But GoEun still has her army, her massive talent & hold on fans.  Those fans include BodhiCat Talk & are loyal AF.

Everythang else is up for grabs. Including who will really replace Som, Hyeri  & Hadam in Laysha!

Image result for Dahee bambino raising her leg move gif

Believe it or, SHE didn’t get it done for Laysha!!!! (Will she get another chance? She told BodhiCat Talk via Instagram chat on Tuesday she is “practicing by herself.”)


Lady Girl’s Ara. Prediction: she is going to bust out viral someday.

They are going to have to wait their turn & learn how to battle against monster talent in the KPOP Cover world.  It’s really competitive this year!!Image result for Sexy girls boxing cartoon deviantart gif

Lady Girl’s star Ara – glasses & all – is going to be great.  But she’s not ready to take on the fierce dancing Black Bunnies or explosively fan service femmes Flora for Nugu dominance.  LG still needs to learn a few moves to block competitors when they try new moves on stage!


Even though it was the part she knew got us super-charged, she was about a lot more than even this famous “Chocolate Cream” Our Jeans move.

Related image

With GoEun leading the way she made Laysha into a monster team the day she joined them.

How many great performances did the always beautiful. confident dancer who showed fans her thccck tits, weird wink & killer body with a smile on her puss night after night give to us???  It seems like millions.  We luuuved them all.

We hope Hyeri’s career takes off wherever it goes.

We wish we could give her BodhiCat’s surf board & Edge Green’s wallet as thanks.

But since we can’t, let’s give her this……

Image result for very hot french kissing gif“I thought I saw a piece of kimchee stuck there. Let me get it for you, Hyeri.”


Watching Eunsol talk about herself these days I flash to that time when her & Hadam were “scandals.” They seem  tame now.

You can thank Bomi & Girl Crush & Shasa & FWM for that. 

They have gone where not even Bambino dared to go.

But is it too much?

How far is too far in Cover now?

Has Bomi pushed the limit? How about FWM?

A few hours ago Shasa managed to destroy the world wearing only black boots.

Is Cover now just about begging for attention? Or are the concepts getting so fresh, creative & the competition so fierce that KPOP Sexy Cover is really exploding & getting more exciting every night? 

There are more groups than ever before. By far. And most of them are hot right from the start!


Laysha may not be too great at much right now, but with water pouring season coming up, they always dominate.  Whether it’s with a bottle in their hands, self dousing themselves in sexy slick way or dancing in the rain or with squirt guns going off around them – like last year’s amazing Water Block performance – Laysha rules. 

They REALLY need water to swim back to the top this year!  We write about in our other post:

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.





GoEun vs Bomi – Summer Showdown of the Queens. (올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?)

올해 페스티발에서 톱 커바댄스들을 불러 생방송으로 춤의 경쟁을 하는건 어떨까요?



It is time to ask important questions about GoEun, the Sexiest Cover Dancer in History.

Is the wave of hot young studs beginning to make her look “old?”  Are they gonna do to her what she did to Black Queen’s Jandi, Rose Queen’s Jini & a lot of I-Dulls back in 2015? 

She made them look old & stale when she exploded onto the scene with her fresh, amazingly full body & dancing style that held nothing back.

Related image

GoEun was unique sexually when she hit the scene.

Does she have too much on her mind?

She is carrying too much of the load for a confused Laysha group instead of relaxing & letting us blow our loads watching her incredible dancing.  You can see it.

But GoEun still has the killer body that no one is able to match. And she knows she is the Queen & everyone wants to capture the Queen – and then BE the Queen!!!

Go-Go GoEun. Her body & dance style r still soooo solid. 

Yeah.  She IS what Sexy Cover is all about.

Like an old Rolling Stones song she can still rock the house & BodhiCat Talk very very deep! 

But maybe she is frustrated seeing a group in shambles?

Maybe  she is tired of being so great!!!?

Maybe she thinks there are sexier girls out there?

Related image

We didn’t think so. 

Aside from Hyuna, Seolhyun & Hyolin – what Cover Dancer has her stamina & staying power? Jini of Rose Queen? Jandi of Black Queen? The Twin Waveyas?  Hanchoim?  Jimine of Switch?  Maybe. 

Jandi back in Black Queen days.  She’s been around but NEVER had GoEun’s success.

But not with GoEun’s G-Force!

She has weathered the challenges of Switch, ICIA, Dimepiece & especially Bambino & came out on top every time.

She never gives a bad performance.

But let’s face it she’s only human.  Well, most humans don’t get you off covering “Buttons” like that, but you get my point.  This year has been a wreck for Laysha.  All the controversy & changes.  The group does more group switching than Switch!

The problem is there is another girl out there a lot like her in desire who has become iconic & some think she is going directly for the Queen’s throne.

She is already a deadly art.

Bomi is so good at taking the Sexy Concept & expanding it you can hardly breathe. 

She is quietly doing more new, raw & hot dancing than GoEun is dance after dance & for sure has her number now.  That number is NUMBER ONE! GoEun’s fans wig flew when she saw Bomi! Nobody had done that since Bambino left. – (A Bomi fan)

Image result for bomi girl crush fancam gif

Yeah, her!!  She is soooo awesome. And she gets better every time.

Not even other fantastic aging Cover stars like Pocket Girls’ Habin can possibly keep up with this younger, hungrier maknae performer. Girl Crush was once uncertain about themselves but now they are a solid group who night after night come out on the stage & do stuff like this.

Bomi left this audience dead with a performance last week. If THIS 23 year-old dancer is your competition, you have no chance!  Nugus like Pangye imitate her now. The view numbers here will be Eunsol-like.

Bomi is ruthless with her choreo too. That thang she did on the chair is beyond……

She tore into two numbers at the Wonju Hall Festival knowing for sure what her competition was up to & what our fantasy was for the ultimate KPOP Sexy Cover dance!!!

I swear. 

She just keeps upping the heat higher & higher & higher.

Like Laysha used to do!

If FWM, Laysha or anyone does something great, Bomi imitates them.  But sometimes she responds with better stuff.

And now she is showing off her body, dance skills & creativity.  She is just going hard.

GoEun’s opening moves in “Buttons” & the “Chocolate Cream” knee bend are thrilling classics & blow audiences into pieces.  She unbuttons us.  

And Laysha had a much-needed hot fancam performance where they went back to their roots of stylish but sexy.  A style NO group can do as well, not even the great imitators G-Crush.

Laysha needed this performance & is going back to their “roots.”

Bomi is like a middle linebacker with a twerk.  You might make a nice gain, but look out!  She just sticks it to you & keeps you from getting up!

Image result for LFL (Lingerie Football) Big Hits gifFor sure her work in May put her ahead of the aging GoEun in the race to be #1.  We’ll see what happens in June!

“GoEun is awesome, powerful & proud but we will see if she can keep up with Bomi, who is younger, bolder & really truly amazing,” said Park Cheol Soo.

What does BodhiCat Talk say?  Let’s see them side by side before it’s too late.

Before GoEun ends up like Eunsol or Hadam (beautiful memories who got old & folded. & didn’t make you as crazeee when they danced with new groups) put her in a match against Bomi & sell tickets & let fans judge.

Does it get any better than watching them both do it?  Who wins?

This Summer will be unbelievable for Cover because the two best want to be #1 so bad.


It’s Zia’s b-day & I’m sure she has this request for me:

Ready when you are, Dear Leader.

Image result for zia girl crush sexy fancam gif

No one will be watching us!



Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.

May Was Amazing: June Will Be Better for Hot Cover Dancing



May is over  What a month!  June & Summer are going to be spectacular.  Never have so many groups been so different & so confident of their dancing!

So next week we get down to it.  First we will ask the BIG ONE:

Who is the #1 dancer in KSCD? 

GoEun has dominated for three years but is she getting too old to hold on against a wild dancing Bomi?

Don’t forget our other blog.  We have a brand new post up last night & we write about Laysha’s struggle to get Hayeon into Som’s position & how G-Crush is taking advantage (and why Zia is doing Hadam-style fan service). What will the water pouring look like this season? The fan service? Who will be #1?

Will all those hot nugus outdance the big stars??

Here is a sneak preview: 


Still delicious & arousing, Laysha seemed to be a step or two behind in May. 

Hayeong was getting her groove & Hyeri seemed to be the one taking control of the crowds.  GoEun was almost distant, wondering if a new Chanel bag had been placed in her room by an admirer.

But when Hadam was not dancing with them, Laysha – once the class of Cover – looked a lot like the #2 group they are now. 

They could not even burst close to any of the high power electrical storms Bomi & team were thundering out every night.

Laysha needs a really great Summer season to get back to normal. Their line-up changed every performance almost & you needed a spreadsheet to keep track of them.  This is LAYSHA not Switch said BodhiCat Talk readers!

And a LOT more! Looking at Waveya’s live performance & Black Bunnies, the new hot nugus who are breaking out BIG TIME with a new song coming out!  Are they the next super group in Cover?

Hadam Dismissed from Bambino – 그녀는 KPOP 커버 춤 역사상 최고의 퍼포머입니다.


It is not easy to get into a KPOP Sexy Cover Dance group.

Even in the pre-Bambino days it was hard.  Even when Cover was the place where older, failed I-Dull candidates went to try to some way get into the business through the “back door” it was hard.  (And it was humiliating because it was where agencies tried to get into a performer’s “back door” with a promise of fame.)

Even when you are in it is really, really hard to get your group a Top 10 ranking.  Today the competition & skill required is sooooo high.  But if a team gets a dope concept & then a ranking they are considered “stars” & queens. 

It usually doesn’t happen though.  Most groups fail.  T

But the right girl in the right situation can do amazing thangs.  For example, Fly with Me looked like a total washout.  Three years ago Bambino & Switch super chicks like Minji made FWM’s nugu Rea look real bad.

But then Shasa came along & the game changed!!

This leads us to consider the buzz over former May Queen, Hayeon. 

Not too long ago she was not much more than a lusty fap reel.  She was choreo-challenged, sluggish a lot of the time, badly managed but still incredibly fleshy & sexy AF. 

Lightning never hit May Queen but Hayeon won the lottery when  Laysha’s agency – on the advice of this blog & BodhiCat Talk readers – hired her.

Hayeon is now trying to become the turnaround talent that brings Laysha a #1 ranking again.  Oh and there is also this chick named Hadam trying to do it for them too!

Let’s see how it goes.

Getting to #1, falling from #1 & then hoping a maknae can save the group is like trying to find a performer who can do this every night:

Bambino’s Dahee had a signature move that was incredible.  They were never challenged for the top spot.    

It is almost impossible to stay on top unless you are Bambino.  And even when you are THEM, if there is a lineup change or you change the concept or you get stupid & try to become an I-Dull, or stop performing for awhile OR leave your successful  group…….

Image result for sexy girls pole dance fails gfycat

…..crash. You are usually fucked.

Even Eunsol could not guarantee success after Hadam left Bambino.  EUNSOL!! With her zillion fancam views. This should scare the poop out of every agency.

When Hadam left the group Eunsol & Dahee could not keep Bambino at #1. Bambino 2.0 became an average, boring group.  

And when Eunsol started with Tropical & it fell……………and y’all saw how hard it was to be great in Cover.

Turning a group around & getting them to the top is like trying to catch a fart & paint it orange during a windstorm. 

That is why we were shocked when Taeri of Girl Crush said she could  have “turned Bambino & Dimepiece around.” 

In the corporate world a “turnaround artists” makes amazingly big bucks because it is soooooo hard to do.

But Tae can back up her claim.

Cover has few great turnaround artists.  Like we said Taeri of Girl Crush – who was unknown before – is the best at it.


레이샤를 이긴 여자가 바로 올해의 새로운 막내!!


Tae changed Girl Crush with a ton of energy, a sexy body that just could not be resisted & made an important choice of music.  She decided to outdo an I-Dull group using their own song!

But her real secret is that she knows how to go HARD!!  Only a few really have this skill.

When Taeri replaced Jenny, whose performances were good but not electric, you could see that Jenny could not (and still cannot) go hard.

In Summer 2017 Girl Crush (even with Jenny, Seihee & a blonde Bomi) looked & tasted great.  But they were sputtering & lost in the middle in the rankings.  The group wasn’t going hard.

The management decided to bump Jenny.  They tried to get Gayoung back but she would not even talk to them because of what they had done to Jenny.

Jenny was dismissed from Girl Crush & became successful as a freelancer.  She was replaced by Taeri (on the left) who tore the audiences apart almost immediately. 

When DAM Entertainment brought in unknown Taeri, she was jut a skinny blonde with equally nice tits & the biggest tattoo of any Cover dancer ever.  It was hard to see how this rookie would hang much less replace a solid & popular ex-Laysha sexy dance performer like Jenny. 

That is until she started to perform!

When Tae started to perform we ALL understood what we were seeing.  OMG!!  And she was hungry to burn!

Related image  

No one even remembered Jenny being in Girl Crush after a few of these videos popped.

She was not your girl next door but you would buy the house next to hers for sure!!!

Tae’s raw super sex-charged bouncing aggressive style – and even her thin body, which was taut, tight & tongue-dragging with a touch of fashion style – won over crowds

She was like the other great DAM Entertainment stable artist who also made Switch sizzle.


Gayoung made Switch a super group.

They cut loose, dousing water, grabbing poles like strippers & got themselves snapped out & their fans supercharged & totally horny. 

The real POW!!! for Tae came when she put a lick into Stellar’s songs – and did them the way Stellar SHOULD HAVE. 

Like Dahee’s leg raises at Bambino Taeri’s covers of Stellar made Girl Crush happen.

Taeri took Stellar’s music & made it what it was written to be.  Sexy AF & for beautiful, slinky women.  When you compare Tae to Stellar’s  Hyoeun they are both fine AF.  But  when you factor in the camel toe & the bedroom pose – enough said.  

With Bomi’s fearless stage posing & popularity soaring & Laysha’s near-collapse, Girl Crush was on its way to #1 where they stay!

They may be shaky at the top but they are still there riding Taeri’s hard-ass energy, Bomi’s supremely sexy style, Zia’s beauty & Yona’s cuteness.


Other groups are hoping they find their Gayoung or cup of Tae this season. 

Of course Laysha is almost desperate to find Som’s replacement.  Even Hadam & Seihee have so far tried & mostly failed.

Hayeon, another no-name (just like Tae & Gayoung were when they started) has had more success than Hadam!!  Maybe Hadam’s time is past.

Or maybe it’s those thcck legs & tits ya’ll.

Rose Queen, XOX &  Nugus like Blah Blah are hoping for a turnaround artist to make their crowds crazeee 

RQ is hoping Lisa can bust it open for them & finally get them to the top of the rankings.

But getting up that pole & taking our breath out of our lungs is what Taeri & Gayoung & Eunsol & Shasa are all about! 

They are “Cover Premium.”

Related image
When it works, it’s a thang of beauty & sex in motion.